8AM Bob Mitchell - 4 Day School Week - Saints Preview

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 17th
Guest host Bob Mitchell Talks with Mike Detillier about tonight's Saints game.

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I. And that's that's that's not everybody. Knows about it well a lot of people a lot of people development drama. Survive week to week and if all of a sudden now live on a fine childcare. Role as an estimated. You know. Christian and an opulent toward. I don't know before it was years green you know when you wanna be analyst. Optional and I regional trial. Run and pay it partnership that. At the end of. Right did you teacher lived in yourself. Couldn't carry choose a book I'm I'm with you I I can carry militant doing in the it. Ryan Appleby crooked game and you know important. All. Year right a lot of the parent. So on this so just everyday people don't have the extra money and they note that that is still have to get in elderly care. Charlie all of nor shall trust you lot of people want you go out income bracket. And I do or should pray or boater college. And I would Wal-Mart engage in a church report closure and look at it you know and it is certain amount and Alicia mayor. And we normally do you know what. Or. Period up to your house delta agents got a job. John you have a school aged kids. Page. Or portrait you have are hardly need a need money so you have layoffs you have school aged kids. All right well what are you doing talking about a four day school week. In the upper. Well I'm just trying to help people who do. Under what so what is your thought all members of the parents I mean I've got a volatile in the of touch mustered just they're people just simply say that it would just be. They if there working five days and school four days that's day care and just they just could not afford it. Yeah well a lot people will think outside the box there you add. And people. And if you take Monday morning. Under 4 hours Monday morning and you be off with a cared. And this whole thing. Met yesterday. And I'll you know I'll split by now talk to my employer about coming and hours later and you didn't opt for hours earlier. The borders what. You don't really get stuck watching these kids. Doug grandparents set. Quote the. Wait to really you called raw data and I think this a little bit about thinking maybe Kutcher. You know a lot. First such Dutch league yet they own bills I mean it doesn't. People really. Their priorities a bit. All right Joseph appreciate you folding in not. Good advice if you want your kids that get a good education might have to. Make up a little sack bright when we come back now we're gonna continue talking to mothers the rest though about when we come back. I have a trick for it. It's WW LN FL science analyst Mike did Julia I personally do not think. Anyone knows more about football but Mike to Juliet coming right back on WW well. Well it should be Bob Mitchell and for Tommy caucus sites today on the cardinals and assert his Mercedes-Benz superdome. Tonight at 7 o'clock. And here's a guy that I just absolutely love to talk to my dad told me always respect my elders so. He missed. It. Michael and at that becomes this game tonight are basically only the mama's boys play. Well yeah out you know you're you're gonna see regulars a little bit. Earlier one this is really. And it. You know used to be years ago it only in the mom know you try and hold an amount no play in this but today is it's a little bit of the world. A lot of the second string football players in this and I again. You know a lot of people know precinct and not in Portland might not be important you wouldn't have it and got out of existing. Because you know the only fight it out of the bodies that make this site economy and other team if it doesn't work out here so. It's a big game because you know. That Jean Marie. Normally. Do regular use all our which we called on the top backups are gonna play. The majority of game three. He hit that you're not off Broadway you know center stage tonight and so you gotta make it happen. Will Drew Brees played. Could be going to be a series and in that did you know I think this is going to be very similar. What you saw a year ago where he saw very little action increased seasons so I think yeah. And I say yes he played it would be its reasoning now. Of all the coaches that I'm for only one coach. I'm sure you remember this tank trim what he took over he said pre season wasn't important. Because it's started a pattern and got to got you in the look what the habit of what install feet. A few weapons 500 teams in the pre season then it's crunch the rest of the year. Yeah are from them. Mob rule and out watching the cowboys. Andy world like this and meekly sit refusing games. One and you know maybe to win a war I thought it was one pre season it would seem rule NC. And they ended up in the in the NFC championship game in this mobile. Malaysia I mean you what you looking at here is individual place you would like to. Because. You wanna go out and but this wore bow. I think showcasing them by these deals that he'll. Especially the first two games where you're not really game plan saying you do it you just wanted to go out there and make sure they know. There are meant to assignments. That it would. If you Scotland last week he used social on things shaking news. And Aerospatiale expressions. He wants me. That you know that wore a lot alignments that we missed and crazy about the fact that it is deep it's just couldn't you know the against Jacksonville in the first half. The you know almost. Lackadaisical and I think is that this week I'll be reading reports. Out of practice. And you know the coach. Did that and one. And I think you're gonna feel much more aggressive right unit and has played defensively. They knew so we could go back in Europe. My kid cannot take a break in the combat sure you do B a few more minutes all right it's 21 minutes after 8 o'clock we're gonna check traffic. And they will come back with. WW LN FL science analyst Mike Julia. And called Bible or 1060 yeah seventy. That's 87. Play 6 minutes after 8 o'clock and we're talking right now to WW wells NFL and saints analyst might deteriorate. But before we get back into talking about the pre season football. As far as the saints backup quarterback do you think he is already on the roster. Meaning put your church dogma but this year the future. Well the the eventual replacement program note eagle in the Saturday. People somebody. Wouldn't you that you've got out which guy right now would come savage in Payson Leo and it is sort of deal for pre season. In that. You know he's erratic at the past you know he's got his eyes and rules but one does really well. Is that it is primary means comfort he takes all wrong with picking me a lot of I heckmann aptly in his ability to get now feel. Why in the four years at Brigham young he was every them. Does that at BYU which you see today the problem exists we had become more consistent passer from the pocket. Sure a little bit more page. The more discipline yet its outlook to date. That take it off and running was almost as first option. Well look at because that's what he's used to do all he did not hit the problem when he was at BYU all four years he missed considerable playing time. Because of injuries no you put yourself at risk doing that no are you bill. Hip. You pick and some pretty good shots downfield so they're meant to replace important reasons not in my opinion is not on this dropped it Tom savage. Yes sported some gains in the NFL but I think he's been a career backup. Do you see any undrafted. Free agents. Making this team make in the final roster and contributing. I think wanted to guide the watch would be key Kirkwood the wide receiver though from what I mean he's been a guy. And it certainly gets you raw. Act can't he's a few drops mostly easy catches so that that the concentration issues. But he'll make some great catches. Just unreal. So I think he's got a shot on the offensive side of football one but he picked up late last year in the front Jonathan Williams this big game premium. Because he's not a rookie but. Okay. Just what popped out of the ideas of what we all remember human hubris it or insult when he teamed up with Alex Collins. It it would be well quite a dual. Big game for him. And on the defense inside the ball. You know what you see those young guys in power stall worth. The bar you'll. Yeah you you've got quite a battle there. Just see which one and could make this team. In a roster that's. That that weren't good right now really really good so again I think Kirkwood got shot here. Because he's consistently. Played really well caught the ball well practice. Mike I appreciate it you know a time that is this timely our New York brought. I heard that even at the silver slipper you take it and give odds on the slot machines in the playoffs the most of the scalp of slot machines that drew. And nobody out but it is weight comes to double for a few media would have bet on whatever you wanna disclose. God told me that Lola yet they'll be having game and like every basically every other casinos in Mississippi. I wonder how much money it's gonna bring it. That it'd problem just delegate Louisiana's going to be real four years mine has been normally or there it's going to be unbelievable I think in New Jersey consumers. I think fifteen days it was like 600 million well well. That being that unreal but what if it would. And again we we've behind the ball as normal here we. And I'm sure they'll put symbol keys don't work for all. Thank you might so much like all right it's a little after 830 in stunned bring in Chris Miller and more WWL first news. Thank Chris it's 838 come you know we talked against them last time about people have kids an omen. Kremlin go to a four day school day. The response of this the the text message and getting. Is everyone says the same thing pretty much were you so this is this is crazy though what are we don't do with our kids. On that. All on that Monday. And you know we both work full time and one blister should well fiscal talked to your boss just want to. What's gonna say a watching here at 9 o'clock. It. So. I don't know aura about it it's in Colorado all whether it's going to expand don't know. We'll have to certain weight. All right my phone number is 26018. Some of their big eight. Seven a of blue runner opinion poll portion is a four day school week would good for Louisiana. You can go on line at WWL dot com. You can text via 87870. I prefer. You to call only a 26 year old won late seventy. Let me go and grab some of these text message me of their really pile it up. As a parent I sacrifice getting fancy things and anxious about children to have what they need many parents today are cell pushed and do not wanna sacrifice. Hard ball they get rid of and keep up with the Jones toys and mom can stay home and watched the kids. And what to these people do in the summer for day care. The caller about splitting that time on Monday is between me and my wife's worth come tell my boss. And see how that appeals hears wanna live in Metairie. And I pay for private school I got 890000. Dollar home. No Paula no way I'm put to buddies. How would too many zeros there and 89000. Dollar home we've got a crappy public schools in Metairie. Not everyone lives like UK and I worked two jobs. Let's see what's on. What will intimate look me in the game sometime these days thanks budget he jumped all over the place. Bob Hulk how wild Colorado take in the revenue from the legalize marijuana sale and put it into the school district you got a point there are 2601878. Do you think. Louisiana would do what it would be good for Louisiana them before they schooled we also since the saints or play it tonight right here on dubbed. It WL their first home pre season game. What do you think about precision weapons do you think they are important do you think the team he gets in the habit of woody and Horton a habit of losing. Or doesn't really matter one way a mile if you win or lose priciest now. If you are a true saints you are hard core Buddha. If you could step in the shoes. Of any saints player for one series who would you choose because normally these these pre season games. You're in her shoes to phrase mama's boy it means. That in these pre season games like this the only people that recognize the names on the back to a Jersey other guy's mom. But if you can go on the field. If you can step in and any player issues whether it's offense or defense. For one series and they surely a me and I and I know I'm Adam you have the saints fantasy where you absolutely love to play an in your mind. You're going to be great and an in your mind if if if feud with this idea wanna be the running back you on for a touchdown every time you touch the ball. So. As any saints player if you could step in their shoes for one serious cool would you choose to via Colin to six year old white seventy we'll talk about those shall talk about vote. The four day of school week and I'm coming right back on WW well. It's 846 let's check in with. I'm hanging in the near. So what just you know was such an. What well what respectable or preaching is running. I would think that they well probably group to probably you preaches and I'm. You can whip and all proceeds go to the other brokers should actually you and you wait. You know your perspective how in your practice that could mean. You're guys are arms toward each other like they can go back and approaching change mean in the big game that's really. Scalpers say you know all playoff standings and whatnot. Shuttle to orbit and I just hope that what eager to all of eight team gain rate it was user occurred outbreak. You would see people drop them like. You know slot this year she's. What it is also Jay if you could start our if you can step in the shoes of any saves player. For one insurance. Who would you choose a would you go without could be it would it would be are very early and a woman who would come plays would you call you up on all figured out. Well I mean obviously you'd like you are sure all dropped we are both broke and sealed and been part of like eighty yards of possible but I mean. That's always realistic put you know register to build a broom ball efficiently and you know. We are aware of the big plate but a lot of times. Do those sort pastors and those Ford plug your Lawrence who really wins and proposing be Serbs and if you can use a few cheers then to come back. They're borrowed from where saw you know all our walls play. All right here's here's here's here's a bit this is something to think about from time to time I would want a public won't be in the shoes of one of the wide receivers blocked. On wannabe. At the age I am. And I wanna develop some type of superpower. Where I can run fast start. And I can jump higher than anyone on the team and that way no one would ever touch. And I'd be so fast that they controlled the ball. I thought I'd give a month 52 start of the ball and I could still get their intentions into and out. That one. One series right budget jumped 23 there are no one can touch that's and he. Our it. No it's not 260. 187 taught in the month the states. And how do you feel about the pre season. That's caller I thought that a good idea that he thinks that me which it. Cut the pre season down by a couple games that's that's been a debate go on and on and on and of course the culture is one of those they can evaluate their players but. If they eliminated certain things everybody would be in the absolute same boat. And it if you knew if you've ever dreamed about a obviously Judah formal step in in the hull if you could step in and issues of any sage player for one series. What would you choose it and called me at 260170. I had a story I think. Stock over here somewhere but for poor like you remember it happened I believe it happened last weekend. A Pittsburgh steeler fan. Put together a uniform. That was very close to what the steel forward it will need to bide. Put on a pair ads. And it's not all until that it's not the word. Sneaked whenever anyway he went onto the field when smoked he went into the field and while. The team was warming up its targeted. Started an exercise is what the table and someone said. Wait a minute that the Jersey he was wearing had been retired so days that they knew he he could Wear that number. And the color Jersey at the gold Pittsburgh drew that was was a little off color and those folks up payments. Sure you. But he actually did it the actually form for a few minutes worked out and and and strikes at all what the team. And they finally putting law follow the field and no one no one was really really narrow about it for a couple of players were really left him about it. All right my number is 2601870. How do you think I'm pretty season it is going to go for the states to an idea that pre season wins are important. And come on if you could step in the shoes of any slaves player for one series cool. Would you choose to a six year old late seventy text me at 87870. And is a four day school week a good idea in the Louisiana coastal technicals on that too. It's 851. That we are brick for traffic right now on WW well. And we have a thousand dollar cash were coming up in just a couple of minutes right here at WWL. Let's go to a neither. Calling from Slidell indeed all right if you could step in the shoes of any science player for one serious who would you Jews. Or. Only about playing right now do you would get him out of retirement. I've kicked that of art. Feel it and found. Out or attack but may. So how big of a field goal would you kick butt about seventy yards. From Jack Dempsey. I would hit it about seventy yard go wow well you big saints fans are. Dealer pre season football. Do you like pre season football. It should me see. But. You're short com. I think three banks would probably be good. I think patient shorten the time of the games. Maybe in some evolved fifteen minute quarter of unemployed ten minute quarters that's what I think. Get that gay pride from the right. The need to appreciate you filming in new into the game tonight. I sure I'll be there all right thank you so very much army posts I'll I'll look for your number you. All right I opt out on the Shura like again you look. 2601. Aids clinic text me at 87887. Were talking about two things and out of the results of this later won of course the saints playing tonight had to. Our blue runner WWL opinion poll question. Is a four day school week a good idea for Louisiana now or we're not doing it yet here it's being done in Colorado woods after new. What do you think about it. All right. What do Mo looking for here something I'm supposed to do well actually oh yes. Give you a thousand dollars ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars. In the intercom national cash contest to code word this hour is locked. LA CK text. Lack L a CK 272881. But 72881. Text now and you could win. One thousand dollars. Cash. Listen to Linux code word goes before the top of the hour every hour now through 6 PM. 1000 barrels a programs when it for your wallet the blood pro almost a WWL would've charged protects but individual plan Tyson got a wedge to applaud and please don't text and drive.