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Saturday, February 17th

Hunt, Fish, Talk tackles The Price Of Paradise document that's been making the rounds.


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Welcome into another addition of unfinished talked a full we use it and compensation with Keaton Wendy. It promised wanna wildest zone responded that text question. I'll who had a discussion going on about holding federal hall with a fifteen rifles. One wanted to know whether that optics or red dot on my day off fifteen just I'm sites. Ought to answer that question when an element on on Wednesday we had to bail 151 on each vote on the one I had as Ruger. It has no optics on issues in the on site the other one had a scope on it. But for what we were doing that I'm sites were not much it's close range shooting. It's moving shooting at a moving target and am trying to locate an animal scope magnification. Just is not practical. Song and say if you wanna taken it off fifteen in a month ago ought to you set up on India's stand. In shooting several hundred yards away certainly optics are going to be await ago. But if you using it as we weren't an open area moving target. I'm sites it is worked out much much anyway got that question and answer on the way now on to not discuss means to do is keep lush hosted a show official report. And Wendy the by U woman do ya think she's on the buy you blow away when you wanna buy right now. I didn't. Want it keep you. Are more. Or. On talented as a cry about it they cleaned all the bait shops. Are up and get called Obama got today. There yeah as seems like the fishermen have been I've been dating in bullet to slow warmup got a mob at the finish movement to collected reports and it's and it's really good news. I want to discuss what is being called the the price of paradise it's funding Louisiana's fish wildlife and habitat on next generation whose apartment wall like this year reason. Think the most important thing for everybody would understand listing this morning this is not a done deal. It's not a final recommendation to the legislature. At this point it is a proposal that the appointment wallet and fisheries has coupled with to address the agency's funding shortcomings which at the mostly everyone. As recognized we've got that problem for quite awhile now how to get there and solve this problem there are some arguable points. This is no question it's a selling job by the department. And in that they point out benefits and positives. But very through the suitable mission don't put negatives. And that is our job is the media to consider both sides make it public. Bomb the public has not seen that yet in late goal on my website down Olimpia the copy of these forest on minimum looking at a eventually it will have to go before the public that is law before it's introduced in the legislature. And there will be at a to become. Law modified its own national form. That is gonna take place after the public gets a chance but when our fears is. The timing on this that it does not give out to the public in a sufficient amount time for people first become aware of it. Read it digested think about applied to world situation and comments legislators all the commission. A lot of time is gonna collapse and we could end up with some things the public generally does not go. And so and you know start off eighth Astaro human and I've got some there's some things about this alike. And as a lot of things I don't like about it and not want to bring out all sorts to what you what you take away from this. His proposals for what you think is good what you think is. OK let's start with the under seventeen different light grew out or any day now. I really think I'm looking at the strong maybe you could set me straight now. I'm looking at when he seventeenth prices but it com. Basic and it felt more like and that's going to be twenty to fifty last year. OK so they upped that. The 28 CNET going to be 26 it didn't senate report dollar pre. It though take into account that we know eight if you want to be like they wanna catch up with the rest of the southern states around her in that but understandable. Well what I originally thought that was a good deal but I'm looking at Pitt and during the war on you look at. So one or pitching lights and and it does includes trying to crawl and or circles. So apparently the woman I didn't so watered fishing license. Do idol so Arab extra. Light and to crawl with. Ward is back the price for the trip. The following points and beat you on science. Yeah that was a visit to zero and a license that is required a certain size straw that doesn't point out what the size of the troll is in the prices were based on land the trawl. There's a lot of things that are not brought out in this specific film. Find deet tails just like that there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. And that was one of the reasons won't want to get this out of the public would just like that very good question you just brought up people can get that out and and get those questions it shall have a better understanding whether they supported. Right because it's you know it's I mean everything is recorder so I'm I'm marine articulate and it didn't look in line at. You know your your life and for a 2018 they looked at any point six bit being. But then what does includes. You know around crawling is all of that included in the crime or a crack. Where you mean not when he XP at the bread that is well. Now that's that's what I'm have a crow troubled. Hi I'm thinking that's 2650. Includes. But again not without somebody to answer written you know here. And in the Winona issue. Well I mean it that include the parent I would think that the grid view for people who stand trial as well in two crippling. The price of war the I just don't see them cutting called Barack if they need to up like me that's a hole. You know just the I'll tell you it's. Please don't Wendy. So many people feel for the little trot album on their recreational fishing and that this would apply to you recreational trip in and body goes out in little vote. And quote that oysters are in with oyster pond at the very old fashioned way. Apartment in oysters I'm sure that some people can still do. So. Now they have to do everything. You know that I'm pretty sure people with either recreational shrimp when that small tall or actor Tom probably are. Out of commission today. What do you know what the cost of the shrimp trawl. Licenses figure on soy. Recognition and that what it should be up there in that. Yet twenty it last year. So this year it's going its north at 26. Or Republican. Well I'll take the way it was in the past you have to have the basic and salt war allies since then the gear on top of that. So this would actually be a decrease. Right away and understand and now it's. I x.s at the sixteen feet and old. In between sixteen and 25 it's eighty dollars. Plus the basic and salt water where this says in the that this is accurate that it covers shrimp trawl. For 2650. Right here right. Save a lot of money in the states losing money so I don't see where that's a cost saving Lori increase measure for the state. Then I mean I'm actually on the number on certain and a you know Democrat across as far as that so many they've run the numbers and just settle its look but just include that. And then I don't know maybe maybe I mean it's also the price of not saw what Christian right. On top of you know they're both separate but that same price of delivery structure that that's what I have questions where are seventeen lighten going. Now to 28 cents. And and democratic not yet. Right. Well I've never understood why that would be a big benefit is like that pain in the print up stacks and stacks licenses as that may collect dust. In cost in money it's digital. It's there if somebody buys it it's basically a friend now has all the isn't it certainly got a name for itself. So why they would want to cut down on the license numbers in some cases. Are calculated Turkey so thank. Ought to ought to use de Louisiana yet to have a basic license big game license in Turkey lies. Right now in the state Louisiana if that's what you do it cost you thirty or 54 reds. On this program because they've got the Turkey lies is now at one dollars if you add up the basic the new basic. The new big game. And then the Turkey it's sixty dollars so you go on from 34 year the sixty books. Know. What had suffered a significant. It felt and their legalized because it's very very popular. Turkey and a very popular well. That's saying that the same document we're talking about this 9000 Turkey comes as model law. And not compare to other. No deal at all so now maybe they're considering that you know Turkey management. Is more expensive. Another species so that they need to make more money off for the Turkey I don't know that it not questions. The 9000 is actual lightens older and our product out. A correct yeah if we're at this media. In that first spot said you were referring to keep under proposed fees and restructure in the balloon under fishing. For the this is where I'm going to play the dumb blonde because I really don't understand them know that it's an overview. But under charter three day resident and non resident there's only one he lifted. 21950. I don't understand that and it under the residents. Active military and student column. So so right stemming. A charter everyday non resident I mean it's Ali and she and meg into the increased I think you can look at city. But they're not they're not even I'm not residency. Well why the same. It's saying it's too wanna do it the right guy it's a big increase but it all Wisconsin. Or non resident could buy. Artwork or are aren't. Op opposite. Yeah I was all but five and take it went to tanned. And now in fact if you look at that list that's so small. That print is so small on the current. You can't really see it that you know I'm sure you get funded in them in the party's own. There's not a resident charter three day Bob. Okay right away well resident salt water to read 840 sobre. So the money that rare thing. All that see that that's a chart a license at 45 dollars. Or is that just a non resident salt waddle. At certain moderate I don't water pouring down outright and yet so that's if you efficient on your own if you let the guy. What they're proposing is his 2250 no matter who away you'll. As was gonna cost you for three days. That would increase fan that would that would be and that's because and that poor residents over 65 and and the rest of the column with her. Everybody is earnest only one myself. Everybody's gonna jump back marker perhaps weatherman morning. Let her drop out from 117 to 28. There actually forcing. Yeah people do to pray more juice. Some missed spent so businesses yet right our right now the one that really jumps up there is the you know lights. It might even get well let you go ahead and do that when the vehicle and tells unhappy you'll Odyssey that inquiries. Happy about that as well as a mother of course son is the right now. Because if you get it when they're teeny tiny it's only 200 dollars and then if you wait till their side between Bob. Fourteen. Is only I think 300 dollars. But across the board now it's gone to a thousand dollars you're bind where you know I'm able. That's exactly right. Well you know here's what may have gone and again we got to get somebody to come on in and talked does anything really involve the public question and answer session on this because. You know when they first brought this up twenty years ago I bought mine and I made the statement once the years ago opposite you know. The idea this is great comment may have to buy and analyzes the rest tomorrow life and they get the money up front but then knocking a squirrel that money away. That not gonna have rainy day fund and so much of this money goes in the current management some down the road but as they get no more money out of me. And in Hunan. This may be a deterrent to sell and it may not want to sell live town crisis for that. They lose money on a lifetime license if someone continues to unfinished. In have to buy license the whole. Sure they are currently under sixty. But a 200 dollar would build 2300. It would go to a thousand or five on that would go to a house. Don point only further. Let's get it out what needs to happen what it actually hear their. Polls well what do they mean by holes is just trying to bring gonna happen in my life and that is through the motions. You know people that are in here. Oracle is as a a first step on offer a suggestion that on out there. I'm sure it was. Aimed at legislate toy is maybe they share this was some private user group leaders and conservation organization was not given out of the public. And then eventually it it's going to be discussed in fine tuned in week in. Will probably put in to some prominent formidable global for the legislature and in the legislature has to take its process a medal with a house in the senate finally get it proposes a resolution on. Bill imminent following becomes law would have reform that's gonna debate this is the very initial step that they would take. And I don't know who sent down and brings on it and all the Vietnam think it was probably combination of some. Some bean counters and some actual wallet and fisheries department people. Who sat down and came up with this in something you'd that this is gonna come shortfall but there's many other aspects of the besides the the increase in the restructuring licenses we gonna get to that we come back and take a break right here in Indian and maybe talk about the problems why we do need. More funding for the common law and fisheries really believe we do I don't think anyone would argue that. The arguable points are how do we get there will be right back to discuss that it was in the hunt fish talk now to be key issue when he Ilya right here on WW well. 105 point three FM HD two and you can also hear lies screaming at WW alt dot com and down the outdoors guy that. And this morning we're discussing it document entitled the price of paradise this exit polls opened up Bogle Louisiana. Department of wildlife and fisheries which has not been made all available to the general public at this point this is probably the first Thomas then introduced in any way shape or form. You go to my website downloaded take a look at Lindsay which you think basically an outline the problem the problem courses then exist we use. While I think fisheries receives no funding from the state government general on it's comes from the dedicated funds from the Louisiana wallet and fisheries hunting license sales it go through their office. There was some revenues probably stills on the comes in from state owned lands that. Mineral producing like all oil and gas in that has come fall off over the years. Inflation it's kind of taken as opposed been twenty years with one exception. At the vanity license increase so the department is finding that they've had to increase the cause of natural cost of inflation. The cost of of managing the State's resources but yet they've got a drop in the revenue in a trying to come up with some solutions to do that. And this is where one of the problems I have comes in with a they say that. They gonna introduce some cost cutting measures while those unidentified. Your name cut. In fact that's either a budget projections remain high despite the fact that BP is oval with the we don't have to have that accelerated data collection process. They also. Failed to do to turn to commercial industries they they point out the extreme high value of the dollars of what those. Resources produced for the state in terms seafood. But yet none of these increases passed along the commercial fish. That's another problem something else on not quite sure about as they wanna tie it into the CPI. The the Consumer Price Index where. And this could be dangerous. Right now because they need they wanna increase some of these licensed reasonable exit decrease. Which is another confused and point to me and I'll get back to that later on which ones are the ones that drop in Kosovo the dramatically increased. But what would will has not been done here. It is you know taken on a good hard look at. Getting some funding from state got nothing has been said about you know we need to get some money from the general fund wind. The argument for that would be. Every person I don't care who you are if you live in this state you benefit from. Good healthy wildlife and fishery resources. Because it's an economic engine the size that department wallet fisheries does a lot of assistance department health and hospitals and doing. Quality monitoring testing them out seafood and of actually recreational fish and game two and that's. Burton is put on department wallet and fisheries but yet the people who enjoy those benefits and not paying for it. And unless they go on a WM hey someone who could do loses and goes and takes pictures of while lives what they watch while I was told. According to this document. You know a money while life watches that we have in the state that is one of the biggest pastimes. In this entire country does over a million while like watches in Louisiana. Who pay absolutely not often to get the benefit of having healthy while life in fish and birds too to observe. There should be something that they have to play just like on isn't punishment it is in for so long that the entire cost of funding the department wallet and issues. He's been put on the backs of on fisherman need to reach out to non concern the uses more. The very concerned that uses which I'm talking about commercial fisherman and into the general fund of people who all of us benefit from this. It needs to be some input on this agency and none of those things are addressed in what I'm looking at your thoughts ski. Yeah I mean it is the first thing that's sprout and me when Puerto. You know and all the increase American understand we had a catchup but for a repair running back that there by. Is green the department wallet Fisher uses unique among state but it does not received state on. Even though and 2009 the state at stake in more than 65 million back to tour that story dedicated on. They help comfort state depth of. Let's roll out what it is heat that's debt. That as a sort of deal that agent you'll never grew recoup so. As a quote on some of them bring you more now. Bragging that they don't help them but that they make that money though it was absolutely record either so what they're being there. Where we're going to pay more money on me to make their locker mystery rank so far so good. I think most of the Arab world war with but and you claim you don't in any money from state or if they come in and take money. Formed by the opposite if they need to find what frequently than their program and our men go people on this issue repairing. Relied. With the expectation that this money is going to open group the department while they're street we can better protect our retort from the bank. Somehow and that money they held on top hourly different. From what it was intended to go to warts are. I mean come morning you're you don't need real space and you come here in the apartment what I get back and happen again and I'm. Correctly. Well now that it's a fluid and if they included safeguards I'll take you back to last license at city which was the one that CCA actually endorsed but they would not endorse that. Until it was iron clad that that money had to be used for the purpose it was dedicated to or. Would sunset the license would go away. And that was written into the law and they had to adhere to. I don't see that there is some stuff and I think it needs to be part of it and if people are going to be Aston good faith to put up more money. At the same time knowing that the state got a good possibility they get a steal. Right I mean would bring. We'll bring up the question that simple mind like mine. We have to define statutory dedicate aired out what that means is that the same ads. In the same category as lie and T I think. Oh yet that actually activated by then gave it sounds like it will dedicate. You are a product art programs that they like. Good word to mean anything anymore. You know I don't know. Well that's that's another problem what do you all think about Consumer Price Index index. In other words water that lot that happens is. They tie it to the Consumer Price Index which is a figure in in increases. And it costs increase inflation sets in. Then date they say according to the Consumer Price Index what was selling before the fifty dollars now should be sixty now. And they don't have to go in the legislature they don't have to go to you me anybody they automatically increases and less. It's 50% increase over the feet. Something's a hundred dollars and one race that 300 then they would have to go back to the legislature but any small increases on small less than half. Would be automatically tack on with nobody being able to stop. Make it automatically increase supply from year to year. According to achieve kiosk program. I think that kind of dangerous product program there there are power right there. Are going for. What about the aspect of lot of commercial fisheries being on its gains on I mean yeah I mean. You know the state does a lot of things lottery search and a lot of quality control then. Doesn't benefit everyone necessarily mostly benefits the people who sell the product. Yet but it has to come up with a anything. It seemed like window in the morning. Because we've seen that of the right now are seen by the recreational but they hear what the commercial side did not. And I'm looking at the prices in the appear in Vietnam and you have. Our lighten their cost under a hundred dollar at panels doesn't seem right to me that seems awfully low. For our own license for somebody who won their their whole life style all bets you know. Actually I wouldn't say that I. Let. I'll read. A that's that I love about when it's always it work it we'll be right back with discussing the price of your parent dies how much you're willing to pay. The live here and play here in paradise were talking about sportsman's paradise. While it in fisheries proposal that would find better funding. Maybe it's better maybe it's not a lot of questions millions will be right. And when the US picked up where you left off. OK we were talking about how does it impact what about the commercial fisherman. When we need like commercial fishermen because I live in a commercial fishing community of recreational and commercial. On the side of those commercial fisherman because by in leaching Obama urged. Shrimpers grabber and oyster fisherman. They out at. See much more regulations and we are recreational. And those things. Chinese can think every year. The more restricted that put on the weather is adding. Terribly scooter divide it whether attacking refrigerant or too. What people struggled late in the day now. It doesn't bother me that there's no increased. Because this is how they make their living this is recreational for them. So with the price of fuel and my apartment that the dot activate people struggling. So I've really got no problem. With this not being increased by marched on the am. Are you make a good point because now what they produce. Does provide another economic engine youthful weeks you know the fact that we have good seafood. Everybody does enjoy benefits from that in tourism industry Q aren't the money that comes in the state. A couple of other things that happen. Just write some questions for me and I don't look at it seeking. On page two that talk about proposed solution like talk about a three pronged approach hang. Reduce expenses well. A copy of their budget protection must state rep and she helped me out so here's what I don't say that job on reducing. Their budget and Karen thank you reduce their budget he had somewhere. And the 2008 teenagers like 7840000. Dollar reduction. The guy saw it and we'll check mark there. Down on the same page and have been part structure. I'll be dead yet certified without naming me liked him. Boar hunters and anglers for federal match nowhere about online. What that match would not even with the evacuation on our web site. Got a little bit. More digging. At the primary source of revenue. Is not dollars from odd figure itself but from the federal dollars. For which we are available eligible will it would not know what that match is. And I guess through an education programs and things like that that and other going cheap try to sort of I'm more. In future. But what I did. Was bad. In 2008. Team. We're supposed to get 46 million. Federal dollars. Twelve point three million from the US fish like Serb. And a large portion from Pittman Robertson silence from the sale tax I'm done him a document is familiar with that on him. Yeah its attacks it's well known as special excise tax farming equipment. On this also won on this equipment that's called being dangled broadly but Johnson. It's the same thing it's special taxes when it's his goal back up to the state race licensee. And it did see it in the creation of that five dollar use license test purpose of that also the purpose while we belong duke three -- to seniors. And in some cases on military in May be even disable the being looked at two. Because if you get a free pass to all those people then you do not qualify for that that money come back to. So much audience nominal fee like five bucks mean who can afford five bucks it means an awful lot of the state that isn't good. In his there's multiples. But you know. That. You can get the figures on how much is given that teaches at which you. Was now on the and based on an if you compare it to other states the more license holders they have the one that money. They give Otto otter sentiment the goals based on oral rate basis of which states meaningless sales. Well you mentioned earlier about being on them to users who don't pay anything and they do everything. Hunters and fishers. And it anglers. Well it yet you know in their document. I by developing voluntary. Funding streams from Ramallah watchers Parkersburg. And FaceBook will. Well good luckily. A voluntary tax son he's the. And did you get people to find him a little harder to marry and how I think it put money in the. All the way that they can do that is they have to do it through income tax and state giving funds to the department. Mandatory. It is you know that you're not gonna sign up to give money to and I guess I'm gonna have. Not out. With a note that I mentioned. It wildcard I. With senate. Document presented at a commission made no it was not it has not gotten and I'm sure I don't know it will be before it gets the legislature asked about at some point it's got to go before the commission. In public scrutiny and boy does a lot of questions all season come up. Absolutely and lot of questions before even try and argue that we're on the other. Some in ArQule you know especially the being on the group at the one thing out pretty. And low capacity good thing they say they've they've conducted. Some in the controls have been put placed pitcher odalis repeatedly since I guess that that lead the league believe that is directed towards that. We have a couple that that was an epic that was what they're. Well Bonnie and Clyde yeah I cried yet they stole all of money from BP created a business. Bought a camp and a houseful of equipment the statue of limitations had gone by and we lost all that. Still bright it not aspect inlet empire maker odd when we check secretary welcome your guests at my art department. That's where that's coming from K a little stilted and outline LDW a little under a receipt. So against state just saying that they are still aren't. Well I think by and large I have been where it was all part of the year structured programming. You know and research and everything remain inadequate that they were in the mean. But you know how well was at 65 million have gone at random of yours is not in. Law. Hot day. And that let them have been tightening from the audit will it. Well when it's gonna the break we come back we'll get to that bottom line section you know they did in the bottom line of the prospects of what will happen if you don't. You know increase the license fees and we don't give voluntary people assignment to give them money to the state even though they know the state might deal it. And all of this other budgetary problems that they've got. Bottom line the threats that there will be back to discuss that. Listen hunt fish stock. WWL 105 point three FM HD TO and it down the out those guys that. And we've been discussing the price of paradise that document produced while Louisiana department wallet and fisheries. Which identifies problems of funding the agency in some polls solutions that. Which includes a number of things. Cutting the cost of the budget. Rays tying it to the Consumer Price Index on license fees. Raising in some cases license fees and lowering him and others reducing in number of licenses. From a 126. Down to follow whatever it is seventeen down at 28. And then part of this is explaining. What the repercussions would be if in fact they do not get support this measure. That things are gonna happen that and make the state destitute would know lose enforcement agents. Luke biologists were not going to be able to provide all of the necessary operations department of wildlife and fisheries. It's gonna suffer Mecca commercial fisherman on as a punishment. Loose thousands of jobs at restaurants convenience sporting good stores and it will lose. Who's the reliance on self rated funds. Forcing the apartment ball up and fisheries to becomes part of the State's budgetary requirements I don't know that would be a good thing are bad thing. But here's my bottom lines keep the Wendy and I wanna get Joseph bottom line mob bottom a lot of listening so far. On one a much more detailed explanation on this license reduction in the number of licenses. In the three's something that makes sense why does some like the sportsman's license gold Al. Which cost right now hundred dollars to do all these things well on the blues of the proposed license change would be ninety dollar could save ten dollars. Why does a license fee for a lifetime for an infant go from 200 dollars 2000. Why does it took economical 3450 to 61. A fisherman a saltwater fish middle Eagles up for box. Lot of inconsistencies. There a lot of questions to be answered. The other thing now would not be for the Consumer Price Index at tying it to that much before the old style. Where if you wanna get more money out of my pocket he had to get my legislated to agree to make it law and I can vote him out I'm not happy with. Like that idea. Another problem. Any increases in license fees has to be dedicated for the specific purposes being passed for. And I mean a true dedication not this one may be its dedicated yet dedicated but. Where the state can raise my license team and they'll give them more money to steal and throw it in the general fund. A clear and concise enough iron clad dedication is going to be necessary before us support and that's. So Kate what is your bottom line. Well you just about nailed it I think he did and it Blair a glaring thing is that dedicated. I mean it all this is or let you create. If that doesn't go to what they claim it's going to. I mean that's saying come in and then take that money am I ran a poll at north corporate report dot com and just to get some feedback in and you know. The overwhelming. Thing that we haven't talked about though is being lottery the price of its satellites and and unlike and then we have been at private water species at. It's sticking out in the at the a lot of fishermen and their put together what. You know the department wants to raise money on land and then they're taken they have left late the fit so. It is right on our episode of a lot of people that they're just. It's just they're in it from both sides so they're they're they can't it's bit there it was very clear that that area but we pay more money. To. Be able to pitch so it was just the woman down open up the album the thing that I got from the hole. I think one of the biggest things they could do to increase interest and participation in fishing. Is give people a chance to go to a place to do it and had done anything on that's not mentioned anywhere. They just avoid that it's like whistling through the great. Casey got any other armed bottom line suggestions. You know I was reading the departments of all law enforcement agency. Is that the section of the apartment that it doesn't get any on the state as well that boat that they play a key role in and rescue efforts during natural disaster. Data believe some of that reimbursable from team. You know rescue operations ones to plant disaster but again I'm not totally sure it's a question. I think we just get them get whoever the point person is on going forward this and can answer the questions we need to get. Capsule any Lotta Lotta questions answered there at the bottom line. I definitely agree agree that we need someone that it has entered and while. Media just. And I ever need it to me it is all the questions that we mentioned and then the mother Egypt right. Like many questions and everything. On eight that nature. Totally agree with. Up before we leave out when he. Should you give an update fallout from. Last month she this segment we talked about outlawed will be available during. Vendor sales during that time period because of upgrading or whatever and college and I mentioned in the string on I mention it in the see Jeff. I venture he didn't actually proportionate to act after the show. And we have a couple of questions regarding Anderson sales. And he it really get the Big Apple turning. It by your entry they do they understand that they have a mall. Amount of the population it just comes in the air they're older they're not tech savvy and you know they wanna buy a lot of that a recount now. By to tell outlet makes about seeking its pro life. And he said some time in town. Of the system and so Lowe's. That I'd been there you've been to deal with that customer. Before they walk out the door with a lot license so by streamlining. That I certainly mean streak streamlining in the most. Definite sense of the board heard. But if he'd like to go all digital odd to wonder if they are planning to do way. Would hinder sales and I think it's that the model part of the park compared. Because you've got vendors who might be dropping like flies if this thing went down anymore. I mean he does that would wanna totally compatibility that they're they're also promoting. The information that you can bet your region office. And by. Going to do. I don't think many people that would be willing to do that making just. You know pop into the shop and get their license but in this whole process that's something that they need to consider. If the stream on in Beirut need to streamline even for the shouldn't cast an hour. You wouldn't mind that happens on that history is anything but you know how how much it and it worked as. Shannon and yet time and by the future to sell a lot and that they are seeking to calm. That's correct well ideas and the convenience and maybe to get people commons store because they do have them but. If it's time up employees in or register for thirty minutes and it's not not what the fifty cents or even bring in the people and for that purpose is. Probably like you sail with think most of the retail outlets and must've bigger you know the big box stores continue to do it that the small ones and Duncan and. And another not a bottom line for well recreational side you know problem with the third you're worried about it. Or did you like unlike in now. Yeah that probably would be a good idea to have a youngster that you considering getting it for the all I don't know that this is gonna have an easy time going to a thousand dollars that's got to pass. And I don't know but I I'm probably. I think I'm ride on that that they they may be wanting to discourage sales of those but could you know what they do they do not put that money into an escrow account. In him and then you know. Keep the phone the lifetime of that users and isn't it though they gonna spend it and let the general fund steel. My money's probably stolen in the general fun years ago. Blown away. I would be more interest in the knowing Q how they're going cheese. I don't know what the term they used one I see you can't recruit more. Anglers and hunters. I'm look at them they're document here and it says 65000. They held 65000. New adult education outreach program. Last year was introduced to hunting and shooting sports. Last year. That seemed like a lot and it seemed like a lot of programs I don't think I'm familiar with that any program. And if in if they have other ways to recruit. I'd like to know what they are because 65000. Is that then hit shall he not saying. Well you know. Those out action programme when it when they put catfish in the stock rainbow Trout may get all these people turn out those fuels landlocked body is why I guess that's coming in you know that's a that's an outreach at. Program isn't it standard on sixteen top how. Does an awful lot. It does so I'm I'm wondering what else can you gave. You recruit. You know art is I would really like and then lead to me all of a lot of pre word you know with falcon didn't down into something that we keep kids. Look at wallow in OK. Looked cool yeah they generally good job. But to me in right a lot. Questions. Well that's what I refer to it was a sin of omission. When you leave things out in not the united lying or you're not giving a false but you're just giving things that need to be said. And I think there's a lot needs to be set on this and this is the first step in and you know getting misinformation out to the public that's part of my job yet we tell people medical physician what the ketchup on hunting seasons regulations but you know as politics involved in the today and that's part of what the job of the media is as. Make it the public aware of these things at least bring it to the forefront Ireland problem of people totally opposed in my opinion on an element that. I think they have been and the right to know Bodden and form an opinion and senator. Well hopefully you can find the brains behind. And get at least one of those people on the future shows and you know ask them harm restricting. Question. Yeah. Idol it that the brain and. Well I don't know about that but we'll try and I think that probably went in we got to the topics too badly enough things next month because legislature will be in session and this'll probably have been for them maybe leave and be put on a commission agenda will be discussed and offered to the public vote public comment and scrutiny maybe they'll do a series of public hearings who knows what we'd go that that. I think we probably needed to do that is get someone appoint personal a couple of people who will well versed in it took. And answer a lot of these questions in and present the logic behind its production. I think we're maybe aren't so. I knew one of those people who listen this morning in the bill come to you doctor. Are possible but more likely people who usually come run enemy it's usually gaga takes them that it's Callaway X. Guys if it's an interesting fact 90% of relic of their leader and they're like. I don't I don't know I mean an end. I spun out of high I find that extremely. Nineteenth and a little sort of numbers might even be questioned you know. Like we got 326361. License Connors and wheeze in this 47000. Dock owners. In his 92000 view on this and I'm sure a lot of those two bowl. So that's that's just barely you know it's not even a 150 asleep and half. You tell me there's twice as many Turkey and small team owners is now on doc and you lose. But he ages. What a leader like older in the year a particular. Envelope psychologically days and yeah. And that's average. And I look at the license to be that predate John Holden only go one day a year yeah I guess is a lot of people don't a lot of trips on. Yeah they're not yet increasingly. We have particular. As it always is all right well it is explained we got less than a minute that goes on the say goodbye and thank you win thanks to keep those joining us and looking into this scrutinizing studies best we couldn't. The point on next discussion. Thank you gentlemen Oak Creek a rare prepare or Scott or. All right very good thank you listeners for tuning in now on it's been quick four hours. That's a warm up well and a water temperatures warm enough spec Trout get an active the U fresh one official and it's white merchants luckily time get out in the joy in ideal license for is pleased. Don't want to be on the bad moments ago. Will be back again next week from the bush re albeit white oak plantation was shipped on bolts the issue in tunis it. Have a great week.