815AM Saints preview with Mike Detillier

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 17th
Bob Mitchell talks about tonight's game with Mike Detillier

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Well it should be Bob Mitchell in for Tommy took a saints take on the cardinals and assert his Mercedes-Benz superdome. Tonight at some o'clock. And here's a guy that I just absolutely loved to talk to my dad told me always respect my elders so. You miss. Yeah. Michael and at the victims of his game tonight are basically only the mama's boys play. Well yeah out you know you're you're gonna see regulars a little bit. Early one this is really. And it. You know used abusing built it only in the momma no you don't look like all of them well played in this but today it's a little bit of the world. A lot of the second string football players in this and I again. You know a lot of people know precinct and not important what it might not be important you wouldn't say it and got out of existing. Because you know we don't fight it out there and it taught you to make this site economy and other team if it doesn't work out here so. It's a big game because you don't know. Betty Jean Marie. Normally. Do regular it's all art which you would called the other top backups are gonna play. The majority of game three. He hit that you're not off Broadway. You know you center stage tonight and so you gotta make it happen. Will Drew Brees played. Could be going to be a series and in that did you know I think this is going to be very similar. What you saw a year ago where he saw very little action increased seasons so I think yeah. And I say yes he played it would be its reasoning now. Of all the coaches that I've heard only one coach. I'm sure you remember this tanks dram wanted to go where he said pre season was important. Because it's started a pattern and got to got you in the the what the habit of what install feet. A few weapons five to teams in the pre season and it's crunch the rest of the year. Yeah remember. Bob Grohl now watching the cowboys. Andy world like this and the plates refusing games the only one in five. You know maybe to inform. One pre season it would be ruled six. And they ended up in the in the NFC championship game in this mobile Malaysia I mean. What you looking at here is individual place you would like to. Because. You wanna go out and but this wore bow. I think showcasing them by these deals that he'll. Especially the first two games where. You're not really game plan saying you do you just wanted to go out there and make sure they know. They're meant to alignments. That it would. If you outlined last week in new social change seeking his. Into space shall expressions. He would mean. That you know that wore a lot of image that will media's. And he agreed about the fact that it is deep it's just couldn't you know the against Jacksonville in the first half. The you know almost. Lackadaisical. And I think he is that this week well it worked. Out of practice. And you know listen code and not get that angle. And I think you're gonna feel much more aggressive right unit obviously defensively. They need so we could go but in the current path. My kid cannot take a break to the combat. You give me a few more minutes all right it's 21 minutes after 8 o'clock we're gonna check traffic. And that will come back with. WW LN FL's saints analysts like to Julia. Play 6 minutes after 8 o'clock and we're talking right now to WW wells and a felon saints analyst Mike detail yet. But before we get back into talking about the pre season football. As far as the saints backup quarterback do you think he is already on the roster. Meaning put your church dogma but this year the future. Now that the eventual replacement for appropriate legal eagle in the Saturday. People somebody. Put the that would you've got which guy right now would come savage in case and you know and this sort of deal for pre season. In that. You know he's erratic at the past you know he's got his the rules. Well what he does really well. Is that it is an every man is peppered. He takes all wrong with picking a lot of I Heckman aptly in his ability to get now feel. Why in the four years at Brigham young humans every similar. Does that at BYU which you see today the problem exists we he's become more consistent passer from the pocket. Sure a little bit more page. The more disciplined yet its outlook to date. That take it off and running was almost as first option. Well look at because that's what he's used to do all he did not of the problem when he was at BYU all four years seen this considerable playing time. Because of injuries no you put yourself at risk doing that no are you bill. Hip you pick some pretty good shots downfield so they had to replace two important reasons not in my opinion is not on this dropped it Tom savage. Yes boarded some gains in the NFL but I think he's been a career backup. Do you see any undrafted. Free agents. Making this team making the final roster and contributing. I think wanted to guide the watch would be key Kirkwood the wide receiver from what I mean he's been a guy. And it certainly KG raw. I can't he is a few drops mostly easy catches so that that the concentration issue. All but he'll make some great catches. Just unreal. So I think he's got shot on the offensive side of football one and he picked up late last year in the prop Jonathan Williams this big game premium. Because he's not a rookie but. Okay. Just what helped develop ideas of what we all remember human hubris or insult. When he teamed up with Alex Collins said it would be well quite a dual. Big game for him. In on the deep inside the ball. You know you'd see built on guys in Tyler stall worth the bar you'll. Let's not let up. You you've got quite a battle there. Did see which one and could make this team. In a roster that's. That that weren't good right now really really good so again I think Kirkwood got shot here. Because he's consistently. Played really well caught the ball well practice. Mike I appreciate it you know a time that is the Stanley our new about it. A I heard that even at the silver slipper you take it and give odds on that the slot machines in the playoffs the most in the scalp of slot machines that drew. I don't know but I wouldn't you just wake up and double for a few media would have bet on whatever you wanna disclose. God told me that Lola yet they'll be having game and like every. Basically every other casinos in Mississippi. Wonder how much money it's gonna bring it. That it'd problem just delegate Louisiana's going to be real four years mine has been normally or there is going to be unbelievable I think in New Jersey consumers. I think fifteen days it was like 600 million well well. That mean that unreal but if it would. And again we we behind the ball as normal here we. And I'm sure that puts them both diesel work for all. Thank you might so much thank you all right it's a little after 830 in stunned bring in Chris Miller and more WWL first news.