8:10pm Double Coverage

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

Seth and Kristian break down the Saints loss on Monday night plus Mike Triplett of ESPN.com joins the show.


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Yes indeed simplify welcome into that Wednesday addition of double coverage here on WW LI MF and into the realm dot com. Well we did a show set thought crushing dark here which in Zimmer master control Rocco V neck. The black V neck and look still smarting and still kind of oh upset about the money I lost for the saints in the opener against the vikings can be your therapy right here to see so white semi tech's 870. 87 also programming note was launched our first go for two installment of our podcast that's on line for it W Lowe like come. Also visible threat Christian Derek at sets Dunlap what's the saints' biggest concern headed into the patriots game is at the the secondary pass rush O line running game all the above that's a pretty Denmark people long lines we at W to roll icon. Do the action a final four to 60. 187 in coming up. Mike Triplett a 31 that might triple on tour ESP NFL nation reporter covering the new world saints got herb Tyler as LSU gets ready for. Mr. B state and star bill this Saturday former LSU quarterback who co host of the tire retaliation would be don't be a Peter burns an interview that said did last night. Universe ESP NSC network studio anchor and also now Ralph Michaels in our look inside a Vegas taking their taking care and acting you know that thing out there in Vegas. Will Ralph Michael's near the latest lines trying to make you some money. As you maybe play some some bets on this weekend's game. Can I get a little one crazy stat Ralph screen on Twitter at cal sports LDE and I asked him out. So you heard the is Cleveland's record today Christian 21 straight wins that sort of sets the jail record and it ties the MLB record with the Chicago Cubs from 1935. So if you would have started the beginning of the streak in debt 100 dollars on the Cleveland Indians to win that first game on their face and Chris Sale. And just carried it over let it ride. Till now. 100 dollars would a turned into one point five million dollars for yourself rule in Las Vegas usually that Brett is a good spirit on bread and now the letter read again they win tomorrow against the royals. Get three mil the cool round. Guys were Cramer from science of man at what point would you stop Blake what point do you. Let its a stop rolling all over another read one more time yeah how it's an earlier then them with a one point five and up. Not go for the three. A degree honestly that go for the three million if you can calm I look here's the deal what all yesterday travel etc. so and logistical things off my chest. In particular about the saints game first off you've. Massive awesome experience and the US bank stadium like that is prove the pretty special environment got to hear about our know how school chaplin's skull chin was awesome and look. Before you judge me before you get mad at me because you like he's sick or she'll Siler reported sings you can enjoy another experience just like. I can while I'm up I appreciate. Good football I appreciate good NFL venues and I. Will dog bad NFL venues like the raiders player like that's an awful experience out there. In Oakland a deal dot co coliseum oppose this venue you just make stadium. That's a cathedral. It was a Palestinian geek because of my job I've been to just about at you at the in this season Iowa have been to every NFL venue. And this is one. That ranks up there with Seattle in terms of noise atmosphere recent there with. Parent with the superdome. And perhaps might be best better than all three of the religious rattle off the terms of the experience than to the noise level. It's a beautiful stadium unbelievably beautiful stadium. There's no other AFL like it but the way it's constructed by a paid picture for its calendar greenhouse class on one side and the right on the visitors' bench. They got they got no blast it's all acoustic tiles. So why we have so why are Christian because the sound do the the sound the crowd noise is gonna rain down right on the visitors' bench and it's got a genius. Little bit like Seattle and century link where they built that for noise maybe not specifically this one for noise. But some of the architecture up there concerted effort you can see it's been all over I mean they've made a concerted effort to to take advantage out of the home field. But I want to let the saints defense for a minute. Complete zoo I spent I know you missed it last night Christian hopefully you were listening to it should be is when and if you work. But it's I'm still I'll I was mad I was madam over and I'm over here so I'm over Christian Korean and here I am completely over the apologists. For certain. Members of this saints team the black and gold colored glasses he'd come off you come off. What is the thing what I heard today a remarkable fans friends of mine and our drug they're like. Well you know we we scored five times. Yeah he scored four field goals so that there's in its quick scored five times it means that. That if we just Paterno is in the touchdown we went but here's the thing that the theme that you're seeing. With the saint Stephens you've seen of the last four years now three years a one game at least. In these schools can't see up to get a shoot outs to win ball games and it shouldn't have to happen you lost 2919. If you score. Five touchdowns. You went 35 to nineteen that that is a shoot out so it at the problem right now doesn't look like it solved now I'm also going to say is much them about the tee off on the saints' defense. Don't read don't bury yet. I'll say that from week one week to you we've seen teams in the past make drastic changes you can get a true read on a football team until the first four games but. The miscommunication news that we saw from the saints defense on Monday were disgusting. It shouldn't happen if that happens in week one of training camp that's fine that's a that's a week once before but. Covering a simple over route which is one of the first things that you have to cover it that it that you install you go over. And training canister one the first he covering used to have a problem that when a regular season EC defensive backs give you the non verbal sign of on us like you I don't know I thought you had him like tech that. How is it still happening and as an appointee youth. I'll I'll I'm I'm not let her off that easy you knock it off the hook with youth here a professional football player I don't care if your year one a year to your expected deal cobra basic relative over route a crossing route. One play. Ten middle field we've seen that storyline a few times. Under with a safety that's going back to rob Bryant how he. Had he had ten guys until so somewhere along the line there's a breakdown there's a breakdown in communication I don't know if that's in the classroom in terms of teaching these players or the players. Are not grass meant because it's too comp it's too complex somewhere lies the problem though there's a communication issue that we've seen bleed over on the saints defense. For a couple of years now and it's frustrating because we've seen all the training camps at Quincy at all in pre season make it kind of validates my point which is hey it is just pre season. I'm kind of kicking myself that I got a little peek up about the saints defense even though I should know better I never really gone all in argon and based on what I've seen in the creases and so I kind of prisoner of the moment. With that stuff this year but. That was atrocious as bad as normal it is yeah yeah. It was bad here's my sake and pardon me for everybody listen yesterday some of the skins believe rehashing. But it's a rehashing because I watched both arms of film today got the all clear to the coach's film. And it's look more add the three players that I named yesterday I was highly disappointed and Kenny the car oh. PJ Williams and AJ Klein went over the reasons yesterday mainly we just said they looked absolutely lost it wasn't them just getting beat it was them not knowing assignments. Going back to Canada Carla the two touchdowns the book in the first touchdowns in the touch at the end. To Rudolph that's cover two assignment city supposed to have the corner they're the core help on. On the quarterbacks for the quarterbacks is from a safety position he was. It was you wait rotating over but he also bits on the inside when he didn't need to bite a couple of times it was it was crazy Leven PJ Williams and Marshall Lattimore. Out to dry you said Vijay once he couldn't cover the broads out of the barn yesterday slips ailments a profit I'd rather Harris was what was what was the worst of port and not look Harris was bad the one. And I watch this I went and visited two plays towards the end of the half the two catches he had on him Harris down the right sideline. I went back and watch those again. And actually kind of justice in this issue and attendees think that you tip your hat for the and a touchdown that was caught on him. At the end of the half because that was just a great player is a great throw great play and it was close enough covered Wear flag could have been thrown out right it was that close I'm not saying Harris had a bad day just in my view these three guys. Had worse days and I'm just gonna say it is you have come on over this guy before and you're right it just one game brand just one game missing change. It can change in a hurry against me one on Sunday. But I am I'm still over. I am still over yesterday revered yesterday Iran and I am over. The apologists. And people sand AJ Klein had a great game get your nose out of the stat sheet and stop looking at tackles and go watch film. He was taken bad angles on Dauman took. Bad pursued he literally got turned around two or three times. In zone defense he couldn't cover a short crossing route he had a terrible game a terrible game and I don't wanna hear anybody say that while he had eleven tackles eight solo tackles one tackle for loss and he had some great football game that was a linebacker and you're deep faults middle linebacker because he's playing more there than entail. In the nickel. That had. Objectively. A terrible experience yesterday against the Minnesota Vikings yeah you're right it's one game and you're also right in pointing out. That he might be the most complete linebacker on this team but if that's your most complete linebacker right now. Do you got some major issues is what I saw on the film yesterday from AJ Klein was not good. Which you which you all we have to consider there though is that I think that point. When when does that mean missed assignments. There's a tendency to press is a tendency to do you to do more than then which are asked to do which are which are being required to do I think that might be a little bit of the case for a decline. Another thing too on all of this we come back I see on the phone lines mogul frank Cole and Greg. This is not the game that I've watched. Ten years ago this did this game is changed drastically in a lot of ways I'll explain coming back IC MO coal upgrading you to a final four. 26018. Sending text 8787 he set the person double coverage on WW up. As the NFL gone through safety conscious. I'll explain but there are a couple calls in this game on Monday night and it around the league. Another there was one where they injected the player for the Seahawks made that did you watch say I didn't see it but only at this point. And there will be no chrome O coal and Greg. I saw hit and it had benefited the saints now OK but I'm just being objective is an NFL fan I saw hit on Drew Brees and the guy was top. A little low but it was really at the hip nodding at the knee they call arsenal felt only there there were a couple defenseless receivers. Calls that go get that went against the saints that I didn't see necessarily is all that brutal. It wasn't a brutal shot that was one from kitty the caught him or the receiver but a look at angle on this is not to gain that ultimately I fell in love with. Twenty years ago and I understand things are gonna change but I think the NFL's gotten to safety conscious and meet the they've taken away the some of these big hits now I'm not saying that they should. They should. Note allow these kids and allow these players is banging heads and then they should be some some provisions in their some some safety steps I get that but I think they've they've. Almost marred the game. Because of the decisions in the rules they put in place here lately. Yes Stephon Dix score a touchdown punt the ball on the flag. That's about personal vow but look it's sunny and about that you miss those fine. But I think. In an error where there are so concerned about concussion discussions. And quarterback safety you can't even read on the players these days without in the penalty he can't and that's frustrated a lot because. I like those big hits don't want for from a car really wasn't that that that militias of of that Allah and hit ads don't see it. I thought its that's. OK here's what I soften me completely objective Christian on this I thought the n.'s Loney one was terrible. What can you do there bands like hit like I was seriously he's already leaning into the tackle a guy can hunches down because he lost the football strike gets this is the terrible call via and I would assume when the league went over the game with the officials. The the next couple of days they told the guy who made that call was bad. Now I can even car lot body lead with the crown I could see that today's NFL not saying it's right or wrong but today's NFL. Limiting head injuries I think he got a call that I also thought. And some believe the broadcasters. On John McDonough and Jon Gruden thought that it's that shouldn't have been a penalty on brute on Drew Brees when he dovish Israelis. It's I disagree I disagree with what happened to Brady. What five seasons ago when you lost when he lost the season because somebody like that taken a dive into his legs you just got to protect the quarterback I call that penalty. I'm I understand protecting the quarterback but the minute he came at the hip not let not the need any of that mid size it was at the hip. Highs and understand how to slow it's not as soon I don't know man I get that but I mean I think that there's a there's a certain part of the second is a segment of the fan base it's kinda gotten turned off. By the safety conscious the National Football League and have they gone too far and try to protect players you tell us a final four. 260187. Mullin who wants as long you're on W the normal what's going on radar that. Are so nice and talk among more than that I think it's. Regards to. The penalties that would be it just omelets or I love the land acquisition and if you can't. You don't need to do if you can't run and you are sent a quarterback. Into low okay well I mean it's important he's coming on to police overdo it square and municipal. That's the basics of of tackling. OK that's in regards to one among mean concerned about this thing is. Go before I move violent response is I gotta respect I got to respond everybody talking about this car it drives me in knots and not saying it's necessarily you hear mower just to use singer desecration bank is this little what a lot of people think. People are just say only can hit anybody anymore let's just patently not true you can you can think not only can he hit them. You can lay them out look at what the Texans do. Look at what can chancellor doesn't those highlight plays all the time you can hit guys in you can make big highlight reel hits the correct way so I. I got to push back a little bit on saying we can't hit anybody anymore that is still believe that you are correct way. But it I think it's it's made it really hard the rules and in essence the rules have made it really hard to play defense in the sleek car had Mo. Little bit cooler when they can you look I mean like you cannot meet at gitmo or that you at least for your. All look forward to being it was a bad profitable. You know that's that's one thing the thing is I mean it's a little crude he did drafting. I was struck one index but we don't know what was the cornered a weak Asian Peterson we're not on the ball. What the planet while we go to quarterback or before offers on or something. Maybe. Quarterback because to bring out sooner or later on Monday him well. Tried all that. They're tried they've tried to you draft a quarterback Gary grace didn't happen didn't work and here we go back to AP we have seven carries and a volume last on Monday night seven carries. And I get (%expletive) that's part of the reason why it led to that will verbal disagreement between he and Sean Payton on the silent with shopping time. Downplayed an agent Peters is not keep that confidential. More importantly. Did they try to run the football. They got so one dimensional because they got down by so much that their defense could just couldn't stop their plan was going to run the ball but the first play it was too Adrian Peterson. Now he hit seven yelled at seven touches because of the score got lopsided but more importantly I think the saints do have a problem on our hands and that is going to figure out a way to get Adrian Peterson. In a bit of a rhythm. Early enough to where you can still rotate those guys he and Ingram and Tamara. Oh it's just going to be a rotational thing for him he's not going to be the guy again 20/20 five carries got to accept back up you just does and they tried to run the football. They're averaging less than three yards carries one and one carries for sixty yards. They tried everybody outside that first run that was nine yard run by Adrian Peterson on the opening carry of the game and a thing out day easily go in there in the superdome. It just didn't happen I'd. Again I think they're trying to run the football they just they couldn't in that fourth quarter because they are behind by two escorts. And it had to throw the football there already thin what do we say there already thin along the offensive line you lose Zach Strief. And first half he gets and you Khaled met they use a guard by train. He's out there playing right tackle he's played left tackle before about why he held up okay and he did he did Nellie he absolutely did but it certainly throws off the chemistry is certainly throws off the cohesiveness. Which I think is average at best right now on this office allow a mass hunger coming Bakley. Ryan ran Texas a starter at left tackle as a rookie and you guys actually go out that messes with the cohesion CBS news update my tripling your phone calls next on double coverage. I want to back double coverage still kind of really are you from the saints. Lay emanate 2919 a loss on Monday Night Football to the vikings talked about here are 504260187. Mike Triplett at Mike Triplett on Twitter ESP NFL major reporter. Mike I'm sure your mailbag in your your Twitter timeline even been blown up as well about the saints defense. Well. A oh yeah. Might get it Mikey you're Yuri inaudible there if you can. Repeat that. Well on. Twitter and that but really interesting as I say OE ink this year couple weeks ago. And I impeccable responses. From within days and social media than ever before although other years victim to win more games and map but I want who aren't that helpful list. Since then. And baseless or how hard were probably did you watch the priest or we win you know there are obviously Italy in the indices are well. It and it I think that the damage is really set itself up for a let down you know. I thought. Different to be exactly what they've sent the potential absolutely in tenor of that game. But I don't know light so people were so convinced that they would stellar. This season. Different than what we've seen in recent years. Yes the secondary can get better. But to other sports starters are rookies they just kept at Baikonur so they abuse remarks on Lattimore Marcus Williams. I didn't not expect them to get torched the way it did against them by. Are expected growing pains and I think a lot of people were were were open for dramatic over all we want if there's going to be the article ought to have happened over time. Mike what's the biggest problem you have right now this team has its secondary. Yes definitely. I think it defensive line news is buying you know being. At a better passer more dynamic strokes. And I think the linebackers Hillary improved from last year especially declined. But the secondary yet to be growing pains and number one corner. Courtrooms. There's no place in order. More trouble. Is you've been really good one but there's going to be growing pains. Well as playing and so the bridge or because it is start here and I are. So that got TJ Williams and B Dovonte there are an external immoral it is rare that rotation but I. They're gonna hit an obstacle that they wouldn't anecdotes that sweet they're gonna pick up. You know throughout this season but now. Now look at defense and still be good there and I don't think he'll be as bad as our quarter again at school he's. But I think we're gonna see highs and lows and on the upper orbit that. Artists into crop that we definitely set were the things that's probably bigger concern that the new problem as he opens or down all the starting tackles. What what can they do defensively I hear a lot of people saying well you gotta dumb down the scheme I watched election sir you did today. And gone they played basic man and the basic zone cover two cover three concepts for a vast majority of that game there's not too much more basic that they can do there was just guys like Kenny the Karl. Blown assignment after assignment there I'm not sure what Alan can do. Yeah ego to eliminate the big statement that the killer that particular train. Or you're dependant to deepens order that was being. Now forty. Yards past where I mean. Make them work or that's what they were doing in the first quarter after the game basically he spent like they've played the urged. One minute they'll be okay. They just can't give a replay touchdown drives and sixty yard passes and guys are and why he'll. And the ones that. The assignment of artwork and but to pick passing of the vikings for the sink in. What. Six. You lit. Up yet he can't let that side of the open receiver room in the middle deal so. I went to bat it's out. Like that. We've seen these games here and there in the past but we also see then you know. Have articulated in that they can be uneven in meeting its rights as that is the and it McCartney. Talking to Mike Triplett here on double coverage ESPN NFL nation reporter for the New Orleans Saints. Over on the offensive side of the football I'm curious if you disagree with me here my take on this the last 48 hours. Has been and that I'm not. Too concerned because I'm I don't think that the saints are going to be put any tougher spot. In that against a top five delete units in that building one of the toughest places to play what opt. In an opener where you've got to integrate all these new guys and that off it's still not. Concerned about that offense jiving. Went out and opens it word in 2011. Years at Altman. Will be what in the last two meters from our part. It's not an in the offensive line and it really hurt and without these two right tackle. You look. And now we need to I think we saw of that breeze this would commune in political terms of our today. And you know the run game they've got an expert to repair a great running team that rarely. Oh there are our question marks absolutely with this and you're right there in a series. Defense is that good allowed buyer like that all that was probably I'd go to I think it. Give us that they. They may not like the rams threading that's the only other one I saw they would give me a little bit Los. You know it'll be tough on the plate there's been at that accurately and will be tough but the idea that the it's gonna give up. Figure out what they do well. Abu Omar and as a monster game Israel marketing as a monster games like as much and so. Again and I think we're looking at that top side top and bottom and some would get used it. Mike to let Mike Rabelo on tour ESP and a funny reporter covering the New Orleans say shifting gears to Iran backed group in particular deuce point this out to me on a film. He watched as he pointed out there's several several missed reads from the running back including Adrian Peterson including Mark Ingram Al McNamara as well. What do you make of the AP deal you know obviously that that'll spat he had what chomping on a sideline. Do you think the data make concerted effort he it seems like APS to be involved in the game and get into a rhythm and do you think he'll make concerted effort to do that. And the Peterson. Oh lead in the element in the run it moralists down there don't you put it I think he worked on. If you're reading your lip. I don't know he probably yelled hey let's run down. Editor at OK we will work harder or where. They'll convert its exact. So that there much ado about. However. Yes of course interpreters it was a pretty late night I don't know. That's what these are up for. And the problem leaders it and it down her purse or a special. In this work you know exhibit at that or America on the field we're getting Peter Bergen mode America's leading man running backs cramps because. Of all the time there aren't that empty backfield set. Laurie Peters and get the ball it's gonna have to be when there are running the ball. These corporations or running the ball a lot here at or protecting. Or beat a certainty that whereas in other there are. I don't really think you and I don't think there's going to be protecting greatly and a lot of games so I think it could be they're our. Repeater to ever. When he carries in the game. Mike good sub and we appreciate at all about whether to file your work. Oh is unease in accountable page dedicated to the date but program clear it took. There goes my trip appreciate diamond. Tiger follow on Twitter at Mike Triplett come back for colon dragging you to a 504260187. Text 8787 what's the biggest issue surrounding the saints headed into their week two matchup with the defending Super Bowl champion. New England Patriots is secondary and pass rush O line. Or running game and also is the NFL gotten two of safety conscious we'll talk about it next double coverage southern Christian on W to a. Now more double covered sports and more on WW. Call 5042601870. Taxed 877. Before tweets that Seth Dunlap port had Christian Gary. Sexy 78 setting on the phone lines at 504260187. Welcome back double coverage Seth. And Christian what's the biggest concern headed to the patriots game on Sunday at noon tennis who don't for the New Orleans Saints got secondary pass rush O line running game. Or other you can cast your vote operates at or opinion poll on line at W Google like comic about the fact that the patriots are gonna look to avoid an 02 start and they're going to be in extremely angry football team. After losing. On Thursday night they're opened the worst thing that could happen to the Sainz wasn't losing Monday night. It was actually the fact that the patriots lost. On Thursday. And urban a believer in that I really haven't because I think you get stuff on film that you wouldn't see ways to slow down as Patriots offense had date. Blown out the chiefs' 55 to nothing or something ridiculous like pentagon on how we stop you don't think you'll leads to the short week hurts them you know I think the short week does a little bit I don't think. I don't read too much into well you know Tom Brady's angry Tom Brady's always an angry cost. What I don't get a Milliken tolerating as lifeless he's a map all the time coal enacted ish what's up call you on W him well. Well they typically like comment on what might about it on the ground and it there at that particular play where mayors and or. In that you have any comes out at right corner to corner and down. I just think that great example of that element deep in it I'll be in I mean it's extremely valuable I think I don't have a problem there. That grips election. Oh my biggest concern. And that. Up about well I'm gonna practices but they and they. I'm not trying to be an apologist at all this is inexcusable. You know note you can be made it. But I got to look at a lot of plays them has to go to. Rid went on and bank court. But one common thing so that it in the whether the PGA William take it one bit. The care even Lattimore played at didn't come his way. One common thing. In the state and they're come in all these guys are coming down heel and by heightened. You're right you're right no that's exactly what I saw. That's exactly what I saw yesterday in watching this film and by the way it wasn't just the secondary was linebackers is well across. And and it. To me that not one of course that not at issue. The committee that also not a mental issue and it fair that they don't know where they should be. I think it's more an issue of the start getting these young guys that did not try and take diesel but he's got a chocolate at the bit. DJ Williams have taken it yet we head but it's common. You thought that an act that he's looking good week I grabbed the ball and let and that's what all these. From what I see I think that what bill at all and that gives me hope. Bit I believe we will see how much important I don't know we'll begin. But I'm confident that we will see improvement from the second. Look at those things are correct both their fixable that's a good news if you're if if you CNN sets CNN how on the NFL game pass alt point two film. And look I looked as well how it grew both the all. That that's collectible but at some point though. That shouldn't be going on like there's no issues for awhile that's going on. That's being that's not playing smaller than scheme and trying to make a play trying to out trying to outplay the scheme and ultimately successful defense is about playing with in the scheme. Thanks a phone call call Greg in the world's what's up here on W evoke Greg. Oh. Ugly yet he. Can. My. There's that much attention. All. Is there. You mentioned well. You. The he. They. We put it up pretty blog. And news news. Dennis Allen you need it is. Or or is he right right. Yeah thank Dennis Allen Rob Ryan met. Well part. Mark. It. They're only in. Before we won't blow up your. You know so what was there is. No place on. Can an update would be speculating boat. He's the head coach he's head coach says honey that's what he should be doing right now we got to manage the game and gentlemen here and say that. Holy kid whose careers are Zain always. What would you be screaming if he didn't do that he did one go and going Barca at the special teams coach -- let me get a on this meeting is no huddle here he should be doing that that's part of the role they had coached for as many blown coverages they had yesterday I can't be disappointed her license now Monday I'd be disappointed. If he wasn't barking a little bit and Dennis Allen and the secondary is coach gentleman that I seriously I wasn't. I wrap up our log in update are pretty general opinion poll on line at W to a black comics on hold Byron I'm committee can jump in the conversation as well final four. 260187. He text 878 semi double coverage here on W the growth. Our go ahead. He'll Byron. And yeah you're on the diplomat. Here. I'm good thank you. Bill anymore. Our number he appears certain. You run out of time get ready to go ahead. No rule. Of hypocrisy there. Well. It will marital commitment. Under my partner in the video are you better do your bigger is so deeply. The and you'd like they're ready to go Pittsburgh. These are awkward and policy Google Earth some and so my. Brand mark you don't monitor the computer. And the army infantry. One other push back on that I thought actually outside of the left side of that offensive line wasn't terrible it away it wasn't grades against that defense at trial thing many teams you'd be good against that defensive front in that building. But I'm not. Afraid to throw an offensive line now with the battle are ramshackle what he was trial by firing its ever Griffin. On druze blind side but the interior that defense held up. Okay. I expect running lanes open up here the next couple weeks at a red relative as the running backs can make the right reads this really was about the offensive line it's not the running backs making wrong reads coming up. Next hour herb towel dive in the little LSU and Mississippi State Saturday also coal. I see Greg is well Amanda Hilliard on to me to go to. Next hour here on C treated.