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Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, March 13th

Should Louisiana school teachers start carrying concealed handguns to protect their students?  The debate continues in the legislature, and Debbie Meaux, President of the Louisiana Association of Educators, doesn't like the idea one bit.


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Evan Tony five Tommy Tucker WW world ready miles an opinion poll asking you should teachers and classrooms. The armed Debbie mower gas present Louisiana association of educators AE is is rather they don't want that there have been two bills. Filed in the legislature enough house to make that happen so Debbie a text says come. Did people are confused because you talk about not wanting a prison atmosphere but you're talking about. Parameters and metal detectors are etc. Heidi and Tony is split that. That hum debt that difference and make it's safe without making it seem like a prison I didn't quite get that either. Well let me get back out. Or lowering would be make sure that there are more counselors school. That we trying to collapse and people who and an agenda but the trick in the people who. On the outside of the school that are making sure they act and guns are not getting into the school. And it is time that we can simply say that would just gonna leave our schools is wide open target. But we need to make sure that schools are not places that are are seeing man. Somewhere where children are watching adult. Carry guns and I don't think that helps the child at all. Most children I'm sure our committee was attacked that we have law enforcement's. And that their job as he SA. But that shouldn't be. Front and present in a classroom or in our whole way. Nothing happens in a vacuum obviously students are aware of what went on in part one another school shootings. And ISO and ask. You know look at it through adult eyes here in that child size but it would seem to meet. In terms of security. If I knew the security measures were in place. It would make me feel better whether it looked like a prisoner or not it would it would make you feel safe but. Says children would be harmed by and I need to say a school that looks like a prison but a school had a lot of security measures in place. Well that blocked discussion about. What makes the goal looked like depression. We are all that you with each parent these school to prison pipeline. There's some who try to urge the cities are more targeted. For. I'm not sure exactly what word to use. But they're more. Affected. By. Strict. Policies within school. Stick. You know having. In the schools that they are targeted more. And. Wait under duress arrows at them. And other security resource officers in our school they do you actually. From may carry a weapon on May not but they are in the schools basically trying to make sure that the environment or she is not. Are you saying is let me jump in here because they're time's limited that are you saying that a schooled that would resemble a prison would be. In essence conditioning somebody to go to prison. Well there at that philosophy out there there are. Actually if we search out there that says we make a school looked like a prison. That conditions children can expect that mentality. We don't want to make our schools less inviting chart children we don't want to make them stressful for our children. Arming teachers technical putt that light year. I've stressed there. We do need to do something about security. I believe that the first line should be that we we. Began to work on the market issues such as counseling student. Also make sure it will help. Said that it is available not only for the student at a community in which school. And the yells at people relate to go out. I guess not okay thank you think as it was there anything else before we let you know. I'll well it's just that and in the day. Done and that the National Education Association to which we are Elliott. Has done commission and they have found that 99%. Our members support background checks. 91% believe that individuals. That have hit it meant a problem should be able to get a gun. I 87% believe that there's there's a federal database chat gun sales. Less than 30%. Of our members believe that arming teachers is a good idea. Thank you have some movement who to believe that the dot impairment. Less than 30% thank you Debbie appreciate your time.