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Saints LB coach Mike Nolan talks with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic

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Might you guys don't have kind of collected linebackers the last couple offseason grab it grabs you added a lot to us through about tomorrow Davis and we think he means that. In tomorrow's obviously has has played the NFL and it's been a very good player in that area have been a personal player when he first started yours or Harrison played that well. The miners left to decay in the Mike so he's got versatility. It's also three down player so he brings all those attributes to us from versatility Stan pointed them. It's got good leadership skill that you fits in really well with the group. I think he's very condition first. Crucial is that something that you emphasize. You look at doing a big is that rebbe had where you really contain. And force working in the could bags were alert was like marking handled chance to get that it is in the use very disciplined. In that room. He did a very good job you know for a moment there he was outflanked in the did a great job of usually take you there and get back outside. That yeah it help to one place or again I think his experience case helped set that is what you write that was his job he's got to play turned back again. At all costs for that matter you know that thing gets outside of Scotland and so. That is and I think this is an example of how he got there actually like us I was more example of what can experience can do for him. Now coached with him. All the players that you coach. And you got to have these kind of players. Look what he's done the past two season we'll would Robertson. Mean where you don't think is going to be starting you know he's about I go back go iconic TV came here initially as a special teams guy and all of a sudden he's like you start but highly productive star. I brought Craig senator Jeff Craig is tough he's competitive he's Smart. You know stature wise he's a little bit undersized this kind of wire ones as exactly what you do us any more special teams game has been or at least that's what it came with. But Ingrid and Craig's guys you know to his credit he sees himself as the guy so when he does get the opportunity I think you raise its level of play he has stepped in real nice job force. He just says the group you know what at this thing is how much Democrat who's got real leadership ability so whether he's on the field for defense of snapper special teams and amp. He's he's very good at bringing guys together he's not shy as far as it goes it's but there's a lot about this now what do you like most about your line backing group. What I like most. While that's a tough one I mean there's a lot of things of life through computers look. For number one it's a cohesive group. But it's also very competitive group. You all of you see themselves as the stars element that Bob or five guys they see themselves as starters. And obviously only three and sometimes like to condemn the field one time. So if anything I've always thought that the competitive level of any players probably the strongest celebrity can have. There's a lot of guys out here but if you don't have competitive fire you're gonna can. Yeah you for a ride the bench much so that I was and competitiveness that. Old what is your take right now Alex has long is he like a rookie in considering when he got hurt and I know not a real gives me more confidence. But he is he still. Blurred those young guys obvious you wish you have that experience they had the injury where winners yet right. When he wristed it like you said he missed a lot of games but the things could abounds Alex is further along in just a rookie. For these reasons number one he's bigger stronger than it was a year ago he's in a great job in the weight room I don't know that they had a great. Programs or soreness in terms of the weights and things like that present a great job of that. So that's number one he's he's bigger stronger faster in that regard. Alex is an intelligent. Announced those yet he is he had three down player I think so Jerry studio and we saw what him a pass coverage we never like you know build not just not true we don't know he's he's freedom. He has without question. I think in the past because of the shoulder for you know I just think he's all of these really learned how until. So things got progress I think going forward when he learns to play at the point attack that almost outer. And I think it's gonna come with the confidence is gonna have his body because he has some if you look at him he needs. He's good sized guide them but it was it was a year goes much stronger so that helped me club. Yes from the three might who don't do this now last week and he said his his. It's Montrae like Edwards. Pars ideas to give me the best eleven on the field. The linebackers as a matter. Our Mike Harris and we just a matter of compensation packages. While what matters is the best eleven just like you said in and somebody's gonna let you don't want. It's like Tom landry's is you know you don't have to starters get to back ups if you can't get on offense cannot go fast runner and and so we'll get a chance at some point but I will say others. I guess there's at least five guys that group of not more than half have an ability to start in this league. You know all of their different levels of this and we got a good start groups it's. The competitiveness of our customers and hopefully make us better. Group I guess I was trying to get to is the versatility and it got guys that. Can play him like please please wills. Did you guys opt yeah it does in case somebody gets -- like they did a year ago that you'd like to have the best my stamina as to oppose this and it. You've got to play this position because I got to the case. You know so the versatility is nice. And and like. You parties that we do you have that among them all of them with the exception of Manson and has been primarily Mike over his years. The rest of them all of them all of these guys that he played the ads and he plays here. He really played us he really did he. And the thing is kind of nice right now movements so well you know last year when he got here still nurse and the Achilles in the year before. And that took him again part of the year to get that back format in the year he was fine and he really helped us. Many times. Of course last year that you know special agent went down to city became a full time guy. The familiarity had been with the charges that is that a big part of why he wanted to premiere. Well you know we were looking for a backlash took the job and actually in the process and rating everyone he was again it the knock out there has been is their ability. So people stayed away from unfortunately for us he was very durable last year and played all season. Because nobody is really argue the fact he's been good players to spend you know if he's not on the field and is in good and I street was on us. I think schools they don't exist yet.