4/20/17 10:10pm Double Coverage: The NFL schedule releases tonight

Seth wraps up his conversation on the NFL schedule release and we hear from LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron.


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Me as we breakdown this NFL schedule today. Will continue to do that this hour and like we said your show tonight if you wanna react to the senate those scheduling and other sports story give us a call the number you just heard. 504260. 187. Give me a follow on Twitter. And accept the Dunlap villain in here about a self my cohost he's off tonight he filled in on sports soccer earlier tonight. I'm Greg conversation on what I haven't with the fans right now on the senate those schedule like we said earlier. It's that efforts for a week everything's gonna come down that first four weeks of the season probably will see whether the saints have a successful year or not it's. Ross' gonna talk about some other sports news stories this hour. Including a so a former saints player. Will Smith Hillary was sentenced today cardinal Hayes who was convicted of manslaughter. And the April 9 when he sixteen shooting death of Will Smith he was sentenced today to 25 years. When it in the that a little later also Rubin Foster who's and NFL. Draft pick potential that built that fitness is saying about the potential now because. He told in rap boarded the NFL network that he did test positive. During a drug test at the NFL combine this year. Little nuanced. That positive test. We'll get into that later this hour. I've been he. Supporter of drafting Foster maybe it changed mine now is. These as these incidents keep piling up for the star linebacker and a Alabama but we're gonna kick it off in just a minute here. Abouts Eli Manning Eli Manning in the news because of this big memorabilia scandal is. Being accused in a civil lawsuit. By a a former member billion deal leer I'd deal. Fried an odd doctoring equipment to appear like scheme a Warren merchandise including a helmet worn by Manning in Super Bowl. One of those who rules against the patriots. As a rule 42. And then going and reselling them at higher value because. In people thought they were game warrants this discount have been a soap opera that's been going on for quite awhile now against the civil case not a criminal case. And Eli Manning actually came out in the media today in angrily denied any wrong doing. In this fake memorabilia case he said I'll say this is a quote I'll say I've never done when I've been accused of doing. I have no reason nor have I ever had any reason of doing anything about it nature he goes on to state according to write about my football player when your attacking my integrity. It makes me angry here's the problem with Eli statements mean. There or texts. Messages that were filed and emails among the court documents. And superior court. Last week that included one email from Manning it to the memorabilia dealer requesting quote to helmets they can pass is team used. And in another email from Manning to his marketing agent Alan zucker who was sent shortly after that email. That told zucker get this he should be able to get them. Tomorrow. So is another words this guy asked Manning for. Basic equipment that he could pass off his game worn. And many replies back to him OK. And be able to do that comedies this stuff we can pass that off this big game more material that's for me incriminating enemy. Now that's at least reportedly what's been filed. Of the Bergen County superior courts. In New York last week it's pretty smooth beat smoking gun for Eli Manning. Now he Tim says break. The phone like Tom Brady rights Brady had it down plausible the viability break the phone. And I. Mrs. Manning's remembered a couple of years ago the Al-Jazeera report. On Peyton Manning about performance enhancing drugs that he angrily denied OK but now you got this report free. Smoking gun evidence. And you're gonna angrily denied that as well OK but at some point be cute it is angrily deny everything you say it's all boss. And it. Sometimes where there's smoke there's fire. I don't know I kind of like the soap opera stuff here at the end of the ball and the automatic that such a spotless record is it. Hometown boy here went to Newman high school here in New Orleans. Everybody loves them. But bullet. Himself in trouble on this one. Let's get back to the phone lines at 504260187. And talked to Carl was on a cellphone car earlier on WW. They set. Back to the schedule questions or at least. Well one thing that gives me a little bit competence. To be not as pessimistic as the caller is that we don't migrated all over the years. It was a time and invincible only. Reason. The last few years I've been that rate could lie in the last game and she's there that it as a win or go game and she's in New York City would be. So these games. On the road light. Might not be so. I agree you look at last year they went four and four at home your before that three in five. And I agree dark. Yeah and it didn't. Charted course. Second. Is. Yeah Adrian Peterson that he had been put to rest. I just I think that the idea. And you keep produce unique. But it. And so. Last few years like to see. Here's here's. I don't think you bring him in for featured role like this if you wouldn't be brought in to replace marking a machine number one. Because they lost him heights are. They've got to have a guy behind him. Wanna see them and this goes back a lot of callers who were antsy Adrian Peterson says it was just draft McCaffery with a number eleven overall it. I don't wanna see him drop McCaffery they have so many holes on the defensive side. Our audience free agency look in the middle rounds the would you be let's say for argument sake they brought an evening Peterson. And he was time your third down back you marking your misspelled may be eight to ten carries a game. I don't think I'd be ups I would be upset that role and Peterson. I have if they depend on what we trade for. This displays such a small number there's no age. Just don't know that's what else they need. I know you're in need be corrected back there registry duck back to all that are there or. No you're right you're right it's. If money is the factor here and there are reports that Adrian Peterson was wanting. Between six and eight million dollars a year for a one year deal. Trying to go to eighteen he found at least the if not a fringe contender a true contenders this season but the promise that was in him that much money. Now when only got 72 carries last year and averaged less than three yards carry in those carries last year oh and by the way the previous season. When he ran for over a thousand yards he had fumbled seven times it's been an issue with Adrian Peterson has been his fumbles that he's going to be your third down back your goal line back. Take care of the ball better than he has in the past. At Minnesota. Talking about the NFL draft a set I don't want them to draft Christian McCaffery it number eleven. The 335 text in dream draft at number eleven Derek Barnett. And the number 32 Adori Jackson to get a couple of great defensive ends pass rushing help in that first mind that. In mind that at all. I think I'd like to see them go corner linebacker with one of those first two picks if indeed they have those first two picks. We will though it looks like this Malcolm Butler deal is going to get done so everybody tells me I'm still skeptical but I'm trusting my sources. Everybody. Unanimously. People in the know are saying this deal is going to get them with the patriots Wilson. Coming back with your calls and more final 42601870. What is your reaction to this saints' schedule. Back after this on WW. Sammy you feel Marley here no woman no cry. The opposite you don't know lawmen cracked. Rent. We won't into the hey we didn't get any weekend deals from that. Trials and ventures have Thames in this weekend so feel left out for twenty today bite and scratch my head how did this. For twenty. Termer connotation come up with. To a researcher and it's so apparently. In 1970. When he uses is trivia if you're the bar head of the bars and so in 1971. Out and stand at. Rafael California a group of five high school students who called them Sobel Waldo spot and away. Because they're chosen spot. To hang out at their school was a wall. Well they used it in. Term and a connection mean 1971 plan to search for this apparently abandoned magical a wheat crop that they learned about. And the time that they are going to meet each data due this was 4:20. PM. So that plan was detailed in the high times magazine. By this author Mike Edison and he kind of embellished on a little bit and became kind of a a colts classic. Pop sensation. And he started suppressing all other stories about the term. And in that article back in 1971. At a senate quotes. That's for twenty should become the acceptable. Time forest owners to smoke there's substance of choice. And sing so ago. History on the ports one. Gregg Popovich may need some of that good stuff after this game holy smokes. Memphis. Is clobbering San Antonio right now. In game 377. Says 6121. Points from Randolph. Nineteen points from Gasol. And oh it's like Memphis gonna get the first their first win of this series and go back home in a couple of days down only 21 that's been awhile since we sauce and a Tony you'd chest yet brow beaten like this. Goodness. Let's go back to the phone lines reaction today on the same schedule release and all the other big stories at 504260. 1870 wherever you're at give me callebs chat let's talk to fill the patriots here on WW. That you. Think you're. There. Does. Hatred. I want to. Pay that kind. And and and you should adequately. Check it out right now. And I'm. Sure they say. And I think it's physically and won't happen faster than the west how bad that shortly. What about it. There goes fill the patriot always makes a dramatic exit. Mr. Cowen you wanna see Adrian Peterson in a saints uniform says the text or date 78 severed from the 67 aces a set. The saints. Accident meet saints but he says the sinks are gonna have to replace cooks and high tower. Otherwise the offense is not going to be as productive. Another text her from the 5047 getting psyched about the thought of adding Peterson on the roster. He's got to have a good 23 years left in the tank to hall of famers in the backfield for the next three years can you imagine. And what do 12 punch in German Peterson wow. And on the first Monday night's 200 yards from a ski attacks there. From the 504. It's gonna happen. As they get in Peterson once too much money and let's be honest with Peterson's in the twilight of his career. One thing but this hall of fame future hall of Famer doesn't have is aides who roaring. Does he think he's gonna get that from the saints and if you looks the same schedule. Now this out we've been talking about it. Might make him a little less likely to come to New Orleans maybe not. Maybe he sees that first week in game on Monday night against Minnesota and he thinks them. This is my chances stick it's two to my old team a little bit right there on opening week announced. Grizzlies up 7961. Now. On San Antonio Amare remind you tomorrow night Saturday's LSU at Kentucky based. All game it's been moved because they're expecting bad weather in Kentucky so there's every two tiger baseball games tomorrow instead of one. You can hear game one tomorrow on our sister station hot 1037 FM or on a thirteen 50 AM. Pre games 1 o'clock first pitch 130. Then game two right here on WWL. 153 FM and 870 and coverage will start tomorrow at 5 o'clock Timmy Tommy two games at six a 530 tomorrow. 530 is game two tomorrow and a double header a game three all the way on sending in no game on Saturday. Game three of LSU Kentucky series will be on WW all Sunday pregame 1130. First pitch high noon now because we don't have LSU baseball on Saturday night now to bring you the LSU spring football game. Liable with free and at 645 and kick off at 705. PM going to be fun. Again that's right here on tiger radio WW. OL. Also tomorrow so pretty cool I'm gonna be out in Metairie tomorrow. At the Cox solutions stores 4852. That sits right next to the bonefish grill probably between three and 5 PM. Meant to be out there with here the pelican and the pelicans dance team as they open this really cool new Cox solution store. In Metairie they'll have food fun and prizes and the first a hundred customers will get 8320. Dollar gift cards so like not say hi let me all it's between three and by tomorrow from the Cox solution store. In Metairie a couple of big news items today wind here locally former saints player. Will Smith he is killer car del pais he was sentenced today 25. Years. On and also a fifteen year sentence but they're gonna run concurrently so basically a 25. Year sentence for cardinal Hayes. They could receive a maximum sentence of up to sixty years forty for manslaughter. And 24. Attempted manslaughter as well. Will Smith's widow. Rock Hill Smith. Came out with a statement in the media says. Stanley and iron extremely disappointed with today's sentencing goes on to say a nightmare for me and my family. But she appreciated the support of district attorney Leon can zero and everybody in the prosecutor's office obstinate. A sad story that as the least undoing in so far. Some callers disputing that. My Wikipedia or read. Description of how force one he became. An cult phenomenon. Some caller said it was an old police. Code they used to use in steer them. Out it would be. On how the Internet never lies. A section in the final fours as later the offices and Seattle were closed. Today for the holiday. At before slightly I don't know about that. They got to get that money man it's legal over there now present any thing to be open sell stuff. Know what you know what they're closed today as a as an awful Starbucks you know records they made. Weights. Ever heard about that only about this story it's awful they have a unicorn that. Shake at Starbucks a rainbow late flavored shake it and it and I tried it was really. Sounds moral you brought up Seattle let's wipe out. Hand. I mean OK I guess. I guess that is kind of synonymous with Seattle on Kenny would dispute that but Europe unicorn is bad negative throw unicorn and the make some you know quite a lot there with my hometown of Seattle. Long. Trauma. I update are pretty jaguar opinion Paula WWL. Dot com or asking you what's your reaction to the saints' schedule today who gave via a variety of emotions that you're feeling. 39% are saying worried they're worried about this saints' schedule 29% excited. 19% say they're disappointed 13%. A percent apathetic. And nobody saying they're angry after three hours of this Paul are almost three hours at a 0% senior angry I. I broke down early I think. I'd be out a little bit of my emotions would be directed towards the league offices and anger. Because I think that they'd just have not been equitable at the end of the season the saints and a couple of other teams as well. You look at this. Week seventeen game for the fourth consecutive year. The saints are finishing the season on the road four consecutive years now a text or when that's me before I'll give him credit because they haven't thought about it. I should've. Bats. And because it's on Christmas Eve for the second consecutive year but they really can't play the saints in their gas and he could. It is make a little more difficult because of the Sugar Bowl as the next day. In the superdome. But regardless of that. The flex scheduling may change this for the saints only one. Prime time game I don't. It's not consider that Thursday night game prime time game anymore please. Even the ratings wise. I don't wanna consider that Thursday night in prime time in my do you believe credit for. Making it the second prime time game for the saints basically assays have one primetime game it's the opener against Minnesota. Now it's all the saints doing three consecutive seven and nine seasons. And broadcast partners like if the saints were relevant. And if they would move the needle and ratings. It would certainly put the saints in prime time on Monday or Sunday night but it's not happening. The first time in a long long time that things have zero. Home games in prime time like it could change. Could change from the schedule. Kind of works its way through like scheduling starts in week five now. So you can move games this Sunday night starting in week five but there's not a lot of opportunities. If you look between weeks five and seventeen. Four of the saints I mean real may be the Packers game in week seven. It's at Green Bay but. We probably don't think so right we think that opening four weeks is going to be so difficult. I all of us have agreed that to into would be pretty darn good record for the saints coming out of that. So I'll think they're gonna throw say three in Sioux were attuned three saints team in prime time chicken. Cross off the Packers again maybe they rebound a little bit towards the end of the season maybe they make. That Christmas Eve falcons game. Really important in week sixteen maybe that's a prime time game I don't know there's opportunities here. So I think we're just gonna have to be content with watching the saints play a dozen games and noon local this season. What are the positives of the schedule right as that the body clock gonna be on point for the saints and their players twelve games. That's twelve noon this season so obviously that. As you're looking at the the positives of this not only the body clock twelve noon starts but. There's also only 12 game road trip this entire season and happens earlier that week three and four. Win Mae and that trip the second half of it's actually in London nonevent in Miami since leaving a two game road trip. So some positives here but I say like 60% negative about 40% positive. Last couple years what we've looked at the schedule said man this is a really good opening for the saints rank. I play the browns and a couple other teams a couple of seasons ago Tampa was what was that while the release open season at a got a chance to get off on the right foot. And I'm not doing some of the opposite thing happened this season maybe this tough schedule they worked their way through it and then we're looking in the second half of the season against. A much. Easier schedule least on paper in the set themselves up require Iran let's hope that happens. Coming back talk a little LSU baseball and a little LSU football. As well we have the we have a coach or interview where we play a really good interview this was live earlier today. From the tigers practiced coach Joey called in the sports stock to deuce. It's really awesome showed today. Christmas is winding down for us NFL fans scheduled days thanks to everybody who. Called in texted tweeted thanks to Jeff Duncan for getting involved as well my partner Kristian garic tens of her behind the glass. And our producers during the day top ministers and Diane Newman. As I really think we got the best scholars. Any show on DeVito the only answer absolutely awesome. Grizzlies on their way to a win against the spurs 95 to 75. With five minutes left in the fourth quarter. And a 225 ticks in regarding the grizzlies you can take that for data. Their coach got fine but it looks like that 30000 dollars bought some better to freeze and some team fire that's in regards to their coach is dale who wanna rants. Against the NBA in their officiating after their game two loss in the spine thirty K. I'm Mike Conley in their players said that they would pay that fine in ocean playing better today. Final call that let's goat suit Jimmie and regret now it's up man. Amen to make a great good owed her and her view look imported into mild branding you know be an heir apparent link niche here. Aren't getting concern you know hopeful manner I think we could go levity I'd probably be a LP. He I come back early beat him at the lop our cart on defense. Maybe we land now from Butler in the lower average teacher and and future a little bit and stretch but. That's about it anywhere and be Mardy is on a much. All the way I'll be making an appearance not live on the air but I'll be out it's up from three to five at the new clock solution store out in Metairie rant off of bonefish grill on their office that's currently out in come say hi. Pelicans stand I mean come on come on say I'd love the media lab to meet everybody else out there. Our buddy great shared by the letter. Pat thanks Jenny and thanks again sue everybody who participated he has absolutely awesome. I hit me up on Twitter a between Lithia for the rest of the evening is a panel wants in this Memphis San Antonio game mostly off the year. And that set Dunlap. On Twitter. Tomorrow are showing a full show because or at least close to a full show the LSU game they have a double headers starting. At 1 o'clock in the second game begins at 530 saw me on the air. About 8:45. At 9 o'clock and will be previewing that LSU tigers pre game and also recapping what's gone on in that LSU double better. So for everybody here at WWL and wherever you are across the gulf south are across the world. Think so much we're listening tonight it's been fun and as we do every night to really be with our moment. I'm zen.