40% of Americans dangerously close to poverty

Newell Normand
Friday, May 18th
Newell talks to United Way of Southeast Louisiana CEO Michael Williamson about how many of our neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck - working strapped, if not working poor

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Michael welcome to the show. Aren't there more in opening terminal and and urged which are our spot and urged throughout. The treatment of the students and Texas but ultra lounge or church tragedy. Yeah you know everybody's we just had one in Illinois in graduation so this weekend and a lot of graduation this weekend and and we're you know we're greeted with more and more of these tragic situations. Just I don't know what to say about it. Michael let's look move onto the subject at hand. So you guys just released a study. About basically functioning working poor and at these numbers are going up in Louisiana is not faring rather well. Note that no organized then bothers I was there lot of great. Things to take place or community Thursday we start a lot of work to do and finished anywhere at the distinct pleasure our vice president on a capability that's at string. An opportunity to present at the National Press Club on the work we're gonna in Orleans and the release out to new Allah. The number it was built back up between you know 40% or below we consider a travel budget. And around state. There's about 46 point 2% and so the reality is almost half of our for an handling papers co workers. Struggling and barely know Obama and me. So let's talk about what. The Alice ranking is and in what this robot hide how do you define the survival budget. Well we would work together are probably should. You know it's more monitors which produced the studying. And look at you know this series that item he should consider Mecca. You know what it would take to that your council basic serve problem. You know how transportation. Childcare. Except through. Tony obviously it together you come up or worker what we considered pretty and he a trial but that this is what you have to earned. In a year or you know built up to meet that need. And so in Louisiana that that number is what. So in Louisiana analysts news. What issues let's just take gypsum pair. It all. In Jefferson Parish council of so much for a single what they'll. Right now be considered about nine dollar and forty cents per power the minister at a housing child care. Through trip out here anonymously expenses and then. Or a Stanley what's a typical and mature adults you know one in print and a preschooler. The click there and come on an hourly basis. Should be about 26 dollar per hour it to keep up beer so a single person number 181000. And that there are couple with two children on the market to 2000. And do so when we think about. Those numbers to the median income level in Louisiana where do they follow. I'm they've all they're all slightly below the median her actually substantially more than me and and the reality here is. There we we think about you know about these cost them Rick fickle one and deputy 2000 dollars an external like that that the money but the reality it is that doesn't like these are very basic call. And that's our that's gross that it's brought it before tax. As Europe's and so it's it's really Israelis. You know forcing. Hardworking families are doing the best they can't try to runways are on the street do better increased during columns and decreased search spent. But these appear on these are the current minimum and so. Return at all here you know ways to help families Lernout yeah liquid then there's those leaning. Are going to reduce expenses and also on ways to improve their situation by you know arts skills and jobs and their allegiance. So when you think that in Louisiana 46%. Of the house holes. Fall into that category. Then you also add to that what is it 2526%. Of the folks in Louisiana or medically uninsured and I think that number's growing. And then you know in an underwear than a year in a position to say anything about this but were arguing about Medicaid expansion and were arguing about a of the things are more passing pretend budgets. That puts a lot of stress on a lot of people in Louisiana. Absolutely and the reality is there and we know that actually or commerce addition to complaints that stage. Around the social permanent so hell you know the reality is look at moderate income or people those are property. You're in doubt you know remorse struggles. Around their doctor needs and acts of health care. This critical you know living a lifestyle importance of corporate partners around. I don't have helped your lifestyle. But there's really was not quite shot approach to it takes a lot of different. Approaches to help sandwich want to hear him. You know about healthy lifestyles. And ultimately. Accept economic opportunity current criminal wages how to work remind Inco. You know that is the thing it's always caused me some concern is that it in the folks at find themselves in the edge to Rafa. Is for the generalization. Comments made by any number of folks are. That they're not trying to do the right thing images Connor irritates me all the time. And when you think about it those folks actually have less flexibility. Than everyone else so the simple things you know to those that that I have means. They missed the point about how hard the simple things can be for those that upon themselves an extra. A new year it on and this is so important we just who recently recently released. Prior to the new data relationship. And and then called the consequences. And fish and and it speaks to that point that if you are poor. Then you can't afford to sort new car yet to battery or car well apple corporate scandals. You have a 400 dollar or dollar experience. That you're prepared for and so there's more research rare and it actually cost a lot. To be poor. Which it is a horrible situation being an officer reviewed it we can't assuring that every Auckland and populism that out rational. You know isn't to a New Yorkers passed their just a lot of Beers and obstacle the shawl ministry and it's true. Most of which are trying to do their very pastor lip out the American dream and access economic opportunities. Mike we've got to get to a break are you able stay with us or we're gonna come back we wanna open to talk lines to 601870. Were talking about. Alice asset limited income constrained and implored the working poor and the difficulties that they face in the realities that we have to develop strategies to try and diversify our economy and ordered to meet the needs of all. We'll be right back got to get to a CBS report stay with us. There are 51. Million US households akin afforded basic monthly budget including. Housing food child care health care transportation. And a cellphone according to a new data released by the united way. Alice project in this. Calculation includes sixteen point one million households in poverty. As well as 34 million families called Alice which stands for asset limited income constrained employed. And the analysts. Households. Are above the federally federal poverty level but less than what it takes to survive in today's modern economy. And we have joining us Mike Williams and CEO of Unita ways southwest Louisiana and Mike. I think John Franklin who's the president of the project conceit CEO of the united way of northern New Jersey said it well he said for too long the magnitude of financial instability in this country has been understated. And obscured by misleading averages in outdated poverty calculations. There are here sector right now and then yeah instruments credit goes to John the team in northern New Jersey through yet developed this street church project. Then and by some and it brought those about to participate in. Israeli we have changed the conversation in a way change the conversation and that's in the just about. Folks who are living in abject poverty which has such as a replacement which Italy management and it is but it also. Chart where hard work and family that have jobs. That simply can't make gently when you put them together in in our state if there almost 50%. These are people that we interact with every day has agreed that the copy shop. You know as a health care worker that they'd be delivering a joke and remember these are people in Owen and our lingo we hear over and over urgent. People are actually have a family member a cousin. That's in that situation. To get that message out look at that think we do. I think everybody's basic human instinctive to do what they can help. Yeah you know in this is. I'm you know have a lot of Tex coming in both attacking me because I was an advocate for bait you know making sure the folks either get job training or working for food stamps. That this. Is just talking about a basic fact in this country know what the solutions are going to be and it's not about placed some blame it's about working collectively collaborative bleed together and ordered to. To understand. What meaningful remedial action can be taken in it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be a hand out correct. I think and it just infuriates me when like that that's a first place people go in its in its what I was talking about earlier in the show but these generalizations. That that where they wanna go first not that makes you feel better. Good I hope you have a great weekend go wallow and out for the for a couple of days you know I'm just I don't get it. It is it is you know it certainly is frustrating. And I think it's a quarter point she couldn't human studies. Boy and now is once you understand. That numbers and the data in these individuals are and how hard they're working. And they'll circle which are about were talking about. And copper in the bit to get on the path way to prosperity and wage increase their income over the limit their expenses and very expensive state today. And you we can do to attract actually have a legal counsel bunch. Right I mean you know they just any number of ways to do in I got all over the folks in Seattle the other day a pass and an employee. Tax. To help with the homeless I don't think you know just on companies that make over twenty million dollars gross revenue. And you know that that I don't find the connection there as to whether or not that company's labor intensive or non viciously that subjective number twenty million. You you know they started out at 500 dollars in employee that's a lot of money if your labor intensive. Company. And I just think that collectively collaborative Lee we can work together to try and figure out away. To make this different united way is one I mean you guys or parent organization of any number of groups. That are out there and not for profit world and thankfully New Orleans is a very giving town. But it's its struggling now because the oil industry in orchard talk about that the oil industry which is being in this stability. Industry along side of tourism for a long long time. And then it's dissipating. Certainly you know we've. Certainly this regions and Torre you know you're really good days and at the street were thankful for those industries reporting. There are families and also are supporting the work that we do. But also note that there's industry's record. There are struggles and challenges and now reporters really the sun nonpartisan. Study of financial hardship but look at the date that it hopes that we'll get. The workhorse in the war you know the market. The Q what would what can we do get in the chair and sister are calling gap industry struggling. And we have so many in that it worked in our hospitality sector or what can we do to help. That panel it's. In Australia sector. Meet their basic. And look at other ways to develop the workforce and once again. Employment and training service acquiring new skills and and individuals are in ways that. Our job that paying more in me there's outrage economy and job needs or community. That's exactly what we're doing and you know wait you know we're one organizational work with me partners. But we. Like we got to get to a break I'm sorry sure I'd like you to stay if you can. If you if you check so what I talk about everybody then goes to race so let's talk about that when we come. We're back you were talking to Michael Williamson CEO united way southeast Louisiana we're talking about a study that was done called Alice asset limited income constrained employed. Which adds a layer two and the federally. Identified poverty level and talks about the actual cost of day to day living. In conjunction with looking at revenue and and you know like one of the things we have a number of distract workers you know one being when we're talking about the economy booming. As to it doesn't have it and immediate impact on analyst Alex. It takes time and aren't it takes a lot more stability in any might grow that economic area and macro economic area. As well as we often go straight to the race cart and a fact of the matter is it it really isn't necessarily race sensitive as. You know when you look at how it simply this study were not conducted. All but. We note that property. Two in this port where you know people copper when you get the last population and it's universal. It's under age industries genders. There's been clear about what the numbers you know and most percent. Are suffering and it did do it doesn't that doesn't discriminate you know that's austerity were were proper port our current state. They're from what we in Israel they do is that is to get better. The network range now. I don't know what this is Hillary's initiatives. And so it's about immunity can we do to help individuals. Were about America entering. You know and it's also not urban vs rural because as I look at the list. Idaho ranks number 1040%. Of their of their. Councils below analyst marshals. Sure. If you could be completed repairs the numbers are it's that would be. New Orleans errors which is still the total number of Alastair Campbell is. It better and 3334%. I believe and are extremely fair and sorrow. Think you know or look at the general economy it is it is morally unacceptable. For families that are doing what they can't get. Instead can't meet their basic it will not talk about alike luxury were talking about our basic. Net struggled very real. And we set out our blueprint for prosperity which as our effort try to rally in just a. And as always looking at the list to accomplish struck me as. There were. Almost every state is somewhere between. You know the mid thirty percentile. To the upper forty percentile that ball below the analyst rational. So there's not a singular stayed in this country that's like a real shining star every where they don't have at least a third of their population. Living at or near prompt poverty. Yeah that's been the real opportunity here fuel industry or anyone you know it is disturbing. Don't other. That helps individuals. Should there isn't issues. And they're actually do something about it and we know across the country. You know so many families are struggling in it doesn't discriminate. In the data tell stories with good information. There I think more cloture compelled we will connector to hell and I think you know I've often Armenian Rick White war analysts aren't way to band together. So you know what we think about this what is the next step for you guys as an organization. And what do you all do with this information and or it's important you know for her to educate the public that's step one. And then how does this worked into the vision and mission. United way day in and day out. I'd say is that the beauty progresses we are so laser focused they'll. On the issue of our opinion that's populations. That attract everything we do. How in spoon partner where. When opportunities received upon try to leopard are the past all. And for me personally you know working for united way statement great clarity that we are we do. It's I don't know where where capped by an amazing opportunity to drop employment training server groups let all of you know urged certain. There were referred turning citizens coming out of prison make sure that supports server to repair. To ensure that they don't worsen debate and I don't act program and work so many great things that are open itself because the studies in our blueprint. Prosperity which is different you know who we are we do today. And you guys have been not only advocates and housing but you guys all also have been strong advocates of strong educational system. Making sure that. Teachers and others are appropriately paid an understanding that the connection of all those issues correct. Absolutely we for those king years brokers alert issued an early age and education or our women in the group. Or purple women have been concerned about your milk auditor strategy he shouldn't. We're focused on grade level reading because you know important support Rick reading levels blisters on that continuum Estrada. There's not a shot from our earlier ordered that the bow out of what is managed to channel our efforts and ensure that. Post enacts jobs. Well Mike Williamson CEO Unita ways southeast Louisiana let me say congratulations on a report I think this is great data and something that we can use and and good luck and with the good work that you guys do each and every day. Our partnership all right we'll be right back you won't hear from you. What are you thinking do you think it's harder to achieve middle class income 78% of the respondents say yes we'll be right back after the break. This is rule on debit Ariel.