Is a 4 Day School Week a good idea?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 17th
Bob Mitchell talks with callers about if a 4 day school week is a good idea.

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At WWL first news of Tommy Tucker is brought Dubai Mercedes-Benz. This service seconds and a. And as ray Bob Mitchell in for Tom in this morning Tommy is the location all this week he will be back. Monday morning and I will be on the couch and onto bubbly on the cost by 1030 or eleven tonight. It's 9 minutes after 7 o'clock talking about of course the passing of vote. Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin. To have the number around here somewhere area 75. And sold 75. Million records worldwide. And this morning we. But just asking the question as it's an earlier than many times when. Whenever the queen dies or the king dies people say the queen stood along with the great so who do you think could possibly. Replace Aretha Franklin says the queen of soul to them and Russell gonna get two in one minute but I do need to read up a couple of via text messages. Bob did someone say beyond saying she can't hold a candle to rate the flight three. Now see I liked the music she did in the movie Cadillac records what should played them. Ellen James a thought she'd done a great job on that last and stuff like that. Someone mentioned. Jennifer huts and and here's one who says Lewis is Jennifer Hudson never heard of our. I've still got to ditch equipped phone call will go to Russell. Russell says you call and WWL. Thank you Bob on. Quick question who replaced open exchange of rocket cool. I don't again you'll ever replaced I don't think anyone ever got the the tile I know there was some. Debate where where where Michael Jackson felt that he should be called the king of rock and roll but he was the King of Pop. Well. 41 years ago from yesterday. Which went well as that battle playing date August 6 thing and Corey for a will never be replaced actually it's for war brought to go to the the the civil rights in women but what I did in LL separate. They're both great entertainers. And but it will be what. You have that you remember your first Aretha Franklin saw what you heard. Yeah didn't hear a lot of hurt and shall clips people endure and or you know coach of western. Classical like. We were younger. Dutch harbor but. Common intrigue about it later on. In it that as iron bald or we'll follow more important name you know you know and act and parade. That it view there are expecting a much coached over the next call. Well thank you Russell appreciate your phone and had. All right our phone number is 260187. I'm Bob Mitchell and for Tommy Tucker Tim will get to you when we come back week. We have some blind Oben so you can call win and get through just the talking about the your members of early Aretha Franklin music and do you think anyone. Our last Coleman a great point no one ever replaced helpless as the king of rock and roll. Will anyone replace a raped. As the queen of soul anyone who was in the right now that you would nominate to replace as the queen of soul. It's 12 minutes after 7 o'clock coming right back in I'm start intrude. Agree with all the people who who say she will never be replaced as the queen of shall. This one little songs where for Somali who really loves somebody else and they want them to to love them back and ain't no way to love you if you will let me tune missile raid the Franklin thanks to. All right. Let's I tell you what should hang on for just the second a one in which are among the full. But we gonna continue to talk about to Aretha Franklin and you think Columbia though the queen of soul. Or maybe UN to Aretha Franklin concert. And can you remember may be a specific. A refill Franklin song and it brings back some members of something that the that you were doing. We can call me at 26 year old wallets Semitic but we want to add this hour. And how will give you the facts up probably in about five minutes. How would you like a four day. School week a Maine new parents you have to get up on the morning cut practice you have to get lunch for the kids have to make sure they weren't clean clothes. You have to go back and put you you're you're clean jeans on. You have to make sure homework is done. All while you're trying to get ready to work that you have to drop them off of school for you could get the work of their running late you're gonna be running late supposed. That was cut down to a four day week I'll turn to the possibility of that in not in a couple of minutes is to have Tim in develop Jim how warrior today. I'm thank you very much. I don't think anybody will be replaced sugary page sound and for all of the reasons and only your. People aboard stated particularly girl I last saw. Yet know we'll dump the voice as she has like I don't know right. That's correct however I'd do know that Indy area and particularly in this city there are significant numbers of people. We think that the coin oh and so on an old quarry. Irma Thomas. Had absolutely no doubt about that so. There on that when you have territorial so that's I feel I have a. Text message share that I believe cells at all. It says no one will be able to replace the rear to front them. Singers like beyoncé. And Jennifer Hudson all have wonderful voices but nobody wants to listen the people. Partially in and talked and explicitly. About sacks the music a reads the Franklin did. Transcended generations of people because they could listen to the lurid shall I'll be an embarrassed and mortified boy that's a statement that says it right there. Well Bob you know yeah you know listening to NPR and they had two things happening at once on that same that you're talking about. Number one Carol today was talking about how she'd call world you make me feel like an actual woman where. A Ripa and rip that came back and said these sock it to me socket to sock it to me and respect. Was not as sexual that that was Justin. Years that the they've been got transfer though they'll have it and everything went from buyer is now. Yeah by the way I want you answered his folksy checked out that. Most are. And that rocked out for the Powell's dolls were. Still being there at. But I want the car. Apple I want. Well you know around brands and I'm not allowed did. Listen and if I. Where own that car couldn't afford the insurance. That's right that's right so what the campground around. No I have a I have a body is on a whole bunch of cars and one of them. Is is optional beautiful jaguar convertible column like a deep deep deep red means absolutely beautifully. The key to that is garage is up to three other cars. When oversee a must say. Make sure that's in the will to go immediately after I try to you but then I couldn't afford insurance. I played them. All right way we're gonna take a break to six Euro while it's seventy when we come back we will continue to talk about Aretha Franklin. And what widgets and of all four day school week to me and that means you would have to go through this. Net and as such you have to go through every morning and then of course Russian in the afternoon to pick him up from school. Only four days a week. You get a day off deal like that up to you more about it when I come right back to a 60187. 7 o'clock of course we. We'll continue to let you Colin and express something about read the Franklin may be US tour concert navy you have to special feeling for a neighbor's on. But now we wanna add to what we're talking about a Colorado school district is attempting. A one million dollar experience. A experiment by cutting the school week to four days. Would that work for you'll go to Patrick in a breeders' brings. Patrick what would that work third than give schools are to be Tuesday through fraud deal they get Monday off as a that would give the kids more time. To prepare does that sound good to you. Thanks to take the call I agree. That being independent. Kill me. The chain you know. And a media and everything ratty. Then that traffic but I'm going to be very well well well there are so much. I would go and doubtless indeed. And I live approximately five blocks. From the law and yet they should now. It's so we get in that I bought a public elected to show there and it's been hard and I believe there was an old lady walker blue. Curry. Our but it sure. That killed me Bob. Patrick what does that what does that highway that I think. I don't know all the thatch booms on what highways that. Don't. That the market did not know. There. All I know is that it's so proud of I went there one day at dig it took me five minutes to be able to. Get across the road truckers come back home. Walker. It might have been my wife also known entity. But it just seen it's a routine he'll now you know. Yeah I don't know which you take away from that and I'll open the comment but you know killed most what. And. But that's but that's not a yeah I. But ultimately our right loading music. A four day work week I'll come back after the news and and give via a little more front but you parents or list a new parents you have to get up. Every morning to get the kids off to school they truly a breakfast. Give them a breakfast Bartiromo. Oh launched that and actually got money that routine every day every day every day and fight the traffic. Will it be better for you if you got one day awful week it got Monday off and it would be a four day school day. All right. I'll always do around this time to. Help you out here wants to 730 stretched our. Promote structural. All right okay. But that's that's that's that's all right we'll take a break. Missed. Chris Miller and bore WWL first news. It's 737 Chris. Do you have a young kids that you have to get off school in the morning yeah. What a four day week. A four day school week work for you know. Well I mean. I mean we I guess it would assuming you have that the teachers get that same forty weeks since. Their mom is also a teacher at their school where thousands. You know there's if we are both worker normal nine to five jobs five days a week I think a four day school week would become highly inconvenient. For a lot of. Paris brought in and Colorado effect they start and it probably was slow last week that it's a four day school week designed to cut cost. And to attract teachers and other words I feel if we can get them become our school which are they gonna get the same money but they're only going to work four days. But parents a parent to symbol in. What do you expect us to do exactly I mean if you've got two parents working in a counselor single pair worked you know single working parent. Great now scrambling for one day a week. Child care went what is right and the district says their offering child care. For children under twelve for thirty dollars. On on Monday and and you know. As well as I do thirty bucks. Doesn't sound that bad but you know it's not do stay at thirty to thirty bucks a kid. Brooke I guess thirty Belichick should go back to your right go pick it back and start to add up right an a and you know I mean I've had signed up. A contract on that. They started thirty administer meanwhile you know we can't do this it's it's going to be 35 but a lot of apparent shift. Don't like this all the and mud text messages which all I'll read in a little bit of say what what they would like deceit. It is a a five day school we can afford day workweek. But I worked a it did you have thought of school in the state owned the lead up at the I'd thank you Chris. All right our phone number is 260187. Colorado school district is attempting. A one million dollar external Weathers worked or not I don't know they say the money the move will say about a million dollars per year and cost. That they would otherwise have to pay substitute teachers and running school books sell. For those of you look like like Christian god kids that get off one what do you do what what do you what do you do that Monday. You've got to fund child care. Unless they are old enough to. The stable but themselves but you have to fly and a touch child care and but the teachers at at this particular school really really getting upset. For you. You know scenario for you would a four day school week work and if not. I totally bought at 2601. That 7739. We will take a break and I'm Bob Mitchell and from Thailand are coming right back on WWL. It. It. It is a 742 Kendra is up next will be with you in just a minute we are discussing would parents like a four day school week. Most of the text message I have a negative I liked the idea before days school day but what happens support parents I have a five day. Work quick what do they do with the kids on that one day. So we don't have to if dispersants and so we don't have to feed them up or dress them on Monday though that's not a day off. All who's gonna watch the kids of both parents work. All right seven for a form right. I've got some of got some sad news short or right. Sad news. Get ready okay. Get ready for thought. Today. Is the last day. To win that big money okay on WWL. You have a shot at winning in 1000 dollars twelve times a day. In our inner come national cash contest. Wasn't entirely new rule scoot Bobby and Christian right before the top of the hour news for the code lord I'm gonna have a code word. In a month that ten maybe twelve minutes from now and then you'd text that code word to 72881. So I'm sorry to bring you. This sad news but it means today. You better get on the stick and take your shot every time right before the top of the hour. Ours get back to our telephone you're gonna go to Kendra Kendra how are you today. But you have kids have to get off to school. You know it's been so long. Since I've had to do that wonder I never had the debate July worked but always worked mornings in my pour wife looked at a future all at. I'm guilty or routine was me that you do every day. Well I asked my girl they really are that's an expected that he reminders that the take it forget. But on. I feel like. That work in the schools but our critic at the same time. And down. I think that we're where we would actually be great for kids and four. Professionals that work in the polls and won an award to come across. Is child care and I think that maybe is that confusion is that teachers are. Child care. And educational. And their. Baby that. I think it would benefit. A family and like at bat I worked in the credit. I think that the kids would benefit from eight at home and I think that parents need to interact. School simply can't anymore you know really. A whole lot more at sea into the (%expletive) and I think parents shape a little bit more responsibility on that and it would help. As well. If you had if you had a couple of kids at school. Let's say you have three and three kids at school you look at their thirty dollars a pop that's nine dollars a week a lot of people just can't afford that. Well it's all like Irina won't be business for tenured. Packet were a little easy outlet I just think it's I think that's an important job this patent. They don't stay little car you know how how in the drop that box that you know are out there I just think well. Actually I was I was fortunate because. I have done morning radio all all one tar lots of all wall much it's going to school. But my poor wife she got she she can work full time and got got stock taking. Taking care of the kids insulin was. It was tough except god and I do remember when we've had I'll. Our youngest daughter she was giving to other kids off to school drug that they care of the baby and one day. I walked in the house after work was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and chief and our dollar likens cultural blight it and she said. Here she is yours I am I living in the house to be around adults I'll be back. But not. While I appreciate your folded and Kendra. Are. You two aren't let me let me go ahead and and while we're getting our next caller a goal may read some of these attacks buses. Pretty much their tunnel at the same thing Bob who's going to watch the kids on the weekday. That their off with the parents working in two of four days Kuwait to peck on the four day school week a look in for a four day work what he. And a five days goalie a couple of guys that got that idea and a tunnel like DeVon and pretty much as I go through a all of the text messages. Here's one who's gonna watch the kids of both parents were killed that that's going to be the big thing let's go to Matt in Covington man how are you. Girl she goes to a coming in high school and then she split verdict here she goes out and Coca. Which is. Academy school you love to beautiful art she dropped. Now we have that we matter. There's applause they're potentially the school's free but the pictured out there are I mean there. I. Hear about oh. You know four days. We work. And parents working in today's economy and markets are competitive world I think they need more school got let go. And I don't want my kids working you know seven days a week but yeah it's tough competitive out there that's just completely sort of a broad direction dipping back. Well I can say. I could see four days of the week if the if the school day. If longer school day is and our our have longer each that because then get that gives the kids more time up but. To come up with thirty dollars every week even if it was just thirty dollars and anymore that's the old. About a 120 under 25 dollars a month. There are so many families with young children who are literally living from paycheck to paycheck and couldn't even afford that and my god if you had two kids. You'll go you it did you did a fine daycare somewhere. Also and it's we're in the competitive world we need. Unfortunate that it's statistic nationwide you know pretty low on the on the scale run a lot of you know metrics. Have been. And other you know back. To. And you're like in the teacher lectures about Wednesday. Right but the school the school is saying the reality is. They can't afford to keep the school open five days away but because the have to pay a substitute teachers that have to pay for for buses they said. That they cannot keep the school opened club days weeks so. It's still not what happens even if it does to the point in Maine what are these parents who don't have the money for our. Like a little bit like it is appropriate triple. These they had supervisor. Of the board there. He makes over 300000. Dollars a year. OK with the benefit any shot got an outrage will hold there are you can talk about it I just got I think in the mail we executed at twenty dollars from acute paper. And I find this guy is that a thousand tolerate. But what does that. He's got a family. Friendly test match. Don't judge it until it. Good job when some of these athletes when they that they move on this because I had to sign a contract. And gotten fifty million dollars of guaranteed money there isn't you know the Fed to signal family. But what a. You know it's they think every parent does something like 480 million dollars. To 480. Million dollars. I guess I don't quiet there's not enough money in the school it's just that it's just not being well this. This is the school color levels of notes intently. Well. All right Matt. Thank you buddy. All right we're in and take I think we do traffic here not only would we do traffic here. I can never remember. Colin put a sign up. Bob traffic on the right 752 will check traffic right now and then come back but your phone calls and that thousand dollar word. Come on up right here on WWL. What do you think parents. Will July K. For a day school week. Kids off on a Monday. When I don't need no stink and education. Courses as the Pink Floyd I hear. Might be a rumor. But I hear that. Pink Floyd has a new CD coming out. Pink Floyd does the read the Franklin soft ball that's. That's what I hear now okay. I'm not awfully upbeat but. That's what I hear right today desolate time for right now boys and girl remember. This is the last day. Plea of betting get on a ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars in the intercom national cash contest. The code word this hour is video. Text video to 7288. Won't let seven to. 881 Tex now and you could win 1000. Dollars cash listen. For the next code word just before the top of the hour every hour now through 6 PM one. Thousand dollars is a program when it for your wallet. Good luck from a sub WWL. We never charged protects an individual plan text and gallery of supply and please please do not text and drive.