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Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, April 20th

Deuce & Kristian break down the Saints' 2017 schedule.


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Author ought to look at man. Power four of sports talk Deuce. McAllister. Saint color analyst hang out along with myself crushing Garrick in for the big chief Deke Bellavia the NFL schedule out saint schedule released they opened on September 11. Minnesota. Against the vikings on Monday Night Football week to get to New England Patriots the full schedules on line for Adobe to go like com we also just got. The kick off times twelve noon games twelve new games for the saints know. Primetime games in New Orleans only two primetime games all at all on the schedule both them. That might damage in the open targets Minnesota Vikings in week fourteen on a Thursday night. Against the Atlanta Falcons at 8:30 AM kick off against the Miami Dolphins. In London in week for their bye week coming in week five but saints and at least in some background on the all the matchups I didn't know this thing about this so it says it obviously that that we can matchup features two best quarterbacks in the game in Drew Brees and Tom Brady. And it combined from 127693. Yards passing in their career in 900 point. Test them it's a 127000. Yes plus total yardage. Passing art between while. So now. Castro yet accident at an amazing stat it's found that age and what your reaction though diesel. Recapped his thoughts as well. On the schedule. Were both in agreement that. This was. Yeah no favors. From from the NFL's intimate president first that first quarter. I mean from September 11 to October 15. You have one home game. One. One home game I mean excel if you like the black and go we've got to come out and see him at practice and then. Be it those two pre season games but I mean when we played New England we're gonna need it loud because low and that you're on the road. So with this 304. First games on the road. What did the move the saints I know they'll have training can appear in front of their fans inning and it often and they're gonna do that the would have booed the saints had that week to pre season game against India are sending. How old I was against the Los Angeles chargers to go out there for four days or so. Yeah I think so I mean nothing that that's something that they're gonna look at doing and just alternate schedules. I mean because the first two pre season games are on the road I mean so for you to be able to travel and and and and get acquainted with the role like you're going to be in your first four regular season games or something that's gonna have to look at Dolan now. Understand and its cost. At this point you don't worry about cost him in because you wanna get those guys Ravi. To play a game at that point you know you'll still have. Right at ninety players on a roster but you know word about that you wanna go get those guys really play. Awake gains against the vikings Panthers dolphins obviously in London. Lambeau Field in Green Bay buffalo. Los Angeles against the rams. Atlanta as well Tampa Bay as well but of those road games is if you are fan just the epic one of those one of those games he go to aside from the London game which one would you want. It would be the Minnesota viking you know I think other that that opener in that new stadium a ticket out. I think that's going to be a pretty neat atmosphere. For both teams really you know them obviously having one year under their belt and that new stadium but. You know full of fan I wanna go there if not that one. Then I'll probably say is Green Bay you know I think it's Lambeau we've played up their cobol times and the weather still should be fairly well fairly good. October 22 but I mean outside of that again I think is the Green Bay game. Four playoff teams dot the saints' schedule and course the Redskins who were also sniffing the playoffs and we were me just to get a a game. I had this I have to say whatever reasons I was just pick one game could be could be Los Angeles for history to ramp down what did you think and have been LA. I've gotten the good thing about this year this year's schedule. Three new stadiums that I get the chocolate check off my list actually for the cal Wimbley. As to the stadiums I haven't been together and that's 8:30 AM game. Which will be a little bit later. But over here I mean it'll be saints saints and breakfast baby sites in the brain to breakfast and some drinks because of the. I'm a guy concentrate on 831 minute and no doubt about it. Bullets over a 504260 wait Seve how many wins DC I know that that's hard to answer right now because the draft has yet fallen place in both Malcolm Butler deal. As it happens and in approves this team but as you see right now that's part of what we do who wins do you see in particular. In those first four games that's that's really the phone conversation have here in those first four games. Yeah you that opener idiot can opener against Minnesota New England given the fact they're gonna have ten days prepare for you that if any Super Bowl champion right now there the better they are the better team. I it's logical look at that go way Ethel and that's probably a loss and all likely. In the Carolina Panthers Miami Dolphins that divisional game at first one on the road Charlotte huge important win. For the saints to to try to target that Willie you know for there on the road again against the Miami Dolphins in London before their bye week alliance from the town a week five. Week seven against the green bay Packers and Lambeau Field Chicago Bears commits on October 29 week eight Tampa Bay. At home on. November 5 the Buffalo Bills in week ten up there in buffalo and Washington Redskins junior collect tweeting about this a little while ago Washington Redskins coming to New Orleans in week eleven mes union letting it be on this roster that when that happens. And easy and if he would be suspended pain. You don't isn't time he'll do some suspension time but I don't know I think going to be more to a three games. And November of nineteen doesn't home late folk live in manga out of training Kia Kia and not to mention a mean. That's like Cole. Vendetta at this as obese Jeannie beef with him animal has this week in a mood almost among the players at this point that's like ancient history. Our third New Orleans John base it was drug next here on DaVita duo. Unsightly I got to come clean on something that has that. In the last hour and a half past adds to fill the big bag of cracking double within its commercial nuclear test today from. Bobby the live commercial and we'll play for insipid. It does this yesterday on the induce and in blogger on the air. And I've been playing it for 24 hours and I I cut out ad market out the recording. I literally I was to apply a 150 times by now and he gets funny year and a heater every dime. I listen to it. And all right so let me set and double play for yet but Brooke Pargo played a couple times. But. Mind you I am an end to do it. This is clear is they they got I took out together and improve from the loss of the but he's doing a commercial in July Reid a talking about. Safe digging. Eating cats seating cast the hair. April is safe to dig in mind it can you believe that deuce and Christian able to save digging. I am an intuitive. If flail more ties to get immediately April is safe to dig in mind you can you believe that. He's just gonna say digging. It sounds it does but that's out separately. He's trying to say dig. I hand and do regret now. That they've won it the year candidates that is so you I am yeah I don't know but I. That for somebody in a nada none know now and now we go wanted to. It's not that big is Louis U a WW well. This is on the lead to listen. I want to question top draft picks do. Right now. Seven. Did read it yet he got to two thirds he had to first and you got to one. You 12 round right now you don't have a four offensive. And you have Jesus EM a six and oh. So what. Issued its about it that can be your game change what we did some. He has even two occasions you know you've got to get a game to an eleven. Better get a game to Angela Lebanon depends on what do 42 and 32. Are whether we trade one of those picks. We've been getting data can come in it and and start or at least contribute would one of those top repeats. For. And I'm opening DD OP DC and Arctic. In. He notable group in the coming out saint prayed with injuries. To key positions to. Well John this ally body was saying dig in. Well I you'll get owned outlets. Good to get it goes digital. Blue depths. Not probably at its real strokes these men and now are wrong entity that we. And we get are on topic. Pet stress what we need to go. Get dirt in. Draft pick pick pick them this year he came out strong. Are. In now we get some good about it a block of Embree and we didn't have property you'd gain enough. Look I think John I think your son in terms of the the off on the line I expect deuce then to invest in an office alignments and you know and Antarctica one of these offensive lineman in draft at some point. Yeah I think at some point you know the question is where when you look at neat standpoint. I don't think that you do it with those first two picks you know I think that you have to addressed defense with those first two picks. Now after after 32. Even at 420. Everything's off the table at that point you know it's kind of not a crapshoot but it's going to be if anything goes at that point you know because they're going to be looking for really value. From from any point on after fortitude. Saint schedule out. Week one they open on the road at the Minnesota Vikings we to New England Patriots. Two straight road games. In weeks three and four against Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins absorbs very abstract about it but still. I'm still. Helping. Text. To that are. Oh goodness gracious guy that have a little fun with little heavier and heavier here lately so and as of last dislike democracy eagle. Arthur New Orleans George WWL. You don't want to alma animals should. I'm happy. And whole and that matters and I bought sounding. Our problem is the last thing you're out there and you hear. I didn't. Want. Should be but the site. Should have been out bringing. We did what we get back at. Them. All you know what it would well I find fascinate is a symbol rematch between that the falcons in the pages is until week seven. Open and the patriots open the season against the Kansas City Chiefs. On Thursday night football so you wouldn't you figure that we talk about that yesterday the possibility they would open against you know Super Bowl rematch that they did that a year ago headed into at this time. I bring you now BSE schedule also will look at some other games around the National Football League and perhaps take a peek at Carolina Panthers in the division foes as to where their schedule mishaps might. Michael to play. This is sports talk here on W him well enough in the dot com. April is safe digging on you can you believe that do listen Christian. It used to that is. Is that he's a lucky I don't know founded the juvenile and not because I don't laugh and I think is hysterically. For joyful hours ami overjoyed for hours now I've gotten so much mileage out of this tomorrow personal entertainment. My good yes that was the KG cannon Bobby realized that. Two I type this they dig in on a commercial. Alive. Along with the sport's dog here on W if anything how many jobs are. For an ability to polish it up they can't talk the latter is art I. Hugged my focus focus focus. Skewed since. President laughs yeah there really lost. Carolina scared if blood out 5042601870. Text 8787 NFL schedule is out the saints. Full forms online Korea and look at the scheduled the NFC south like we mentioned. And Atlanta. The map that is not opening it gets New England on the road and that is the start the season. What they we know they have problems over there are no off it was just call him about. Us open and up the stadium right now added there and delays with the stadium mean so they have issues with that stadium the roof you know can't figure out how to get the roof to close. Iso courses another one. I am nitpicking here a little bit but I'm kind of tired of seeing. The giants cowboys opening the season on Sunday Night Football and I know it's a big big market yet you know the big team big. But I mean and we CNET now several times over the last ten full years so. If there's 1 thing that I am seeing about these schedules is there there's not a lot of pounds to it looks like a carbon copy from one year to the next. And that they're looking for a marquee games and religion to. In they had a lot of success with it was with the cowboys so Amoroso and probably Dallas has at least five primetime games. 4295 glad you've Africa on Friday was an entertainment. Saints' kicking off Monday Night Football September 11 on the road against Minnesota Vikings at the first game of the doubleheader yes that pretty. It's a game as the chargers at the Broncos. So that's weak one look at just the week one match ups. There's some intriguing once Seahawks at Packers week one. Limited giants and cowboys Panthers opened up on the road against suspects. To pretty fortunate opener that easily and for Carolina there. Cardinals that alliance. Jaguars and Texans. Buccaneers opened. On the road against the Miami Dolphins and Eagles opened up against the Redskins the saints play twelve. New kick offs only two primetime games in a particular zero. In the world ones and it's kind of odd but Whipple the schedule and a few moments. Here on W the duo is operate right now. The in FC south as we just ran down. So weak excuse me we one. As we talk about the Atlanta Falcons. There. They're not who would they opening. Atlanta. Yet we're we're at the end of the opening at their open against. Bears. Is south. Teams are game pretty well at least we got into games. Carolina goes and Cisco yeah. Tampa the dolphins the dolphins in Miami. In Miami's an anomaly in the state of floor. And Atlanta has the better via. We too. Money some nights you meet Thursday night football Texans at being goals. Buccaneers have the bears at home. Saint of course of face in the New England Patriots at home. And look at that the the Atlanta Falcons. This org it's tough for their hosting in week two the Green Bay Packers. So at. That helps helps us. 3 PM games and only two new and starts. You know so NFL schedule lovers love them because they're in they want to veer ships. They want to eyes on him and they feel like Dallas is going to be pretty do it again this year. And also. Using the Panthers in week two. Buffalo at all. So the gate Carolina commute the stared at two and oh yeah. And maintenance negative. For the same to me because they delegates and confidence go. And his company is going to get a cross country trip to two of San Cisco but I mean. Buffalo is not an easy place to get to as well but at the same time I mean he said their home more now on wrote. For week two there are at I think there at home together and although there have battled back back to back home games with men they did Carolina quite well. The saints at three of their first four on the road the full schedules online for at W Telecom continue breaking down the schedule in the NFC south as well as sports on your W ago. Mark I'll like eight years 2000 mile ghastly again play again. We will Mort I'm not right now but we. Welcome back to sports talk on the NFL schedule. Dallas Cowboys have five primetime games 9:3 PM gains in just two new and starts to talk about there in the break there. The handful teens will mourn a handful team to have five prime time games as the common team and all. Yeah I mean. What what wanting to to see is most of these teams made via playoffs. And then if not they may have a young quarterback. That the league feels really good about you're talking about Kansas City Atlanta Dallas. Denver Green Bay New England Oakland. Philadelphia. Pitt and Washington. All have filed less primetime games this upcoming year. So if your griping a little bit about the lack of prime time matchup for the saints it's shows you the NFL values winning when they're trying to put the best teams in on national television. For their fan base in the saints last three years seven and nine. No primetime games in new world as though it is still baffling to me in on number level. You know I mean you talk about ten teams throughout the league did have filed flows primetime games now where we're not count. Games that will give flicks because games will give flicks after weak spot were just talking about as the skids of suits now. These other games and teams that have at least five plus primetime games. Week three look at the schedule for the New Orleans Saints there on the road against the Carolina Panthers. Soviet when knocked out to a might they're the falcons. On the road to get to Detroit Lions want paean kick off Tampa travels to. The same week one opponent in the Minnesota Vikings so meant and meant a schedule looks. And let's not quite as hard as the saints early on but the Panthers the income. Regarding. In offense got a may the first couple games come out the gate. You know they guesstimate just a do as far as you know losing game and lose and AJ they still read you really did something severe. Offensive line so they've got some pieces still took two to give Phoenix but I mean as far as schedule wise. Going off what teams do last year yet like the position that area. For the Panthers in week four it's tough for me is that the tough game happens form and we for Foxborough. It's in the in the patriots. For the Carolina Panthers saints meanwhile. Are in London to face the dolphins and that's the Atlanta Falcons have the Buffalo Bills at home and in New York Giants go to Tampa Bay. For the week four matchup breaking down the saints' schedule and also the NFL schedule. Redskins and chiefs on Monday night of week four that's a pretty instinct. Matchup you'll see you know seats in the two AFC NFC. On Monday Night Football not quite often we Thursday night that weak week for the bears and Packers the oldest. Rivalry in football week five is the bye week for the new world on saint and I believe. The Carolina Panthers have their bye week later they're playing the Atlanta excuse me the Detroit Lions in week five and the that's the only NFC south team that will be in action. And weeks in the paint there's again it no later but. These sega's. He's at the Cam Newton and. A scam noon influence him in the day he would can do can do anything about it you know you know whatever schedule whatever they sent out as to go play. You know we learned learn as rose's long time ago. Even when Katrina came through innovative new medal or Cassie Gaines they move around you still had to go play. Looks brutal for the saints in the first quarter of the season their bye week in week five to move on to a week six. Now for the saints and obviously they got the Detroit Lions on October 15 here in this in the superdome. And looking around the rest of the NFC south. You look at. The Atlanta Falcons there they got the Miami Dolphins at home at bay Buccaneers travel to the cardinals I think you're going to be improved football team this year and a better than they were a big. Arnold will be as well I mean they got they get hit by injuries in. You know loans they got David Johnson they're looking for an heir apparent to Carson Palmer but I mean offensive line that are not being dubbed and they should be pretty used. So the bye week for the Panthers still not up on us they play Thursday night that week in week six against the Eagles at home. And Charlotte and he taught but the Eagles Carson it's. We think we can expect that him and in year two. He's a player I mean I think that he he'll continue to grow. Cannot also hit a rookie wall last year about the defense is kind of figured him out a little bit you still need to weapons you know that's why they're thought to. Have aspirations for McCaffery. Or if not be in May be a receiver but he's definitely a player. The week the Super Bowl rematch civil for the one rematch between the falcons and patriots in week seven. On a Sunday night tonight football Redskins and Eagles on Monday Night Football week seven Buccaneers. Travel to buffalo to play the bills the saints in week seven on a road in Lambeau gets a Green Bay Packers. So low around on the NFC south and looks like finally now the Panthers on the road against Chicago Bears. I don't know I'm just look at this schedule for Carolina and make economy actually a little you are there emerging intriguing and out to gay I mean they're schedule they could be six a one out the gate here. I agree. Many at the toughest matchup they have in the first seven Matt the first seven weeks. Is against that doing the patriots in Foxborough other that. Move on a week eight without guns are. In the meadowlands for the New York Jets the saints are homer get to Chicago Bears and the Tammy Buccaneers. They face the Panthers and 1 o'clock it off in Raymond James Stadium so some of the divisional rivals start and a starting play out on the schedule week nine New Orleans. They are. At home once again and that's that's that's the schedule where the two straight home games against Tampa Bay Buccaneers falcons and Panthers in week nine as well so. Two divisional clashes wrap it up and Alan. The schedule. Again for firms in the panthers' looks extremely I haven't seen their bye week yet in the ongoing and we tennis the last week I think you can have. Buys and I think that is the bye week for the care of answers. Late nineteen via Wi ten dance dosed off. Community it's all about ten straight games. That if you yet that's not easy task when I mean you would prefer to have it later. Van. De L then early for sure 'cause once you giggle when you're going. In week in the saints. Travel to buffalo take on the the bill that's going to be equal one that will vehicle game it was a week. Twelve by that point buffalo region we did in November 12 the week before Thanksgiving. Looking at the rest of the AFC south. Falcons have a Dallas Cowboys in their new stadium not the cal was absent without stating. And the Buccaneers. Take on the jets as damage in the bye week for. The Carolina Panthers move on to week eleven for the New Orleans Saints their home against the Washington Redskins. Junior glad very happy about that match up they will prematurely there. And analysts look at the rest of the NFC south and looking over the schedule here she's mean. The falcons on Monday Night Football in week eleven against the week eleven against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. That's good for the saints right at an at that that's a good match of the right time that to go to Seattle could you figure Seattle. Is gonna traditionally if you gonna get Seattle like the patriots you gonna get him early if you if you and he gonna have them get beat them. He has yet to get them early so week in week eleven of dolphins on the road. In Seattle asking the tough draw on Monday night plus the week after that nothing a look at deuce. Play in Seattle. On Monday night shall we Kia travel back that's going to be that's going to be a potential spot where the top of my dropped two road and they have the following week. Phone lines open a final four to 60187 the text 87870. Moving onto a week twelve for the New Orleans Saints there. At the rail to rains. Back to Los Angeles. Jerry golf and is in the coliseum. We will be asked about Carson with we expect that him and you're too. I don't know I mean I'm I'm I'm kind of looking at him I'm in because really. If you look at him you wonder can he be. A downfield threat as far as a quarterback is concerned you know his new head coach came from Washington. So it will be overs of Kirk cousins. I just don't know I mean. I'm no one plated needs to bounce back Todd Gurley. But I don't want him to bounce back into husband. You just don't know what to what what what to expect from. We twelve. Panthers at the jets the Buccaneers at. Atlanta and of course the saints taken on the Los Angeles rams in LA so web two trips to LA LA during the pre season with the chargers. And ransom at two opportunities in. In Tinseltown. Can way to go to Vegas by the way. Follow week week that's week thirteen now looking at division rivals as were divisional games to none and start play out. Panthers at New Orleans. And of course the I believe Buccaneers. Their goalie who Lambeau wow that's a late match up from Kevin Buccaneers and in going to be probably. The critical weather up there Wimbledon. You Iran. Yemen. The first other day I you're you're you're gauntlet about the about the local how how big a factor is it. For me I hated it I mean he's got to understand. He grew up in the south he played high school college in the south and now you gotta go play. NFL game in in in the coal even if it's only three hours as that takes an affair especially when you going to hit. Rather of the final. Portion of the schedule across in a fell in the NFC south and of course the new world saints on line for you at W Google account. I've got pushed out here what are remind you said Dunlap have recovered on double covered a hail him for. An hour just react to the NFL schedule from 89. Also tiger fans jealous you act Kentucky baseball been moved because there's expect they're expecting some bad weather in Kentucky so there'll be two tiger baseball games tomorrow 1 o'clock. First pitch at 1:31 o'clock pregame meal here that game game one our sister station hot 103 point seven FM and on thirteen 50 AM. Game two on Debbie to go five point 387 AM coverage starts tomorrow at 5 o'clock right here. On the home of the tigers gained three is. Was going to be on Sunday pregame 1131 pitch at high noon now. We because we all have elegy baseball on Saturday will bring you the algae spring football game Saturday night pregame and that one a 645 kick off at 705 and Ford push out of here. This will remind you what April. Is syndicated in about a year. April is safe to dig in mind you can you believe that deuce and Christian. Trying to say DJ. Eating. Slaves are reminded paperless. I. Dues were weak with in the draft meant schedule tomorrow night's debacle is RD out at planned to talk about the NFL's building all that though on momentum and it was fun. Nice work from in my evolve more and art Steve Geller as well simplify I'm out deuce teasing and. Thanks for auto calls politics everybody be safe. Sixteen innovative. Who'd bet we comment. We out.