4-20 5:45pm What went wrong at Ole Miss for Coach O?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, April 20th

Deuce McAllister breaks down why things went wrong for Ed Orgeron in his head coaching stint at Ole Miss and discusses how things could be different for Coach O at LSU.


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We didn't have the numbers. As far as your athletes that he was accustomed to having an SE or even you know you talk about when he was up at Tennessee. You know when when he was up at Tennessee as far as as an assistant. Bill Roy games and an assistant at Miami Amin and so you get accustomed to have and 6780. Just real here. Adults and that's ballplayers you know it Ole miss we probably had about thirty to forty. Guys that can really play so it was more about scheming and now those are numbers of come up but you know. Cotto didn't wouldn't allow his assistants coach. He wanted to go in the coach the quarterbacks like he would coach it decent to lie and as he's learned you know from being a head coach. He's gonna let those assistants coast now he'll still get in and motivate them. And I still have a lot of respect and low form a mean because. Our year to give their New Orleans and in just followed his career from. Different schools and he's a man. He he he's tanks and you know I'm very happy and pleased that he's didn't show it as a targeted coach.