4-20 5:35pm Talking with LSU's Ed Orgeron

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, April 20th

Deuce & Kristian chat with LSU football coach Ed Orgeron ahead of the Tigers' spring game.


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I tiger fans Ellis shoot Kentucky baseball he's been moved because they're expecting bad weather Kentucky so. Here's total work to tiger baseball games tomorrow instead of one senior game one on our sister station hot one of three point seven FM. Or on thirteen 50 AM pregame at 1 o'clock one and in first pitch at 130 here game two right here on W dwell at 5 o'clock with pregame coverage starting in. And allows us to bring you Ellison spring football Saturday night pregame 645 kick off at 705 right here. On WW LL a she spring game we got LSU head football coach on Lima right now and who has drawn coach I don't. And click. On a blog called you place. It won't. Bring back. There. I like the student day pass saw some pictures of that Alley. Keys talk about that and how that comment if that's how that group. Of course all of the old guard were to break it apart and now. This until. It was students. Look. It. Video. Piracy in. Laurel and. The coast just talk about the development of what's so far you know particularly on offensive side of the ball out of Canada and just how how how you've seen. Your gas progress up to this. The ball. And exciting coach. It equipment to implement the system. Open. I'll straight day. He is an important. It. Short coupled. To bench wearing when all. Were able to side and also whole world. A couple. People world shall we are all Mottola as well. We. Are. If there. So. We just. There's a breeding bird right now you know. Sort. Of cute little. Ankle against that's where my next question was born to be. Now excited or what you anticipation of the phrase and that you have coming in. And in just talk about Albania has grown you know a group in his office. World report to capitol that would. People so what to do what little hours. Can we have launched an. Integral role was still keep an open Cuba well. A drop by. War excellent the sort of what actual you'll approach to brag war but they have to be. Ellis and affable coach and those on here on sports Adobe Google Deuce McAllister pershing Derek you know. Coach if you talk about the news that Canada heard our common basement where he he's got back at supplies at his office in and he runs won't work in the SEC excellent though. A thought on that we've already here's my take its office is gonna work yet to see what will what are your thoughts. Well we're part deployment. This would occur. Before we get out and so we at least TP bit more. A. Coach Joseph what are you looking accomplice Saturday in the spring game. You know world war. Game type. We're at a club better player would pool of ups and don't want Google employee to protect the quarter. You can rule out. I'm considerably weaker and the ball very well we are a little bit of problems. On. But the people we don't worry that when booked on or break old zip. And you the spring game. Tonight which it's obviously done during the day is that because you guys off the in depth now it's become a. It was nice to both programs that. Lebanon. But it certainly right. You know it we put out supple unscrupulous. So well alt to break out all that. School. Or interpret the problem permanently. Ellison had the ball coach and those around here on W that rule coach a big week. Next Thursday Friday and Saturday for LSU tigers enter. The draft you've been in the NFL. You've you've coached these guys coming NFL. On to talk about what you're gonna go through mostly you watch your your tigers got them off the border don't LT and don't go on up to you go on up to Philadelphia as well right. It's been pretty equal moral. Hitler or. A little so. According to go oh great. Were more agreement. People don't be an epic that they group will. Very little technical or a global view satirical treatment. Q talk about duke Riley for a minute for Tina might give him what will a couple of Nagin. They get a grip the football predicament that. Signal Ebert so he can work. Every day. Which do you want to do that comic book all battery our goal. Welcome to produce stool. Great core capital. And coach I know you can't talk about names but so far housed recruiting goal line. Float coming tiger and and guys it is going after. Got sick of all are well. We're doing well we. Wouldn't want. A slow go but more. So it'll. That's a trade and roll people go. Out that ruled Wednesday in which. Oh. So we're we're gonna collapse longest in. Her that it. It. Difficult. And and and and one more thing I know some legislation was and still has to be proven one of the angels and they need to coach unofficial coach. And in one of those guys and in a possibility of having early signing date would clear out all our on ball close. I'll put that don't programs and medical Ludwick again all year. So it. What happened obviously. Cool and great friends but he then or. Article it needs more. Treatment as these. So options that we the more culturally now the current there as. Well. LSU coach and those on one team one heart beat. I assume that. What goes I can only going to be three yards a mean coach just three yards and alien open old out. I regret. That. I. Hotel have fun Saturday will be its work and thanks for joining as a football coach and those on.