4-20 4pm Analyzing the Saints schedule leaks

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, April 20th

Deuce & Kristian break down bits of the Saints schedule as it leaks out in dribs and drabs ahead of the official announcement.


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Sever fire welcome into the Thursday edition of sports talk here. Along with saints color analyst Deuce McAllister on Christian American for the BTB billion this Thursday night NFL. Scheduled release at 7 o'clock you heard the sports flashed there. That's some groups in draft system come out about the schedule learning a few things about. What do could entail and ultimately it doesn't look good early on the schedule makers deuce didn't didn't do the saints Toomey favors with Monday Night Football on the road in a hostile environment week one. Against Minnesota vikings' week to. Tom Brady in the defending Super Bowl champion Juli also fast argue that working out. Line they probably get about what ten days risks as well because they'll open up that pairs in the week before. Chancellor of the saints not only on the robe which I was short week. Sold no no favors whatsoever by a few of the size and you're gonna use it for motivation anyway possible. What about. We you'll surprise that Monday Night Football against the vikings 7988 teams. Well there will be two Monday Night Football games they may even try to. You know who knows they may even try to get two on Sunday night as well you know just because it is the theatrics of it it's the opening week hand. They're looking for names you know in the saint are still a draw in the stadium up in Minnesota you know you have Bradford as a quarterback so. Just be interest in the seat normally they go for analysts and more established names but you know Drew Brees and the saints to still care Illinois. So we know week one week to the London games been announced weeks for the by week's gonna come after that week five we're what are likely yeah. That's usually our yet more than likely week trial will be about we just because. I'm normally they give Tina flap back from London you you may end up in another game that's on me though you know you'd never know with the with the with the schedule makers. So we three. The saints could open three of their first four games on the road. Because yet week to New England home and abroad and put them on the East Coast somewhere in week three whether it's buffalo we don't know we went out and we know green Bay's week seven. Could be on the east socialist Panthers Charlotte whether it's Atlanta. LB home is RD week fourteen Thursday night that Thursday night against Atlanta December 7 but. It could to be Carolina could be the Carolina buffalo I mean you even look for a week three to be Carolina buffalo. Just because normally that's where you would fly out as far as on the east growth of four short travel. I we're here assays will open the season on the road Monday Night Football against the vikings surprised by that. 504260187. Text 8787 with a schedule comes out at 7 o'clock we'll have of Korea. Right here get deuces reaction to get your reaction to it as well. Two outs laid out an early. Glance at it doesn't look like gates a favorable one in terms of out how difficult internal difficulty with the money matter short week go home. In a long trip come home play the defending Super Bowl champions in week two in your building and then. Shall we gonna go to Atlanta in week fourteen. On Thursday night game so that open that's the expert and Houston going to be the first time the saints have been to Minnesota correct in India thanks and Emmitt. And a new stadium that the Mike and have built so instead to see you know that that stadium obviously anxious to see. The Atlanta falcon stadium and within the data center to look at it. Just got a text from 6742. Asking Woodbridge Warner. Will Willie be available we want for the viking fans from all indications his knee injury he will not be available now let's see. Unless. He does he'll because Jeff remember he toward nearly every ligament. In his in in his knee you know it was almost like nerve damage type of injury song list he has healed. Really really fans are really really well. He'll probably available mid season for the vikings and so the saints you know there's going to be prying into should be a Sam Braff. I also some news coming out about it L issue based RL SU football coach and those drawn at 535. Elegy spring game. Tiger fans Saturday's LSU Kentucky baseball game has been moved because they're expecting bad weather Pataki so they'll be too tiger games tomorrow instead of one you can hear game one on our sister station hot 103 point seven FM war on thirteenth at the AM pregame starts. At 1 o'clock for the 2130 and you hear game two right here on WW well. 105 point 387 AM coverage starts tomorrow on W duel at 5 o'clock keen three. LSU Kentucky will be on WO Sunday at 1130 pregame first pitch at high noon so now because nor have relishing baseball Saturday night. We will bring you the elegy spring football game Saturday night with pre game at 645 kick off at 705. And again here on tiger radio W to dwell. 504260187. The text 8787 your reaction to a bit of the schedule that's our net. Be leaked out in terms of for the New Orleans Saints they open on the road against Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football he can weigh in at his and so when it's heavily taxed 878 semi deuce a Christian and out here on sports talk WW. Welcome back to sports a minute fans are jumping all over the week one. Leaking of the saints' schedule. Minnesota Vikings. In primetime Monday night on the road. There really drawn deuce to. Adrian Peterson potentially sign with the saints and that's another uses his old team and we won the debt. That won't happen until last address them comfortable saying like that's not happen. Well it's funny that you know it's. The first thing a human plow alone. The the league must know that the site to gonna sign a piece you know that's what they're pointing to. It would be an inch staying on dynamic. If they do end up signing regardless who we play the first game you know that would obviously be the first opponent that he goes up again it's by. We'll see what happens you know because right now like decent won a lot more week. The after the draft and they don't get that one that we talk like that for so schedules not officially released this won't be clear on that news we we. Starting at some weeks week one week to week seventeen their clothes and out against the Tammy Buccaneers. At home. Pox usually on the road so give you those details as we get them. And we'll have a full schedule for you at WWL dot com. The lines are open at 50426018. Seve might tip of the day from six to seven tonight as we you ready for the schedule lease. Irving into world you're on WW what's up and. Crashed it. Goes. Into Colin. Behalf Obama beat the right now. Oprah and they are not really great tree in play. In the price. Has lousy cook caught. All of our nerve and cut out there aren't like you're right point dollars out but I tea I mean for it. I hope the saints well as rapidly as a tie with these off I'm constantly. Yeah. Like no one out. Quote but admin account cannot install ever and I meant. Look at that it is a problem. If you don't keep it quiet and peaceful and Irvin who you wanted to. Look at them on the he would break and why drag it from. There would have he's not the live. Why. One should be. Well you McKinley. That 9/11. Deliberately. And Utah medical glad to good defense plant until he now we're at eleven. Outlast them now until you know that. I'm OK okay can you you. Oh what appropriate strategic remotely believe. Now does anything. Would you call projections will become projections. Is why are you projecting him to be able to do. He has to have a limit what what what is limit you know what's his ability you know that's that's what you have to be able to say. This player with his ability of players the guy out at eight talking to do's and don't they don't I just heard about it. Both the to be eager to opt out there and get. It. Outside. He came in. Law and number one projected. Double. Down. So when you get these guys on there should be. About the look at this and it will be. How can you criticize you so how would you criticize any draft pick icing you don't know and so in other words I. That's that's partly evaluation that's that that's the process I can't criticize them I love. Our local Barnett to be there I love Dave Barnett I think he is they really really good player. You know he didn't his will but he plays the game of football really well. My killing his mobile project I would not be commended lift. Going back to the scheduled for few moments it looks like in again it's not my the full schedule yet but it looks like the saints might not have any home primetime games. And they'll meet one via I don't have that I had a feeling Toobin what we know now yeah right now what we know of the five or six games that we do know quote unquote unofficial yet. V they are on the road. I can't imagine the networks not the world and a common predicament. Jeff nothing's a phone call are re just in Mississippi you on W did well Jeff. I hope you can hear that the arms shop but right now listen you has it app. Thank you for listening to great way to listening in Iraq that weighs well like you send this text messages you can leave his voicemail message it's great that our. You guys all against them until. Actually Maryland negative talk about saint strap them on that in the past has been so. Last year. When are we home run. And I think. They may tweak some things that figure of the person who's a close look at the stop that we. You know the people that we can they were undrafted free agents. It he has actually started in and day so. A lot though. He's out there. And. I know I know I'm just saying you you you didn't into. Sending them on the practice lots of moms stay on lobster and so I understand that yet another year like we did this year. Let's try to forget about the pact. Actually what we did last year we build on that are important and has been gotten fairly. We got. Few other good there around and a topic figure on the go all. So I'm on it looks pretty popular topic will be like. Just in front yard games later in the season. That's possibility that militants. At and always can happen that's a good sign that means saint surprise in the playoff on side I'd welcome that on toll down that takes a phone call enjoy your shopping trip Jeff appreciate it. Jeff at home a year on W the global tournament. Guys there's. A lot of rumors about Kansas City maybe jumping into the quarterback pool that early in intractable believe that taken. And Cleveland at number twelve. Careless DC. I care Carolina takes a speaking at any extra. They're after us. They pick after us. OK okay. Which quart of Arabia the look of the team that may jump into the quarterback. It is buffalo there there there ahead of us. That's an outside a posting in a buffalo to Cleveland at number twelve would be one to jump up and now buffalo to grab quarterback in charge I don't know each smokescreen or not. The ball well and sending out like Tyrod Taylor would both book. But it looks like you know some of the mock draft or short. Buffalo kicker quarterback which would have Cleveland that number 121 to jump ahead that would throw monkey. I didn't we were Tyrod Steele yeah you gotta understand Tara has a new coach company in India and he'd just had to rework his deal last year. Because not only did the GM and given them a deal the owners in the management. Its new owners new management there. Did were not happy with him get mad deal so. I don't think Sean McDermott is is time to Tyrod I mean he made. End up falling in love with him but I wouldn't be surprise for him to pick a quarterback if the god they really won't in there. Problem question for you who is the best suited linebacker in the draft for the saint that they look like what the law the law the luggage has got pop. Four a diluted sample of an knew your army and open Indianapolis Ruben Foster. Alabama linebacker but and some teams are gonna be very leery of him he's down the player. Very down the player but he had that incident at the combine it diluted sample. So my told me a couple instinct things that I don't know that. I'm Anna I totally vetted yet about him that that might come out perhaps Sonoma leave that alone for counseling event put. There's some character concerns ultimately Communist and help. Christen up at all. Now our CBS news update. Talk about the NFL schedule it's set to be released at 7 o'clock tonight we'll have a four on W to do well in math and and a dot com. I welcome back deuce a Christian reality here on sports talk. I 35 coach and o.s dropped Mel issue might today 67. Mean you induced though until a 530 with coach show. Preview in the NFL schedule released starting to leak we know a few games will highlight touched on the news but I will work on Christmas Ciba way. I do believe so young man. Hopefully it's not. I'll flicks 7 o'clock game. Earlier the better is now a thing I have to say about the Christmas he idled its own game I was a home game to. Accused of it is going to be some mad people amounts of that DeLia and they lash your New Year's Day news in Atlanta girl and we were on the road not the play and Olympia Leah because she gates. Rick on the last night you're on W the duo were. Hey they just take my coach Christian before last hit. Lambeau this year. Yes my ten year old is a lot yeah yeah yeah he's played as well. Actually a miss and I miss this game about 45 minutes. Yeah I got practiced immediately. A line that held about. Not that does that play is that we picked that the coaching. On the scene because I can't stand that we black. Not been against Soviet and leave the better end of the game. Of affordable but it I just it. We had simply is dead did develop. To this stat that we would think in that they was gonna play and also. With the draft. I might veto only one. I'm more I want look at. All of that running bag. I beg you not get from point and it. Then you can use all of us do it all many. Deuces deuces anatomy for you suggested a lot. No I know you've been doing battle like YouTube that was because I'm another run at bag like. But it ain't about me I mean madness. At his ideas. They look we don't affect their quarterback it would sometimes as roads or at least. A dynamic player at linebacker we would be to us I mean you next Escude coming in and half to score. Or at least effective play worry it's a score. Ill every time he's on the field means that you put more pressure on him and even Reggie Bush handled himself. That's what you would be asking that we get to. 21 round it's almost the worst pass. I. Am a leader at a at a code that does work. So whatever the wells all of these all is if if if if Carolina beats him in would you do this number. Deep in some time ago that it be Islam at first but I'm I'm just saying this guy. He's just the heat from complex returns. Eagle return for you though it did he has acted upon return to it has been entered in as don't know anything about her nose went. Back and eagle hurt demand missile hit this. And that's just took that there. Have been no problems. Except the one that we have veterans. And on the play is that on the mean elaborate what was so a lot of that my people account. Now we've got people back to the back of course I think we need him back in and decency in the. Jackson I run idolized them will early. More leaks coming out it's it's pretty much. Let's schedules in at least two and a half hours early. Talk about it next week on the radio. I unofficial saint schedule. About ten of the games. Expel thirteen. We know we've won that Minnesota welcome back sports I'll probably do some freshening out we won at Minnesota Monday Night Football. And we don't know necessarily all the prime time games either. If there's we note up to them we too. At home it's doing the patriots week three as we talk about deuce before they head to London to the battle. Miami Dolphins than a mile road against the Carolina Panthers Charlotte so it's and that's what happened last time they went. To London some weeks 12 and three. Four is obviously a wanna game at Miami thereby we will fall in week five Detroit at home in week six. At Green Bay and Lambeau in week seven home against Chicago and Tampa Bay. In weeks eight and nine. Weeks fourteen and fifteen who were jumping we'll have 101112. Thirteen but at Atlanta in week fourteen at a Thursday night prime time game. In in their new stadium to be at home in its New York Jets. Only it's Atlanta Falcons in week sixteen and close out the the regular season schedule week seventeen at Tampa Bay that we sixteen match up is the Christmas Eve matchup here in new worlds. Well I mean we you'd spin spin and home Vietnam Christmas Eve there. A file that. Thank you that complex game couldn't get on man I'll ask don't go wrong in my abatement and web pages just get started Roman days. I.s so. The stores to get for it debacle like com what the NFL will officially released the schedule at seven we get it there's most of it right there. So again ten weeks 101112. And thirteen. Don't have that yet but right now he's so your reaction he couple things which dessert with the schedule release. Notes and this is the gain anybody realistically how many wins does it scream Tia. How tough is it looked out the gate. Where's the soft spot will break all that down also on the road games that are out there once you maybe think about going to. Popular ones Atlanta popular want for New Orleans. For saints fans also Tampa Bay. The final four to 6018 semi tech's 878 semi do so early on here. It looks soft and it looks really tough out the gate with Minnesota New England in the first divisional match up. A it's a Carolina Panthers before you head to one and so pretty tough opener in Minnesota about your three day first for a three daddy first. On the road when you look at it from quarter situation all. You play in three games that you know away. Obviously Miami will be on the road as well because your plan over in London but I mean just looking at from that aspect. That is not an easy task I mean you're talking about the defending Super Bowl champions at home. We open win and you know we talk about fifteen starting fans. Minnesota. He is a game that you should be favored in just because of team wise quarterback wise when you start breaking it down. Look trying to where it will. Oh was their first rounder didn't get a lot of play he should be better. There offered to allow was really really bad day they cannot help themselves a little bit. Freeagent wise would offer to lie and so. We'll see Manuel would definitely see but as you go to Carolina 212 definitely Afghan. Poll has over the final four to 60187 he again the NFL schedule officially going to be released tonight at seven but we won. On the road Monday Night Football it's Minnesota vikings' week two the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Act Carolina before they head to London to face the Miami Dolphins in week force of will go. In quarters here they got the bye week in week five it's traditional when your plane on the game at home week six against Detroit Lions on the road act Green Bay in week seven Chicago. Here in New Orleans along with Tampa based so in that stretch there after the bite deuce he got to three at a year you're next four at home yet he had matured home which you really need to go for no or at worst we have more. Yeah and and that's. Simulate the schedules we know it now do so where is there a soft spot as is it isn't the one we're just looking at in terms of having three out of your next he you know three day and export home. I think so I mean you know. I would be action to see what that we see in drew we thirteen. Looks like. The banking and is not bad I think when you look at it. Playing Atlanta and home. It is it is pretty good but it's a two weeks swinging where in week fourteen you play at Atlanta. So if you can split with them there you have the jets and between com Atlanta owner wrote an at home and then you you finished at Tampa Bay. By that time things start to shake a little bit. For you as far as what to scheduling. As far as what the playoff scheduling looks like so. Are you in the playoffs do you need help pick setter so that last half of the season we 14151617. Could give it sting based awful word teams are ranked yet. The Redskins at home in week eleven. So yet that we got that on now to 1213 at 1213. People over and thirteen and retain. It. Talk about the schedule deuce and Christian subway come back here on WL IMF on the dot com. I welcome back deuce and Christian sports talk here breaking down the saints' schedule as its. Penalty can out we talked about it week eleven just learn the Washington Redskins at home. So with three games left to basically figure. We Stan. At twelve and thirteen. Three opponents left Carolina. Buffalo at buffalo at Los Angeles at the rants so week's 1012 and thirteen switcher ultimately look at that. Would be called buffalo went one way or the other on buffalo week's 1012 or are thirteen. Pick your poisons to chemicals. Buffalo and the rams and appears nothing to primetime games that we know right now. And that's the opener it's Minnesota Vikings and in week fourteen. Against the Atlanta Falcons at their place and Carolina game were. We're thinking could be the third primetime game here in world. Yeah I mean because right now you don't have primetime game at home. And so you would assume that the networks would want you to have at least one primetime game. In new wall and so we figured at that one will be a prime time game. I sold it to schedule and what's your reaction at 5042601878. Taxed 87870. What do you think at the start that we broke down. What we know of it. In terms of quarters we got a week nine where they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And then in an ego basically to yet start their Tampa Bay you know week eleven Atlanta Washington Redskins in week well we don't know yet we thirteen don't know yet. But that's that stretch and we know you're going to be playing Carolina buffalo for the rant at that point. I just depends on which weeks 1012 or thirteen but. Out to a road game in buffalo reduce the a lot of them would be very problematic for team that likes it though the Opel. Army talking about but that you also got to remember at the time of the year is well I mean teams are gonna know if they're still in the playoffs. You've got especially McCord I mean McDermott is a new head coach. Does he still have control of that team so that there's some outside factors that could play into your favorite. In that matchup but I mean it still is still the same time you're talking about a team that. Loves to run the football Beatrice and see how they adjust offensively as well it off your bill still give it's about quarter pretty get him out but at the same time. Will McDermott open it up any as well you know will Sean McDermott opens up in his will also be interest in the seat. Attacks are here at age 7876397. I hate when that same win the same division team is scheduled on a short period of time that's what that's what the league is doing always Thursday night games. Our plane our divisional games. Yeah as vivid they figure hey look if we're gonna end up screwing you over. Then at least we're gonna do it with you being with the possible opponent. Time for the 1000 dollar nationwide jazzy cash contest the code word this hour great text GR APE. 27 to 81 that seven to 81 jazz that you while without ever putting down. Your phone yup 1000 dollars cash just one text the way listen for the next code word. Before the top of the hour news at 7 AM good luck for Smart radio intercom. And all of us here at WW though we never charged for Tex but individual plan text and data rates apply please do not. Text and drive L issue head football coach and those Iran coming up next hour here on sports talk Debbie did well enough and.