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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Thursday, April 19th

It's The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris and as always Tom talks about food and some of the best restaurants in the city of New Orleans. Tm also ask the question What do you think of kids in restaurants. callers call in to give their opinions. Tom also talks a little about the new edition to his family his grandson!!


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A bum bum on a bump bump bump bump bump up this is the cool and sunny voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon. We sit down here and our studios. And click that that makes it sound like such a wonderful place doesn't it with all sorts of electronic devices that make life. Wonderful. It's a some room up Edison it's nice room and now I'm especially happy to be here is I'm doing. Right now what I always wanted to do since the time I was a little kid in that is to sit behind a microphone and talk. And I I'm glad you are here witnessed two to help me talk because it doesn't make any sense if you just talking. And if someone isn't listening on the other end it's comfortable pointless and and embarrassing even. But that we don't have that problem too much either so. It's great being here we view to talk about whatever comes up that's the way we work around here if you have something you want to know about it dish. About a a restaurant that does something or other really really well and and you everytime you go they are you you feel like you have to get that because it's that could. Or if you have a recipe you what you wanna mess around with that you don't have a clue as to where to begin but maybe you do have a clue but that's all you've got. I don't I don't claim to know. The answers to all of these questions and how to lose him how to make you know the recipes for just about everything in the world I I don't know anybody who has that ability. But what we do have here is a pretty. Sophisticated audience. That would be happy to tell you what they know. About this this year this restaurant that you are thinking about it. And will get them here one way or another on the phone more alike is not and and we'll figure it all out or try to. The number here is 2606368. If you hesitate before you actually dialed the number. Stop hesitating just go ahead and finish it. Because what you were thinking was what is this really important enough to be on a radio show. Maybe on a normal radio show it might be but on this program we're pretty loose so I just go right ahead. And bring up whatever is on your mind to a 606368. OK having told you all that. I have some. Some fun news today to share with you. I'm a grandfather. Again second one. Was born last night. And am I happy about that. So congratulations to the mama. And to the and to the baby and even more so his his little brother. Or his Big Brother I guess. Curtis says that that makes 22 boys we have if the home of my my son and my son's wife. And that that's an exciting moment for us we're we're kind of family types over at our house. So he you know I I don't know what that brings up in the way of of cooking and eating and all that I can tell you that when our children were and where little. We did not treat them particularly like like. A little kids because for one thing we never ever not even once bought a jar of baby food. Never did it. By the way our kids got fed was that they had to leftovers of what my wife and I were eating. Whether that was in a restaurant or at home but it didn't make any difference we gave it to him a must it was something that was clearly not right. And that's what they always say it we never used those paper. What he called those things I don't even know what the column that you put your kids in does so in case they PP something bad happens. We never we never did that we do we always. We always system made our own diapers. Cloth diapers we made up but this of the of the most people used to the ones that are all. You know made out of paper basically. Pampers yes stuff like that I mean I'm sure they've they're great for the people that you symbol we just never did it. And when they got old enough to go to restaurants we took a and we never ordered off the kids' menu and bragging here I'm giving you what I think is a pretty good idea I can tell you from the standpoint. Of how happy it makes the kids. Because hours always were pretty darn happy and they have gone into being adults both of them and they are still pretty happy and and pretty well accomplished if I may brag. Okay enough for that. Well or is it now let's go on with this a little bit more you have a little kid with you in harassment. What do you do. It's your kid you're in the restaurant you pick the restaurant. You're sitting next to some people who are all grown up. Your family is sitting at its own table you have little little kids at some point they start screaming a little bit. If you if there's such a thing is screaming a little bit. And how did that play out over the years I remember there was this one guy who won three different occasions. Called the show. And I put them on the air and he steps he seemed to be all right guys. And he was complaining that he said something had happened to him in a restaurant and there was these two little kids it would just running all around the restaurant just stopping at every table and saying hello. And what did I think at that. And I think I said well you know wind gets the point where. For the good the other customers are getting really bothered maybe you ought to back away from that some kind of way. And he said well. Those people in those kids who Wear yours. Cracked oh really. Yeah where don't I escaped from a here where's where's the U. Who has the fire extinguisher. Any way. He called three different occasions so I guess he was really upset about it. I can tell you the conversation. Went in a different direction. And it turned out that most people thought that that's a little much when the kids are running around in and screaming a lot. Torre or I've just you know being there and they bother you if you're going to a mostly adult restaurant and okay. I'll go along with that. It's still we still aren't gonna buy any Gerber baby food and Wynette or any other kind. And we still got them. Press of Brooke really but I think we actually did that while press our own. Clothe. Diapers. Well enough that 2606368. Closeup what do you think it kids in restaurants come that they. What's. What T would will you avoid him and if you go into a rest and you see they have a fair number of kids in them. Do you leave. The restaurant that I think. Had the the the the greatest number. Of kids running more or less free in the were in the restaurant was the old Shoney's. And we used to go there every Saturday with our kids. And especially would my daughter my daughter and I used to do that until Big Brother came along image he has done the things to do. And though we would go over there and they won it's it it was a buffet you might remember. The guys he's rim he's he's now recommending buffets nod nod but kids like him. And yet you know getting all this bacon biscuits and everything and then they would sit down and they would kick up a little noise about that. But as my wife so. Perfectly put it. If you go to Shoney's with that with a bunch kids. It's likely that nobody will note issue because just but all the kids in there there are jumping up on top of tables so obviously she was it. News you know taking that through the center of peace of humor rather than into what if any realities. But. There really was true I mean if you have a restaurant that already has a lot of little kids on at that might be the good place to bring the kids. On the other hand it might be the worse place because the government has some of those pizza places that. To have the little party going on knew at the same time I don't know we we never could. Who we never ever could make ourselves get our heads around that. 2606368. Glitzy. And he buys somebody holding areas. Let's let's talk to Jeffrey welcome to the food show. There. Children. A popular. Into. That on at that what she'll miss them. Children eating children. Yeah. I explained our. On. All right it lately who who is the guy who wrote that line it was a WC fields when. Yeah idea he aces high do you like your children. Ideal like to hide like children. And he says. I liked him coached or something like that. Well. We bought. You know I don't have. Well. Why you don't you know go where the kids are because if you if you will if you did have kids you wouldn't think anything of it but you know I I I fully understand that. But do you know. What are we gonna do. I mean I actually I think they're they're very cute it ought but you know yeah do an enemy that. Oh well guess what. You if you don't want to do maintenance on kids you're clearly in the wrong part of your life for a doors sub them. Well anyway I on eye on a different note to have anything to report about. Any any good eats lately. I am. Sure who I am. Now that stroller struck drive me crazy it's up strong on magnate being. Yeah well I don't act exactly the one you're talking about and I can't remember the name either. And it's something like that. Would be very. Active. That could be a let's see if anybody god knows this is Owen on. For read street I think what's. Note that on about called cocoa are clean. Between all NG percent on the should you've got me. Did. The place. And and then. If you like she. All. 00. And really out why the. Maybe some kids in the road a let's let's hope. And and the I'm talking about. Yeah I had and he ia ID service with. With all of the items that you just where it was talking about it. With popcorn in Panama and here's the place where that's best known. A halt all places. Talk bit that you didn't want opera mini all. So I guess it's also bearing fruit but that the place. But it went from being. Wow. I'm I'm just I'm drawing a complete Blanco and what what restaurant you think can appear if you think of it calls back. Yeah well I name mine. Oh. Okay and it's on magazine street and it's sort alike it's of each day by the in some ways it's like called the net Colby would debts of the the Hawaiian version of this. Object okay yeah yeah yeah. Now it's not like. Out of Asia and then a thing. Like read it. You know you'll. Somebody helping. Out. You know the may I have been avoiding that infected just happen to me yesterday. I've been avoiding magazine street even with all of these this new. Restaurant construction around there. Because the street. Is in such horrible conditions. I mean even by New Orleans standards it's really bad out there. I wonder how many axles have been broken. Just traveling along magazine street it's awful. Is still there where ego Ontario. As a bunch of them and and even on the side streets where they direct you to to go out because the road ahead of views you know cratered. Even that you Hugh Reid gets stuck between two blocks and nobody's moving is somebody and had a at a bad a hole to go through it's just. An that we seem we should've taken care of that long time ago. Well. Thanks for Cullen. I. Am pleased to have somebody hit somebody and somebody listening to us will know that used to be on. Yeah. Okay that's why I don't know it. Will go that's great to hear. Then we'll figure it out the word out here's some way anybody no choice I think you see it's the food show or about anything. Also if you wanna talk about. Anything from a snowball stand all the way up to the fanciest restaurants with the nicest clothing and all that. Are you know what's going on speaking of fancy restaurants are knows switches. May be life most of my favorite. Old line. Old style restaurant that is indeed really a beautiful place to be. And this service is good and insist that they. Have remained that way even though. They lost there their owners some years ago our cheek as Berrian but. His wife and his daughter and his son have just walked in and taken over and it's as if nothing happened. So our nose is really good they are celebrating. An anniversary this year. This is the sixtieth. That would mean I mean I do the addition on this. It is where is that there went yeah it's a 100. Anniversary this year. And they're doing a special dinner. And it is really affordable I forget what the exact numbers but it's it's our price that struck me is so low that it might have been a mistake so. Have the Diego opened and feed to you at some point 260. 6368 we will come back with more of the food show after first please this. Every now and then they push a button around here that I think is if there were a label on and who would say. Blow Tom's head out the window which it fits with it's almost said that I'm I'm just joking with. 260636. A it is our telephone number we'd love talking about food here. I love it's so much that I do it all the time. Last night I went. Two. I was a Metairie was on my mind because if you were listing yesterday you know that that you should but. We were talking abut the moon. The dining notes seen the restaurant scene in Metairie. And the Metairie dining scene is in my opinion. With a lot of exit a lot of counter examples okay. To say that there are no good investments in Metairie is ridiculous their plenty of really good restaurants in. Metairie but. For the number of people who live in Metairie. And for the amount of money most of them may you know we got took about rich people here but we're not talking about poor people leader. There are not nearly. Enough. Really good restaurants. To go around and I know because I passed through battery on my way home every single day. And sometimes I just I wanna eat before across the causeway because you know what a grueling thing crossing the causeway is. Anyway. I yeah I liked. I wish I would like to have more. Restaurants more good restaurants on that way home and I think the locals. In Metairie would like it to with a tinge it's not enough of them maybe it's. I'm tempted to say that they don't support the breast but I know plenty of them that have open close open close as one location. In Metairie I'm not gonna name it consists of a pretty good rest a minute now. That has been over the years thirteen. Different restaurants at the same place. And they just they just keep trying and but nothing happens so anyway. I'm talking about all of this stuff about the Metairie restaurants. And I brought that up for a reason but I can't remember what it was now in that awful the way that happens to 60. 636. They call right call right now you'll get right in and Randy. Will be right ahead have you Randy welcome to the food show. You I'm fine nice hearing commuted. Thank you very much. A couple quick questions. Or are. You all take all the time you want to Rick that's the great thing about HD radio is that we've got loads and loads of time. Okay. You know vote wait till all about what year Julia. In between Circuit City. We get sure forum on you know you know where you from originally I'm from. Alexander. Back this year area. Okay. And the center of the of the state my my family is ultimately from around there. In the I'm trying to remember the the the parachutes and yeah marks fillets around marks feel. Okay. Earl Clark. Anyway. My point. I heard you all. For the every year the award which it was still good still work and their. Brooks and Chile's. Yeah it hardly is ever changed at all here is what hero all the things it if I were really to think real hard that these are the only things that have changed there in the fifty years or so that I've been going here. They now have in addition to wait ten ounce sirloin strip. They now have 812 outs strip you can get go either way where that the twelve is the way to go though. It's all of it is all USDA prime aged beef. I will tell you and they didn't confirm this with me. That lately it seems to me that the age to taste in their beef is not is. Up front as it used to be. But immediately they come back and they tell me. That's true but the reason for it. Is that as big crowd gets younger and younger that he liked that taste less and less in Alaska's aged beef. It sounds like a great idea but it's there were some people who would register reduced tasting like kind of but kind of law ought over the hill you know and I mean are I love stakes like that so wise that's that's a wonderful thing to me. The the other they have been. They've added a couple of things on their menu that are not stakes. For the longest time that was it if you wandered in that place and you wanted to eat anything other than the state you're idol locked totally now they have a couple of fish dishes they have a couple of little you know side dishes that more than they used to have salads big salads. Other than that if you like that the last time you went even if that's 4050 years ago you gonna like it again it hardly changes at all. All. Art talk about. He'd go better but not promote it probably do it on Mardy ID itself right in the middle of the day yeah. On that users in and for what it called user it. Well it's not for everybody you know at first the ball I think you have to give them a little break. Get it because. Their prices are significantly. Lower than what you gonna find in other prime steak houses in the world says. Florida. It really is a bargain to eat there. And it's and it's a neighborhood style restaurant it's not fancy an all their service is really just basic. But they pull out for the money. And maybe even better. They put out a really really fine state don't get a fully though if you get hopefully you'll say why is this place so he's supposed to have a get a sirloin strip. Get a Porter house that's the best of all the Porter house split it like 23 ways. Or. Or get a meal a rib by do not get a fully this is hopefully it's we're sixties and I don't do so he's there. I would not all of you met across. I heard you were worried about it. Stroke Oakmont this year but you know you. Stake. All this is definitely in neighborhood place you'll you'll recognize that right away although they've been a long time in 1934. So it it's got kind of it has it looks like in 1930 force rest from the outside. So. And other. And yeah I remember there it. Kate nieces delicious I think it might beat them the best neighborhood style. You know poor boys gumbo bread beans kind of place in the whole city. Heard they they and their menu is enormous. The guy who runs the place. He's he's funny he's a good chef. They have these really great grilled oysters there all feel like Paris. But no wonderful poor boys really really good seafood they have a steak night one night a week I think it's Tuesday. And a lot of regular customers it's it's very good wouldn't hesitate for a second ago there. Doctor. Horses gallop for. Mr. Beattie and apart. From the special. Over our nose yeah you know if if I could make my a email operate more easily than it does and and to fight could do three things at one time. I would look up this. This special that there running I would think that if you would call the rest when you can have to make a reservation anyway. There are. Ask them what about this anniversary. Special and no one is say don't hold me to this. But say it's like fifty bucks it's it's a really great price. And but don't police I'm not sure that's what it is but it took a a great bargain and they're celebrating a hundred years of being in this. All right just to get there in what appears. Yeah there you go you'll love it I love I love that place it always. So one more question go right again. And arms that it built worker Monday. Where our power lodge bar on day they had that every day. Oh. Yet every single day. I don't know about no they don't have it on Sunday. Because they do Sunday brunch on Sunday but the rest of the week it's twenty dollars and eighteen cents who are. And it is. And then you get. Three course dinner three course lunch it's our lunch thing for our area. And then you know it changes all the time and in its face it's Antawn food with may be able a couple of things that are a little more up to date. Right okay well. Four in the pocket you. It is my pleasure and thank you very much for dropped an end. India by it's the former show this is Tom Fitzmorris then it's nice to be here review talking about food restaurants and such. We're show is sponsored today by. Evil. That a kid to strike. The you'll know I always get I only skip the syllables backwards deal. We tell you why here's how she spells her name VYOO. And the apostrophe SV you'll. Our hang on a second because you also the other lady who runs this place is the story. Missouri is her name. And I should eat you might have remember Carrie and you might have met her I can tell you this if you would ever matter you'd never forget her she is just a charming person. Especially at the front door of the restaurant which is usually where you finder. Seating people and talking to the regular customers but her old place used to be called a flaming torch. That came to an end a couple of years ago but she was itching to get back into than the restaurant business. So she found a space in the CBD. Almost in the warehouse district Kiki and in fact if you called it one or the other I don't think it would make a lot of difference to anybody's charts. And it's French food now please understand. That if something is French it is not necessarily. Real expensive and really gorgeous and overdone. What they do. Is they have the same kind of restaurant in menu that you would find if you were out in the countryside in France or anywhere in Europe really UC things kind of like this. And it is. Just delightful. And a lot of co a lot of dishes that you may never have had and but a lot of them you've. You may be heard about him but should never eat them before I give you a few examples of this evil a salad. Beyond cell excuse me beluga. Is really nice mix a move through greens in cucumber and tomato some parts of parliament raspberry vinaigrette. That's not too far out but then you you kind of go into this part of the menu Coke he signed Jacque. This is a dish that used to be on every restaurant. Of any kind of attention to details. In talent every single one Cokie. But their scalps grilled scallop with mushrooms and shallots and winds and agree aired cheese cream sauce. Those were real nice sausage boy they do all their own. Sharkey tree over there. And what sort do once or twice on the menu you'll turn up something that is very distinctly local like their barbecue shrimp which pretty good. All of this is that evil. And or feel it. It's I'm sorry to laugh at this but he tight and no redeeming their beyond VYOONE. Apostrophe S. They are in the east of 400 block of Jerod street right off chop the tool is. And just a great little place it's not if it is a little. These concede I'm gonna say about a hundred maybe 150 people that a little courtyard outside. And the two ladies that run and I just charming as can be and you'll you'll fall in love with the place just because you'll fall in love with them. It's the it's via all. I think. And we will come back in just moment after first please this. If it is dated eighteenth to defame and upon. It's the food showed this is Tom that's Morris. It's nice to be here are you talking about food. Anything on your mind would be more than welcome on my mind whatever that is. And let's see over here on the green phones wise Whitman. Steve Steve welcome to the food show. I'm having a you pretty good day a little too busy last the last couple weeks too busy. We'll just drop sillier. Responsibilities. Yeah alone in the coming after that Robert de AG here I'm I'm grandpa I've heard yelling at the mailing it one of. One hero weird thing about this. The the it's his first name and this this was chosen by I actually don't know but I'm assuming its either in my area. My son or his wife one of youths who probably didn't you guy a chance of that. But. As his middle name. This little boys middle name. I mentioned to mine when my sisters and she's it she follows genealogy you know and he said well while mama. It's our mother I. Mama says that she used to have a brother who was killed in the middle World War I which is certainly possible. And it is in terms of numbers and a horse kicked him in the head and killed. It. Its name was the same is the middle name. Or new son. On the Anatolia. I'm not I'm I'm a ball or is it as far as my Leo. My wife or is concern of already told too. That I know I know he's a here's what you need to know. If you even need to note it is say this is a very cute on a young a man very young man. He was born last night. And he is really perfect in every way no I already know issues no matter you know nothing at all rent went wrong. And it's a great start to whether we hope it's going to be great life in his. And his his Big Brother has set a standard for that that will be difficult to match does he use them Mel's. And now that I'm finished bragging about my own kids. Fired just that I agree yeah. Okay I'll give it to you as it about kids in rich parents kids and restaurants what I think I went dead along that the same way I feel about. A bill. I wrote. Hello adults and drove interest. Yeah give it that you. You know fooling the people you you know wrong and now I agree illegally. Totally agree. It this is a very ticklish thing for restaurants. Sometimes they'll be. One or two people are sometimes a bunch of them who are kicking up such a ruckus. That everybody in the police is offended by it. And they'll even go into one should do some bought. But those those those idiots over there and what do you do. Well these children and two in big east having acted as though in Canada. They. You know it first got it should be in the air. In orbit the the guardian. I AI agree with that but in this case we're talking about grownups aren't. Well right now okay you know and you know the west you know but then the restaurant has to be able to go over and you know you've got to keep that lead out to restaurants like two years. And if I'm gonna do it first thought I was gonna be taken out and spoken to. And that we whitbeck is in the world and yet we still do it we will Italy's. And it it you know it taught me the respect for the other people. You know throughout the thing you know. That you got to respect these other people that they're spending the same amount of money if not more than you far. And I didn't go to the restaurant that your kids were going and scream and Holler and you know let them. And no Lila I don't think most people agree and I. But then that but limits the grownups would you do about the grownups that kicked the extra well I mean try over and tell. And I understated to have to do good in that respect them but most of the people in your restaurant. But I'll also say we go and eat sushi seasonality with a few he would be sushi. I would say that they made the decision between. Ed college educations. And well K it you can't think in college education. If you're feed your kids species. That is a very deep thought that I will have to consider at some link. It's good what about favorite place to go out to eat but it is six. Expensive. It can be you can spend fifty dollars in the sushi bar so fellow. Hope it's easy yet yeah. But without touching hockey or anything like it you know. Yeah. Well well thank you for all of these observations. Then and gatherings together of idea. Yeah earlier by. It is the food show. That it's strange little run of conversation there but you know if you. Didn't like that call about something else what have you been needing lately someone I said a few minutes ago one to know. Oh in which. In which cuisine of suit beach day. It's up popcorn part of the president for a the the typical. Service style. I and I menial popcorn that's actually been popped and it's sit there with the salt on it in and everything. Popcorn why why would you have that in some beach at the same meal at the same time even. Apparently. At and what I understand. Is that this goes on more in Panama than anywhere other any other place. And why they do it nobody exactly knows but they say if you try it once you'll you'll have it again because it's. It's a contrast. Things you. You have the texture of popcorn you of the text groups of each day which is the case should never edit before. Fish that has been marinated. In a variety of different seasonings in and our dig even state. All the different things it could go into a suit each day marinade. But there it is and there's the popcorn. And here's something about she was never party life before. So you can run if you ever run into it you know whoa you know they they love this done in Panama. It just before I leave this alone we actually had an. It was over at the the old mayor went what was he would invent meant. River in and and late or something like that. Was the name of that place it was on. And choked by a chip to listen pretty sure at the corner of Sharaud. Sorry of Julia street. And we didn't eat club dinner there and the chef brought out denying the different. Kinds of some beach day each one of the nine involved a different fish. A different marinades and different way of presenting it in a different thing on the side which in this case was popcorn. And you just never know what's gonna turn up when you go out to eat. Always something interesting line but most of the time now to 60. 6368. The book to hear from you but what you've been eating lately our program today sponsored by Frankie in Johnny's. Now Frankie and Johnny's goes back to nineteen now 42. And the reason it got to be where it is. He set this was right on the river and a lot of shipbuilding was going on in that it at that time and you probably don't need to be told why in 1942. What was going on in the rest of the world. But it was going on over there all right and they were. Feeding a lot of the people who were at the shipyard. Did the rest but that became. Frankie Johnny's and it became that pretty quickly to. And it just lived on after the war ended and and they just kept on going with the boiled crawfish and crabs and all that that became a specialty Beers. With the rose before boys and all the daily specials that. Back then were a lot more numerous than what we have now it's a most daily specials now Lloyd just you know so you've had a million times. It wasn't that way back then you'd have these big long menus in these little tiny restaurants if it's kind of funny. Anyway. It boom times moved on. And these days David McKelvey. Who worked with Emeril for a long time is his number one. Guide to take care problems in some of his restaurants around the country. He has taken over the restaurant Frankie and Johnny's and what he did was a renovation. Which it it needed to some extent. But he knew better than to change it all in two. You just an ordinary neighborhood investment and it it. Has the look of a New Orleans place it has out in front is silly little porch there you can get a table but there are very comfortable spot. And they have oysters on the half shell that are chest deletions. And they have. Some boiled seafood that's really there there of the thing that everybody knows some fourth. So if you're ready to have some boiled crawfish you know they they only recently came into the market. Go over there and tried out also I hear that the social crabs have started coming and so all of this possible at Frankie and Johnny's. They are at 321. Terra bella street just off shop but to illicit way uptown. Easy enough to get too big parking lot right in front of the place no problem there and prices that are everyday dining prices. Frankie in Johnny's a town. We will return when more of the food show after first if you will this. But up up by. But have been a thump on up on them. Do they up you Zubov that he about who bop. Hello there it's the food show the only. Correct path scat singing. Radio show on the air at this hour. Should a bit out of it OK that's enough that. It way too much really to 60. 636 status are telephone number we love talking about food. And anything Nick Cannon touches on food you know how it goes. The team last night on my way home with you know it sure what triggered all this office that I mentioned. The same thing I've mentioned yesterday about. They are not being enough restaurants in Metairie. Last night. I was looking just like I took us funny he wrote from the downtown New Orleans which is where our station is two towards the causeway. And the the only two restaurants. That were fitting mighty. My ideas of what in my hip wanna have for dinner. Both of them. Work packed completely full. So couldn't get couldn't get a seat in there and then I wound up. I would have gone on trays except I've been over there in the last couple weeks and I hate to go in the same places over and over again and most of the time. But. Then. Not too far away from there though. I wanted to see there was a tremendous amount of construction going on just off causeway boulevard. And I want to see how it room how was there in relation to. On the other stuff in the neighborhood turns out that it's right across the street from the former bozos which is now. Mr. edge oyster bar and fish grow. Had been there are no wild walked in a pretty charming I mean it's you know there are a charming. Waiters and waitresses. And there are some. That just sit there and let and with a big smile on their faces make you happy that you were there. From the outset. And this young lady just kept coming at me and saying look we've got four this is forward possible dessert and by the way we have soft shell crabs I wasn't thinking about getting soft shell crabs she says oh yeah they just started coming in their real nice. A said OK I haven't had any soft shows yet this year. She said yeah you want crab meat on top and all of this with the you know like a fairly pleasant smile and just a completely great attitude. And I said Kia yet bring me all that good with the crab meat in and everything and this new element plays food project couldn't believe. First of all how big. This crab wise and then it was no crabmeat all over the place on top of it. And let's see what else it was such a decent roasted potatoes those were good and that was about it now has salad on the side. And if that waitresses who works there are a lot of betcha she's one of the favorites of a lot of regular customers over there as she headed albums she. She knew exactly what makes people happy and she was doing. So good for her. And let's see oh and I don't think she knew. Of my secret identity. You know cassette can change everything that I have seen that happen. And I don't think that went on last winded I bring that up by had a reason for bringing that. Well Aso went over there and I guess the news here is that the soft shell crabs duo appeared to be coming it. So who lie and they we were running a little late this year or not too bad the the best times of year for soft shell crabs in case you there's something you really love. Starts you really start seeing them sometimes if we're lucky in late march. That would be lucky with and that would be with warmer weather than we have actually had. So it's running a little late naturally speaking and then this the U. The next though wave of this. Come surrounding. April into may. And then by may in May be on the edge of June that's when the really good soft shell crabs start it. Then any kind of go away in the middle of the summer the can still get them but they're not quite as big not quite as good. And get into come September and for some reason that's window really huge would start coming out and if you like saw a shell crabs this is a great time a year it is just start eating them because I love them. And and and you you have this little thing to think about. People who tell you a that you see on TV all the time you know these chefs. They don't hand soft shell crabs and if they have them they're getting them from us. And I think that's great. Tell you. 260636. What do you want from me were. Oh Steven let me talk to Stephen and then we'll we'll probably time for our break the Rooney currently Stephen. Hey I want to read it. In Colorado street. And now all this is the duke of the place with the programmes and crabmeat venues and they didn't Tammany. It and it. Before so. Today. Well. You know what that is that they probably knocked themselves out to do with for the for the festival yeah. Do. You. Pastry. It was it was a puff pastry. And the crab meat was inside. Well that's what this in the community off so well right now probably be. Accomplished. Re road. That does yeah Galley core war. Yeah just bull is. Oh lead so shall grant to. Well I'm sure that's true even though about. Always it some insane amount and they they really do says those sell like crazy but the that the of the interesting thing about that. Is that they had and this is something they told me. They start getting their soft shell crabs as early as they start running and they freeze. And you viewed that they survive this pretty well I mean he's you say okay they ought to be fresh well yank and enhance rash for the numbers of people that they're gonna serve so but everybody goes crazy over those. Yeah. And I'm sure that no matter freeze improperly. Yeah oh yeah I've that they boast that the two people who own that the Galley seafood. They are a long term people in the business they really know their stuff. So like yeah. OK you're OK well thank you agree. It was just a little spicy but not too bright. Well. I guess if you're looking for some in the complain about that's a good one. Green outlook. OK. Okay well it's all that matters is did you like. Yeah I think so. Sure now all perfect. All right well thanks a call or. Set time for the news we will dispatch that then we'll come back with more of the food show here on 105 point three FM. WW LF MHD. Two Kennard New Orleans where the news is next over most of these frequencies from CBS. The Columbia. Broadcasting system. 4 o'clock. Stay tuned thank you.