4-17 5pm What's next for LSU baseball

Deuce & Kristian talk with former LSU pitcher Ronnie Rantz about the Tigers' big series win over Ole Miss and what to expect from their upcoming trip to face Kentucky.

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Rock general our two of sports talk here on WWL I anathema dot com not the big chief Deke Bellavia not a cajun cannon Bobby Mary got Dusan Christian thing now in. Till 7 o'clock in things off the heels Sports Radio network for the pulmonary show relishing the office series win. Over the illness rebels took two of 396 now in the SEC Lamar tomorrow and ironically deuce and I on this tiger baseball team and I was a little frantic about a couple weeks ago they've ripped off two straight series wins is still very much in the thick of things and yes it's. Yeah I mean at that Swiss is jumbled right now arkansas' is rock and roll and as far as as he witnesses concern I mean but. A Mississippi State got hot out there as well politics is one of two series of mean if you can win 12 series and app suite one. And it could change of fortune I mean if you're. Tennessee or Alabama. And here a year right now at the halfway point. That signature out but it would be tough for you ketchup you know east is a lot more jumbled up over the right now but. I think the wiz is going to be a heck race. The second part of this EC schedule. In a particular man if year. If you you used to be 20/20 two wins in a conference you're going to be Polly you know when it went conference and also. I host it below and almost got a national seat in nineteen more than 2.2 wins. It would be MS stuff yeah you know messed up so. It's going to be about debt you know who has a depth as far as pitching. Who he had a hot at the right time on him because you're gonna have loved and now that that's the game of baseball it's cool that way yet you gonna have a announcement if you get arms. Then you know Friday night. You you're not guaranteed to win but you know hopefully you can come away with a win in. You know you have a dependable guy named you eat you can put somebody doctored it can get 2456. Innings on Sunday and you got a chance. Glen on a cellphone your W eagle summit. Canadians are Christians do primary. Statement and a question yes our first question is he doing there CD and then you. Coach gruden what happens. From this weekend. Here yes there. Are you assert his dad's a former Major League pitcher. Yeah. And he looked like he could throw the ball brick wall. Is it is there a change. But the thing take this in the there's a competitor. I don't think he's there they're sick days ago Houston and I don't think he's very his third second masked the problem. I mean the states like him that much they're gonna probably have to take him at eleven I mean because you gonna have some quarterback needy teams. Mode kicked him apparently aren't you go first. Neitzel to him. OK I mean that you are looking at the social social Shawn Watson. It is a problem what are what what what is Cleveland going to do they're there they're saying that they need a quarterback correct. Well what are the Jacksonville Jaguars gonna do business they're not saying that they need a quarterback but they they have a new head coach and are not sold on board so there another team. The jets definitely need a quarterback they need young quarterback. But do they pick him it would their top five pick. Or do they try to get another one in the second round you know there's another team home Houston. There there's and they need it yet that they need a quarterback I mean so you have about three to fourteen. That need quarterbacks until there at some point there will be around all quarterbacks. If people. Then where do we case. At at 32. Yeah I think that's where that's the ideal scenario where you had to trade back on that pick I mean mid one woody get offered for that pick. And two. If he's there at 32 epic to take but I don't think he's going to be there honestly I mean but if I'm if another team is often mean. They're two and possibly a three or four. This year. Then if on the saints and I take that deal. Because your quarterback at 32. Is not going to play possibly for the next two years this year for sure ballot drew the malice drew gets hurt he. Pavel homes have weekly private visits a private workouts and not go in the top 45 like he's got he's gonna go there and he I don't see him slip in the 32. As he's quarterbacks tend to do this time a year they kind of get shuffled to board an overdraft and and again might be a case where it's risky to Sean Kaiser east enough minority and Shawn Watson. Then ex pat homes so. These guys and get overdraft habits have only comeback from Ronnie rants form relishing pitcher. Coming up next sports talk on W to block. NFL draft hopeful Kevin Speedo on this right now welcome back. To sports talk Carson-Newman college in. Kevin and a 422. And fourteen X six I believe it Tennessee's Prodi I'd say you're pretty pleased data. Green with her so I so clarify. Work are you attract guys. Did you did you run track college. Yes I am actually. Instead our object to 2004 to meet Payne argued in quality person. OK so you football experience do you weigh that out. A yeah star potential blow when I was eight you know and now. I would go and publishers are are there are glad to go to originally console upgrade for about four two years in the chairs birdie Eastern Michigan University. And now you know Iowa a year that the best finish in China and from there are Jewish. I went to carcinoma are a division two school are two years and very cool blossomed. As current England. So what are scouts what are talent evaluated telling yet you turned in a 422. Tennessee's promoted. Basically they're back in the capital and Santana you know is in the can and there's. Our return and keep our paternity Nolan and the cover positions almost has been you know an incentive. No president in our traditional Jewish there's their transition though. They they wanted to do when you must monies must be so you know calm usually she was not. Kevin when it went or when you talk about you work out I think what would be the main thing that you would do well is it is it being able to run the football. Or is it being able to line up in the slot and or outline. Our identity you know it's Larry knows definitely you know return from exile. You know but it home. I came in at arsenal and has DD and you know they cannot foresee in the running premiere receivers are well thought out what a year now. Our I was sprinter receivable. You know I can play actually cares you know and I'm still collateral for improvement but in album rated. Kevin's the at a Carson-Newman turned an eye popping 422 and a four to six at Tennessee's pro day. If they'll draft hopeful cattle will be keep an eye on throughout draft weekend in Opie go. As early as possible and that's Latina. Yeah perfect time. About lab Ronnie rants here a few moments LSU baseball were former LSU pitcher who's in a sports hall of fame. Foundation CEO. At sports underscore shorts on Twitter is a Lila is right now. After LSU took two victory from Ole miss 96 now in the SEC. Ronnie I guess if you're Ellison baseball thing you got to feel better than you did a couple weeks ago it was a it was kind of doom and gloom to sullen naysayers after. At the loss of text sane and they've rallied nearly. Yen and that many. You know time in the past and here we. Go. To Korea or into a moment they enactment and the weight loss on Monday in part. Out any more which. They turned it around miraculously gained two last week market well to. Look like the better team. It'll. That they you know. Similar currently. Ronnie it looks like here lately they've been able to those close games you know two run gains one run ball games they're better in the opposes early in the season I think there are one of five for the first six in 11 ball games how. How much is that at the does that have to do with confidence for the steam. Have to do accomplice to get a veteran group right here you know a lot of cheese and I think in the next. Lol but I'll do it on and Newman get healthy get back it makes it they've. You know Saturday game three of the series that particular day a week. Up and markets quality that become back when they only want him. It got to the ten ADP data that would have a better and let. Her go. And they had the expectations what this year he'd been out for a couple weeks without injured packed the and feeling a little better. That that he's been pretty. Right they decide your thoughts as they continue to get better you know. Look and Kentucky this week I think it's Lamar. And and and amid weakened Indiana Kentucky. And Kentucky. Is leading the conference over in east. The confident of that team you know just Nolan it is a veteran group and eat those young Gaza growing up. Did you know that then what a surprise you know Kentucky to be here and around the top of these. Things nobody thought it. Halfway through conference play. I'll block that under murkier coach nick fans yelling to it. For a second packing and John Cullen and when John Allen left about Lamotte at the state. Nick went over there with them and then all I can Kentucky as I can choke a real shocker what they're dealing. And the program Kentucky that's a tough place to play any bill out there calling each being under 2000 Iranian. You know it is stadiums similar to say like I'll eastern something like that so. Two different atmosphere in the box and some of the big venues around the phonetic they are gonna build. Put forty made it to their base while facility over the next happier that. Right now to a place to place they'll have to really be on there a game and an environment that doesn't. Keep you achieve. And and I guess that leads to my next question how do you feel about this weekend. Good about it because of this I think Alex Lange it you know. It really well on Friday at one of the batter outing of the year and for under control. Through. On a mile now in the first couple innings. He spot not break ball has been a problem for him to you you've got Alex link them all real good start to get care portion criminal who I would say a good start even though he gave a fourth solo homer and only gave up five. In seven innings so it's that we are seeing a career high strike at it evokes were so all the windows blown out that I had an aberration I don't think you can actually. That year publishing feature so that it can play well at the Atlantic Ocean in hot walkers hit three great start to grow on Sunday. Didn't play well whether it's spot over there and into a third. Hang in Al Ryan Grant former LSU pitcher Louisiana sports hall of fame foundation CEO follow him on Twitter at sports underscore shorts and Ronnie how much you tell me as a the guy that it's close to that program Greg Dyke means gotten red hot and how much of that has to do with some of the to live in the lineup changes behind them guys like Jordan Romero and others kind of protecting a little bit better. I think if something at least that that the quite honestly I think that that's a little play Greg and I just had a fantastic year I mean he is at around trees that piece that. Twelve homers of the twelve homer probably can't supplement intake measure while jaw dropping type Omer. That reminded you know the Brandon Larson regret to the late ninety. He's got tremendous. The bottom and bottom half a strong can really use leverage our. And today he's haven't won those kind of the year that if he just maintains he's doing and that it greet thirty. 1718 Olmert actually at the end and going outside the top two rounds in the turn. A guy Mississippi State unfortunately is having a better year otherwise he'd he'd be done about you know SEC player of the year potentially. Yeah this is a Bulldog lead has completely confident literally every offense categorically and the secret Greg Dyke. Did a lot of left handed hitters with tremendous power like that's why shall be out. You think with if you play in the go ruled out there how he'd do it I. 500 foot foot jobs. Well the issue we know respect track daddy in order at seven buckle or in order against all messed he had a 480 cents little market with the intimidator sign it right she'll earlier this year. And and they say that he's back. Take about 10% off. All it did in financial 400 foot homer. You know it can be about 10%. So you know pop's top 10% to ashamed of because of that. It would look at our little crimes indictment as he was used the old back. Goodness gracious he's he's certainly fun to watch Ryan grant's former LSU picture right here on sports optics of the time appreciate it. Indeed I Lamar tomorrow and in that three gains with surprisingly the wildcats are playing good baseball up there. In Kentucky on Friday Saturday. And Sunday phone lines are open final four to 6018 semi who's got a couple of taxi reform at CBS news update. About no in VA now getting to get to me it's an MBA conversation promise. It is an MBA playoffs as well. Who's a Christian uniting our sports August W him well enough in the aka. I welcome back dues and Christian sports talk one Winfrey to get suggest SE this year's headliner. Top headliners Tom Petty. Maroon 5 Stevie Wonder Dave Matthews my personal favorite glad to see Dave Matthews coming. Like you do it's easy slow on Adobe of a lot com click on the contest and win and pick up to a via hottest ticket in town. Five lucky winners will randomly be selected sometime after midnight on Tuesday April 25 good luck and happy jazz testing from WWU big desk with that. Pay why you got out advance as Mitch the other radio also you can hear as would be picks. You know he's saying speaks again so you go out and enjoy quit quit does a great job opened on a great production. So. I I'd get out to a little now a lot like I want to but I mean just it's it's it's a lot of fun. I talked Clint last look you know you're Pearl Jam here images if you do just. Get on a second weekend not the draft weekend have his second week assigned lockers in India. Happily apply its. Please Nazi pros and last year suggest that they rock and also. Maroon 5 the afford them so and they indicated they had a good lineup once again this year jets says doing the right. Greg in Covington you're on WW. Good afternoon gentlemen. Out just thinking. I liked the fact get an audit if you yeah. Big that we should take him com. I didn't use that issue. It being grown on debt. Site. And then. Doubt an issue. Which we all eager to equal it was a it was a night to hand them you know productive just wanted Jerry get potato. Grid that I don't think he's going to be there. I mean if if he is then a tutor quarterbacks have gone home and man be. Around their sometime real flag obtained a thrown up you know as far as for him for nick. You know you have some guys that afloat that he's going to be the number one pick by Cleveland EF some guys are floating that hey look even San Cisco. Is inched it in and there for nano means so. Honestly don't think he'll be there and eleven. Mom but it would be one heck of a culmination I mean it would make it would force a saint to commit to run football for sure I think it at talk about it before it kind of changes. At least our prepares you for the shift when you're ready to be dealt with a Drew Brees are mean he's going to be a lot like eight Tierra. In Minnesota we can still gets things done without having a top notch quarterback. The top I would see in my Sports Illustrated. In a saints uniform in a browns uniform and one other team a camera exactly and Erica forecasting how much did his pro day weighing in at 228 helped him. I mean you you knew that he can get down to wait that came owls more disappointed was he he he hurt himself by even shall not. You know at the at the compound at 240. He can he can play at 228 he played 225 that would question. You know you just don't shall look that's a almost like a look. This is a job interview I'm prepared for but I'm not gonna bring all my equipment you know I'm not gonna grain flour up best suit correct and at and so that's what you cannot look at it as. Turn on the tight. You know when you turn on the tape you you'll see it and in whatever team drafts him. I mean for them to get ten pound buffalo fifteen pounds off of was not going to be a problem. The problems it's Ian when you allow a general manager a hit coast to think that they look I gotta keep guy on this guy because it's in the offseason. He's gonna let himself go you know he is not going to be focused. All coming in and dropping downloading terrorism where they values play exactly right they can't about talent but now I know I have to stay own ex player. Because you know he is not going to be a 100% committed to staying in some type of shape. Don't policies do you buy any of this talk of the browns considering it should be a ski over miles care yeah you after here's is the problem with the brown. You have analytical guy. And a football coach and politically this is what they seek you know race the a quarterback that they think that they can groom he only started one year Carolina you know. If you wanna sell tickets he's he's another right halfway because he's less than a hundred miles away. Is he the answer to a lot of their problems I don't think so. I think that they make the move defense who where they get better you have a centerpiece. With with with Collins. The two traded for with the New England. Now you gonna stay committed to him give him some he'll. Give him some help defensively you have Joseph Haden bad that is at corner if he's healthy now you started to turn a defense. I can't see. Where you could sell that to your man and the insult to your fan base in terms of a quarterback. But I can't see where you can sit up that you would bills that there and say hey this the best player. In a draft. I it may be the bears need he may be the top need form but he's not the best place. Now I mean look pass rusher is a pass rushing quarterback we talk about that because. Because quarterback lead league you need to let it can affect the guy that the league is ultimately about that is a play like miles do you think he's Yvonne Miller type. If he can do it consists. You know I think than they look I was in his. I wouldn't I would I wouldn't predicted to be the number one pick by everybody like he was but I was in his position as far as they can. I don't wanna get hurt you know I'm gonna go out compete and play but I don't wanna get hurt you know and so I understand that some games he didn't play. You know a 100%. Ill even someplace he didn't play a 100% and his focus was. I'm thinking about next year because I wanna protect my very I don't wanna give her and normally when you play to that get hurt you get hurt. Yet though. In net concerning the NFL teams because what if there and you know what if he's already in the big the big money deal preseason I am party got my card I got my money and a protection. You know what the difference is between first pick. And pick. Number her 45 is well at several million dollars and several several several yeah I mean from picking it looked in the now now Morgan from. Pick one to 45. More and I'm just golf stub my head and I it's way more and I mean so even won the TN. Is big is it is a big drop off at and so. When you're projected to go rule top fop. Before he even plays a season and you don't be very very very careful as far as what you do even sometimes in practice mark look that up bullet. What are the number one pick flashy game compared to the 45 and it goes beat them by by 10% eight years here on the 45 last if you can mark Menard to total total total moral. I am the text here it 9760. Can remove up to get letter for now look yeah you could yes of ammo but I am in favor of trading up for. If you write you've got to begin the defense of play. You know if you trade you better be going to give Solomon Thomas you better be going to get a job to now you know because one of those guys has fallen. And you have the gamble with a eleven and 32 to possibly get you know to 456. Somewhere in an area. I love limit I love them love them love. You know I think he is a tremendous player he is just not the right fit for this team. Current would you be enticed. If Robiskie it was number one to call San Cisco and say. Let's not take too much. I would be I would I would wanna they wanna deal they want more picks yet I mean that I'm not trade and 1132 and 47. To be able to get to number two. They would treat future. You toward the end yes Steffi to one is going to be 31 at 32. Lava that's what they they feel like they're going to be at this do that am miles Garrett you're. You're your defense changes now I mean you're you your outlook changes I think. Well either at 31 at 32 Demi either played for assumed role he won yet. You know and so if it's going to be one of those oral Leno. Late two warnings in years. I mean but right now this team is not in a position they need more they need more ammo. Yeah I would agree phone lines open a 5042601870. Text 8787. What do you guys think of AJ Klein when he'll bring to. An atrocious defense as a 4514 points outlook I think it declines. And he's at these upgrade Miami Craig Roberts is not your answer answer might while he played there last year played fairly well he's not. Ideally suited for that. How many not not not the least to lie but you know. He can make plays but guards are gonna give up on pullbacks to give up on him that's he can't use his side to side speed. He can do it but I I don't want him doing it over sixteen game I mean if he as a spot play he can do you he'll do great job of but out of I think you know you just take away from what he's best at and that's you know running side to side and and just being a playmaker. And he can still do it might but united we get the best out of. Do sprawling general manager have for second so. Explain to me and explained the fans why at 42 of the saints traded that pick. To the patriots to get Malcolm Butler why a slug it was a cute you get a clue rookie corner at 42. The uneasy that much better than a rookie corner and my argument would be. Yeah he is and he's more experience he's played two super doubles I think there's a value to be had there and I think it's an awfully big risk. Did you look at for Cora at second start right away ME TJ Williams showed promise but he's been injured two his first two years so. From from either argument simple that you put a lot of rookie corner a lot of expectations Floyd A how many rookies have already been through. A complete season you know with the eighteen you know he's Italian in May be a talented talented player. But he can't come in and make tick can't make calls. Can't say I've been through an offseason program like knuckleballer came you know Malcolm Boehlert he's gonna cost you know we understand that you notice just because that's water reasons he's even available with New England. New England has not been able they offered him a contract they have not been able to agree on line number with Malcolm both. The thing that he does instantly is he beat upgrades your role now is he the best corner in there. I don't know if Devlin broken stay healthy DeVon and may still be your top corner. I mean but what he does is he gives you a proven veteran at the corner that can play man to man in he can play zone defense ward. You know you got to understand the saints in the last two offseason. Have goalie gets Malcolm bowler and they've got film of him and Brandon cooks up of him and Coleman. Of him in the receivers going against each other so they've got failed to see exactly hey look this guy may be able to help us in. In our system yet he got a bit of a unique perspective. Having practiced against them maybe some Intel you normally wouldn't have to spike in feedback from the other players he's normally not Camilla. To to get all that plus they met them as well. Steadily come back to your phone calls at 5042601870. New York salmon vin rouge will weigh in sports talk here on W to going anathema backup. 36150. Attacks like don't know Marcus Peters with the chief to do your job in his first year chiefs have some compliments they have some guys that after the passer Villa. Mark speeders. The rare talent I think it might knew that coming out of Washington he gets off the field it's nothing teams shied away from. There that's again it's a big roll the dice on the chiefs didn't exactly expect markets Peterson turned into play that he's turned into they hoped they know that pressure that's why. Draft and the young quarterback is risky for a team like new worlds at this point in what they're trying to accomplish Jim markers and is a coach got into an Anemia and off the field stuff. New York salmon Baton Rouge with something you're on WW well. Well you hear me okay among the pitcher. Indeed. Okay Tom Robbins and in the talent and Clinton got some crucial on law and Somalia look at that. I don't think it makes sense for a street struggle. In treating war or even. One of the quarterback in college and say give it chance. It will contribute great war element that's why we keep. It. First she's already proved he's so I figure into the play Stewart defense and our NDP would strongly on the so nobody can be great quarterback one that. Tickle agrees argument. We're able to another couple years. Secondly it's gonna grow quarterback. In particular lot or. On what might be drawn group two order factory. And leave them and now all I want to know one thing about something that. Street should tune in to the street were buoyed. Type both are truly out what you think or interpret order would what would wouldn't do tore commit that. The first thing is you got f.s in a motor doctor Andrews and found out about his knee I mean you got to remember that he had a catastrophe as far as the think he tore every ligament X one and so you've got to make sure that he's helped because I don't think that he'll be back for the start of the season this year sports all roles all NBA playoffs coming up next hour.