The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Thursday, March 22nd
It's The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris. Tom talks about some of the best restaurants in the city of New Orleans, and the callers express their thoughts. Tom also has a special guest in the studo with him. Mr Joel Brown of Kosher Cajun New York Deli discussing some of the great dishes and products at his restaurant.

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And I mean. And new. But on the pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump up. This is the nearly Kosher voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every day we step in and we have then we step out and we stepped back in again. And we spread the word around about the the food of New Orleans. Which you might think doesn't need a whole lot of pushing and and it really doesn't indeed gets long on its own. But today I sometimes we forget just how good it is and how widespread it is and what up. What a cultural. Collection it can be for everybody involved. We have all over the years. Even though I'm not Jewish I have a lot of Jewish friends as everybody does I think. And over the years we're we're approaching passover now. Ando over the years I've been invited by quite a few people there was even one lady who wanted me to comment and watch her do her brisket. And put this really great at this. And I was. A very moved by it because. Passover. And families. Are. And as Locke is in as any two things could possibly be. And learning that justice gave it a whole new feeling for me there's a guy here by name and Jules brown and he. For how many years now. Oh wait that swing that thing over towards you there. Enough not that when he says okay tried it yet that should do it one to the ray and I think we moved a little closer to. Yeah. There you go that'll work we have at our thirty year and a verse thirty years actually beat me to it on two and thirty in June and June. But this is of the Kosher cajun. Which is elements of burn it's also on the other screw what is that the north well and north Holland and that's where you started right so our own Howland. Yeah 900 square feet very small very small and a and and when you say you have a Kosher. Selection of everything. You're not kidding about that I mean you really keep that very strict and well you should cassettes that's when it's all about. Yes all Marshal all the products to grocery items and restaurant. We are under bank supervision. And we can put it what does that mean exactly. It's like the health board coming in says that the rabbi comes in and checks that. All of the items that we are using. Our. Correct to the Kosher standards. And just like we would get a certificate from the health board. We have a vertical certificate on the wall. That insures anyone walking in there are places. Kosher and under their supervision bill. Yeah it's a who's sort of like you know I'm bragging or anything but this is what people who come into the store want to see. Exactly people who keep Kosher and we have a wide variety I would say that I'm more than half corporate business is non Jewish crowd. Just people warning good New York deli out. And Watson for righty. Specialty products that we bring and from new York and all over the world. I give me some examples of some of the stuff you're bringing in special because I know it's it. I'd just from having to try to do it myself some time. Should trying to track down on some of those ingredients is is more than a little hard. We have amazing in New York deli items corned beef and pastrami. New York baked conditions and for five different flavors what's a finish for those who might not have had the pleasure. It's that oh encompassing all the way around with the filling. The most popular is potato. Music and is now serve with the brown deli mustard on the side is the most popular. All the push carts in New York. Have conditions. How is it cook. You can either take it or steam it might not depending on how you wanted we steam it with a dose softer. And what are you garlic mashed potato on the insides are really soft look and we have some filled with either spinach. Or broccoli. Or caution which is about we rang and they all have. Potato. Picture and it will flavors. It's none of this is deep fry it now that. Because so cute and if that if you did have it is deep fried then you could claim you have to pay in gay. The ocean is gay but it's. You UK can't have everything I guess. And this is really pre occupies your time. Right before passover which is when exactly it's his son next week Friday night to march 30 on passover starts the first night. And it runs for eight days ago. And he there that there are special. Special things that that you eat during that period of time that are unique to that that time right absolutely yeah. The main focuses. When the Jews were persecuted in Egypt and then the ten plagues and the Ferrell wanted to choose to get out of Egypt. They rushed out and the bread that was baking. On their backs as they were going out did not rise. So we call that the on eleven Brett. Mops up marked some robbers. Took and that is the basis of the whole holiday we remember and commemorate. And have it's called a state or the boat person writes it is or remembering of the going out of Egypt and the traditional. The traditional foods and remembering the time. That we have them now but mops is the off the main crux of the of the holiday. Now on especially on this first night but but you keep going. You yes you know a lot of families following and it and you if it involves a different bunch of people from day to day. Six young people might be in one in. You invite. Different staters lots of different people in and people partake. Telling of the story and in reading. It's called the Haggadah. Which is a book that we read around the table. And traditional foods that we have. That we have a meal and it could go for maybe two hours or selling of a really good meal in between. And finish off what we do that for the first two nights. And then you have six other days of the holiday that we so keep. The strict. Items of food that we don't eat during that time now. I remember. That there were certain. A dish is set where. Served at the beginning of the evening and then as the time went on other items would come in. Right we have a a savior which means order a state of play. And there are different things on the plane. To commemorate. There's a bone. Term member of the past school lamb. There's. Something called Har row set which is a mixture of light and this is as those that happy ending. I got the bricks is right Mike the bricks the mortar that was made to build the even the pyramids in Egypt. We have either Porsche reddish roots. Or. Romaine lettuce. We have bought parsley that we dipped in saltwater. Remember the tears. Of the Jews at the time so each things on the play. Commemorate or traditional something through. The Haggadah and through this later. That we yum. That we go through and Whitman not that evening I guess I haven't been doing my studying enough I'm there are certain things that I've forgotten what they're called but I seem to recall. Of a piece of the on the left than Brad being hidden somewhere in the and in the room yes that the first time I attended a passover state arrived but because I was the youngest. Person in the group who. Had not been bar mitzvah and highways I was told that I it that was my job and I had to look or all around the place to find me on the my it's called the coffee comes I'll think I'll I'll income and yeah frank. It is something to. Keep the kids interest did and they really are at it it's such a wonderful family event that time I've always flattered when anybody. Invites me but it's at I really enjoyed it I could step fleeing yeah. The most celebrated holiday. Out of the whole year. If it's any holiday that you have to pick. In the Jewish religion. Passover is definitely. Probably the biggest that. Everyone gets involved know for sure it's a food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with the talking about food every day and we talk about all of it. How all of the food that we eat every day conceived you know if you don't beat your guy is basically our motto around here. With a stroll brown he runs the Kosher cajun. You know Colin did Delhi exactly what you it was Kosher cajun or something cage in New York Daily News New York Kelly Ocalan close enough. Anyway. Our program today is sponsored by Porter and Luke Porter and Luke. His son. Metairie road 1517. To be exact it's in a small but. But essential shopping mall. They have a Middle Eastern restaurant there is a hamburger of this lease hamburgers you've got a wal greens there. This of Conseco grocery is it's great little little spot. But the biggest. Slowed operation in the whole place. He is. The of what they do what they're doing over. With. Porter and Luke. Almost in the give and undermine my mouth there. And what goes on is just to classic New Orleans neighborhood restaurant kind of food. The have everything from straight ahead fried chicken. Which they always cooked to order it's not ever done ahead of time and then you and you know we could take it to him hope it's still a little bit warm and little bit edible. They do it to order and that's a pretty much true across the board over there it and then it makes a lot of sense because. If you don't have the big kitchen. Actually they haven't they do have a pretty big kitchen there but if you don't have that you have to cook everything in order. Because you know any room to put the things that the U Novo would have already cooked. But the menu is enormous I mean physically enormous this is the menu at the place Jules hunt. It's getting there have been just stood insane big date with the big like that almost like the front page of the newspapers that double sided double sided and winds in and cocktails and everything but. A great mix of all kinds of things that we lover on here a lot of seafood. There are few steaks on the menu and pecan crusted catfish is is a winner and up plenty more where that came from Porter and Luke. Is there every day seven days a week and they do a pretty good happy hour to. 1117. I'm sorry 1517. Metairie road in old Metairie. Porter and some of food show. We will return in just a moment or or do you wanted to hear. I'm going to early OK let well then I'm just gonna stay here and keep on going with Agile yet if what I where you from me from here I'm from here born and raised in new loans. And the a bitchy you get your share of people calling on you to get Kosher food because their checked into a hotel in and in. I don't have absolutely. Every day every day of course storms has grown so big to be such a big convention city. That. It's just it's amazing people coming we do delivery right to their room they can order off of our menu. Are we go to the convention senator or work with any of the restaurants and hotels but throwing me people used to com. And they go to a restaurant. With their colleagues and they'd sit there and maybe have a drink because they couldn't have the food they're they lose pressure now. We have been able to put together an offer meals on China. That are cooked the food is cooked in on China's so it's really nice elegant VIP set up. And it's double wrapped. The hot plate that can go into a not Kosher oven and be able to be served. And see yields to the customer and they are able to eat at a not Fisher venue. And be able to be with their colleagues. We literally every single day many times today. A running from Metairie to downtown delivering. Delivering meals it's it's become. It can be won it can be a hundred or 200 off. A lot a lot of meals on China. Remember talking to the food and beverage manager of one of the big hotels a wanna say that royal Orleans but I'm not sure if that's it. And he was telling me that the way that they handled discus we were talking about this very subject. And he said basically what we do is we take. Brand new China that we have never used before that we just haven't stock for when we do need it and we conserve it. And have it be Kosher. By doing that. He said well. The China that would be let's say they had a big function. Let's say a coach for wedding. The rob I would come and they'd have to have commission greens who need to. The verb Koch or clean the kitchen. To be able to cook in the air facility. And then they would use brand new China. Yeah China itself cannot be made Kosher so it's not just the food and a but the pencils we use and the plates we eat on. Silverware can be made Kosher by putting in boiling water. But China being that is a porous item my father's not a way to. Crush or make cut China's pressure and so we. We buy plates by the palate. With a lot of fun. And once we said the amount it's kinda it's a one way China one league veteran dale because you don't pick them up but it's an inexpensive set. The restaurant can keep it give it to someone or toss it. Well that explains that. So is so listen it was a true story after all after all these years saint Thomas Meredith were Orleans and we haven't had for what did you do you are married at the the Kosher the row or violence not a bad place to get married beautiful for many years to who the chef there used to be. And on arraignment soups. That's one person and Andrea he was they are forward for like ten years while I saw him yesterday in did you yes was it did you talk to you and all. Of course I know deceased talks to everybody at great length when he wasn't on the found at. That's about right I don't Kiki Kiki does commercials with this and that's how he doesn't need to storms in here and starts off effect. Anyway it's a food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris and we will return with more of that in just a moment after first. Please this. Hello it's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris. We have a lot of holidays going on right now this one this weekend. Certainly that is true there is. That whole business that we talked about a few days ago. Where. Couple of the schools are putting. Are making actually in a complete. Festival. How it all of the foodstuffs. That go into. This festival. And and its. A most of it is raised by students. At Catholic school and this has been at a tremendous. Program for everybody involved and then that is going on tomorrow oh wait I'm pretty sure right don't know fits it might also BO Friday. But that's something coming up but meanwhile at the same time boy you can. You could even say that I've got that backwards because passover is something new goes back a few more years. Like thousands it's the thought here I go out there. Is that the number four. They should look this up in the in the in the mean to farms they the old farmer's almanac almanac yeah they would have that in there. You know I was just looking over your menu while we were India a break there just to make sure that you have my favorite deli sandwich still on. On the menu you do. You remember what it was I. Can't imagine you will drain and special. There was we like chapel hour. I do that the chain and specials on number ones and which but which was eulogized. JNNN. On the top. For model and Natalie. All on and that's the name of the JE NN oh yeah here it is special putt corned beef and pastrami. Rye with mustard horseradish and coleslaw. OK no the one I was thinking of is is very close to that on that stack there a Turkey breast and shop and that our program and you the trip to the chop liver is fantastic. Shop every deliveries. If you've never had it before. It's a lot like a pop pie a pot oh it's credible pot today. And it's it's rich but not ridiculously slow and if you are not a liver lover. Don't worry about it hits. If this is not something you could turn you would goes away from a much you really are stuck try it you'll like the fifth. Via. That's is no doubt about that. But then the menu just goes on and on here you've got the lamb chops and though rib steak in. Boneless chicken. And. Hamburger and Fries for recent rate burgers Dewey and great for what so what kind of beef to you live in exits and all natural Kosher beef just the way. Cut do you like to get. Horry Horry is sit ground up over the edge front apart right now I don't buy it from the distributor. Out of Iowa Kosher. Just sugar out of Iowa. But just the way the animals are raised no hormones that stimulate nose and well very very let's or reason unto itself to to eat Kosher absolutely many people not just for the religious aspect of eating Kosher. Just. People in the mindset to by that shop at whole foods for. For the organic and the all natural. That's how. Our products start out. With the extra particular. Supervision. And we bring it. Use all these ingredients to some of our product and that's so we have a lot of people. Who come not just stopped for the religious aspect. And you are and everyone is invited that's something that and ought to be known it then. And and Jenny just where were you locate yourself invited. I mean to everybody has Jewish friends immediate unless your own and miss and throw or something. Anyhow I'm looking over your your deli menu here and every time somebody calls me and says that they're off to New York City but that's question number one what what are the great Dell lease to go to. And taught some of them really greatest ones have long gone now they are so many have I want to lie. Because everybody loves. I just judging by what I hear here I think it's just it's it's a big real estate. In that explains it don't necessarily own the property. And the real estate properties in New York are just going crazy now all yes that have been there a hundred years past some business and then just. The real estate market has not taken them. Taken now you know yeah I remember oh what was that. Oh gosh the famous when there's parting gay going to use the one I was trying to think of and that had been ancient that. Although I never to the day tied to the last thing I ever went there could figure out how anybody could take a bite out there that's him. 'cause it's about like that thick kind at it give you basic eleven inches tall and a pound of meat on there you don't have to like. Laid on its side and kind of an hour down trying to answer via anyway it's sure is good. Excellent money. And your menu that you have all all of the basic delicatessen. Sandwiches and and I'm sure resell a lot of interest right off them. But he'll probably menu now apple even take out were in a great spot in Metairie. Right by the Metairie business district calls way really is having to yes and on some burn down from lakeside shopping center. It's. Regularly launch. Stop. Yet it again I tell you there is this a guy who. Which in my fraternity. Actually he was the one of the adults from the previous generation. They see him every time I go there. And then. Again if you are this is some guys that I sing barber shop with him that the it just you just never know we can turn up in it because they're always going to be around the place to me there really is AA in a lot of ways. Now you have. In addition to the sandwiches and an all of these Kosher meals that you. I've been talking about it. But it goes on well beyond that and you have ingredients that go abroad in pretty much Arnold have. Besides the restaurant we have a grocery connected. We bring in all these different products. Very big wine selection all official warns about a 150 different wines from all over the world. How we have achieved it a shop inside of our store. All the traditional holiday which holiday different things that you might need for presence. And our grocery we have meets and in check in and cheeses. And a little bit of Kosher bison. Is very hard to get. Is that your you know they're growing it in Louisiana the stakes. While they get the rabbi over there a he's headed to inject in and get a second let's is that doing an in in the western part of the state and I I've handed a few times it's very good but it's very lean bills they had to say it tells like leaner than than policy analyst checked that's exactly right that's what I've heard. And and it's not even all that expensive. Well maybe someday it might or. Might show up. Over there right you know I did this say a good friend of mine although I haven't seen in years. Who I've told me that she was going Kosher. And then she said except the meets. And I've I've never been quite sure what she meant by that but I bet you know. We're doing via. I guess he was gonna you know to keep Kosher or partially but. You're keeping Kosher you would you would do at all you know in the meets in the chickens. But does she picked and she is Austin and maybe she still wanted to to have certain meets us certain cuts that you don't get paid is with Kosher. We don't use behind. Quarter and a so we are way it was only for his revised slightly revised shock and shoulder but the main three cuts and then what comes and who have who would've known that the sirloin strips in the filet is in the back of the boss. You know whoever thought. I think whether we don't ingest blood is part of the pressure and there are so many things back there it's very hard to get out. I imagine so. Well anyway. It's it's a busy busy busy time of year for you know and thanks for years for drop in in in and shoot the breeze with this for a while. It's it's it's a unique place to go. And it's it's open to everybody and if you if you know nothing about Jewish traditions or Jewish food at all it doesn't make any difference. Go over there and try it it's something new you're gonna. With thanks for coming in haven't seen you in awhile. I don't know why that is. We've talked with an yeah shall brown. Due to a restaurant itself is set 3519. Some burn. If you know where the pepper mill restaurant is its right across the street from there so that's that's easy easy to fine. And there are open every day except. Saturday Saturday to this and you Muslims have been shut down and Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock o'clock on Friday and a well. You you are somebody. Has said or what thanks to a thanks for dry and yeah yeah absolutely. It's a food show this system that's more it's it's great to be here with you talking about food. About cooking about whine about cocktails about everything that we eat everything that we enjoy and even some things that we we really hate. Like there are certain. There's certain dishes that are made by certain people. But he is their known in the industry as bad grass products as a that we are always on the look out to avoid and if you have anything like that call me although I'm really more interested in. In the things that you have enjoyed. And and and why you like him so much to lose it's it's an important part of it. 20606368. Is our telephone number. 2606368. He called right now I think you'll be pretty close to the beginning of the line here via UB all the way in the front of it. And though we will talk about anything you want this is the way we are all the time. 2606368. And and fill our here. Or here is since we're talking about all the people listening to us. As to what you have enjoyed lately in and also you know what might have been could have been a little bit better. But before we get into that. Please this. Be done that he DD DD done. Hello it's the food show. Coming to live from our HD two studios overlooking everything in the entire universe. That's if you give it a little extra push. Or numbers 2606368. Is this. Barbara or book just barb. Barbara welcome to our show. Her high. I agree it. It wasn't it we weren't expecting it either for those who might not have heard this. Yesterday we were gonna have an. Over at the salon the salon so long nose slow so it can never get this word right for some salon salon that. Anyway. There always. A leak of broadcasts. In the immediate vicinity and and the power company came out and and said we can't recommend you turn on you your ovens. Buyers as we have gassed me. And so we had the we have to. Cancel our. Last night but we're gonna do it again we you'd pick and do another date and try again and that's where in all the years we've been doing these things that's a new eyes and we've never happened before. Let them know Angela. Well well you could've done a lot worse than that it. That's that is so one of my favorites absent but you always and a well what did you have since we're talking about a we've all. I hit racked Alam wreck a lamb. The I look at a different I decided to get something different things from and I would be current ginger question. They love stuff like that at this time a year when it's cold outside. Vienna I love. What did you oh would give me Horry impress your impressions of it including some some of some colorful adjectives. Gary charity. Very charity. I was disappointed that they didn't that I didn't take more ginger cook hi Lou I love ginger yeah me too. And that's the best thing about it is you wrote with James. That's true you know that that those little people are that it never knew that that was ginger. But you know when you go and get sushi they've they give you some of the pickle that's what it is. Are often a corner and it's it's white or green you've it's couple different callers and then you just pop it in your mouth it's supposed to keep your breath fresh. Extra help and very good for you that's right and it's and it has no harmful after effects either. Right right. And they have a whole flounder on the menu they didn't have floundered last night they can get it. He had told speckled Trout he hit it appropriate that the odds to. A and he can't become violent thoroughly enjoyed it. Via you know we. When my son was getting married we had a couple of events there one of what's rehearsal. And that was to these we have bunch of people from coming from Washington DC and and also from Los Angeles this its where and Norway and he just. These people coming in from from those cities have disposed to have such great food it just blew them away. You know we we know we've we've got more excellence here per square inch than any other place. Definitely. Yeah. Italian two I'd do it seems the rest invention. Well. How come is Tom is not a very good web master. And and because of that. That would have been times when I was trying to build that in and also make the each club information a little bit more of a little bit easier to figure it out. And I wind up spending seven or eight hours and accomplishing nothing. And all and it is really hard to find people. Who can come in and and not repair exactly but do some work on your computer if you survive on like I do and I just can't find anybody and they get material I'm not very good at it myself so. But that's that's the only reason why am but I keep trying. It's on my mind alive. How well sorry but the nine that's a weenie kind of a back awhile away from a lot of that you don't really get to use some work for a change Tom kind of stuff. Tell you come here. Got married and bought our agent. Yeah me he is he has a job these days that is so. Responsible. It it it I hate I can't even begin to tell. Eyes he doesn't have time for me anymore with good releases at. Doing so well. And are greatly and he's about to have another little baby. So we'll have to members of that that generation and it. Went from. Pretty soon. Next few months. Now. So when you want to marry him for awhile again. I don't know. I IKEA I can't come close to figuring that out either. It is you know the I'm just an old guy who doesn't know anything. And it just just looked me up in the list of all such people and then you'll find me in it about thirty. That. And it never mind that. Well so. The next big club. I I Soto lie and number I don't era of putting up with that but there was nothing we could do we were trying until the last minute to get Entergy just let this go with a putt. They said now. So. That's why I guess. We will look at this thing if you're sure that outside of an invite you to join us. Yeah well you know that would have been fun and I was thinking about it. Blow but the point of doing it was something my wife asked me to do and I just can't remember now. Yeah I yeah so idea I it's it's lame you know that's all like that is lame excuse. And and freeze. Floating gas. It today and I saw any panacea around. I like eighties more than the more. Frequent attendees at or eat club dinners but though the club dinner we had whoa we had scheduled to go walk yesterday it was in anybody's ball that says you know on this kind of stuff is. Gas lines. Little problem can't light fires under. Under a an oven if you gut free floating gas around in justice and installer but will do it again will blow said. Look like you're great menu a lot of people telling me that now 260. 636. Call right now you get rated we'd love to talk if you buy anything. Along the line of eating intriguing. And food and not so food and analyst 260636. Let's see what did we feel like talking about today. And made lists of things that they do every day. But that was. When a couple of things came up as well if only somebody would bring this up. But. It seemed to a couple of let me just give you this one. What do you what is your feeling about drive through. Or. Park get out coincide by a kid in your car drive home in other words takeout food cook food. But take out. I I'm so much on record with this and I won't. Tell you what I think about it I think it. Not much anyway you know I will tell you this I think that today he points of making the food get called. And cold food that should have been hot is June. And really attractive thing. However I know that there are people who just don't have the time they have kids at home they have. Babysitters to. Pay and they you know as a civilian things. That keep you from doing all the niceties. And where is DO the only option. Is to get it picked up. Or do you know take out of some like that but what is your feeling about that I'd I'd like to know and it here's another angle in this if you wouldn't mind. Are there any restaurants you think handle. Take note very very well. This sometimes you you have certain offerings. That they're not particularly good but when you realize that it is a take out and and you look at the prices which are usually lower than if you ate in the restaurant. Ha how what are these places which which are the ones that you have had good luck. Called me about that or. Anything else you feel like talking about and that is a lower number one rule over here. He is everything. And anything on your mind about food is always welcome here you don't have to worry about she assists. Hip enough or Smart enough to go on the radio yes it is certainly use him all you have to do is stop me and that that much. 2606363. Call and know we'll talk about that about anything else on your mind to 6063. 68. Analysts see oh here's another thing I lose. This somebody sent me something. Actually they sent me several things one of the boys paid decoder device for Dick Tracy. So way fury if it Dick Tracy is still around and needs one of the east so he can go fight crime. I I have the forward for him. If he needs and I'll keep it away from anybody who might cause problems. And the other half of this was remember soda fountains. I came in. Pretty much at the end of that. On the the place that I remember most fondly was bred police pharmacy. It was on the corner of Carrollton. And Claiborne. Which has been called also the center of the known universe. It was where the bank is now on forget what kind of bank it is but it's on the corner of at sea doo it's beyond the canal street river corner of the community. Intersection. Of Claiborne and Carrollton. Both of which yourself there aren't they isn't that funny if two restaurants crossing one another and both of them Marseille this. Anyway. They hit it was a little drugstores it was really a drugstore he could go in there and and and mr. Bradley would be therein and he could failure soups group prescriptions and and he had no the other kinds of things that you would expect to find an in a in a the kind of place where you but you get sure. Who were. Oh. You know the your prescriptions he was. It's something to set caught my attention there for a minute sorry about that. But the beyond that they had. An actual old style. Soda fountain. And with that three of four ladies who were always in behind the calendar there. And they would do Hamburg before you they would make French Fries which remember is being among the best French Fries have ever had. And they had you know grilled cheese sandwiches. But they also. Head hamburgers that they were grilled to order and a few other things like that. And it was not expensive it was certainly very very casual. And assists a little drugstore. With the drugstore kind of stuff. And then they all went away and almost exactly the same time. I remember. That the very last I think this is right the very last K in B soda fountain was in. Harry hand. I I lived around there back then and I yeah I think it it was actually the last one and there were a lot of people. Who were who really missed it almost immediately. And complained about we you know why did why did KNB take take the their hamburgers and all that when they go glitzy their big hamburger and try to remember what their. Pick they had names for everything it was called it king Baylor. That was their big hamburger. And it wasn't until many years later that I realist king burger I get a KNB. Yep that's what it meant. So anyhow and if anybody has any remembrances. The old time soda fountains that she used to see in little. Neighborhood pharmacies coal and tell me about them. I would love to know your your memories of that. Or about anything else at all. At all I mean. 2606368. We want to talk if you put all this we never get enough calls from you or you or you. Animate Shannon Meehan an alien to the wall or anything but you know we've we here we have this radio program. That is unique to this city. And I'm not bragging one on what we're doing a bragging on our city or cities so terrific. Just the fact that we got through Hurricane Katrina. On really. In in most. Ways we got that. Practically. Free I mean it was it was amazing I mean those who who were in the middle of its eye on Noah I believe me it wasn't pretty. And it was really horrible and I do know about that but our our city is holed. Are cuisine came right back and I have long said that one of the reasons we were able to come back as quickly as we did is that. People. Knew that if we could just go out and and eat some some gumbo enough. And it's some some flog raw and I'm I'm not making this up cassettes with people we're doing. And it would be terrific and we would you feel good about our future and that's exactly what. And here we are we doing this program which date back even before Katrina. And all we do is talk about food and wine and restaurants and cooking and you. If you were to go to any other place in America you would not find anything like this again not bribing them just giving you reasons why you want to call. That's all to a 60. 6368. We you need a break. I get the idea we will come back with more of the food show in a moment but first please this. And indeed done done done. Hello you're listening to the food show and Paul was kind enough to call us time Paul welcome to the Puccio. And it sounded kind of a poncho to bring up Bernard cheering him. Then. I dropped one dollar and shows. It just sort by down there enough. One thing that might remember original. The leader and a counter and was named misty. Oh really occur because that's Arctic. Get serious amounts payers shouldn't. And it is it was a pleasure Gordon and pitched up about Jupiter. Now that chocolate chocolate so. Yeah I mean it really. People were wondering how they would get along without it. And then it went away and it turned out that it wasn't all that hard but now now in retrospect it does seem to be a great loss at least it does to me. I. In oh well it that my favorite back then I was sort of in the at the let the final end but my long. Employment at the time saver. A hole there. I've worked in that went for a while but the one I've worked in more than any other it was time saver in number one on the corner of Carrollton and oak streets. And there was a K and be right across the street and less so handy you know from what we take a break and we just go over and get a cup of coffee. There they worry you know you can get a burger king and it was city it was terrific the building still there but that's why I think it's another. Are you some like that what they bought gay and be heritage how all could they have been soul. Lacking in foresight in getting rid of that name I mean that's this doesn't make any sense at all that. Corporation and being owners must now yeah. Well thanks. Thanks for the whole bankruptcy it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris our program today is sponsored by Frankie and Johnny's. Frankie and Johnny is has been with us since 1942. In all of those years if functioned more as a way. For local people. To eat their local food in the kinds of things that they that they've always love without having to. Have. A lot of it. And a necessary to bring home and cook it all yourself this was a place where you can get that need it. And it was good back then and it means is still good right now. By David McKelvey who is the owner as of a few years ago he took it over after working with Emeril for a long time he was sees second in command over the immoral as. And he. Got in there and did a renovation of four of Frankie and Johnny east. And in which you find out that there are lots of different ways you can go with their menu that starts off with wonderful oysters on the half shell. When they started getting into the boiled seafood. Tanker who what's what sort of looking for the the boiled seafood. That is coming in in the exit the corner with the with the newspaper in all that. The crawfish are just now getting started so fumed have been looking forward to the advent. Some really nice crawfish boiled crawfish it is there now at Frankie and Johnny along with all the other seafood and all the other. New Orleans neighborhood stuff. They are on the corner of well let me just say 321 Arab bella street uptown it's about a right on the corner moralists of jumped to a street. Seven days a week lunch and dinner Frankie in Johnny's. The news is next in the and we will be back with another hour of the food chose to stay tuned thank you.