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Thursday, April 26th

Dave visits with CBS News White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy about the withdrawal of Admiral Ronny Jackson as the VA Secretary Nominee in the first half of the hour. District 51 State Representative Beryl Amedee also calls in to talk to Dave about her Recess bill.  


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Dave's going in for no Norman nine year Friday eight. WW well joining us now CBS news correspondent Steven Portnoy. On the day we learn White House doctor Ronnie Jackson has withdrawn his consideration. As veterans affairs secretary saying quote. False allegations. Have become a distraction Stephen what were these false allegations. To which doctor Jackson prefers. Well we should make the point dated they're unproven allegations it made yet they bind this senate Democrats who are on the veterans affairs committee. They released a two page statement of explosive allegations that it will get into the details on that. Essentially some of these men mainly because they are proven that we can't verify. But some of the larger ones where for example the one that that Jackson himself specifically denied. Including incident where it's alleged he was the Secret Service going away party Datsyuk rolled city. We wrecked a government vehicle he says that never happened. We're also that that should be their party's easy to confirm if he were to go through these confirmation hearings. That there should be records of a government vehicle being racked and who was driving in unless there was an elaborate cover up. Well that's a very good question and into the point to make and I you know the White House makes it. Unity yesterday said that that this is a person has been added more than most presidential nominees because he served three different president has their doctor. And you'd have to go undergo at least one FBI background check which would involve like he had said in interviews with people who know to work with him. There's also visited the allegation that he has run a hostile work environment and is prone to temper tantrums. The senate democratic investigators say they've spoken more than twenty. The current and former staffers of the White House military unit have been making these complaints about that Jackson. Now it's possible to compassion FBI background check in and get installed into an office here at the White House and and in Italy things in and not have a bead is set to different police and FBI check but the White House also had been pointing. Does the personal recommendations. Forward Jackson in his paper written by in their own hand the last three presidents. So that this president Donald Trump said today in an interview that that they that the that the doctor had an unblemished perfect record. And that it's all about the democratic effort to destroy the man. At the same time. That the Democrats who compiled the lists say that they are confident that there's something to look into here and top Republicans on the panel called the allegations serious. They he delayed. Oh postponed I should say indefinitely postponed and ultimately it will never be accurate and it's confirmation but it was the Republican chairman. Of these that it part veterans affairs committee Johnny likes that Isaacson of Georgia who this week. Should statement which he said these serious allegations. And that senators needed more time to look into the beyond all the allegations there was that the growing concern. That doctor Jackson would've been in over his head as the leader of the second largest government agency. More than 300000 employees a bunch of close to a billion dollars serving nine million American veterans each year. That's Jackson lead to medical unit of the few dozen employees here but nothing close to what he would do if you were running the Veterans Affairs Department. And that is why never Republicans. Had thoughts of another page. You know it's one of those situations when you hear it on its surface you go wait a minute. If this guy really did all of these things that are being alleged in this two page document from the Democrats. He would have nobody had these skeletons in his closet and he woody how would you expect they would not come out when going through such a difficult vetting process and such a deep tailed effort to dig up dirt which is kind of normal in the confirmation process on the other hand you have a guy who's served. Two democratic presidents now to Republican president all who have glowing reviews of M. And you go well you may be was a really good guy and then where is this coming from is kind of ahead scratch here either way I guess in the long run at this point it doesn't matter since he's withdrawn his nomination. Yes withdrawn his nomination global point to consider just talk about the factories embedded in the past this is amended and admirals in the US navy which means that. Whatever process has occurred in terms of investigation that has gone on within the Defense Department. And not in a public way. Obviously in order to be elevated to admiral that is something that you know this said it would would have to sign off on and for. You know in to be installed as the veterans affairs secretary that's certainly something that the senate. Would begin to. But whatever process had done and been undertaken before has not been political until now. And that's the key point not to say that it was politically motivated or say. But when you know political actors who were interested in digging into someone's background they will do it with a with a tremendous firfer. That perhaps the kind of investigation that might take place facilities serving in an inning in a key role here in this White House and might not even need the same extent. And went set and investigators are looking into that would background that is their job to. Very clearly that someone to look for skeletons in the closet and they they hope the people will tell them thanks in this case people did tell them things whether true or not. Jackson denies it but there are several people who will remain nameless because of this process because some of them are stealing an awful. But the senate Democrats say that they've spoken to these people are those people have told them with assurances that this all of this all happened so. Not the end of the story because the bank continues to work your back Jackson admiral Jackson continue to work here at the White House is that position to the president. These questions have not been answered and they will link. So as long as he is employed as the president's position as long as he's an admiral in the US navy. I guess you're right he's probably will merit some further investigation. And there are those who want to find out if these allegations are indeed true for him to continue to serve in those roles albeit not as the VA secretary. This clearly is set back. For the company ministry nation another nominee who will not make it through the nomination process at the same time though it looks like outgoing CIA director Mike Pompeo is expected to clear his last at. Hurdle to become secretary of state. It's right at tech I believe the confirmation vote is supposed to happen this hour. Right and it needed appears at this point to the senate is going to confirm Pompeo as secretary of state that. Well we appreciated Stephen Porter will be listening for your reports John WWL across the CBS radio network we appreciated every time we join us and might mess you bet Steven Portnoy here on WWL. I'm Dave go on what do you think of all of this. Do you think a guy who has made it to be the personal physician or the White House position for for president who has glowing reviews from both to democratic and two Republican president who has become an. Admiral in the US navy. Really could have all of those skeletons in his closet really could be this. Horrible drunk who crashes. The US. Government vehicles and then. Has it covered up do you really think that he could have been. Dispensing drugs. Without prescriptions. He really thinks that he could've been. Bringing a hostile work environment. To. The White House. To. The naval offices in which he worked. And none of this would have been reported until now when he was. Nominated to be VA secretary. Soon let's talk about that. Put that on the buffet for this. Talk show here on WWL they've gone in for Noual Norman while also continue the discussion this high school prepare students for college or real life that we started last hour luggage calls at 5042601878. And text messages and 87878. Coming up also look at a bill. To require kids get recess at school. Should they take thirty minutes out of the day. So kids can run around and play outside. Some say would be great. And it would further motivate them it would allow the media stress and in the long run perform better others say where in the world that time gonna come from when none of these strict guidelines to teach all the material it's done. The test. And make sure they're ready for these standardized tests that they have to take. That allowed teachers to keep their jobs schools to stay open principles to keep their jobs and students to move on to the next grade where you gonna find that time by the way do us. New investing since Saturday mornings at nine just to know that because of our extensive draft coverage is this week and the this week homely investing sense with a Andy Smith and Bob Richards will air Sunday evening from six to 7 PM. Again if you wanna get expert advice on your investments for a one K and all those things investing. Sunday evening at 6 PM this week only here on WW. Well. Democratic staffers. Say that based on a conversation with 23. At Jackson's current and former colleagues at the White House medical unit. The Jackson exhibited a pattern of recklessly prescribing drugs and drunken behavior. Including crashing a government vehicle while intoxicated. And doling out such a large quantity of prescription OP UH without a prescription. The staffers panicked because they thought the drugs were missing the White House doctor Ronnie Jackson has now withdrawn. For consideration. As a VA secretary John thanks for calling your on WWL what do you think of all that's. I think a lot of it who wanted to be honest with you and I on the second record altered that are urgency we're. Advocacy group there's Slidell they would we will not edit decision as to whether or not just court. Apple jacks and Eric are going to be a portion next week. That was one of my agenda items we want to hear confirmation. Of adequately ever. And questions. But when it comes all this so the rest of this stuff. Sounds to me like just completely made up by mean its first off a government vehicle if there's Hank Aaron accidentally and match it can't be partners where blacks and reports that can't we have to be completed. And otherwise it repair. Yet you know I guess are sadly thinking about the scene in a few good men you know who were there Jack and Iran's character has. Covered up the code red and gone to all of these extensive measures to try and make it go away and I'm just wondering. Kim and admiral cover up getting drunk and crashing a vehicle in the us navy hours are asking too much. How did you do you know it's the next mark rather him close the mom who was sent it happened in this thing. You know I am in order to get the bank's next fears are reporting process so the answers now. I don't think there can be covered. I don't think our democratic staffers though running huge risk by raising this allegation if they don't have any supporting evidence to prove that it actually happened. You mean like Russia and pollution. Well that and all the time it's. Come on yeah it's easy to make. All kinds charges based on. You know anonymous. Statements because shoot you know gosh if it has proven it all well and we were told you know by a source would incredible. I had to hear me out here we have a guy who rises through the ranks becomes an. Admirable. Admiral admirable admiral in the US navy has the endorsements of four US president says being the White House position. Who apparently has this great record that we keep hearing about. Instilled this two page document comes out and now apparently they're 23 people who have just horrible terrible no good very bad things. To say about him what does it tell us about our system. Yet at something else to that at that level he would also had Teixeira they're. Top secret clearance which means ban background investigation. Aren't we know the FBI can't again the FBI had done that. So it's. Yeah the whole thing is it just like along you know the problem is I'd use another term on here and one future problems with that. Let me. Yeah and that's all time looks like. And you saw the sector shall command. To sector shall go on he isn't good. Sector and their hasn't been mistaken yen far. You know he's seen and they're using all of these folks well shouldn't we got a couple of let's go ahead and drive this guy out of office and by golly it. You know if we don't have. We go out and you know tied to another. And wars what I'm archer. Jackson would have made it good to. The secretary of us that we had made decisions whether we support. Hammer now. But that based on qualification and his ability. To run. Large bureaucracy its clearance and 8000 people in hand. You know budget dog on your 200 billion dollars. That's coming courtesy. That the rest of the stuff. I don't you order does raise a question. Do we make it so difficult. And so political and such an ugly process. That we consistently make good people not want to participate in our government whether it's. Through appointments like this whether it's in running for office whether it's through any participation. In the government because of how nasty politics as are we driving away the best people. Because they don't want to put up with a scrap they don't wanna be subjected to this. Well I'm gonna raise an issue next week in DC you were meaningless. John where I'm burglary Ireland who I appreciate your calling in and sharing that with that's the flip side of that of course is. Are bad people actually being weeded out because of the process like this and now we actually protect getting protected from bad people because of the process. I don't know Jeffrey what do you think. Hey good morning morning. I think it. A lot of attitude dissidents known. Where. You're you're you're Rezko. Just explain what velvet cover and upper. Our commitment. Even if somebody gave you evidence is clear evidence. You don't wanna believe. You'd you do don't wanna. I was in the military I was in the navy. To use do you do you believe an admiral could very easily. Cover up a drunken car crash of a government vehicle. And be no record of do you think that you do you believe that happened in this instance. If torture people you probably. Detroit street people. Who would come around Spain beat Spain happen. We don't know what we're which. These signal. Poetry. Well we know that people who interviewed them are Democrats. OK well where we don't know. The people we interviewed him vocal well what do you got afraid of people who do one interview alliance. The people who what'd. Well what okay it would sign if you drop out he dropped out. Jeffrey Rea appreciate it and I understand your point. And I totally could see where or something like that could happen and I and Kennedy brings up a few good men in my mind so I am picturing a Hollywood interpretation of this. Where in Hollywood. In great script yeah. These kinds of things could and would happen the question is did day and if that really did happen why did never come up during his FBI background check clearance. Through any of the vetting he had to go through to be in the president's position. For the last several presidents. We'll continue this conversation coming up after the news here on WW well. We're gonna get right back to our discussion and bouts the nominee for veterans affairs secretary withdrawing amid some pretty hefty allegations. Coming up in just a moment or right now. I wanna talk with state representative barrel amity who joins us from the capital about her bill that would requires schools have thirty minutes of recess every day represented a thanks for joining us what aspired you to write this slow legislation. I would hearing stories from parents about how their children had little you know re. Some cool integrity and you won all read that today. No actual. And many they have at their lunch hour is now twenty to 25 minutes and the students aren't even allowed to talk while they're having lunch. Yeah I've seen that through my own kids schooling that in elementary schools even the kids have to sit at a table and eat without speaking a word knew each other and then they don't go outside and play afterwards they get in line and they walk right back to the classroom. Why is that troubling to UN why do you think recess and play time is so important. Well you know even handle have a hard time getting on paying attention for a long period of time. Even movies are only about two hours or Atlanta these days. Content that. So that all children. And it ill for 360 minutes per day six hours of instructional time predict outbreaks. Is it shocking. We need our body and not on it still that long we need to you know move around or physical reason. But all so we need mental breaks. We need free Britain on that we can use our imagination and be creative. To help the retain what we just learn and how could be stressed that it is not the thing. So you think there'd be academic benefits. To children having play time having recess again in school. Absolutely studied and been an opt out of school that have never removed three and schools that are reinstating resent. Are reporting the same they're saying it didn't come back and and they come back to their dad actually ready to pay attention. Dead human three. I allow teachers can not happen and instructional time. Doing so much review. Discipline problem or down combat greater and young children have been able to take less medication. That they were taking to try and focus. You know we've been hearing though from educators for a long time now that requirement that the district level. At the Bessie requirement level the board of Elementary and Secondary Education even at the legislative level that there are so many. Additional requirements on them now in terms of minutes are required. Educational time. And then the tests that they ought to teach do that there is the one test that determines if a teacher keeps their job with the principal keeps their job of the school is failing or not. That they feel so much pressure that they have to pack so much. In Q every learning day where would this time come from. And would you have to change those requirements that are currently on the books or extend the school day to allow for this recess. Look at who we have apparently the discussion about education committee yesterday. Yes the main greet them at school or yapping for having to redeem or do what you re nobody or you're in high extracting. The theory is that you tweet and every available moment in instructional time in the student should be better on the and we didn't do better on the the school should be better and there are grade you know as we note schools are given great now. So bad that theory but what we're finding experience is. Not necessarily working that way because at some point it backfired. When the children are no longer able to retain what they learn. Without worry of mental and technical breaks they're not doing very well at. It is not working out that way so if we can spend some time giving them as men on Corey. And even though we might even have to reduce instructional time to find room and get two for the recent. But is there instructional time that remain in going to be that much more of an agent and then their grades should go. But that didn't test and great great hand in hand the school grade. And maybe the next to talk to each other and interact with each other and problem solve with each other and do those things that we constantly see. Young children more and more struggling with a represented there we appreciate your joining us I know the hearing committee hearings and I don't wanna keep me away from that day longer final question I have is. How do you like this bills odds of becoming law. It looked pretty good reasonable support and even. Certain stakeholders. We're bringing out some hesitation. Are agreeing that this is a good idea and they want to work together to try on solutions. And you know I expected it will pass that we are used in public. Input to let all the legislators know and how can it that this is important to mom the teachers everywhere. Well we've just given you the platform to do that you might be glad to know that while not scientific and army get seventy pretty Mans opinion Paula WWL dot com. 93%. Of those voting agree with you and thank schools in need to have at least thirty minutes of recess a day for kids. And thank you so much and enjoy your committee hearings as stated in here there at the State Capitol I'm Dave cone and renewal Norman we'll continue discussing messed. And the now failed nomination for VA secretary of some very interesting text messages I'm getting an 87870. I'll share with you right after this White House doctor Ronnie Jackson. Withdrew from consideration as veterans affairs secretary today saying false allegations against him. Have become a distraction those allegations included that he was known as the White House as the quote. Handyman because he would hand out Oprah you Lloyd. Ills without prescriptions. He says it's not true but a democratic document two pages worth of allegations include that in many others. Against him text messages are coming innovate 7870. Once has my dad always said the people Smart enough to do the job. Are Smart enough not to you. And I think that may be true that some of the people best qualified. Ford jobs like this or to run of four key posts know that it's going to be very difficult for them and their families to do it. And maybe they choose not to you however somebody else takes me dates 7870 win and equally good point. They say the best people. Have no issue with scrutiny. Another text message comes in at 878 Sony says why would you withdraw if there's no credibility to the allegations. Well he says and I dissent at the the false allegations against him have become a distraction but he doesn't feel like this administration needs another distraction. Those as you are eating being sarcastic or stupid. If you think the admiral is the only one indeed see that as skeletons in his closet. That we haven't heard about. I don't know who said that. But I think you're right that is stupid if you believe that most people don't have some skeletons in their closet some thing that would be. At least embarrass saying and if not worse that could come out if they sought office war they went through a nomination process. Sad but true francs thanks for calling your on WW. Yeah it's technical. What are yours. Went out and won. That. Well we're not that didn't go. Where would it. Be original web admiral. And embody what he's he's served as the position. To several previous presidents both democratic and Republican. And to become an admiral in the US navy you have to be vetted to get into the White House and work their you have to go through FBI background checks and he's got top level security clearance he gets to put his hands on the president of the United States. We're back on. Tuesday. If it. In addition it. Name. Where would. Stand. Because. Then. It would have been. In Korea. The technology do you think they were afraid to be a whistle blower afraid to expose these allegations because that would end their careers. But that. And I don't know that might outpace you or art or if he hadn't done that you know going. Shall. We become I. Putting been a problem because. About it deflect India division. Where you don't around the rotary well to tell. Is. It your ticket agent. Good to be I mean people acted because it. You know it will come well to him. Frank thank you frank I understand your point and again I keep common tacky tell him back. To the courtroom scene and a few good men you want the truth you can't handle the truth. I don't know I don't know that's the same in this situation or not but it keeps making me think of that. Because there was an elaborate cover up the Nat to the same level that was that was a murder that was a soldier left dead as a result. This is no allegations rise to that level on this case but it is trouble some and curious and ahead scratch here. How a guy gets to this level. Successfully. Through imperious series of settings through background checks through approvals and endorsements from presidents of the United States. And that he's nominated for the VA and suddenly all of these people are coming out with all of these allegations I don't know if they're drill I don't know of any of this stuff really happened. But it does make you wonder. Could it all really happened and no one ever reported it before and if so why not. Our whistle blower laws not strong enough to protect people. Or. Are people just blatant liars and just making stuff up at this point or is it true somewhere in the middle I don't know what do you think. I can kid that out of my head when I keep talking about this situation. With admiral Jackson withdrawing his nomination and the wild allegation true or not that have come out against him text messages are coming in at age 7870. If you're honest and trees fall sooner or later you will be found out like that another person Texas and says. If someone accuses you of false claims wouldn't you want to prove them wrong. And then there's this text message it 77. At this point. President trump could nominate Jesus. For any office and Al obligations would come out by Democrats. I don't know if that is hyperbole or not but I do you know. And if you ever listened to me either on this program on my regular program from 5 AM to 6 AM. I do have issues with the fact that more and more and more every thing. That so many people do is all driven by their political. Party affiliation. And no longer buy their personal common sense logic or thought process that we allow. Our democratic or Republican colored glasses. 22 and everything we see say do you hear and feel that we let the party dictate how we believe. And how we perceive just about everything and is the system broken. I don't know if it's broken but it definitely is not perfect it's far from perfect and if indeed. And rural Jackson is a good man who didn't do any of these things than this is a travesty. Of partisan politics. If however their true. If he really was a serial drunk who crashed. Government vehicles or a government vehicle if he was handing out OP you would like they were candy. To anyone who wanted them without a prescription. If the other allegations one after the other after the other after the other in the east to page democratic document are true. Then the system is works and it's a good thing. Now which side. Is the case is CA good man would no skeletons in his closet and all this stuff is just a bunch of crap someone made up. To try and defeat his nomination or is all of this stuff true and people were finally brave enough to come forward. And tell about it now that he was about to become the head of the second largest government agency and our nation. I don't now. Usually. You have he said she said and the truth is somewhere in the middle. I don't have enough information to know. Where to toward which side the truth is in this one if it's all the way to laughed all the way to the right or somewhere in the middle what I do know is we've got. An ugly. Political system in place and I don't know that it's ever going to be fixed at least not in the short term.