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Thursday, November 9th

Its The Food show with Tom Fitzmorris and as always Tom Talks about food and fun


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And him. Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump this is the watery voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. Or we could go this way because it's certainly also true this is the cool voice of viewer. Local announcer Tom Fitzmorris then it's time now for the food show. Every afternoon we sit down and we talk about the eating scene in our city. And you know we we're always reminded of all how distinctive that is. Consider so they're always people who were referring to New Orleans. And who love coming here and who. Think that the best food in the world is here. Mean really tell you that I've met many many of those folks I'm not just talking but other local people but. People who like to visit our city spend a few days here and you do a lot of food and and there you are. But that's what we cover and that's the whole show real. And somehow or another we've been able to get by with that. Four. Coming up on thirty years. But we'd love to hear from you about where you have been eating and what you've been eating and what is hot for use these days what you've enjoyed a lot. I can start off our program today and I don't know exactly. How to put this without making it sound like. I'm trying to make something happen. I'm trying to be a little subtle. In other words. But last night. My wife we she and I were gonna go to dinner somewhere. And I said it of you know we have our usual conversation about this. She says I'll go anywhere you wanna go and then I I can name like fifteen places in chief of mall wanna go to any of those. I hear that that's a common thing among a lot of people. In fact it's also true my daughters and same deal it's probably also true of me so we've bear when all the mayor Cole those have been introduced. But the we went to a restaurant. In the French Quarter. And it is. A fairly new place. And I thought it was the most exciting. New restaurant. To come along this year so far. And have liked to play a little game with Kia if I may. Tell me what you think that rest on the news. So I'm telling you that the what I would switch seems to me to be the best new restaurant in New Orleans this year so far. It opened up by dole who two months ago if that long. And I'll tell you this the chef has been on the show with us that's a that's a clue. But do you know what rest but this is or have you been there have you heard about it will loads was let's see how long we go before you actually. And that'll sorted out. But the number is 2606368. For anything you want might want from over here. We if you're looking for a recipe for example. We don't know every recipe in the world nobody knows all the rest peace in the world but we can usually find at least a direction. Four of the what you should be looking for a what you should be trying to you know experimenting around with. But no we we'd be happy to do that also if you're looking for a certain kind of restaurant for a certain kind of kind of dish. Call us and tell us about that two we we'd love to hear from you by any of it. 26063682606368. If you call right now you'll get right in. And we'll see what we can come up. Hi yesterday I brought up this question and it this is in the question this is a just to comment. I you always in the situation where. The the only water available was what I would consider to be I'm available or not very good on water and so we. While I had. A few people call in and say what kind of water they like and I'm not just talking about the business where you go to a restaurant in the waiter comes over and tells you. On how would you what what would your water service like Thabeet. You know you want. Just tap water do you want bubbly water in a bottle or or regular. Hello. Well not so bubbly water and we started in on that but we didn't get too far before the show ended and that was that. The number is 260. 6368. And calling so we here in the first caller of the day in fact Michael 75. It's this because you're 75 years old. What what is it. This of meaning be kindness is there we demand a better punched the phone that that'll do. Yes I can so that. Public enemy number. We will right. I wanna 77. Money preemptively. I'm I'm gonna get it's that trinity. Three days it's about two years old maybe. And that is and that is really good place as some of whole neighborhood there is good assessment. I stay up. Applause it's like NC at from where I'm sitting the it was opened by a guy who it's went to Tulane. But he was not from here he went went to two lane though and was educated there. Became very loyal to the school and also buried oil here to New Orleans he really likes the ones. He runs a number of restaurants out in the north east in the Carol line news. Around there he's got five or six restaurants over the air in the open that up. This match but maybe as many as five years ago now it's four at the moat three at the most. It pretty good. If if I'm looking for things to complain about that would say that the sides are very strong. But the stakes equities buying all UST IB. There aging some of that keeping them sure sure but all of it and we had nothing but good meals there and also do some some nice things like. Is it crawfish. This scores lobster it's one of those two but that's too. It's worth going to good looking placed the services. Classy. Is always live music in the bars sometimes there'll loud but not too bad. That's my feeling about it. You know. A likable I agree that we speak Lugar's. And they have valet parking. Yeah right in front I they don't use it because it literally is a block away from our radio station so I just stay where I am and go over there. Right yeah actually a good job the job left and Syria. What what these part of the baton and I'll give you clue. It is so the last letter of the name of the restaurant is. May bowel. The ball so well. So must be out well but that might be you'd think but it may be. It I would bated breath I'd put the bait on the breath the way we go it's it's so it is Susan welcome to. There welcome you sound chipper today. Yes that's like having that weather but I cannot say going back. Standard time. I into it really throws you off that net. Yeah just like immediately that I could write the need to do a. Well you know the restaurant. Industry logs. For it to be not so do you think that links him to what does that. In the background you in a factory. Don't. Act and Paul. That. And I did. It air. Quickly. Right out there. Because it Indy is just that an island much different and he had me at that time. Now while there's definitely a difference there oh yeah. Yeah. They add to your question you. Ask. No kidding I let's see if you do. It talking about. And as an ally that Peters street. It wears what is. Double its name. Bork kept. On. I don't know I don't know what to. Cash yeah. No that is definitely not the best new restaurant here. The day to day. They did it. Three. I'll party for local media and people in the neighborhood in a few weeks ago. But something went wrong I don't know why. But service to us at least stop. And we want to leave it. But this is what happens in the brand new restaurant so you know we forget about that in and tried again but that's not it that's a guest. It can't. I think what had been. Held. You. Know it's I would think it couldn't let it. No that's a good investment though there always busy there they're almost directly. Underneath where our radio stations we can jump out the window and landed it. You would wanna do that please don't do it. I don't eyes and that was my yeah. Well I'm glad you you've called with all that any of that provide you with good. Good day eating lately. And cap. You. Look at the and it was delicious and I have great it was. But right. TV. Is. Armed through Opentable. They emailed me again. I let them know is that they need. I am. Well it says it sounds sounds okay to me. You know what thanks for Colin. And it's the food show boy what a busy today all of a sudden at the beginning it's used to hello. Well it is too easy town. It's too easy pick the contest the Louisiana all that includes a gift certificate to restaurant. No nobody gives me anything to give away any what a shame. To think well I don't that we that I have had them on the show I know you. Okay. And and it's I'll I'll even give the rest of the folks out there who will have a chance to guests. In the name of the group that owns the restaurant you can never remember they need strong Brittany. That's that's true like it's it's so generic I kept a straight my head. Mario curia that's right C law CUR. Oh cure real ways in. Funny piece of medal that you found in the in pyramid. And and and the name of the organization as a lot. It's is three old. And then I lose it clue all right creole on. Food no. But this city. Start to see. Sheba she quit quit Xenia oh creole cuisine. That's exactly real. One of these days in the have to be chiseled into mine. Back handers. In fact I I've I've got to get a hold of one of the guys. I know the one on the big bosses. And they advertised. In gambit. Sort last week. Visit new the opening up a new restaurant is another quick they're looking for help but wait to in the name I don't know which are restaurant. It's called flamingo go go. Is it but then this sets up nick creole is deleted. Got creole cuisine. Is restaurant concept of the top that. What he knows they they have always had X number of bars and nearly that they have several Dick and death decree bars and in that organization. Yet again I don't know what the restaurant it doesn't sound like it will be you know it does it's going to be very interesting to see what. That's all about. What may be it might be some really classy great place doing that cocktails. To a whole bunch of great things so because let's and I just got what you know I know you don't get to at Lake Charles. Certainly a list is probably do. Downtown lake trawl I was there last night for a dinner. There's a restaurant barely knew what's called the Villa. On. Option Jules quote Joseph street right downtown yeah. Our wonderful wonderful restaurant and great food reasonably priced reasonably priced wine list. So so again it's. Right down the street from them is the I think is that crude joke cap made it's been there for quite awhile. Whose show spelled like that like the car. OO PB OOK. Yeah I'll be ha ha ha yeah right which could just as well be Houston in a way except much smaller. Well we don't talk about that. Well. I hope they do and OK all those people in Houston by the way. He Leo let's hope so. Do as you know we went through. Crazy time in between Houston parts of light of Louisiana Florida the gallery go. We don't need to rehash that but thank goodness it did it here. Though that's for sure but I can't get enough in my mind you know thought not again we shouldn't forget to. You know I live I live their passivity is yet to Katrina you call that exactly. I'll feature all the lies just take them. I'd be disappointed we didn't and by the area live in the in humble Texas which is probably. Saying yeah. Humble Texas right by the golf course I checked the video to see you in and I found a video from. My subdivision. And they have water above the curb but it never got into the houses near downtown mumble. Again it was just like it was in a lawless were ordered to the rooms so well nobody was spared. I remember what you told me about what happened to you in Katrina and sounds like. You know I view you review already had your share. Always nice hearing from used to. Seal later by BAA he got it right. The restaurant where my wife and I went to last night it's called Q Oreo CUR I O. It's on the it's on the corner of B and bill. And and royal street it's on the downtown. But if I can get this rate we're screwed up downtown lakes up corner. Via anvil at royal street it's the other end of the block for mr. bees but half a block away from the so. This place was not only. Good in terms of its food but it was recently. Beautiful inside and just. But very impressive restaurant just opened really is very new we have the lady on who's the ship. She spent an hour with a slew two or three weeks ago I was impressed by everything she was talking but then. But it's even better when you find it in real life so. Again I I hesitate to get too enthusiastic about it and said. I think sometimes it comes to crosses being. Let's. An opportunity that it might otherwise be but that put this on your list it's in the French Quarter easy to get to. In a part in the quarters that's very busy all the time and it's called again Kerio CUR I O. Really. Terrific dinner and met my wife play in Paquin. This morning the first thing she told me ways that was funded it last night. And you've got to be doing so and they get the fun in last night or sometimes and sometimes she's at the use him. But that's how people aren't they 2606362606368. Caloric value right. Someone wrote to meet today and said that I don't listen to your show too much anymore because I don't have it. And HD radio and I wrote back and I said local by one. Mean you can buy these things like about forty dollars. And and if you're telling me well. I have a radio already in the works fine no it doesn't it doesn't have HD on this and have a our show. Doesn't have NBC's Sports Radio all the time. And we've got more and more stuff coming. On on HD radio in it but it's like FM once if you were old enough to remember when the first FM stations. Started to come on here. Nobody had those radios it. And it is very difficult. But the FM radio stations to get off the beans when you know off the time the dime. And it didn't for a long time but then sooner or later people said. So and so much better never list. Well there eagle. It's the food show on Tom that's Boris will come back with more of it in a moment but first please this man. And try out some of food that they had missed the menu. Was right up my. My kind of food very New Orleans but not the cliches sort of way. Co Q Dario again on the corner of royal and being built streets it's another restaurant from those guys. They call themselves simply creole cuisine concepts. They now are up to twenty something restaurants in the area. And there there are some of them a little neighborhood kind of places with poor voice in the like that and some of them among the fanciest restaurants that count. This when is the new stuff. Q Oreo CU. All right Greg is joining so we here. On the orange phones. It's actually made out of all a real fresh orange. Very union. So will work. It did mark. And it works at work. Orange oh. Yeah there you Bluetooth things go together like. Pickles and milk. Talk enlistment view on HD radio three years of the world that I'm you cast and I just think that. Everybody should know that everybody is who Smartphones carry in HD radio. All they gotta do is download the gene and Apogee about Reed College. And you have multitude. Of radio stations including. You that we LHB 105 G yeah HD and it is there I've Bluetooth that. Never cried. Not an accord has it HD radio. To call. Oh well thank you very much for that it's so obvious I'm glad that somebody's pointing this out. And I think there will be a really good thing to do that was how are herded by accident on your station along long ago and now so I'll go shopping that there and act up put your phone in my ear and while I'm. In there I don't know that it wanna get out of the car that's a little. That your son and affordability that we went to eat out last night at station six and the unity you know before. Oh yeah it's I think it's terrific it's not the most comfortable restaurant in the world. Because aware they are and its youth system delay out of the of the of the restaurant. It's a little goofy but their food is beyond belief I I really love. So I agree on one aspect the bar stools. Are. Not comfortable I don't know what the Russian restaurant. Pretty cool a lot of hard cheating has also. Shall subject area in the corner outside right now the weather's so good. But they had. Any trouble oyster. Well in on what to do I'd I'd. Charmed rove placed upon the green. And believe me it was just app that I had backed out of this special. But Jewish. Mystical. Only the day. About tomorrow and is that third or fourth trip back there aren't very very. Timely. Good service that people get older. We you may or may not know this in you probably do just listening to you but. If anyone remembers. The vague at Pappas cafe which is not there anymore and the sign is but the rest it is apparently close site. They don't have a sign on the door that says we're close but I expect it's been close for awhile anyway. That restaurant was originally built by Alison Vega who is still lady who put together this place to. So the I can never. Number it's its size six let's see it's in station six is that it. Station that. You -- the owner of and so you know about where she she's so big what some 1012 years ago. I had the almost feels like longer ago than that but what happened. They both. Had opportunities. To get majors hotel game in ninety. In the in the Caribbean. As a matter of fact I'm sure it. And it just ward has the boats ships. And her husband and wife and they decided. Well you know this is hard dissing note. And so they did that and they were there for quite awhile and then they. They found that you can reach that limit and Hamachi in stand. The Caribbean. And I mean you know after awhile. Especially with the them there are canes you know. I couldn't agree more deliberate jab you know. Yeah. Big cup and you can do some kind of an article on. Gobbles up a light on Russert yeah I am a working on that. I have. Eleven of them so far I'm trying to come up with twelve flight I do everything in doesn't discuss food is comes by the dozen you know. My favorite one is is Franken morning bright and the life of my favorite touch. It's funny fact about them is that they were both born on the same exact day. And so they're pitched they had the company. We're. I'm looking forward to reading that week we will go to each one just. Look good yeah this a lot of wins out there and there are a lot of you know it used to be that if viewer ship you're a guy but not anymore. None had. Yeah yeah chocolate chocolate and on the bill must. Our. Area and we just them on a couple of weeks so I would. The target more. And more thank you very. Well. And turn on. There you go a man I adore and acts in getting turned on this is and image we got it all think about. And give a lot of credence to and also to. And they gets plenty enough just scientist. Are just stopped right. It's the food show on trumpet marks it's great to be here with the you're talking about eating. Drinking restaurants cooking wine program is sponsored. Today. By the hassles ace hardware. In new sponsor for us but it might be new to you. If if you are an outdoor grill there if you're somebody who loves to grill outdoors in years. In your backyard your front door to where you have you grow setup. I don't know how much you experimented round with all the kinds of reels that are out there and plenty of them. From lots of major names two that come to mind immediately Weber. And also the big Green Day. I have a big green egg at home. Got it right before Hurricane Katrina. We got to the talent so fast that I just left that they are on the deck. And it in this was in the day where you wouldn't there was very little that I would leave hanging around for having it. A fear of having a flying around and hitting things. But I somehow had a feeling that the big green egg when Golan anywhere. And it's sat there through Hurricane Katrina hundred mile an hour winds. Just sat there when we came home they are wise hadn't budged. And we're still using it. Boy you can get some results that you can. With stakes on it just blast them with 7800. Degrees of temperature roasting that sucker off. Or. You can you can crank everything down. The the events on the top in the bottom. And give a very slow. Genitals smoking which keeps all the juices in and all the flavors in. And also puts that smoky flavor which is this thing unto itself. Two different things that this is seemingly. Very primitive kind of grill and it is kind of a primitive grow. Eat it can do both. From the hot blast. To the very easy going slow smoked. Kinda thing. And that's why I love mine and I think you would look viewers to now listen if there's somebody in your family and this doesn't necessarily have to. B Graham paw or grand fought or are fought there or. Infected could be a lady I'm in my wife loves our great she uses it more than I do I'm big Green Day. And coming up on the holidays now. What a great gift. You know for somebody who loves to grill outdoors. You just can't beat it it's fantastic thing and will be remembered for a long time in think of this. It hardly ever have to do anything to it as very takes very little. A conditioning to to keep working exactly the right way. Really built the built the last. The place to goes battles ace hardware they or on trans continental just lakeside. Of west esplanade note in Metairie. It is it you know it is they have a big big section of the store that has all of this all of these grills many different kinds all the equipment that would go with that even the even things like. Those slabs of wood that you can put meets on top of that put the whole thing in you get this subtle smoke mentally it's just all kinds of stuff that they have there. But the only thing I've ever had to replace its at every now and in the top grill it you know disk it's gonna worn out by giving new Wyndham but that's a that's all I've ever changed on it in. Poland goes that. Nineteen the 2004. At. Sets Korea holds up pretty well. It's. Basil space hardware. And where. Good duo barbecuing starts. With good hardware. 2606368. Did you say you won and need to shut up and what you ticket for a moment as it. Just a break okay. We will come back with more of the food show in a moment but first polices. They edited it take that candidate candidate David de de thing. Bop bop bop. Hello it's the food show. Here it is on one a five point three FM HD two. HD two what is that fiscal get one it's that expensive in fact if you want one for your car I'll give it to you for free. Well even you can install it for free to here's what you do. Go to any other locations. What's stretch that yet let's go to any of the locations. Of Mobil won the their business ordinarily use. Putting in new stereos in new sound equipment for people who you know Lloyd Napier course too old in the thing broke down and you know whatever. And they they fix things like that. But in this case they're gonna use that kind of same common knowledge. To. Do you view. HD radio right there on your car. And it's like having enough another whole group for radio stations to listen to live one of them is the one that we are on right now. And you will love the quality of that of the second U turn and on. We have to do have that that is go to the station you feel like can give it a preset button and then all you need to do it again and again this hit that button again. And wait to you here. And I again I tell him not make in this so it's free will give you the radio for free it's not a piece of junk it is a high quality. A digital. It really stated the art kind of a piece of equipment. And you've got it for free and build this they will install it for free about the only thing that can ruin all this freedom. Is that a sometimes you cars have funny antennas or they have odd ball. Electrical connections they might mean to bring in you know extra little piece of equipment just to hold everything together. I've heard of people spending thirty dollars on that but still you talk a demanding thing expensive here that. Not for not for the quality. Do get a I have for a full mom I joke and I really do. 2606368. Is our telephone number call right now you get right and so when we get back to this the restaurant and went to last night with my wife. A new a new place it's been open only a few weeks if maybe even a few months at most the Coke cure Rio. On the corner of royal and be until street this is a block away from our nose half a block away from the pelican club. So anyway. We went over there. And Lou lady who was the ship was there that night the because she. Was on the show with me about two weeks ago and she recognized me. We when he didn't even count on that but. She sent out as in the moves Bhuj. A kind of a pot paid but it was it was a lighter than your typical partake that was made with smoked. Trout. And that was so good my wife sit gee I'd really considering getting a whole order this is my country. Jeff talked her out of that she should just get it next time or if you won another one of these you know just these little ones. And indeed it was just a terrific fish. And then from there on the week and we had a bunch of those small courses. And it just too good good food top to bottom. At the good dish that I got restrict them clintons so which should tell you something chicken Clements so is an old New Orleans restaurant dish. And I may emphasis on the old the kind of place you would find that would be gallon torrents they're famous for it to and ones that has to once in awhile I think our nose. All of those responsive kind of expected to have that. But in this case. They took it up to the next level. And he's just to give me an example of a some of some real creativity. Going on here they had. One at one of the main ingredients in chicken Clements so it's first the chicken. Then you have mushrooms you have p.s Greenpeace is usually a good bit of garlic and butter in there. And one or two other things that I can think of well here's what they did with the peas thick puree them. And and kind of made a smear of them all the way around the bottom of the plate so that every bite you took an oh ran in through. The the piece and you didn't have to. Chase the peace around on the plate in a hop piece are they role. And he didn't need to worry about that but it in the had a couple other nice little tips. Here's a dish really that's about a hundred years old and they have brought it back to great life and I'd have it again so. That was just one of the things we have that we were having some some good salmon. And what else did I get any oysters for some reason I can't remember any oysters having have been had by me. Which is funny because site and go to a new restaurant that's the thing I'm looking for more than anything else's new approaches to Christians love. So anyway. Nokia and I think this is the best. New restaurant of the year so far very impressed by it. And my wife who's just been very difficult to impress sometimes say she just loved it that totally. And quote we took a walk upstairs they have a balcony that wraps around the building. A great it'll look good up and down royal street and BN fillets of lava one thing's happened in the meant neighborhood. And just and all around great looking restaurant with terrific food what more could you want I've. They don't wax this excited about investments too much but I really did was impressed by this. 260636826. So with 6368. Call right now we'd love to talk with you about whatever is on your mind about food stuff. I got something in the mail today that surprised me. There is say. But to his name is on what I don't need to see his name because. His name is Charles Carter Charles Carter. Is my waiter at end ones but it's not that Charles Carter who did this he. You see in the country music band. I assume so because each each. Each record debt I have heard on them on CD. Is. A different bunch of singers and musicians. So obviously. It like The Beatles you know trysts different. Different people doing different things anyway he said I listen to your show. Often on the stream on my computer will good that's one way you can do it you can. Listen to a slow on your computer in the news computerized stream and no problem. Please and he said and I listened to you so much that. You're actually in one of these songs so I listened to the whole thing. Is very well done. It was the country music but I like country music okay and but the is that all the musicians in this were first class. I don't know who you who these guys are aware that came from but they they put out good news. So I get to the end of this and they are IM my my name Tom Fitzmorris oh yeah and to and he could. I'm my name is on record. Now that's a record I mean I mean need you we know. So. IA if I if I could remember the name of the year CD I didn't bring it in here with me I would or in what we're gonna do is get our. I get one of our producers over here to put together. You wouldn't you don't even have a CD in there and do via via. Will live Leo figure out some way to do but that a plate when he used that little part that says. Talking about how wonderful it is to be on the buy you know it's it's kind of a local song with a distinctly New Orleans quality to it and Michael is back again and welcome. Yeah or quick change Altec among men and sixty cent a lot Mossad I don't know how you can take your time take your time okay noted that the parks burgers like curious what do they do much. I think so. I'm not positive they think they do. I've checked that web site secretary. Let your millions. Fabulous. Love that. I lived but my wife. They. Didn't try to you know respect and a bit. They've they've been doing that ever since they invented that ditch. And know what they say is too for this would dish to work you have to have some really nice big fat oysters. And if they can't get those then they don't to run it and all but they run it usually around lent. Is when you see it you. Oh. October and October. Let let's see what's when we go in April we have may. And that's where you'll see you know. The the recipe for how to do it it's a browns lost its cut kind of an Asian quality to it. Right but it's an but it is great every time they when it's on the menu by always aware always beats to do you know. The it's. No I don't. Well yeah the newest album it wears a waste additional all of that we don't have at this time. Final jeopardy. Yeah used to decrypt it it. I did. You don't remember the little people would give it a question that the jeopardy you attribute your correct. All IC yeah well sure I'm a no incentive a Hollywood go ahead. A report yesterday he. English. Oh. Yeah it's. And from being buried at Westminster happy because of this moral. Let them and deep deep. Black players in the UC span when it. Let's see you Ringo Starr. The club you've got. I guess I'll ask a lot of I was wrong and Lord Byron. Although I would get mad I mean in the in the know. Yet articulated as you say Shakespeare just be wise. Speaking of yeah that may be in that area breaks. Your guy wanted to do our necks and all well about it yeah I. Spoke from the great ship Gordon ran you know. Tell me. Cooking it don't currently it's like pinky mourning. A it lets her you have seen. God that that's not the man that. It's the food show. The music's too loud. And here Cheri. Cheri do you like drinking Sherry. On occasion like one yeah well it's a whine all right. But if it's Lou it's what is known as of fortified line a little bit actually alcohol gets in there. I'm just originated that it will be. Well anyway welcome to our show. Thank you. Quick question I'm about to make my current visit to the annual NC area but what I'm a little later this week earlier next not a wonderful and I'm Chinese media outlets that that they didn't really cute jury in Louisiana and see what would you suggest well coming to visit. It's it's harder to avoid it than it is the fine. Where you'll know what what hotel you stay or are you in a hotel. I have Lehman titles then yeah we did you know. And have a great time in the kind of wannabes. In the countdown here you and that's. That's the way to go considers. That's where is that really great places are for the most part that in an uptown. Well but they intend to be bigger restaurants grander restaurants. There are a lot of good. Lot of good places almost hardly don't know where to begin. Well and know that I want to litigated Tuesday. Okay. That is something that in season now is is a lot easier to find them not the fine. It it's but you don't wanna get that outside of crawfish season crawfish season is if we're lucky. Starts around Thanksgiving and goes to the fourth of July. I liked it. One of the restaurants it's very famous for that and now I think she you know rightly so is the bond time VO NTO when. It's they downtown new ones. Our nose. Gala Taurus. And once these are the longest running oldest restaurant in town we we. We've we've Lou we love those restaurants here we will do crazy over him. And every one album does the 82 Fey and it's gonna be different at each place and that is also true. Of gumbo if you line up fifty people and say make gumbo you'll get fifty different things. All good at the spoke. Of that's some a couple of places you might not know about on might just walk pass thinking well what's here and mister b.'s very simple place really it's and it's a nice looking assessment but it's not an elaborate restaurant. They make the best versions of some of the critically best New Orleans to issues like Barbeque shrimp. There grilled fish that they grill over would. Boy than anybody does that. They make the best gumbo in the city I think in that city and something will remain the best friend putting in town and that's saying something. And now they always have live music in there and it's a little noisy but not too bad but their food is first class always love going there. And you know so and we're just scratching the surface here we have the whole lot of Goodwin's. We that coming back around holidays around its new policy actually more. And I'm I've always read about. Lithuania on. Randy oh that's right it that's the best time to go to for a lot of restaurants. I just got to just to give me an example. There was a a place where. And I'm sorry and totally distracted somebody's going to call me on the phone and I know exactly who is a little odd Betsy what always talking about their perception we're at and don't let yet the rebbe on menus that's already posted on line and here's I get to FQFIA. Dot ORG. It's French Quarter festival. A UF five. Orange dot ORG. And I I happen to note that there all the menus for rebbe on which don't start until the first of it's the December. On route or already posted on the web sites we can start looking them over and that's about 4050 restaurants doing it it's. Typically for courts. Four course dinner. Sometimes they don't they do more than that and they have some wines that they pair up with that the prices are very affordable. And they they usually put in some sort holiday aspect to it to just add to them. To fester in his festivities. We'll open it and cliche at me and once she can't hear them. Well old when you get year don't be afraid to call this week you'd call us every day if you want. They are calling. It. But I don't know five point three WW LHD two can our New Orleans the news is next.