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Thursday, April 26th

Dave talks about a study that says only 25% of people in a recent survey feel high school prepares students for real life after graduation with Community in Schools Vice President of Government Relations, Tiffany Miller. 


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And good morning Dave cone and renewal Norman the last of the rain now adrift and on through that we're gonna see the sun come back out as the skies Claire by the time most people are ahead in the lines and Libya beautiful afternoon just get through this Juan little line of rain showers thanks for joining us here on WWL. Coming up later in the program. We're gonna look at the VA nominee Ronnie Jackson whose withdrawn his name from consideration now after president from nominated him. Did he not know he had all these skeletons in his closet that he not know these allegations would surface when he accepted the nomination and put his name into that had. To be the next VA secretary did he not know about. All of that dirt. That would be dug up and that people would just ignore it we'll take a look at that will go live to Washington DC Wallace talk about the bill to require students. In schools in the Louisiana. Get a recess again. And we'll talk about tonight and ask an old draft well will the saints do. And when and where will LSU players go in the draft amongst other topics it's all on today's buffet as we move through the next three hours here on WWL. But this hour. Does high school prepare students for college or are. For real life. Less than one in four American adults believe high school graduates are prepared for success in college only one. Only 5% surveyed believe the graduates are ready for the work world. The information comes to us from the group communities in schools. Vice president for government relations with communities in schools Tiffany Miller now joins us hi Tiffany made on. I'm doing well they've thank you. Oh I'm glad you could be here. Why did your organization perform this survey to find out what American adults think about the effectiveness of high schools across our country to prepare students either for college or for life in the real world. What can you. And cooled the lucas' epic if the market dropout prevention organization and we operate in 258. And the District of Columbia including. And Louisiana. And we are. Digging and it's taking a look at I'm not only how are you interviewing law there and high school but what's happening to them. Once they you know walk the state after graduation and so we wanted to get up and sort of check occult. Of the country and see how well they the general population out. On how well they believed critical graduate we're prepared for life. After graduation. And it overwhelming to me you found that most Americans do not think. High schools are doing a very good job getting students ready for whatever is next. Right linking that only one in four adults really believe that a graduate their prepare for the fact that. That we found. Very interesting about padded that was pretty consistent across the board regardless of income ready. Education level where in the country. There at that overwhelming. Feeling at the end that we could be doing more providing much more support you high school student and student and a girl. While this is overwhelming. Clearly decisive feeling in the nation that high schools are failing our students in terms of getting them ready to move line. And be successful online it's. Why is that message not getting to educators to administrators. To lawmakers to. Regulators to whoever can have an impact this and do something about it Y eight if everyone. Overwhelmingly feels that high schools are not doing. Would they should be doing. Is this not a major issue do we not hear anything about this and why is it not changing. Actually think that educators. Principled teacher in particular actually. They wouldn't be necessarily. Surprised by that I think that they now that they are a lot of need and their schools. They're the ones on the ground. I think that they have to deal dope. The student that we work work quick in particular are. The majority of them are living in poverty. And overwhelming mean teachers now that poverty is a huge bearing area academics except that there are aware that. You know there's a company focused on the academics. That instruction. On what actually happening in the classroom and they'll. What they find to be helpful if you have an organization. Like communities and schools or other organizations that do similar work. We comment and we try to support the school and the student helped them with all of their non academic needs help and spoke at. India want an academic who actually in the class aren't where bear can help provide some of the support that the general population in the third may well. I could really need it so I mean complaining and social and might guilt and I'm tutoring and mentoring with their help provide that and I say you know I would bet you're atop an educator they would agree that these are things that. Unity means time to partner with organizations to do a lot of Americans across the country. Yet what we hear a whole lot. From folks calling on us and taxing us here at the radio station and from stories reviews and news department is that there's an overwhelming feeling. That there is a definite lack of parental involvement for so many students and as a lack of structure and home. And there's a lack of a support network for them and they're kind of just left out their drifting on the ground and last they're highly enlightened self motivated as. If people feel most of these students are destined for failure and will never amount to much because they just aren't getting what they need. And that teachers can't do it all that teachers can't prepare these students by themselves for success later in life is that which adding. At absolutely. I'm not our model is open relationship and that one on one relationship with the caring adult. Or organizations relied heavily having mentors in the school to work with students there are a variety of different reason. That it might be. In my happy doing well in school. And you know that might well feel comfortable talking with the teacher but having them and Torre in their life caring adult. It might be this year going for me and when we're able to extract. It would do with the root cause of some of these issues are. Or able to connect them with the resources they need to be at Oakland school. You kind of come and as a third party because one of the things we commonly here is a major problem is you can legislate what courses students after today. You can legislate what tests they have to pass in order to move on you can legislate all aspects of the educational process which he can't legislate. Is parents being involved in their children's lives is parents taking responsibility for their children and parents parenting. And we have so many children out there who are really not being effectively parent did. And the government really can't solve that problem but maybe organizations like this can at least help. Chip away at it 504260187. They wanna hear what you think. Do you believe that high schools in general are preparing. Students for college and or success in the real world. After four years or five years with it in high school do you believe that our schools are doing everything they can't. Are the school's failing our students and is society failing our students. Are their parents failing them where who gets the death on this one folks if you're handing out a report card. Text me at 87870 calling it 504260187. Who we get back alas Stephanie Miller more about. Where they have had success. And where is there a model for success. For getting past these problems and for. Actually finding a way to get kids ready for life also wanna now what do you think high schools should be teaching kids that they're not. They get them ready I have raised four children now put for almost all the way through high school and I are all the time. About the things that. Kids who wish they would of learned in school that they didn't. Text made 87870. Out give you some of those that I've heard on my list coming up after the break but I like yours as well here on WWL. This just in Jefferson Parish sheriff Joseph Le pen to announce the arrest of a seventeen year old Bonham ball high school student for possession of a gun on campus. This morning campus police and school administrators learned that a student had been in possession of the firearm earlier this week. So administrators detained the student when he got off to school bus this morning. Once he was placed under detainment and loaded small caliber revolver. Was located with in his school bag according to sheriff's spokesman Glynn Boyd. The student was placed under arrest and transported to the criminal investigations bureau for questioning. School activities or not it erupted school classes are continuing as normal and the investigation is continuing. As well we'll have more on that coming up in the news here on WWL. I'm Dave Cohen in for Noual Norman in this half hour we're talking about this new report. That only one in four American adults believe that high school is preparing graduates for life. After high school the vice president of government relations with communities in schools Tiffany Miller is our guest. And Tiffany before we took our time out I was asking about successes. Where have we seen successes. In programs that do better prepare students for life after high school and how can we translate that to put it in more schools. Right so actually I'm right there normally and we've heard about 111000 students. And among the students that we error. About 18% of them have improved attendance rate. He. Three quarters of them are graduating from high school targeting their ged. They're being promoted. And our academic we're all improving at much higher rates. I'm an in. School where there organizations. Like communities and schools were eating out hired six factory higher graduation rate and you know you now in your listeners know how important it is to have back at school grad difficult agreed. On and be able to move on to that accept. So what is it that you done to do that to get these kids more interest in more involved more engaged and and is that actually preparing them for life after high school or is it just helping them get better grades in high school about. On it Ewing both the Wii U is we've put a site coordinator. I'm a trained professional by coordinator in each school. They partner with the principles that partner with the teachers. On any conduct and need that that meant at the school. I'm and try to find out why it the student body really mean on and that we implement three different type of support for it and I'm at a very high level that might look like an afterschool program that all students and the school would be able to participate and common than we dig a little bit deeper there might be a group of students who need extra support. I'm more men one on one mentoring. BP and I can buy it. Tutoring at that and I think that we you connect Japan. With resource that can get whatever they need and then for a smaller group of student about 10% at didn't an eats at the school that we are. They're case managed. One on one and on the don't intend to be the ones that are more challenged. And have more need than that could look like a variety of different things that it will play. Mental health means. And it could like. Look like needing a place that say on it that we work much more closely with pat unit and practically had a much more closely with it meant to make sure that. Where we're moving without their interiors are that are keeping them from being unsuccessful. In school in showing up at third they're back out everything that. Every tracked these students after high school to see if it's working to get at this issue that you raised in this survey. That is it preparing students for life after high schools while preparing them to be successful in high school. That the good question that actually the reason why we are in Washington DC that we get to talk much more about that. There we are starting to dig and Q like after high school graduation for our alumni. We've recently lines alumni leadership network. Or talking with them or are being banned to find out you know what what's going on in your life now. And understanding. That there needs to still be axed. And probably. Between. High school and college and career for a lot of these events. But what we are learning firm and heard from from our alumni this week. Is that and then toward that with and there are life. And in high school or middle school. Actually still Lindner life we heard story. From now when yesterday said that they're still in contact with their mentor date and out of high school for over ten year. They're married they have a family. There mentor is actually. The god Korean Fokker of their children. I'm a Lagos or they're they're not only caught in getting these connections to help them through school but they're getting connections that help them through life. And that's great these people are taking the roles that perhaps there are actual. Relatives they're parents there aunts or uncles or grandparents. Haven't been able to fulfill for. Right and that you know that could be a variety of different reasons why that is that these mentor. I'm the you know it could be in place of work could be a supplement to what they are have that. There were something special about patent mentor relationship that they had and that relationship that they have with our site coordinator that group. Turned on the web. You know I I hear. Stories every single day about it like coordinator. In one of our schools seen something in a statement that it didn't didn't Ian themselves. And that just basically unblocked to their potential for the getting to see it in themselves and go on to do great things. Can't people get involved in this effort if people have since the where with all the time. And the inclination to be mentors to try and help solve some of these problems to try and still these roles how can folks who are listening to involve. We've got our web site communities and school dot or. Com and find out about different volunteer opportunities we have not apple where we're located it to click right on the Louisiana. Com and find out more about there on New Orleans affiliate and how they can help out. Again text messages from people at age 7870 saying things like schools need to go back to the basics as well as teaching home economics wood metal and auto shop. Art and music. PE and nutrition classes somebody else says preparing your kids for real life starts way before high school. This is the parents main responsibility. And shouldn't be left up to a teacher to get your kids prepared somebody else says too often teachers have to parent. Society and parents are to blame. I've been on both sides of the issue one what do you take away from those three text messages we've been getting. Well I think I'm in terms of when that need to start absolutely need the park before high school. You know we need to start in. Before kindergarten and pre K we work in in I'm grades kindergarten through twelfth. And it very important to start at work earlier. And you know in schools say they have a lot. That they that those huge basket reading it you'd cricket on math science of their things that are all very important. Yet and what's more great schools are teaching to the task there's one aspect determines. How well a school is doing if a teacher keeps their job of a principle keep their job if a school is deemed failing so they teach the kids just what's on that test. Because that seems it's all the matters. Well there's org. And I'm an afterschool programs that are really hoping to feel that way. I'm that at one all schools are that McCain and academics. On their programs after school program communities and school. Can provide some of that the re the music the art and you know but other things that or I'm in an act actually motivate them to come to school. And so is there are a lot of organizations out there that are on supporting schools in the African. We appreciate it we gotta run the news thanks deafening. Less than one in four American adults believe high school is preparing graduates it's for life. After high school. Do you think that high school is getting our children are ready for whatever comes next whether it's college a job or. Whatever they do next in life of those of you voting in every get seventy pretty Mazda opinion poll 93%. Say no. Only 7% say yes you can go to WW well dot com and vote I've been asking what do you wish. You would've learned in high school bitch you didn't what do you wish high schools could teach students. That they're not because they're so focused on the test that one measurement. Of how a teacher. I principal school a student is performing that everything else falls by the wayside one person says I wish they would have Tommy had a change my oil. Or fix a flat tire. No says how about how to get a job. No says how to use credit cards how to get a home want someone else says if they just taught us how to do our taxes that would have been great. Our how to get a loan when you need it. To buy a home Maury car or anything else. What do you wish she would have learned text me dates 778. Call me at 5042601871. Person Texas today it's 78 Sony system is a no brainer. The thought of parents not doing enough is a joke I truly feel that schools have not evolved. Hardly at all. And don't prepare students. For life. Ronald thanks for calling your on WWL what are you today. Well I would say do you come out pro American. League who probably feel bad my board. Am not really we can't be Edmund. So. There have been key. Taking them though it's seventeen and eighteen year ago are happening here. Not that they truly cheap dollar come at you know. That in elementary school technically. Geithner will. Learn change. Our goal unit on. Land are at that point of order it or treat. It. A look at who. It says to you thank you think that students even as young is. 1012 years old should be learning to be carpenters electricians. Mechanics things like that at least getting exposed to those skills. Earlier in their progression. I thought. I was good teachers went out all week you know young people. Hate should regal. Well in the end. Because. We want to keep. And what is out there when you come. You become that. So an engine schools should schools be teaching this to our students or is this what they should be getting at home. Now they should be teaching in and. Golden reinforced by the amount of land on orbit now. I don't have can't take these gold. And you know everything is an industry. Yeah okay area and let let the Smartphones races are kids that apparently working out. Really well Ronald we appreciate the call and thank you for your input Andy thanks for calling your on WWL. Oh yeah the preview scholar. Right now I mean it's beyond what we have. Oh in the state Louisiana and let me explain it. No my outlook. We have a self sufficient economy. Many nights down but we did the chemical industry. Requirement of job. Is. Would have to diploma and injured you can automatically entered into the middle class the demand for welders electricians. In the corner Trey try to proper place. And what I'm trying to say is we've focused on the the neat thing. The best way poverty is through very good job and be committed to a friendly. And people out there and in we've had certain parts of our coal removed because those the Supreme Court such as saying great for me. What's wrong with that are included in the XP OUK say Merry Christmas anymore because that's a blessing or prayer. Come now give me a break we need to change topic that create our exactly what I wanted to. I think. The northeast and the big swap out there and while street where they're being pregnant he textbook program. We'd only be used to joke board oh. So he's using units are Woodward would make a difference at this point in America. Well for all intact. And that. This is where real production takes place when your peers are helping you a little bit of pressure that's brought it. Room. And in the pages are always careful to not OXP and the lemon I'll put out spot on the born and now I'll market cheap well. No. Give them something that they can't hang in there and India progress. Well as far as an educated do you feel like our schools are effectively preparing students. War work for college for whatever comes after school. Yes yes and that the kids become permit required families and Mary go to a library there were two weeks in books and go to Disney World maybe sometimes two times a year. Sure both you at that question atop the kid the Smart are now McNabb. And the new tools that are coming now the knowledge is great to have the biggest problem that we have been the same problems that were evident. Drug use alcohol. Just a sense of helplessness. But it would throw a good job and UK will go industry by there at the carriage bella. I wanted to point out once do it independent. I am element we try to Baylor college went essay about what a finish that thought you talk now several times about how we need welders electricians brick layers and all these things. Do you high schools do anything anymore to prepare students to get those jobs you say can instantly put them in the middle class. You have to call Perkins on not a now thing I want to Washington lobby. We teach well one's particular through the last five years produced over seventy. Arafat whether there are employed in the trade. Where is that where the local high school teaching. I'll be independents out there and and so we've and mr. law and I'll uses nine. Wonderful teacher. He is. A retirement age but. Mean continues to do a phenomenal job. And we do not even ten Ole miss it while core I ask you one in my neighboring directions that mimic the pair sheet metal. So not so good you know that's kind of Mengistu work we. Are trying. Trying to do and they don't have any problem really. And so in the machine and outlet and I TN we have those vocational programs thank the emperor system. Minutes into the exception not the rule though. It's our most schools are assuming that they need to prepare all students to go to college and that where our goal is and every college. Let me raise them remember our congressman Livingston they put waitress doubt they eastern. When he went out about work and and coach York well. And they may know congress went up and say and in he would definitely I wrote. How someone who it's still it's down in the war epic. We did have left now free enterprise that you detail. And make alone and values manager count at home to county plus U. Would learn about insurance and everything yes it does. That us kids don't learn and if their parents are teaching them. Then they don't get it and then they don't know how to function in society. And do the basic things like yeah how about about how to go grocery shop up and I don't know I mean just those simple things. And we appreciate the call when reads Maureen text message resonates 7870 coming up CJ your next at 2601878. And I'll throw this into the mix. Should a high schools. Approach every student like they're preparing them for college. Or should there be some determination made at some point. About kids that are college bound and those that are not and the ones that are not should they be put into more. Streamline programs to get them ready is take jobs that don't require a college education and whether it's a welder a bricklayer and electrician. You know whatever it is. I sheet metal worker. Should there be a focus to get them ready in high school for that instead of waiting till later out of high school to then get them some training. 260187. BCJ thanks for calling your on WWL what do you think high school should be doing differently to better prepare our students for life and after high school. With this survey showing one in four Americans think. Then only one in four Americans believe that schools are preparing kids for life after school. Eric Burke who bought break it to mark Pope appreciated. I. Spoke earlier about the terror alert to whom it. It all it there oh you know an educated not well look it. At moderate ability to make sure on prepared. To make sure. What the what it ought to. Issue our report. The home. And I'll figure if it dies to have the owner of the airport apparently didn't follow with that won't put the belt action puppet. They're here. Paper they're aren't treated well written well that. Greg. See you back I can't argue that I don't think most people can but that seems awfully idealistic. And saying that parents should be involved its parent should be doing these things for their children parents should actually be parents. That's not happening in our society like he used to. Well there's not a well we got now. You know. Where there are two of the blue ball back to what they're being chip powered board. Other parents should deal more about how we fix that. Well. I'm being equipment integration. Well. What. Or important to a wicked document generation. Yeah and thought it out as well you know that and gotten O local aren't what we are well if you would. Iberia which is saying and I I would love it if there was some way to make parents be parents again if there was some way to get. Families involved with the raising children again the way used to be I'm not trying to be an old funny guardian same lab rat in my heyday. But we haven't we have a definite problem right now where we have too many east. Kids who are either raising themselves or just drifting through life with a nobody raising them at all and it's not only. Pour inner city kids we have middle class kids that are raising themselves beak or their phones are raising them now. And you know appreciate the program. Oh. And an updated its urgent to get more well but that demonstrated. A it would when he wrecked our. Ordered it to their congratulations Boettcher jaw is a tribute to apple and hopefully when we're vote. We can sit well with our captaincy and so regardless it's apparent that it well regret it shouldn't. Thank you TJ appreciate that I'll add this. Congratulations but the job's not done. That you get a keyboard and added to make sure that your graduate is successful some existing text messages. And a final thought on this coming up next. Lesson one in four American adults believe high schools are preparing graduates for life after high school. Text messages are coming in 87878. Teaching kids how to be productive citizens to our economy and not a burden would be great. Noses mortgages how interest works how about teach in a match practical life skills like cooking and goal setting. It would be great says another text message at the top proper English. Even the best teacher cannot educated Childs is another text message unwilling to work at learning or child with parents who don't motivate them and make them more. The high school needs to teach life skills. How do make a budget cook simple sewing and run a household efficiently living independently after high school. I think there's another text message high schools should focus. More on teaching trades. Which lead to good paying jobs with a lot of snow without a lot of student loan debt. Another says we have to stop think and everyone's gonna college instinct can succeed there and get them ready for life without college. Then there's this text message at 8787. Days people off base with this question. And what we didn't get taught and high schools all the things that you're mentioning they need to be taught oil changes its veterans should be taught. But by their parents not by the school. But what do you do when the parents don't do when the parents aren't involved. Leave that hanging out there.