10:10pm Double Coverage

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

We go to Vegas with Ralph Michaels on the latest from the NFL and college football plus Pick Six. Can Seth and Kristian have turnaround weeks?


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Yes indeed off and running. Our three year of double coverage gonna cut it short abbreviated truncated. First segment here is gonna interview Ralph Michaels when you get to as your whole tone on the West Bank Canada Hawaii Philip -- of a promise be patient with us we're gonna get cute. That pick six this hour I gave myself I was awful last week awful. I was much better. After all my trash talking last week and now soon they're on four. How does bad zoo one in five man still bad mile 1425. Men 152 unfortunately. I was still on the green and I could mean that literally if I was actually been on these games seven in five somebody one of us is under 500. Over no one of us on two lesser over 501 of us under Fatah forces me quick. Tomorrow I live in lastly this weekend that's true yes you are heads up careless well. Always have been who started three the last place I heard you had a little mishap the defensive ball did and it didn't semi lineups. Why they is it better did not okay theory is in the Al honest question. Is it better to have that mistake or lose the number one overall pick in week one I decided yet I'd rather have your mistake yeah I got a good shot gone forward yeah I could still recover from that need to be hard pressed to recover when you lose a guy like. David Johnson. I will step welcome back we'll play -- aren't you Ralph Michael's take your phone calls as well Tony Kevin and Philip. You're up after our interview Ralph Michaels to ground out double coverage on W. So are ready to pick six and about ten minutes or so and before we do that every week we liked it ticket trek. Outs in Vegas Christian like search through the sand through the desert to find some scary thing yeah that's and they did that thing out there ended in the desert that's more like New York bill maze like aspect. What are our favorite segments every single week let's let's head out to the desert and talked to our friend Ralph Michael's. Is now the program. Every single Wednesday's into the desert out in Vegas with Ralph Michael's music view from Vegas on all of the football games college and pro. Weekend Ralph what's up what did you have a better weekends. Taken and we did we got absolutely obliterated here exits. Well you know I had a winning week and fortunately we talked about the honesty game. Com you know law on the radio last week and they were one might that that then. He's certainly looked like the inferior team to Oklahoma hat off to the suitors and that one but this is over adjustment week. You know week to week Korean college football in Indiana now it's time that there's a lot of value because we over just what we. Panetta really idea. So are so I'm curious here and it is our producer Tim's Emeril and assassins are great question to you biggest injury you weaken NFL's obviously David Johnson one of the best players that's running back in the week. How many points is that shave off the -- of those falcons as humid cardinal spreads and how does Vegas see that altering the cardinals' line. You know I forget about it biggest loss. Adds. And it may be that and it. Except for the cup I quarterbacks gone out if you're gonna lose Brady unique you're gonna lose you know you're gonna lose some of the Brady's caliber warm breeze in New Orleans he would be most important player. On the field beside those cup by quarterbacks I think it's a three point difference because it changes the entire way appears on the cardinals' offense. Pastor Ron. It makes. It makes them pro Pete that they're not used to doing it. And it's just that get her mind that for the cardinals team so I think although Beckham is the only other player that I would rate higher than two points. Besides the top five quarterback because let him out he cheated the giants' offense I think they've got that is the exact thing that for the Arizona Cardinals. Rock we talk about a matchup here in New Orleans the saints are at home against the New England Patriots in the patriots come off that third tonight lost the chiefs saints looking really bad on defense on Monday night and now lost two. The vikings and it's a six and a half seven point spread. Could you make the argument that in favor of the patriots too big argument that this the spread could be as large as 8910. Could that mean. It seemed like he should the it to be bigger. What you know what you're handcuffed to start way. I mean Indiana felt it thinks the New Orleans Saints team and fans absolutely no favorites by scheduling. The patriots on Thursday in the sink come Monday night. Debt of one of the rare situations in the NFL having having that ten days off until a person between the ethnic state rock put that number one as a negative value life might automatically assume that the patriots are incredible flop a lot. And I'll tell you what they are unfortunately. And they eluded the favorite ballot check and greedy together are eighteen and two straight out and seventeen and three against the spread. Now all open not lost because. The paint over the last four years have a bit of home docked wartime than they covered all wore those walls so you know. I agree because of the iPad. But do we look Brooke. That added I think there's a reason you know I I think we you know what we're looking at the law the battle and change of their offense he the player that. That would put. Take social or effort down the middle look at your after an open that the deep Patrick Brady without that. New England was a different type a lot and you know on the same side. You know I thought that your tweak it and you're talking about your second Barry. You know I'm good imagine that the opera and secondary. I expect huge improvement in the next few weeks. There's no secondary and all the NFL that starting two rookie quarterback connecting two rookies could Musharraf and. Lattimore is a rookie and you know PGA William Schmitt two years but I think you only get three games under his belt basically with two. Quarterback and our rookie. Another rookie Marcus Williams at safety and a rookie linebacker. Ended and they knew you know peace in the second year I have all the injured at the tremendous strides in the saint Pete and intimate that that they were last week. I got a Ralph Michael's handicap for wager talk dot com he's on Twitter at cal sports. LB talks whose every Wednesday we get a rematch of last year's NFC title game and need a give Atlanta the falcons just throttled Green Bay. Last January do we see a repeat their two and a half point favorites. You know I looked Green Bay I you know when he talked about out piano would that strong last week going in the people read and with greens bake but. Green Bay had a different mindset I'm gonna act Aaron Rodgers in this situation. Green Bay defense this for real upgraded them quite a bit the opera can play with anyone. I think the falcons are. Are catching green make remain an older team so when he picked Green Bay later in the year yet to mix. And an injury then and there they tend to be banged up a little bit not the case here on odd one that's gonna back. The Packers in this one and think that they can't they get revenge. Well talk about that and activist Carville obviously starve Vegas LSU and Mississippi State first as easy contest at least for the LSU tigers. Seven and a half point favorites on road is that too high is that I mean and what do I feel like there's not a. I think it is too high you know. Number one and having that BYU game wasn't a real test that the tiger stands wanted. You know BYU the next week against Utah was just an add in that so we can't get the tiger credit for that we in the Chattanooga window ensure that the state. So valuable out you know. The media playing an and it team making a first road game and when you're planning a conference. Troll on the road that you're playing a touchdown. That the situation I'm not gonna step in the very often. It's still looks great for Mississippi State I think they have a legitimate defense. Well I think L she win this game by all means to grab the points I made applied for that app. For me personally I do my power rating at the beginning the week before the light come out so clearly this is up for Google differential where they were I think it should be. Yeah some bets best in best bet sees me Ralph if you could NFL and college football history. You know what how bowed out we're gonna look at Texas Tech against Arizona State Arizona State. Is a want to against the spread. Against New Mexico State and San Diego State made still to cover those games like 31. Points against the spread. Well because a tough place to play you've got tricky wind you don't need is probably the worst pass defense. Output power five conferences Texas Tech we know could throw the ball I airs on also has organized decorating it's a great spot. For the red raiders to grab a win there you know why as far as. As far as the NFL goes. I would Washington and and there's other games I'm playing golf in the NFL because again we have a unique situation with Miami and Tampa Bay not having played last week. Lecture that could help or hurt but you know we don't have the answers to situations that it never occurred in the NFL you don't have team that. I have a game under their belt advantage again he explained the person absolutely ripped through those two games out but I'm gonna wait and see what happens but I do what Washington. You know their offense. Did their defense got run over by Philadelphia. The only ram there's a lot of expectations. And but there's a lot limiting change is going to do a new static. You had your home opener out. EU EU are off on Monday they could be game they try to come back and and you well. Well and you almost one Expedia the chargers but the ram the other ramp looks so good. And Washington looks so bad it's a situation where I'm gonna flop and take the team that looked bad when that paper to beginning of the year and that the better team. Rob Michaels at cal sports LV handicap for wager talk dot com here on double coverage and Ralph. Overall who's the best bet and and accountable like which one is that. For for those who want to make money where where is it. Well hey you know away is it pretty much it's been a patriot haven't been Alabama. You know patriot if you bet delicate blind every game you'd be up you'd get 60% from year to date. Until we started. Odd you know the college game's changed so much at the other end a road team is still by far the best team on the board. When the wedding at home you're fighting inflated lines and you're laying those 23 points some not talking about mailbox. As a home favorite although there. They're they're not gonna lose games it's tough to cover. But when they get on the road they have the extra edge out. They have of the team I would always play on the road or not play at all and you got the scene you know they've been down there enough and you got about a lot of close games that. They find a way to win game governor on the road the line is always a reasonable so that the team that. There's only one wait for me to go at them. So I'm curious to wrap it up here Ralph you've had some good tweets about the Cleveland Indians and how if you would've started betting at this now. All time record win streak at 21 games for them you'd be pretty rich do you explain that's our audience. Well I would order basically by about that about baker a couple of Beers so you know my son go back in Cleveland and I'm gone back so watch couple playoff game and a few weeks. I'll pot and got the idea of you know what a stroke and wonder what if scenarios that if you that the Indian. The first game of the street back on August 24 we're actually at doggy against Boston beat Chris now. And after 21 game better win today. And you bet on the Indians starting with 100 dollars. And just let that while right bedding the amount and the next game after there win today you would have been up one million. 555876. Dollars with Eddie he wants strict about it. Well that's their that's their way it is the other way you know every day 85 years or so for its come around but it could happen. Well actually an American League rock history ever doubt the American League with 21 game today they're able that's tea spoke like a true Cleveland Indians that right well you might get the all time record war. Major League Baseball tomorrow I expect and are they heavy favorites and Alan I'm Kara in Major League Baseball yeah. They did over the last few days thought they were 448 or what carafe skull for twenty favor with clue where. And they were 300 favorite headache now they're playing Kansas City who isn't a fight for a wildcard. I believe they opened up at the 280 skater whip Tom and I just how much five and oh what a one point seven the arrow flat spot starts. Can't wait a levee in the audience for that one tried to watch some history Ralph really appreciate it man enjoy these every Wednesday. That's rough Michaels there egos can't ever wager talked dot com follow on Twitter at cal sports LB. Are there goes Ralph Michael's Actel sports only handicap overweight dog dot com so that we do every Wednesday union and its I look in Vegas need you to enemy Simonyi will do so. With Ralph's insights phone lines open a 504260187. And here we go Kevin Hawaii's impatiently waiting year on W did well Kevin. They on tour and I'm Lidstrom first time crow. The government become involved more and I heard a lot of you know Rupert. From nonsense. Nonsense nine dollars and. Out there you have frustration obviously am. A little bit Uga. Analysts say. Weirdness trampled they would in the bill. And I witnessed. Though Oakland Raiders Monday night club or so. But. Might change some sort of like that. But what I say is that true I want him at the Iran and the one who take on a slightly different world. It's not the not the forty past. The authority and on the. There has is that that is lasting and yet thirty. I'm 37 when you when you look at the numbers would they have passed and and then as Michael Smith would say number no more. They do line with a good numbers to line. In this case they're very deceptive and a lot of cases do that and here's why that cal and a lot Paula chemical. His mother deceptive because those numbers at 37 pass intense and the Russians have worked on ballots that's who we expected in the B because that's who they said but. We fall behind like the saints did. They had to throw the ball more than they had it with a game plan their game plan was not to just throw it 37 times I give just where I smell which is stepping in with with the idea of oh a lesser role from drew we are different role because I think that that's merited because. He's been up there and HEU give him away a little more balanced maybe not our got a ball forty times a game. And let's look at one of them on the thirtieth moron. It's unbelievable. Like 10110. Wins one loss with our deal more raw. And so all I'm saying is that there's a couple of plays that maybe we ought a lot of the line that we just going into force my wee hours sometimes you don't take what the how would the plan in the that we dominate right and you know it's not about. It's not really vile taken what the defense gives users about taking what you need it. What is their approach that doubt that that's their pets so. Sometimes even when when it because it looks like they're ready for the line. You're going if it's on me. And the offensive lineman appreciate because they want your confidence right yeah. Would that. The only cannot sit tight on Kevin sit tight we are CBS news update our resume this conversation about sixty seconds I sit tight we backed deal with Tony on the West Bank fill open Slidell. And you to a 260187. Double coverage on WWL. I resuming our conversation with Kevin in Hawaii cannon thinks of the phone calls I just indictment that. I think we'll keep in me aren't parents have. The output that the only thing about that over here man a lot of allies France I'll tell you. They have an average on of their past and and now we got the read here on the plane from from over here so. You know we just widgets are and there are by the loss of sense to be successful. A lot of friends this season. Ticket holders and one thing that I'm here and whisper about it while we unity that's bad mood on the squad now. Yeah well all over the cease fire comes congress' time and ways to get away from the vanity play you know but I and that you know that and I think that. Our little bit of frustration and it's meant as well. Yeah I give it to a degree Kevin. Glad to be your first veneman and vice Versa the job to job for me. Look how. I'm over in front that the call our that is the thought of they don't drop it might relish you. And that doesn't go on any inning in the market except for here just because of the proximity of those schools and they're not they're not a silly streaming I think in Jacksonville for. For the jaguars is draft Florida State players a list are good at what the saints have missed. Smell as you guys they get that but they also has kind of where that where the Porsche got one thanks to the vocal Kevin in an answer. Know how we are resist I was all you wallow in that comment there for a while. The he'd never been into its first. Until you bask in the glow of the interiors. Your polarity at least when you panic is over there you're smiling I asked I think it's funny I never realized for something clear Kevin's first anonymous LeMieux like a senseless mute when you bask in your book. Silva Slidell what's up till beyond W two well. Car makers it banks or are they are really appreciate it. Call and on Monday night out Bobby and he got oh wander in what you all taking at all and the saint. Take an rancher and putting him over at right tackle which mean media I think he could be heir apparent actually mean oak street and Kurt Byrd. Majority games that are. Wait a sec. Sorry sorry to tell ya there you mean what but he same he was a plane left side are you saying they should have put our tackle. Yeah in other street has hurt me put him over at right tackle and a and and putting medical equipment they could be in court that the court position but look our commissioner out of this painted ball but that one together and so we gave. Our and street. And. Here's my view on that you don't plug one hole and create another and you have a whole left guard and Anderson Peter is a very above average guard it's improving into. What I think could be elite guard in this game and if you look objectively what city of elements they did. On irate that he wasn't bad he was sufficient over there look ram check. Just was overmatched and it's a real tough spot against probably a top fives. Pass rusher in this league right now and Emerson Griffin who's just an absolute stud in star. He's overmatched a lot of left tackle not just rookies this season especially in that building until last. I appreciate your thought here's thing you're creating more. Issues who is chemistry. And and you know like win you'd be make all those mommy you're really messing with the chemistry of the office of -- start tinker with a net much and that detail. The bottom line as you leave everybody whether Iraq. He had no choice for the play Ryan Ryan Grant Jack Healy said he Ocala there right tackle Phil and there's actually I think Zach Strief. And within within CL injury will be back I think pretty pretty soon Polly after the bye week but. Really city of Kalamazoo with the reps that he would get in practice as a starter mean think about what he did on Monday out that's was relatively. No work at right tackle so with some with some reps and and all of the game plan I think he'll do well right now. This is one of the reasons why there was really surprised that only get seven offensive line healthy offensive lineman insist. And bring broad right sir spec Bryan I think you're gonna see somebody else may be falling ten or somebody off the practice squad. This is just one as a mash unit that this is the the exact scenario that we said they have to avoid. They cannot have. We're doing our roster projections they cannot have injuries along the offensive line in what's happened first game is crazy we we were talking about for months after the draft and free agency how deep that spot what have been Susan Nia Mitterrand Armstead. Actually Max Unger was injured it's been it's been a rough a rough. Rough year for the office aligned toenail West Bank sit tight wheels and a pick six and I welcome back double coverage. Seth you know he called me up from Lola model first time thing. You know element is innocent. Do you monogamous and know in which he said he'll plug one hole leave the other. So you know be monogamy. And the second Amanda the very 10 o'clock are subject to you know Aegon will push valuable. Know hey you know I'm just you know. Bible. Stand by what I said puts it asks you view out of maybe you don't plug one old upload any other. I'm from a football sense but I don't employ your mind's gone yet mean that. Tony on Leslie for good picks if you're on W two well or. You know it's CCC agent to call. Quick question. And now go up we got opinion question. Caught the ball. Out what you. Upbeat guys lot cheer pathetic performance. On Bobby. When Asia prediction. The leader of our record will be will it be it will be paid on one hot one ops. Our outlook outlook. Also usually go up regional beat a little bit more object. And urgent repair it appears that. Or. Scratched its bid to actually get a shot. Oh. And then you. Right ha ha ha. Okay I was of the four. Thought Thomas Skelton no one baton and the one that we kind of seek common for a few cents yeah so ANC that than the wow factor the off accidentally saw record all of us look IA I ambulance and a six would have won that game so I'm not gonna make any huge adjustment some of the same 97. Right now and I must overreact Rick Amato react now at the week for asked that question. As we four ask a question if their final look the bottom line is they know what's at stake they understand. Within a stint at the 079 is that he changes the knowledge that in in the in the pre season training camp so. To finish there in that there should be rightfully so I pick six times last week now a good week for me. Ruth disparate groups one in five to a fourth set forth to protect. He's up that early lead right now eight for a year 75 is sir sentinel what they did Tim in this last year. But I think county about zero water. I want to well under bush if T about why use an even more motivation among context Nabil Geithner on down. Although pride yourself on T about fixing it does mean getting ready finish or 500 there was there was clear words none of us finished above 500. It's it's yeah. Notice that none of us that. Western Canada finished above 500 the year before that I was the only one yeah it's pretty groups are this week's game material Tennessee and Florida the gators are five point. Home favorites to anywhere you go. This is the game or Florida usually dominates Tennessee Tennessee won last year but Florida's one Michael's twelve games before that. I think Florida covers this one I think ported it and in a close game they may win by seven I don't like Florida's offense at all but I think their defense holes Tennessee Tennessee's primary did yeah after you before. Knoll envy of just because the way he said Jimmy Tennessee you're talking me into more Tennessee here Timmy import is offices is bad they've had a Porsche started the season I like Tennessee year in your game they won lashing you made the points was Tennessee give me final ticket. Taxi rates and it's an had to do your fancy little a couple of month government. Aria housing Tennessee's going to be for the recovered umi knew all a little rocky top. Or a stay at Washington State and us. Twice what I thought it or Washington stay. Total one point favorites is that right at home and home and it's org or it is bad dinner coach Mike and Matt Anderson or exit coach he's not entered now here's the thing a lot of points though like I am the Sugar Ray. Is a lot of points. Organ say it is bad Washington State right now top twenty team come off three. Twelve point comeback win over Boise State triple overtime I missed that because I fell asleep. None of like who your friends let me forget that went from last week's pretty epic I did not see it but here's the thing with this one. I want to take organs say with those points. Because actually. The cougars have a quarterback controversy. Luke Faulk is kind of was supposed to be kind of a dark horse Heisman candidate. Guess at all sorts NCAA record for reporters career yardage touchdowns completions. He actually got benched by Mike Leach less lead to an injury. I really want sic Oregon State but man. Let's say really think the line is off on the coo Martin commutes Mike hoops so give me Washington State University the fighting pirates. Bill could see I can't I can't go against big Fulton. All assistant Mike Leach talked about last week. But that's a lot of point out what actually didn't from being honest in my unit and I'm not getting a slalom are here and accordance via ongoing regular basis plus beavers are great the immune system you like a half point win if if you went on me can't you never count out the. Laws and state should win this game easily or if they'd almost lost the Portland State last week Portland State saint the it analyst beat BYU. So. I really think bosses they covers this game or if it's really really bad to just give me won't give you lost a close minus. What do token knows that would be it a pound of beavers pretty good beat by over twelve points. Thought his shoe and the cities to hate. The tires are set and a half point road favorites over. The bulldogs that's a lot of points and I'm not go on all the office and I am not an SEC contest on the road and now palace is not covered the spread the winning game I'm gonna. Vegas here Al Michaels told state Mississippi State and I agreed anyways news reinforced that opinion at osu wins this game that's too many points so you do me a touchdown. Mr. B stay at home yet given the points. My heart tells me LSU here because I think they're the better team etiquette is superior team the last three games have been five points or less and Mississippi State's 11 of those games. But I have to go with Pelosi here I think Ellis who wins by like eight or nine maybe ten points I think it's they score league somehow cover. Are normally take mr. On this are going against my boy and arguably as Ralph McGrath tells me some missiles one of his blocks say OK dawn of the yeah that's to our normally I'm against three college games out of the way. Three NFL games of next after a break here at the Packers and lions are shooting Packers and falcons. Via vikings it's Steelers and patriots at saints coming your way next in a pick six also my life FaceBook check coming up on FaceBook page on W to a. Are resuming our pick six now got three out of the way in college football are NFL picks on its way Packers at falcons and dirty birds they're my two and a half over Green Day. No thank you the thousands and a hard time scoring and move the ball and it's the Chicago Bears defense which was I think the Packers defense is much improved. The offense for the falcons is struggling a Collison and human attackers to map the look at our go for two podcasts full disclosure to the Packers some of the play both sides of this year after thinking about this more Christian. The Packers. They lost their starting running back. Might not be back the offensive line lost number remembered there. And the falcons. May have fluid destroy and I know it's not January it's not the same teams but they humiliated. The Packers shoots seven months ago in the NFC title game I'm gonna take the falcons here due to the falcons at home minus Two and a Half Men. I have the Packers weren't NFC's number take him every time and is to be a good putt senator football games and the Packers minus actually posted. Yeah I will there will be a great football and that's sure and haters well no we've known nobody likes without answer I haven't taken against the pac who'd dumped it singer with a vikings at Steelers five and ask. Still as a home favorites over the Minnesota this this defense from Minnesota I've seen it firsthand. They would give looked at the browns defense gave Ben Roethlisberger met and that steelers' offensive problems. I fully expect the vikings' problems are wrote a gigabyte is to cover. You nail on the head there on the road I just said on its FaceBook live chat I said I'm a believer in this vikings team. But I'm not a believer in that defense stopping one of the top two or three offensive units on the road. I think the Steelers cover here I will not fall off the vikings bandwagon though quite yet I think they are a legitimate playoff contender in the NFC. Patriots at saints. We had a tennis that Clinton. You distillers are different team at home I love Big Ben and and Libyan bell on at home on the road they're typically different teams to give me the Steelers to cover this game minus five and a. Kerio patriots at saints. This what could be larger this should be a larger point of view appears you know. Below with the winds and the unit shot Joseph tunes. I don't the saint smells that told a lot this liquidate. Vague in Europe. Three and a half point they underdogs against the Minnesota Vikings got blown out by ten points by the way any of electable up. Inning doubled it is that it qualifies a constant to blow up in a patriots are coming off a third and I lost they're not happy six and a half points not enough means giving to pages and some. I'm taken to say series there's. I am I need to tell you reason why other in this press that aren't go over to podcast shout out promote again W real dot dobbs Lisa but. Since something in the past 24 hours has been distinct one the back my neck hairs are sticking up sand. The saints in the points almost wander into disagrees so off right now I don't know man a check the record sped away giving the saints records early. Saints gear and a touchdown and all whites. I don't care of their plan. I'll take the points I think it would make a lot of good money this year bad against the saints some opinion about it batting at the same life like we inroads into the patriot haters haters don't dismisses that sponsors must send a surrogate when he is on appeal that I had not are hard to pick your heart. Well I'm pick ended the year get in seven points here at home yeah. Two patriots to pictures Cindy's got waxed by the Kansas City Chiefs all the Hillary holding all the more reason. Faso on the game but what's the over it's like 56 yeah actually here's the thing to me. I actually would say take me under I really would maybe. Ball control ball control ball sized both teams are pushed out here but you ended the mere. One thing Mike Triplett herb Tyler Peter burns route Michael's Tim's our master control appreciate all your efforts to degrade their actual phone lines tonight we back tomorrow. Several fire on outset it is the moment isn't please it'd keep competition going on Twitter and that sets Dunlap thanks to Tim and all you for. With things like hey if you missed it this them. Historic stuff going on in Major League Baseball congratulations to the Cleveland Indians. We have set an American League record and tied the Major League Baseball record with their 21. Consecutive win it's unbelievable 21 straight wins for Cleveland that ties the 1935. Chicago Cubs. Tim Zimmer is going to be rooting really hard tomorrow. Against the Indians hears the call tonight's from what sort of won the Indians 121 rate. Alabama the most in the wind and the parents swung and ripped a left Susan Hoch coming on so far severe. Get down thought. Restraint. On September 13. 2000 and I haven't seen. Guns that is that. I'm an American League record winning there won't deep first turn side down a ball game.