The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Thursday, October 12th

It's The Food show with Tom Fitzmorris. As always Tom discusses some of his favorite restaurants and our listeners call in and talk about some of their favorite restaurants as well. Tom also has two special guest during the first hour of his show. Ms. Aislnn Hinyup Vice president of communications of WYES New Orleans and Excecutive chef Michael Isolani and they're talking about some upcoming events in the city.



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Home. But the a oh. Bloom. And. Bum bum bum about the pomp of a this is the sunny voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time once again for the food show every afternoon we come in here we sit down and we talk. About food about restaurants but cooking about wine sounds like a good gimmick for radio and and it you know it did. Well you know how long music class really mean think about it. You win and Holland it's lasted so far this shows seem posts in place and stations and everything. Anybody want to guess how many years. Tired. You're very close to be there the news it's 29 and so. No. That was ace when you just heard by the way she's here. She's not exactly what I would call tender but you're she's she's close he knows she. She he has all these clients take care of and and she does a great especially channel. Twelve which and that's which you do all the time. And we are here to talk about that today and you brought an actual. Real life shift in here Michael it is so Lori is bodies and is sold on EOK well my wife. Excellent article in its. An idiot so she's if 26063. Succeed by the way is our telephone number if you wanna talk about this Michael is what should happen. The WI yes dinners that they you know this is this series of dinners that has has been around since. We were trying to figure this out about a week ago where we and we came up with something like. Iron in tiny and 26 this between six year and I believe you said your dinner started. Alou about a year later clearly something like that who. And anyways that they're just like I eat club dinners meanings but did exactly the same with the winds all picked out and everything balanced thought. And then the chef comes in and gets them you know come up with new ideas and and make it very special kind of an evening and a lot of the proceeds go to channel twelve. Which is our public television station which we should nurture and take care of and I mean that sincerely. And and that's even after they threw me off of us step and out you know take the. And even in many and I documentaries do I let college and me and I. Yet everybody loves them but what what they tell me now as a result of having seen what those of us. Man you were some kind of fat factor that let leading these galas come on Juan. Give you the of the menu with him at let's hear it let's see which you got the win it's not only five loans personal Wednesday etc. I inclusive. That's against only tax tip winds everything sorry of them also ballet. Oh no kidding no valley. Yes this and that's envision this and how much addition fifteen. That's not. Yeah. I I just say I can top that but only if there's space in it but that there's that lot that runs alongside the river. On the other side of the floodwall. And it's actually owned by the French market itself and so they have thought that's a good place apart because of their rates are low. So. The parking in that section of the quarters actually probably the most sensible yeah all of your words not as bad. So it sounds good credible to me. All right. So way what do we begin with a record as a first course is. Corn broth. With the base Gallup switch of the tiny ones. The big on. You hardly have received those yet here. When you would you turn up some of that I got a guy if I. Every ship has to have his guys or else he's intro there. And that's going to be with all the Qaeda is. Diesel and pickled red and so it's really light. Off almost a constant game if corn. This sounds really good I never in my life had a souped up corn soup of any kind that was anything less than wonderful it will be chill to it oh chill out that's different. The earliest you've got the weather for it that's for sure. That that really sounds good but I wanna ask you some more about these sub base galloped these little ones. Where if you go up it typically. If you go to a place like. Do with the red went to read. It's at a national chain and we have like two of them here it's the Ritz a largely left out about it. They have they sell those of but they typically fry in the deep fry. And and I never could warm up to that. And having bid into the part of the country where we scallop come from many times. I know that. At this a certain time a year when you get these little babies and they are genuinely delicious than most of the year their terror. Yeah I used to pick him out of the Gulf of Mexico for digital camera lived in Florida you can see their beds. If you go across about six feet of water you can see their beds and if you kick up the sand. That just come out from everywhere at the edges they swim don't swollen and they. What they can bury themselves underwater always an outstanding under the sand. If you'd kind of like mess up their belt a little bit then you just see them pop out I can I'm right there with so now I'm on the boats delicious. Yeah that's you you have reminded me of something I'd forgotten that this is your most of them of these Dallas that we eat come from. New England and Canada. But these what is also ups based galaxy they actually auto I don't know which day it is but it's it is off the coast of Florida and I completely forgotten about them so thanks for reminding me. And and so that's odd that's part of the soup that sounds really good to set on the menu is not it's not. I do everything. Just for W I guess is I want this to pass go I go all while I appreciate that it makes even more special and reuniting shouldn't get a reservation. Is no question about that. Well. This is we've maybe we ought to introduce the restaurant itself this is trinity this is some of the restaurant space it used to be. Maxim maxim knows. And they. Maxima is a guy who put who built next Mose did a great job and I always thought that that big long. Counters that you have and it's right on the other side where there is actual. Real cooking going on so you get a chance to. To watch all that and and big on it and the food there I love. Of the menu you menus that you guys have been doing them really enjoyed it. And that's a that's certainly one of okay what's next and. Those second courts so this is the community coffee segment. Of the general readership Q coffee is all the sponsors of the WAS dinner and they do competition within the dinner in one of a vicious. Between whom aura among home. So all they can't. Answer adds to participate com. Look in their courses I'll do OK at the Indy everyone and its. And yeah well that's that's how those things usually go up and let this year but did you what what. That you know what did you do we did coffee rubbed longer. Welcome to social. It was actually a new one on me but it sounds good oh what it was what it. In what condition was the coffee so when you look we've learned we've made that. That we brought before grind it torso and then just kind of do rag is basically what. And a coach at me and taken out there of course that we rolled it in trickery. It's his escape and it made slices off of that and served it with some on the noodles. And British. We had a guy. The guy approached me after the guys man I don't know what I ate but we just had no idea what it is. Well you run into a certain amount of that but what who cares as long as state makes you feel good right. And little all the all the pre teens are donated by Thompson's me. Help in Covington I pass in front of him every day as its slide Ellen no you haven't been anywhere got right that's all donated so of course under the terms like foreground sure legacy can. Point nine all out. Yeah. But but once again this is not a dish that we will find on your menu and people. And that hasn't. Well you never know my might run as the specials on night you'll know. That has a little Baxter shore OK so. That is side of mention hot dish. Yeah which one the one we were just talking about the believe this coffee. Barbara though it won't sell it lashed out at me at one point oh ice this year almost always it's the whole menu in plain. Just not just the community just a community coffee did one yeah okay. So seconds for this year we're gonna do the second course coffee road sticky pork belly. We hazelnut creme. And bitter as world. Grandma this there's just a fancy word. Yeah suffering from bad kids that's about the say that but I couldn't figure out a way to do it make it sound good. So there is a that's that's the next course after that it's going to be coffee hours. So pork bellies CD yeah really Tinder Sufi you know what. Week that we hear about soon be all the time and they show. But I know because of talking to listeners and readers that most people don't know what it views. Even but they know they like the results. To and that they they see that it you know typically. You get a nice crust on the outside to get real juicy. Very tender. Center and it comes out you know him as an interesting look to it as well. The word means under pressure now on but it doesn't necessarily have to be under pressure what you look at the results are looking for. When you cook CV are. What you're technically trying to do is hit a precise temperature and not go above that temperature so if you know what's this gonna get. Scientific but if you know what temperature pork bellies protein teenagers that which is just a previous is good going up to go global fact. Can you can just set your. Speculator to that temperature and it will never teenager that protein but it will cricket so come out the best result possible. So what what you're starting in here is C typically. Like. A starter for not styrofoam a bag tag and bag and you take all the air out of the and then you put it in the water bath that is at a very specific temperature it doesn't go up it doesn't go down there and you you time it once again she. 'til it's at a very specific I'm a length of time and then what you get is allegedly perfection exactly. I'm I'm not the way by some of it and I'm yawning. At. Others seem ways and things don't work. You know I would never could actually see the real what's different to me and I mean it just doesn't trip and so fast you wouldn't have a chance to close all foreign portfolio. Via port affiliates. When things. Aren't so that's the second and third of course we have to be second or third now there are have to deal half stock. A little dark so we're gonna do. Duck breasts a cold feet duck word. For the torch or I'll and that's going to be beats with beads and parks that you. Chris and naturally you from the dark. So the press will just be sheared and got fed. The way this is going to be coordinate coffee the way pull it off the read. How color. Packed the meat back or the boat I'll wrap it up in its own skin puck and fry it sir it's going to be called feed may have never seen before but it's gonna be delicious. Try it in what. In its own fat. There you go out his cell trying to get to see it yeah yeah all well that's that's sounds really wonderful it's going to be productivity. Form so you have you have basically ducked three different ways have to go and pins are all down. That's good that's good and has been especially we're getting into that season anyway right that your and a some sort of a try to. Keep it seasonally you'll see things would be sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds and that homes on the menu so it's going to be very seasonal. It would it would be to get cool I'm Ina I've always since I was a kid you know. I'll always like beat myself that there was definitely a point where B I would hope that. I guess it was about ten years ago and you know it's kind of a shame because you hate do the same thing people are everyone else is doing. Everyone's doing pizza kind of got that beat market cornered now. Though he's beats the hell could I. You know it's it's really too bad that this guy's reputation has been so messed up. That I can't quote him anymore but the my favorite all time quote on the subject of beats came from bill Crosby. And he said them the least used to sentence in the English language is can I have your beats. A but I've always loved the vote getting as since I was really you know a little kid in grammar school I need everybody else's beats. And slow them. OK so that's that's obviously going to be the main course I would certainly think so no it is. And yet another year course to follow Islam the fourth course where do. This is revive it it's actually going to be a tenderloin says this is now prima is the best trip be if you can get here. Without going to Kobe. Wagging tenor or it's going to be tough to or away sauce bone marrow can signal a top. Truffle pump. And 11 moment please answer. Portal they saw us means to completely different things and no one's as I'm sure as hell is. As so which thing that we're talking a little in the French or ways so yeah a reduction of you know I give Stanford a stock or it won't you'll hear. Yeah and all that so it. Whereas for those who know what's the other way and portly sauce it's basically garlic butter and that's about it I mean in not a whole lot beyond that is good but. Thank you go to gala torture C at all over the place but that's what they do things so. Anyhow. That so you knew you worked this up into a real red wine. And with the filet. And and I don't know what that's not a classic kind of thing to put in that position in the dinner. Sure yeah you can go back a hundred years and find menus that that has that same play out absolute. On Sunday he sounds like you local well yeah that's true but does that tell you the truth and you can beat up on me if you went to. And is among the most overrated though products out there and I accident in my opinion yeah. Will be chipped well and what Mexico. And eyewitness said that if I didn't wanna start so I cut up. Anyhow on. But I like actually I like it when you start getting in the the the penalty if it gets to be like at Torrey going bean sauce that has strong rules that you and all of this. This this is game. Try to be like that okay it's got truffle that it's going to be in the sweet potatoes. Itself says it is and foreigners here or all a lot of apparently. Now. Well I must say and already and I thought we were finished about five minutes ago it's best this is one hell of a good again menu here prices. What and 95 for the whole thing right boost on the winds. Well our. I hope it's not anybody in Napa. Or I hope I do so it's all new republic republic the idea that's that's a local. Actually it's pretty. Pretty much a widespread. Yet it was wholesaler wines and importers who I think. OK so do you do you have do you notes any specific ones that. Mean even if you do want that when I really don't know Dario and we just will have to strike on without. And the end of the line rent will be cases you know and now to chat about every cool learns that so or that what you're drinking. That's the way these dinners have always gone and that's that's what you do we you know we used in the middle of the meal. Who the guy or girl. Though will be walking around and we'll stop and if you show an interest in the wind they'll stay as long as you want to tell you everything you want an old and and a whole lot that you don't wanna know about it but the thing you know so. I know rip and she's he's getting excellent picks and good things one with a menu like this look for some cigarettes in the me you know. When the system this is October 18. OK so we. So Wednesday night yes that is also through our classic each club night no and we Beecher to Wednesday that that's that's that's what it. And so the eighteenth it's so that's next week. Yeah I might just have to come and I'm not fission for a few spots left I'm not fishing for a free meal consider certain number of people think I do take your meal but I'm going to I'm gonna go to that one. That sounds really really good. All right. Tell Leo what's going on over at the restaurant just generally. So although it's been really busy month got lots and in my that's good to hear after what we were suffering and August and September brutal. You know who put this month is looking good next Sunday we have poppies drag broach. Why yes it drag queen likes my buddy poppy poppy talker yes there that if should be there are ha well conceived idea. So that's the only formula. We've got forty or fifty people for that you're gonna kinda do a show in between these courses. That what she's kicks a mean idea anything that she's involved with it at least you're gonna have fun you know that going. And then let's see just this week we opened up our Halloween minions. It's Halloween menu can we come back to that sort let me take a break here will be back it would more than Puccio after first Lisa have a word don't panic yet they'll have yet. We sponsored by the maple street cafe. The maple street cafe has been one of our really long term sponsors. A long time but every now and then they take a break which I think is a good idea actually. And they did and we haven't been talking about them for awhile so let me refresh your memory we have here a restaurant. That is a nice little dining room it's there's nothing really special audit it's just nice it's comfortable it's you know nice and clean. They have ashamed of very nice looking chandeliers. I don't know why that should strike be so much they also have a big menu that starts off. With classic local issues that we eat all the time one of the ones that I particularly love. Why the oysters and indeed they for the Friday oysters and they make economic team potter. And excuse me. And they will. I'll put that altogether. Into a really good appetizers and so you start with things like that you move on. Into some Italian dishes some straight up the middle creole dishes of views that are hard to put your finger on exactly what it is. But there's a lot of variety. And they are they are seven days a week lunch and dinner which is very helpful. And finally. The thing that I like most about it is that if you're in the mood to just have a real easy going quiet kind of dinner with maybe maybe you your favorite date. That it's perfect place for that. Or if you wanna get a get gang of people together and shoot the breeze it's it works out perfectly there too. It's the maple street cafe 76 going to maple street they are open seven days a week luncheon dinner closed on Labor Day like anybody is open. We will come back with more of the food Choi after first please this. Hi it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. We are coming if you live from our studios overlooking the Mississippi River. And today we're talking a bit about another one in the series of the the dinners. Leo what do you call these again definitely lie ANC's of the its season of good taste but it goes on for her months. And it's just really getting started right now right you don't want it to all cities in the first inning Wednesday well we have the chef from trinity here. Michael. Is sold lineman. He's our eyes. It's all right okay. I think Seoul. New lease and you know we we got it now I won't get it right now on. Mr. mr. mr. installation time away I'm sorry that was. And that they are always they get you with that back and that that little kids are cheesy they're brutal. Little kids are brutal. They can see anyway. OK so that's that's our dinner there that what what is going on on your regular menu I like you would you change it pretty often. All the time and now you know we we've worked with farmers like a lot of people do so whatever is on the backers shark. Sometimes after talking into hiding stuff from other chefs and it's not really album in the works. Whatever is coming to us so you never know though I can plan it out in advance sometimes. You know if my wife word listening who's since she might be she would ask me to ask you those little bridge that you have. But it looks like him a little flame in numbers and it's just. An interesting design I don't know who does that for you and you might do it yourself lowland and do all immigrants you know what you know the ones I'm talking of content. Boy I love those you can just sit there and eat like fifteen you know. X if you think I'm serious you must get that all the time people will tell you hope please can we have some more bread I mean it's been good cycle home. Cupcakes size almost but it's it tastes like you would have done of dough and and the noses rising. Stalinist and all that. We didn't do it right the reason that shape is because I think you could lose crest. Which unique to our numbers seem more like the center. Ratio. And that makes and Steve clutter away well it makes sense as anything a little players use bread at the restaurant they can they're all the inside the agency the crest. Yeah that's completely backwards. And a book depends. I'm awful that I might believe that might be yeah that's really Brett can't stand off a lot of you don't like muffle differently. Now. The OK okay and I I'm just escalating battle and it. Oh what do until recent items on the menu that you think go would make him very favorable impression on somebody coming over to your restaurant for the first time tonight. Okay teammates analysts are yesterday we gonna whatever works for. All fantasy. So we re already about the stakes are the only difference steaks on the menu when aren't. Tenderloin. For Emilio. We. A big sixteen ounce rabbi. And we have lag huge strip. And then. That's my favorite which when Mr. Bush yes strip is my favorite it doesn't scale well. I've noticed over the years that. If you. Our oral lover of of revise. You stick with it and if people are very no I mean at very loyal to it in there and win I can almost spot it in somebody is that you go really love that flavor in that setup. Or you don't see got a lot of fat in it which is what what I think a lot of people don't like. Yeah and then then you have the you know the boys which is just a bunch of Sweeney's we don't even have to think. Angry at me as odd that that's it all yet if they don't know anything about that it certainly saw it. Or at what the very best of all of variations on. Back of our knowledge serious value of variations. On. Supporter houses. I do I love. Yeah the ribbon might. My favorite cut if you look at your reply it's got this little strip of me that's gonna hang in office and fat to the site ha ha well if you get lessons I realized colt's been analyst spin out of some people call it Deco they're actually those students are. But if you get the hole cut of meat than you can remove that and one big piece and actually cut steaks that. A lot of vote local chefs have done that sent first time ever saw that or heard of it my life was sent restaurant August but two weeks ago. Right that's just a premium cut. Avail us you don't get much out of it well expensive. What might my wife is crazy about it she just successor tremendously delicious cut of beef from Kenya and you can't really argue it people who orient to four in two. Ribs and all the variations on it. No they're very much ship beholden to that and why not one. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. We'll be working them a message here by name. Our show is sponsored we have a new sponsor today it's Walker's southern barbecue. He can most of us got to know Walker's. When we were at a jazz festival may be like even twenty years thirty years ago. And it was one of the weather food booths there and what they were doing was Kosher on delay poor boy. Now you talk about it great ideas start way that was it and and it has remained that good and it's a huge success not just that the jazz vessel excel in my day every time. But they also boy you know have their little shop about meanwhile NCs its own pain boulevard but midway. Between Bullard and and don't read boulevard. You know rate up almost on the Lakefront. And they do this big big Manuel barbecue and they do it very carefully. And they make as much of it as you possibly could do in that little facility that they have. But at the end of the day it is literally the end because they sell out every single thing they have every single day so don't go there late goal early. To get it it is worth the trip this is one of the best barbecue places around walker family. There there it's it's those people that we're doing that at the jazz festival that really wonderful. Kosher on delayed can't top that it's real smoking too in real low and slows oval program. It's Walker's southern Barbeque and pain boulevard of the in new qualities to the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. And it's great to be here were you talking about food restaurants and all this. Let's see what else is on your menu we're talking. By the way. With. Michael. Is so funny. Either they do that pretty good idea I think and he is the that trinity this is 700 no ten hundreds or Latino and 17100. Block. A dictator right. It's 1117117. That's 11100. Points are well I mean I got it wrong to. There was we ought to go. Is very historic it's it's a historic building it's was originally put up by the Ers line nuns and it is. Even by New Orleans standards of very old building I think it goes back to the seventeen hundreds. I live in panic do you really hot and really that's that's pretty the only there's huge blooms that there. It's really cool I don't know how old they are with their very old and dear held together with wooden stakes. The way away strip reply. And I. Couldn't pass that. The what. We got a couple people at W wanna. Put that thing on and so if it's the Puccio. Michael's 75 is joining us heel it's tonight's agenda this year. Michael you're. Good afternoon everybody here. Not only show up Michael. Like all. But. Ma. Oh well we all like that. Yeah I don't. Walt by the way just discovered. Somebody else at another place but got. Sale. Dual. Really I have seen wages. About art of the public BSN. Security is part. Okay that's going to agree market. Number 2 I am day. Be today which some fresh but quash. And so a lot of ups does it in. Combination. No but it sounds good it's great that sounds really good. Yeah like anyway. Yeah and Michael Utley. Is that menus are fabulous but it's reminiscent. Of the best eight club by it to my wife and I. What do audobin hero always had mental. And they had to act Colby and five courses are spectacular. And they. Total access to prosperity in. Oh yeah that was really a steal on our part and the only bad news about it is. That traditional New Orleans ending to everything ain't Dan noble off. I can't believe this guy yeah it below what it. Appreciated in result would guess what he that was the they mark Karr on my tombstone. He really does. Or K buddy pay like a pop. Other way on our odd couple questions about cannot bring now one line there's DeVon. Note though we've been told definitely know. Well I mean. It's. I got a. 2000. Chateau pot ticket I agree alliance and has had to wait three years from more quiet so. And I'm sure I won't break out of a great addition to get to promote. Well I and then what can happen. He broke the senate. And we don't do it if you can't do on the W why is there you can do it similar to works. It will have to call you and it says that 95 tax and tip but not. Yes very it's tax and tip included. OK that's good if I'm looking forward to this satellite Babbitt and. Yeah I it really does and I listen to a lot of these kind of menus alive and that went really stands out. Yeah when they. I'm very critical so I'm who wouldn't going to be great. Yeah I did know that about you well remember you. You seats he made few. UH. WYS title and as long selling this to give the phone number one now. On line we have all right through W Lee at Stadler. And bright. It's bright light and we had links under events and ENC and the treaty Lugar click here. In a way Hugo I have to get I had a lot of yellows we still got you. I'm sorry I get permission from my dentist oral surgery about a week ago on. If you do allegedly. And albeit. I think. You'll be all right. I am and all right see you later. Its approach it like that in person now. BC it's one women and lewis' in. Law Clark department is not going to be short call Clark and put. Hang on okay all right will be back but more choice the first please. But but it's the food show. And we left them behind a few minutes ago at he has Clark the army truck. All right Tom you know I'm disabled guy. Colonia. Great great. Yeah yeah yeah again. Yeah yeah we are you know in four. I I don't know which one. It is. What was the subject. Talk about. All I. Know. The fog all yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that's the guy who was does the bar that does those TD drinks. When. It is this arrest but it's a restaurant and bar that has a very. Hard to remember name. It use. God. It's yeah yeah that's where we are written down but it's I can tell you this. It's Indy the Rio 400 block of Decatur street. And it's. It's in the that there's a hotel there. And it's being Debian bill house I think that's the name of the the end bill house and the rest that is actually in the hotel. So just go over there and kneel there open for dinner and they are doing all this whole line in kind of you know belly eyes sort of stuff. That's where all that is. Gates it. He emphasized that it was almost. It's now. Yeah yes he has a whole bunch of those calls go out yet the fog cutter yeah. That's what I saw on all important well thanks so called. On the darn noted art well value of fixed up pretty late clock. Kerry goes Clark the gourmet truck driver and remember if you cannot see the face of Clark the grameen truck drivers he drives past in this truck he can't see you. So be careful. That's true you know he's. Which the act you reacted as if it was something you never heard of the cornea life. OK let loose some more menu police from from your regular restaurant. If you wouldn't mind or what will shift going on that she's here excited. I don't know it's. The Halloween. Halloween menu really excited about this we just rolled it out last week now. It's what I love horror movies are there all plays hockey moms. He did. The first course is actually a musical that hills have eyes now so what this is is. Parmesan spear for occasional criticism molecular stuff. Her. Basically what you make is is a bubble you are really into this time picking out it uses it in the right places yeah I like it not over using it just were. Yeah to get becomes a gimmick could and did the trick is path takes it. Okay he actually via rule number wise right he can't sacrifice. Tastes just it makes the school couldn't agree would you storage it takes a lot of tweaking. Itself. This is craziness that we make this fear it's kind of you know it's just a agility it's a liquid. Kind of what did and what we do is inject it with a syringe with oil. And it's got these oil inside and put little ball stomach virus on top so it looks like an eyeball and expert who did hero explodes there. Sure. Second course we're doing. The silence of the docks which this. Op. That's great I love it so far it's blogger. Fava beans and Chianti just like or is like it has lived there was some problem being asked on our. That's great. So I got that we've got. He. Creature of the black lagoon which I just watched last night actually. Is octopus. In oyster sauce over black beans with the squid ink. Cream fresh. Blood sausage you know whole thing has. I I love the jokes at home but I'd I'd even more enthralled by the prospect of this dinner at this dinner sounds wonderful. I mean it yeah it's all I just off the Wall Street courses and it is this going on now is. Go to on all month attempt all of October. That's the we've got the nightmare on oak street the crap that's I've got I've got help tenderloin and right now we've got should jolt us. I don't know if you're ready for this but you know this Friday is Friday the thirteenth. I'm not ready for. Well it. I mean I didn't know myself as a waitress I checked the calendar but there it is it was an opportunity missed but so it sounds like you've got more than enough that it. Another core and we just did this is called the shining. Pop is the mirror Kate gets read wrong obviously. Bagram an Iran track my. So but icing is yours just is so smooth you can see the reflection you can see your reflection on the icing. So what I do all right red Roma on the cake and then if you look at it and serie a rate red room on the plate and if you look at it against the cake. It says murder. Backwards just like in the movie I. I. I I love it. This is very very. Very adventuresome and creative. Eleven so that side that's the whole month time. Yes and so any night of the week you wanna come in in and do all through and it's a set menu of 55 dollars to five at street courses choices to this socialist terrific I love it. There is that you deal the menu for that posted anywhere. Move yes it's all maturities FaceBook site. OK I I'd like to put so much fun as in my newsletter that says that's agree great speaker menu it sounds like. Well. That's it says clearly you're getting a lot done over there. The the counter where you both cook and serve from. Gotta be one of the favorite parts of the restaurant he or. It's do you think that. That it takes a certain person I don't know what it is that not everybody likes this trooper that's what's cool about turning this is similar options to Syria and we have about though upstairs. The boosts the bank hit the bar the food bar. Really just a whole lot of different ways you can experience a restaurant itself. But you get some people that come in there and they really dig that they really wanna ask a lot of questions in the busy but it doesn't bother us is it's a lot of form. Yeah and a yeah I think it's it's it's a great feature of the rest on its him whenever it comes up in conversation I was recommended that we. Got down on it too which is a never understood the sushi. Deal because you're always looking up on the what they're doing you this that you actually looked down on our kitchen oh good just. Anyway this is this all goes on on it's eleven seventeen. And it was on on Decatur. And it's seven days a week I think. How close we were seven days a week we. You know that brutal summer we started ounce on Monday is down but we've made it very soon start opening up Mondays ago. Good. Well it's it's really I wrote an article by 045 months ago. About that whole neighborhood and how well the restaurants in it. There weren't many to begin where it's. A lot of them have been there a long time without having been renovated or anything it was starting to look a little shabby but some of them new restaurants that come along have been shocks great. And they're right there and no one block over on charter street. I love it I think that's one of the most exciting parts of the city for dining out today. All right. Just to wrap up Al all of this. Oh the reason we're talking about all of this with. With Michael you salami is that. His restaurant. It's going to be one of the WYES. What or what is it again Gleason season of great season of good taste so. And that's 95 dollars in the and it benefits channel twelve. Two grouping them the benefit if you ask me. And you can make your reservations by going to W I ES dot org. And then from there you can sign up for it but this really does sound like a fantastic and uncommon I'm so save me NC. And the restaurant itself plays well we were talking in and out of school here it's. It's there trinity all the time. And do what it sounds like you're really on the ball these days this is very exciting is that is highly as I was thinking about that neighborhood I think you've topped it. And gotten even better so. Oh great to hear about what things are common on it could be and now. And a slim Kenya always a fun to see you this says is the restaurant on the West Bank doing okay. Yes yeah so careless and new and young. Him and make birdies and no it has a lot of regular customers so there we get if we get calls about those people all the time people. That's nice to hear riddler now. All right. Our show today. Is sponsored by the chief Porter looks. Porter and Luke if you would what's the matter you and so grueling days the share technical difficulties that I. And I think yeah well you know we always need something interest. Well what was I talking about here Porter and Luke. Puerto Lucas the and neighborhood restaurant but it's a neighborhood restaurant and kind of a new style for one thing it's bigger than most of them. They have a big big menu to match that off. And they can do everything from. Fried chicken or hamburger. Or roast beef pork boy. All the way up to fried seafood platters they do grilled fish they too some really nice. Seafood items with great sauces. And all of this though is that. New Orleans neighborhood restaurant prices which is always good to run into this what do organ that is it's one thinks it makes us a great eating town. They are they are doing that seven days a week lunch and dinner. The very busy with the happy hour every night including starting like any second now if they're not already open. And a good place to meet friends they're always really busy in that bar I would tell you that you'll never be alone. This is. The Porter and Luke restaurant it's on. Metairie road in the Metairie shopping center that's runs. It's in between them Metairie road and cotta for you'll see it when you know where talk about it's it's a little to food show. Whether it was a one hour I thought. Which I think Ronald. Very informative. And and fun too we were we were laughing for a change a baby home. Well you know a young man your age is usually hungry all the time no one's. Facts. Facts. You know eat it there are people who were working on sending facts food. And I'm not joking today they. They were very close to getting it and then they couldn't pass some sanitary problems that have serious. Our program is sponsored by mid indoors mid indoors has something really exciting. Going on right now the entire month of October. You should be able against this it's October fest. Then finally the October fest menus are popping up around town put these guys have been taking it seriously for the last five or so years. And by that I mean that well first of all ports Pfeiffer who is the owner of didn't doors. This name itself tells you that the bid Doris family that started it back in the 1930s. Was a German family so this is all the German qualities that you need. To make for a great dinner. But beyond that they do a different menu of different German dishes from week to week so you get a real chance to do some. Some exploration of German food that you haven't been able to do around New Orleans for quite a while we don't have any German restaurants. Anyway. As they continue doing there of catfish and all the things that they're famous for over at mid doors but they have this special menu for the October fest. It is running right now. On Wednesdays and Thursdays only it's just those two days a week the restaurant itself is goal opened with a its regular menu the rest of the time. But try that out if you haven't does seem what they do with October fest that didn't or if you gonna really love. Men Doris is just off interstate 55. At the man checked exit and they are there for lunch and dinner. Wednesday through Sunday. In the October fest again NATO UA's just. On. Wednesday and Thursday. We'll be back more of food show coming stay tuned please thank you.