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Monica Pierre, WWL Community Matters
Sunday, September 10th
WWL's Monica Pierre talks with Kevin Gardeer with Bridge House/Grace House about their upcoming special events during their national recovery month. Monica also talks with Michelle Tarallo from the Spears Group about the upcoming National Fried Chicken Festival set for September 23 and 24, 2017 at Woldenberg Riverfront Park.

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Good Sunday welcome to this so picky so much for joining us today I'm your host. Monica here coming up in the marine really didn't. People go. Down the road and and well. Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of people who live overcome addiction as a low tales about the upcoming march for a recovery. Luck. I'm out and try is many versions of rights and the challenge is on and the second annual ride and festival details on New Orleans. Celebrating one of America's. Favorite foods. September is national recovery month and brick house grace house will recognize the achievements of those who have overcome addiction. With a couple of very special events. We're joined by Kevin guard the year executive director of development with rich house grace house. Kevin thanks to be on the show again thank you so much for having us Monica also temper is very very busy but it's also very important because you're gonna recognize them it. The achievements of those in recovery correct. Yes this month long celebration promotes the message that treatment is effective in people can and do. Recover from substance use disorders. You know it. Kind of the old school. People in recovery really didn't talk about it much pain and let people know that they had been. Dan a dark road and now or we're doing well on now there's some national organizations which kind of promoting people's stepped from behind the curtain. And let them know you know like. My name's Kevin Garnett and calm person and long term recovery and infamy that means I haven't had during. Or use and illicit drug since October 28 2001. Mom Lyle and why was that lives because it was a successful. Saying. Was there a concern that if he told the world that and you relapsed. I think that was political will that was one of the things and then on the twelve step groups were you really have to. Protect one another synonym and in some people took that as ago I can go in there. And I'm not supposed to tell anybody I was in their right to me it's a little different to me is that by going at twelve step. Meaning NIC someone ago I cannot tell another person. I will not telling the person you place the a friend form probably appear in the air you know as stigma that was attached to drug addiction manages. Drug use disorder and alcoholism was you know they have total control of themselves and strong well. And really not understanding and as a disease concept and you know at a certain. Illicit drug you take one time and your brain chemistry. Is changed. Right away and forever September is going to recognize the achievements of those who have overcome addiction a first of all let's begin where this the inaugural march for a recovery. What is that event about yes so we are in our sixty year of operation advertise grace house we open up and 57 on campus and Julia would like full beds. So now and has sixty PO we're probably Trudeau 25000. People since that time frame and it feeds. We say if you would that count of people that all positively affected by. Those 25000 people. Being advertised grace us forward ever appeared time. You know you could feel the superdome maybe even twice because for every person that. If a person is doing well or for persons doing not so while they affect their loved ones are the ones affect. Their loved ones and and friends it's a domino effect where. When your help and someone or when you're hurting someone. You know we're really excited that have been around for sixty years is not many. Organizations. In our city that's been around and be in a charity a true charity. We are very excited so we wanted to to make a statement. To say that kind of piggybacking on national recovery month that recovery. Does work and we won it really it it's not a fundraising event it's to increase awareness. In our community. There has been a lot of news. About the use heroin and synthetic OP or an epidemic. And so some people have heard about it but there's still people that I tell you know and I noticed we all know and no this average house grace us. That there were more. Overdose deaths in 2016 and there were murderers and some people still don't. Don't know that fact and I mean that's pretty alarming you know we want consider that the murder capital Oro and you know maybe even again but. To think that people Daria and every day and integrated or Terry Young. Adults kids are dying every day because of this epidemic. And so weak. We were gonna make a statement at the march on Saturday September 16. And how are you planning to say it's not going to be a fund raiser but it's going to bring awareness. Just a vandalized what are you hoping to do and what you hoped to start and end with the march. Right so full war and we were very fortunate we had the hostages told mistrust condom on to write a lot cost associated with the event. Which sent out. A postcard. To all of those who receive our newsletter. I. Which we've sent out four times a year. That's about 6000 people and we are promoting it through social media with kind of an emphasis on. And letting everyone know it's free registration you can come out. And march in support someone who is in recovery of those people who wore actually in recovery themselves and also people who have lost. Loved ones in recovery. It's kind of amazing we have some moms who have. Lost their songs. To visit to this disease and because of an overdose. Yet Davis is still love laws and no like Qatar and they're boys that I am a young man spent with us with some of the best times. There are large because there's on ones who was doing very well so we we also put like an emphasis on contacting. Our alumni and what we've been out promoting it we have a lot more women. Alumni registered right now there the other women embrace us registered and approved then the men so we're creating a little battle in China a yet. Yep so we I mean we're expecting it 200 people and I think he could be more than you know as a said it's it's it's her. It's really too broad awareness Symbian or first you we're very excited. About it's it's going to be from ten to 1 PM. We're gonna have a testimonial. Normally runs in his MC in the event. We will have to director. Health director for the city there and. So you gonna margin and again it's going to be this this statement about recovery and the achievement would just like Kevin guy gear. He's the director executive director of development with bridge house Gray's house talking about the month of September. National recovery month at a couple of events that are going to market and basically you know march around. Iraq yet we gonna march around fall far after we you know have a few people who will be sharing their story. We also have ordered the staff members for the national organization face an addiction who will be in town and will be saying a few words. At the event. The testimonials to mourn its it we have Mandy who is a graduate or breaks how's that really. You know look at out passive and just grabs the audience and now she's in need individual like like most of people who complete our program. And we have like different colored balloons so it could be yeah. The blue balloon would be there for the person a marcher on the part that is actually in recovery or light would be. Someone who supports recovery because they have a loved one who's currently in long term recovery. And then more on that for those who have lost individuals. And Mercury. Well everyone's journey is different in recovery the what kennel what is the overall. Story of recovery what that message. The messages you I mean it's one alcoholic. Addict help and and the messages it is possible. Substance use disorder is treatable. And there are many people in our area that are in the long term. And kind of as I mentioned before it's kind of like stepped in behind that curtain from behind the record in saying that this is who I am. This is hello laws this is what and s.'s how it is today as Seoul march. Darkness. Attached to addiction. We really need to bring the other side to the to the front of the stage and say look this is this can happen you know it's. You know like we do at rich disgrace when those people and our. Are doorway hopeless helpless and anyone to dog. They need to know right away that there is hope. My and we tried to instill that in them you know Mike treat them with dignity honor respect. And really getting to know the rest of the individuals there and treatment wit. You know what some help with a lot of help from their counselor devote rehab. Portion of our program and the modified therapeutic community where they need to notes there is an RS to call. One another out when they do and something. That doesn't line up to recovery the long term recovery and they need a college other out when they're doing something that is. Way which is above and beyond what they need to do you know Annette a lot of times I tell about the new guy in the house and you know. Taken them under your wing for a week and fetuses you know some rules and regulations. This is what I did to get through these tough times some maybe 10. Try to use as well room. I know Eaton this and packs of many people it could be someone. Sitting next year war someone sitting next year the pews in the future so one gather around the dinner table. We know there's a problem when someone hits rock bottom or is starts to turn really really dark green how do we begin to help if you with a family member of the coworker of the church member. Just the concern person who. May be seeing some things but really isn't sure that that's what they're seeing her. Well. Whenever you you find yourself or you know someone who has a question. Columns. You know it might be a situation where. The person may not mean virtuous agrees house but they need something they may need to intensify and will do you know where. We're not there and I'll say all book the unit around for six years with we've seen a lot. And you know most of my calls as executive director of development is not a cabin is 101000 dollars for your organization that. It's my friend. Myself. Here minding my daughter and just recently won a moderate. My wife's old friends from high school called me and really needs to come into our facility. I'm so as you said it it it's touch and everybody you know there's there's there's probably a handful of people it seems that. In this city in the greater new world serie than have been touched by addiction by a family member or really close for an. We've talked about the much recovery and that September national recovery month. Is a very busy month for all of he'll lay brick house grace Housley joined by Kevin guard near the executive director of development. There's also another of that that you're planning floats toward the end of September tell us about that. The last Friday in September is our. For recovery golf tournament it's held at English turn. It's a four man scramble format and it's. It's one of the best golf tournaments in the city in crisis there has a golf tournament and with. A comedian some board members they really made this an. We have quite a few restaurants on the course. And designate will be provided lunch and you'll have three. Three restaurants an affront on another three on the back nine maybe even more so come hungry and and competitive play we still do have a few. A couple of fortune to open its. A thousand dollars a foursome than a 100% of proceeds. Like dollar events from the active fund. The programs we have are protesting us. And Kim there's so many layers to the recovery war in what you'll dealing. Celebrating in marking X sixty years of brick house great house you know I'm from the country you know I grew up as a sharecroppers daughter and Alfred say that. Yeah we just don't get a lot of stuff in the country in the rural areas. Talk about limited access and how people who do live in rural areas who may feel isolated. And alone can also get support. There was the fall that chrome. The rule areas was home some of the reasoning. That crystal math became so popular there is a rise and an interest in math that we're seeing. Are not quite nearly as this. As horses that they are we know we epidemic. But there are places I mean as you know that some of the back areas for us right now I was. Someone needed medical detox. And house like you kind of have to go to some of these places which. Many would consider country places between here and and better rouge. To get deep zone there's not many medical detox beds free and in our city. It's scary but. You know the ones that are there are doing the best that they so let's talk about the criminal justice system and of course. What you're seeing there so the criminal justice system usually. On average we see about. 30%. A borrow current residence. Or involved with the currently involved with criminal justice system where they've been mandated. Or whether there been on paper as part of their probation. When things that our home is surprising to many is that for those who were sent to us through the criminal justice system. For the first two years of their recoveries are just as successful. For those who walk into us. Our system. Voluntarily. So you know it's if you talk to share of gross matters chief les. And that the sheriff in Jefferson Parish and saying no wherever you'll they would tell you. That the majority of people in there jails. Have a problem with substance. Which substance use disorder. And from 70% I've heard all the way to 95%. Needs ups and you'd need to meet substance abuse treatment. So the problem is you know all those people that are Ngo. In 98% of coming out so let's think about doing something wild there. And you know introducing him to recovery and in some jails are better than others. You know with the limited resources they had some times it's it's difficult. But there are small program to lecturer Grossman as Juan. That was ordered while it's like a transition phase when they're getting that this program oh you know like work release program. But. As many people. Better vote on laws that any treatment and they need treatment first you know so hopefully they don't return. On average the people that where we saw in. 2016 and war through our doors six point they had been arrested and averages six point non tarps. It is think that's that's really scary vacant the crimes they commit to obtain. In the league call up that many times you know how many times they actually. Involved with criminal. And it doesn't matter the economic background. That none of that is no average of about almost seven times that they were arrested correct. And yeah dead. Addiction is equal opportunity destroyer you know it doesn't matter if you live and on saint Charles avenue live and under the bridge loan. Our camper Cali it's. It touches everyone you know and and and we've seen that throughout our history. You know it's not it's not anything new to us with our own even consider in this that I don't know PO it epidemic. The people we're seeing are a lot younger I think it's cleaning people like to endorse quicker. They say if they were just abuse in pain pills or are alcohol or even some of the other cocaine the other drugs that we've seen. But it's from all walks of life. You know we have people that have been through. Hazel and Betty Ford and end up on our doorstep from we have people that amendment on the brits for five years and some people have never Natalie job that you know and whether they had a good job or not that's a big part of our program mr. vocational rehabilitation portion of it. Where they learn soft and hard jobs deals but more important than anything positive news they are. They become employable. They go through the daily stresses. Of a workday while there with us and treatment. And our ass too practiced of the pretzels recovery while Iraq that works right. You know it's easy for the individuals to come to us to talk the talk and say this is what I have to do they know what to do could have been. The majority of people have been to a couple of treatments and as before. And we really judge people on their actions and being at the workplace is wrong. He really kind of treats the whole person and makes him feel our. The solution also is is that the secret to long term recovery when there's a direct correlation between. One's ability to maintain a job. And how well they're doing in their own personal workers. I think this. One of the secrets I don't say it's long term recovery. Is development group of people. That are in recovery outside for us outside average house grace us. And staying in contact with those people. You know one day at a time for the rest of the life because. Architects you know and you know could I. One of our friends and though that's not a recovery what's going on until I talked to a person who's been down. The road a van and now I've seen that the bright side how did they get through it and you know a lot of times. So recovering health policy and we and in drug addict we have. You know we we have these other co cars and mental health the sellers a lot of a lot of those that come to our door have already been diagnosed with depression anxiety. And some of the other severe mental illnesses. So. You try to find the ones. That are most similar to you so vote of that group. That support group. I like your wife your advertising is awesome and long term is staying. Connected. And I think the overall messages that there is hope. There is support those who love. You know what you're doing and you've been around for sixty years. You're one of the answers rich house Gray's house if anyone wants more information about the march for recovery. Also earlier golfing event later that they get this information dig. He'd call me 5048217133. 5048217133. Or they can go online at www. Brick house dot org. And look under our events. And we have quite a few events who mentioned before the show started. But we're really excited about tomorrow but it's the first. Morning we had to make a statement and I've just been bigger than one will be. Marks an important street to let people know. You know this. This is what's going on a city can you help us help them have a good idea or king executive director of development we ridge hospital recently. They Q Eric Dover air and. One of America's favorite foods will be front and center at the national fried chicken festival Wimbledon for park. The shelter Rob Lowe director of special events with the spears group says the fried chicken festival has grown says is 2016 debut. First and farmers this year we are national fried chicken festival year. Featuring 35 chefs and restaurants from across Louisiana and seven other states throughout the United States so. This year the festival has moved to Wallenberg riverfront park last year our brand Lafayette square. Little tight. Grade because a lot of people wanted to come out we recognize that over. Quadrupled our our footprint we've got 5000 square feet. We are the footprint of French Quarter fest in 100 parts so from canal street all the way down to pavilion by Natchez riverboat. We have that many experiences. Outside of food that great music three stages. Lots of different activation and so we're really excited. For the month of September is a really special month for everyone who loves fried chicken right absolutely so we've got two days I'll as well mr. September 20 there and trying forest everybody mark your calendars. On vessels from 11 AM to 8 PM on Saturday and are 11 AM to 9 PM on Saturday eleven to eight on Sunday. You can come out he can try is many versions of fried chicken as you can mean dare you to try them home. That to yourself. And safer than you sick and digest of it go back and and hence some more spots we have all of the famous sons and our sons and stick see it's like meteoric in taxes and North Carolina and Georgia and Tennessee. Mississippi we've got like people from all and you citi's the national fried chicken festival and we think a fried chicken is very very southern Rio know what had had a festival like that in New Orleans until last year. So why is this such a national appeal without tickets so great question and that's actually. The reason that the festival started clean on spears who is the presidency of threes group. I am had. You know I thought. Everybody loves fried chicken and mud is on quintessentially southern. It is America is beloved as it is a dish that has versions from East Coast or west has. Influences from all different types of cultures and nationalities and backgrounds. Everybody loves fried chicken and we wanna bring together people around things that they eleven sharing common regardless of you know where they live or how they grew up and on food is easy dean and and in chicken and even. Easy access and human to the going to be so many different varieties. And think it can be done with fried chick like chicken so yeah idea of some of the things get in for. Well so we have on a couple of awards it's best fried chicken and and best use of fried chicken an original day so those that's kind of an easy way to. Come enjoy the classics. You know you're five piece southern fried. And then we've got really unique dishes like. Fried chicken on top of spinach artichoke in an oyster shell with Mac and cheese and it sounds crazy but. I saw it and it's in anyway as dishes people are walking around with us on the sea and they're like you know what is that on some really unique. Outside of the box renditions of fried chicken as well to to see how it can be used outside of that the normal traditional take. So the fried chicken festival last year was the inaugural it has grown. At the second day moved to the riverfront is now the national fried chicken festival. We're joined by Michelle carollo she's the director of special events. And she is with spears group talking about all of the things that are happening. And of this so much going on and of course please don't film blame Michel blame me because of our time limitations. You can't touch upon everything. But there is that hit the kids could tell us about that. Yeah absolutely so the Louisiana federation for children kids cube is our. Kids area activation SO is free and open for everybody so. It's important for us you do some things that is unfair families and advocates encourage is the families cannot that's important for a free festival. So we've got this and meaning area. With a water feature at Hilton wanna feature it's going to be warm not you aren't as non immigrant as a breeze but we've got this fund water feature for kids to plan. We have faced meaning. We have Suzuki a baby that has and nursing area for women. We have diaper changing areas. We've I keep rentals are kids can economics degree your caves in and around and it's a really large space actually is right in front of the aquarium. I'm on the river locks so. We really encourage the families to bring kids out as Connie for them to you there's beer right next door for you guys there's our football eighteen T fans and right next stores well. So you know dads can watch the pollen moms can watch the following the and the kids can he ran around in the water so we're really excited about what we're bringing to the table as far as. Kids act reasons for this past and how excited are shafts about the the national frank yeah he had they're really excited you know there's a lot of pride on the line we. We want to put them on a pedestal this is a really unique food festival and that all of the chefs and restaurants and we feature. Are small to medium sized businesses. You know all for a lot of them this festival is the biggest day you know revenue wise two days now. For them all year. We want to showcase what they are able to do and engage them with a large audience. Says there are excited and I know that a lot of them really want that. Best fried chicken Fries and people will be able to share what they learn about it and that he has do we have done. The Beijing canes won love arcades this amazing. Activation that we build out its a ten foot double sided canvas wall. That you know you have markers of all different kinds of using common. Right what your you know one love is it's about fried chicken about why lions about your family and it's just that way for people to be able to express. Or or write and publish their expressions of love and joy. Again part of yes southern culture part of something that we wanted to Foster this festival just you know outside and enjoying it we really want to bring me together and the one of Wallace are really great keepsake front for the possible. We showed you have any idea how many festival goers you're going to attract. So weird so you pretty big Wear ties around 50000 people a day so a hundred over the course of the weekend. Where excited about that we he. Have more than enough space. All of our vendors are extremely prepared this year they all have minimum friar capacities. There all you know agreed to put out a certain number of servings per hour. We've spread them out over footprints that we don't anticipate many lines we have. Six to seven different bars three stages and we definitely more than enough space we're right on the river we've got a great breeze and you know were really just expecting a great crowd friends from locals and tourists alike being right by different court where there's a lot going on how the people learn more as their social media component of this to keep track. Oh yes so best is www. Fried chicken festival dot com. We also on FaceBook and to Graham and Twitter Michelle's carollo thank you for being with us you're welcome. That is our show for today thank you so much for joining us until next time I enjoyed this Sunday and the rest of normally.