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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Tuesday, March 13th

Tom dines at Pass Manchac with Chef Horst Pfiefer.


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This is the late again voice of your local announcer Tom Dick Morris. And it's time now for the food show I cannot believe I've twice this weekend. Forgotten that we have had a time change. And I'm glad that they are playing our music. Off a round in the hallways around here India. Radio station. Area. Because. I wondered what in the heck are they doing with my music and I thought 00 and now here him. No I can't believe I did this twice two different ways. On a Sunday morning I know Yemen and it's it's boring. Welcome to the food show all we do hear us talk about food about restaurants about cooking wine. And all of those things that make your day a lot nicer. And make your life a lot nicer to. Because with all the people. Who. Share with you. A a love of the dining out dining in. We are always making new friends and finding out new things to try to eat. And though we he is due this program in order to get as many such. Dishes as we can hear from you a boat. And I hope you do call us NTELOS we've been eating lately where you aid over the will over the weekend. Give us a call enough Phillips and wouldn't or number is 260636. Seat which just one more time Doug. That voice I really did goof that up didn't. That was it wasn't just a mistake everybody actually came through in changed all the clocks right no they didn't. And I tip my own office in my own clock in I guess it was only on my shoulders. My narrow shoulders. Well anyway here we are. Will we a pretty good weekend. My wife and I. We went out to eat in a few unusual play actually not that unusual but places we don't get to all that much but that though we like a lot. As this started out. On Sunday. After finishing the program. We were doing did one on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. IE. My wife said let's go to mid indoors did endorse is not a show short arrive. Ride from not anything really. And so. We we were kind of looking forward to a ten day after the rain stopped raining. We knew we could get away with it so we we drove all the way out to me in check. And parked ourselves in the what looks like the old this room in the place it's actually the newest room in the place. Ship Horst Pfeiffer who is the owner she he and his so wife they two with hands on there all the time. They. Or. Rolling along in and doing a pretty good house. They have over the years had to come back from major. Hurricanes. And flooding. Our problems. Yeah if if there was one anywhere in the neighborhood of New Orleans they got it. Somehow or another and it's somehow or another also the. They they seem to make it okay that it will what has happened to him. On numerous occasions now I mean I'm talking about like five times. They've had these awful floods in in windy events and you know all of the stuff that comes along with. The weather for which New Orleans is famous at least during certain time of the year. But. They bounce back from it and they wind up with a restaurant that looks better and tastes better than than it did before. I'm excited. Today having done that. That a load of this came. A new. Well. It's new wish let's just say that. A dish that is not well known that I that I feel secure about saying and it's an oyster dish which right there. Puts it in the middle of my life I just. I love. Oyster dishes particularly the kind that could make the on the half shell although they shell isn't important it's just nice. Nice looking touch. But we went over the we read mid endorsed my wife had in her mind that she was going to eat a pretty good size. Bunch of thin sliced. Catfish which is the main specialty Oprah to mid indoors. I knew before we open the door that I was going to have something that shows up on their menu. As. Let's say the exact words cassettes important. It is. Oysters. And what is it is a critical word here that a barbecue yeah that's it barbecue oysters. And I ordered this and the waitress said. You know have you ever had that before. Did to have you have good have you read about it or heard about it. And I say I know all about it I've had it just about every time I ever come here and cheese's OK as long you know that. And I know what does she was working around the that is barbecue oysters would you use that phrase or anything even kinda like it. What you wind up with is the kind of oysters that they do over a drug goes for which you know will four which Drago is as famous soon. And well should it be I mean this is a wonderful dish that they have. That jams in people from all over the country who want to try it. It's no luck question about that that's a great dish you just keep eating them until the cows come home. But they a long time ago added this on. Oyster dish to their menu that. That but was so different from anything I've ever had before. I I was really surprised why they called it barbecue oysters and it could've been called that before. The big event had ever happened to drug codes but the two things are not the same anyway. And here is what is on the shelf of course our case we got the shell you have a nice fat waste your right in the middle of it. It is disgorge in a certain amount of the oyster water that's some people have said part of the oyster itself. This all that that though natural water in there and it breaks loose if you baker met the right temperature. Which is of but. 375. Degrees. You get a little with a sizzling there around the edges some steam coming out makes the whole house smelled good if you doing it at home. Well this. Sauce though that's where everything takes a hard turn to left or the right whichever you're political leanings are. And what you you see in the shell is something that is the approximate. Color of court of them. To kind of vote brown and red at the same time. And I I remember remarking at the first time I saw that that and I'm not sure what that's gonna taste so does of course. And and ever since it has been the same day they never change if they have one other win that's called the Italian oysters which is pretty good but not as good as this barbecue oyster. And I'd I'd the only thing I'm sure about in terms of the recipe. Is set they use them up pretty strong red wine in the sought stats that explains the collar. These the kind of brownish reddish color. And the rest of it. I'm not a 100% sure next time I see shift Horst I will ask him for them sure you give it to me. And you can bake it in the oven like voices Rockefeller voices be until one of those things except it has a flavor that is totally. Totally different from anything. Like that I've ever had. And that's why I'm I'm so excited about it he always wanna find a good new dish that nobody's heard of before. And maybe you can become famous for yourself that's not when I'm after by. I'm I'm there to have a really great meal and in that case I had I was tempted to get another half dozen of these things. My wife took one look at him. As she likes getting Rio the barbecue oysters of the kind that they do overdrive goes there char grilled voices over the air but what she likes about that is set. What you have in the shell there rather than the oyster you have parmesan cheese you have garlic and you have. Well a little bit of Bob Potter. On this you know how many of those things it's a totally different flavor. And I I I could very easily he'd hold dozen of those in I think you would too. So anyway if you go to drug news I'm O all of drugs is a wonderful wonderful place to go. If you wanted to if you go to the Mitt intermittent ports and you love. Oyster to issues. Try these they're called barbecue oysters you get for ten bucks you get six they're pretty good size. May you may be you might say that's a little bit high for you but I I think they really put their money's worth into it so. That's it's a real winner of a ditch. That was that was one thing that's just one thing over the weekend and we have plenty more things that we that we ate dried. To a 60. 636 they decide telephone number we'd love to talk review but eating around town and cooking and men. Anything in between 26063. Six call right now you get right in. And we will would love to hear from you but what's been on your mind Q and early speaking. Let's see there was word earlier it was one of the good dish. Off forensic I think it was yesterday and apparently this was yesterday Monday he. On the or sub. A restaurant on the North Shore. In gnat Covington. Are called Lola. LO LK not lowlands but Lola LO LA. And it's pretty close to the courts building rate in the middle of saint Tammany parish parish courthouse which is a pretty big development. There are a lot of restaurants in that neighborhood and this is one of the best of them. And they have. Headed over the years to their menu at start off with you know basically sandwiches and salads that's that's what they did. Well they still do such sandwiches but there on usual salad sandwiches and most of them. Comma with. Sauces of one kind or another that are unusual they all come with a special bread that they bake it for themselves. Right in the restaurant there so why are off to a good start with that. And the island some one else when Els who's in there. That was that was. A terrific dish right there right then and there. But The Who what grabs me. Is the soups that they they run yesterday. It was a Lynn told soup. That had tomatoes and it. Those little tomatoes of the moon once about the size of grapes. And so they had of the lentils pretty small thing I think they have the kind that would be called red lentils when clearly they are brown but then again you know that works. And I got a big bowl of it. My wife got a half a bowl of it and we both really look that actually know she can she got. Dish that was. Made primarily. Of with ginger as the main flavoring agent so that was that was kind of a nice surprise. Anyway. These are the things that we we had to where we paid out over the weekend. Did you do any cooking at home we do a little bit if you have anything to report on. Whether you went to a rest on whether you could did a little cooking at home give us a call and tell us what you ate. Those we'd like to know. And everybody listening to his likes to know to that's the whole reason we have this show is so while we can learn from each other from some good news strokes in the in the kitchen and will get to that after each first please this we have. An. A week from tomorrow and it's the 21. We are getting. Close to being sold out that we that we can only do forty people. And we're just a shade over. Thirty so we're we're getting close. This is a five course dinner. We start off with some Graf blocks this is a take on salmon. Very fresh very. Interest in flavors. He it's and but very rarely seen in restaurants I remember we when we had European chefs all over the place. You would see. That pretty often but we don't have very many French chefs are European shifts of any kind. Around town so we don't get this too much. It will be served with Lou we Siena caviar. And if you've ever had. I'd misgivings about eating fish eggs which is what of course caviar is. That you can get rid of it by eating this stuff first of all it is a local product it really is it comes from. Most often. Fish called sure pics. Of that are that live along the Mississippi River in those. Those ponds at some power between the oftentimes between. The river itself and the Levy. I've seen a few of them over and Indies that exact place can sicken flip around. And bugs sort of almost kind of like walk because of very primitive animals but the caviar. They've figured out a way to do this and attitude to come up with caviar that is really of tremendously good quality. And those so will be having some of that this is the first course only aware there's a couple of other things on that went to. Second course is says salad in the style of Italy these are there would be this is where you have nice ripe tomatoes. You have a little bit of garlic very little bit and are also. The flavors. Extra virgin olive oil little splashes. Ball some vinegar. And mozzarella cheese particularly a kind call bore rocked this is the richest. She's you'll ever taste under the mozzarella. Label. It is. Not often used in the way that you see this. It's it's not the certainly not anything like the mozzarella cheese that you see. Are when you go to. Any of the and you the Italian restaurants that that have that consists even the mozzarella cheese. Is it's kind of robbery here the American style is in Italy it's. Made with special milk it comes from these really big cow it's huge I mean there there really enormous Collins. And no one of the things that comes from them and in fact their buffalo there water buffalo and yes they do blu rays buffalo in Italy. Anyway it works its way into this course. I've had that salad a couple of times before and some other places good good stuff then. A very unusual. Next course is going to be. Are made with scale ups and there is a saw us that involves. Pure raid. Pop potatoes. And this is made into a sauce consistency and they hand you some of the skeleton there. And a couple of other little flavors and I've not had this before. But it sounds really interesting and I can't wait to try that. That's our third courts. Where we have two more to go the next what is the the big meat course he'll always have to have that it's. They're doing some. On nice. Ribs. Short ribs. The kind of groups that you were you cook slow and long and it kind of falls off the bone off a lot of people love them. A lot of people say this is a whole lot like. Alec. Rose before boy. Roast beef and it including down with the gravy and for those who noticed that. You think about it for a second and you realize why that is and and that's because it really takes good so it's a great dish. And then for desert the outfit. That makes these. That owns this restaurant the name of the restaurant is so long. They also have. Suites department I guess you could say this is really the big part of their business they make a wedding cakes they may. Well all kinds of pastries and some great even there'll chocolates they'd make their own chocolates and some of them are very usual. So that's what our dessert is going to be about that's sort of thing the price at this is 75 dollars it includes tax tip wines and everything. And we hope to see you there it's going to be a great dinner and I know if you wanna know more about it he will look over the menu. Go to. Well I'll tell you did what's become the easiest way to do it at the moment is to send me an email. Send me an email to Tom had no menu dot com Tom that no menu dot com. And I will lists and you back the whole menu. Call or answer any questions you have about or each club finished which you're not really clubs we don't you know everybody is welcome. We get big tables we have a lot of fun just hang in now with one another even if they're total strangers you will be amazed at how easily. That happens. So we'll see you there I hope on Wednesday the 21. The eat club dinner. Will be at so long this is say what's so line you know if you're from certain parts of the city. And we will. We will be there that night starting at the eve around seven most people come a little early so they can a get a better parking space be. May be fit in a cocktail. If you get a cocktail that's on you but other than that hit the 75 almost covers it all. Can't wait to meet you. I love meeting the people who listen to our show every day. Because there are so few of them and that means. Actually we have a lot of people listening to us we just don't have a lot of people calling us. The Bane of my existence. Well anyway. That's the dinner and hope to see there it's going to be. All of a little different from any of the other ones I can ever remember. The sometimes we we get into a rut. It is happened with the heat club now and then to where we go from one. Dinner to another and make kind of like resemble one another whole life that I ice at the beginning of the year I said we're gonna quit that and we gonna. Have some unusual food every timeout so that's this time. Also I will be there of a moving around from table to table telling jokes in the you know Hispanic making a nuisance of myself as well. And that's RE club dinner coming up. In a little over a week hope you can come. I think you'll really enjoy it it's. Eight you'll you'll make some friends on the way out we have a lot of people. Who come to this than their all they do all night long as laugh in and and tell jokes and and to shoot the breeze in and and make fun of me too which I know like I can live through that. Hope to see 2606368. Is so I'll telephone number to go on the air you can also ask questions about the you view in fact no matter what you wanna say on a year you're welcome I mean that's that's of that too wide open thing. And we never get enough I say we are waiting now for the arrival. Of our first caller of the day it's 2606368. In case you forgot. Sooner. Cause would you tell us what's what's you've been eating over at your house and what you're cooking and anything else you wanted to. 260636. Feet. To do to yesterday. This has nothing to do with food but it just amazes me. On I. Every time it's time to get a new break tag and now that we're on you know Hume you can get it once every two years now. I know and am ready for it that I am about to get a piece of spinning. Grapple fly through the air and hit the windshield and put a crack at it gets longer and longer every day. And it cost hundreds of dollars to replace. I'm proud to say. That yesterday. IA. Paid that bill. It was less than 400 dollars for a change it was. It was 399. Dollars and forty cents. I hate when that happens it happens every single time when I'm getting close to needing a new great tag. I'm I've just waiting for that rocked the flight through the year and hit me in the windshield. Which hurts by the way. 2606368. I want somebody called me say hello if that's all you got say hello. What else is going on around town. Let's see you I mentioned earlier that my wife and I went to mid endorse. But that was not the end of our dining. For the weekend and now we have a couple of things going on that tele about a little bit later. And what else is happening with we are heading towards. The by time of year when the festivals are really come in I mean the Major League festivals which would include the New Orleans jazz and heritage festival. The French Quarter festival. The hogs for the cause switches say fund raiser. In barbecue. That takes place every year and races lots and lots of money for children. Who have brain problems. Cancer annoy you on more and a lot of it that you'd rather not hear I'm sure. It's just stuff to even think about that without feeling really bad about it. But. These folks these are some local guys who were more interested in. Barbecue than they were originally. With these particular charity but they were so successful in raising money for the sport children. That they have been doing it ever since and they double the amount that they give to these young people every year and it's really quite an event. If you're a barbecue lover this is they don't miss for you you really love this they do it. At city park. And they also have part of the program. Is. Is a continuous music. Bands that the entire time big big deal that he is about a week away I think. Here's one that takes place tomorrow. Oh no sorry no it's this Sunday this coming Sunday. It is the chef soiree. Again this is of a benefit for children. And its people children who have all sorts of problems like not having parents anymore. Being abused by parents in the regional and hear me talk about this site and I don't blame. But. The chef soiree is exactly that these are some of the best chefs in the entire New Orleans area. The event itself has traditionally in traffic just about always. Bin on the North Shore in note Covington where that where this goes on. But the chefs are coming in from all parts of the city. And it points of view and really one of the great events there's a lot of wine to be tasted for one thing. But they also have a pretty good liquor department and they are making a cocktails. That that's a big deal. They raffle off a mustang. And he'll bunch of other things his live music. And a good event and it sells. Like crazy in fact that his I tell you this I warn you they might already be sold out so but if you want us you wanna check it out. Here is there website address. It is. It's chef at CH heat have. A soiree as all by our ET. Dot com. And you go over there and they will. They would base that they can tell you where tickets are still available but they might not be a sell this out every year. It's a 145 dollars to attend it's worth every nickel of it and it's a great event and that is going to be this Sunday I'm pretty sure. Chef soiree. Let's see hock our first caller of the day finally makes himself visible. And it is Pete Pete welcome to the food ago. Hey thank thank you. Want to call and and tell you about Monday dining. There we go on the North Shore. Over the well not just over the weekend Wednesday night. We went to challenge cities where you know about Judy. And he has a marvelous dish. Maybe you never had called the egg plant blue and yet that before. I might have had it without knowing what the name wise what is that what what's in it. It's for either plan a back. And that it has decade. Lump crabmeat sprinkled over. And age creamy tomato saw. Well I I don't think I've ever had that but. Believe me. There is nothing about your description of it that indicates that that could be anything but really terrific. I. You know this is this is a little secret I'm going to impart to not that I missed you guys who holds all all the all the knowledge in the world. But when you put tomatoes. And a plan together in something it can be a hot issue can be cold this year can be just about anything. The two go together really really well. You mean you can make up a fantastic. Soup out of eggplant and tomatoes it just just the elation so. It's no surprise to me that you liked. He has a bitch. He does occasionally as an appetizer. I believe it call artichoke Louis which is the same song. And ordered them stuffed with crabmeat and that. That's where I'd discovered though but Luis saw it oh yeah and then one day they Canada's special and that's. And every probably in the last four months have to happen to soak. Am well good blaming you know. Harris Allen Judy's I'm sure you know they are connected by a well practically by. What Cuba birth in fact I'm sitting here with wondering what the word rightward as. With impish side knows this is owned by Joseph at the start of his brother is. His sell. And sell makes all the a sauces for both restaurants and Joseph makes all of the pasta from both restaurants. And they both have a dish it's kinda like what you just described with the crab meat and everything in the eggplant. I get that with fish a lot of times some they they they really know how to cook in that place. And and Al. Cook and Jim well yeah it does he does a fantastic job oh on Wednesday. How do you think. If he's messing up cook and you'll see it felt very much but he. Am definitely you'll see him come out it goes every table and greet everybody in you know he and grit there are great hallmark. Terrific. There is say. But between between those two guys I mean yes indeed they do go back a long way but if you ever cease cell. In the rest no matter what he's doing there. You take one glance at him. And you say to yourself that guy has really been working this morning because his his neck his aprons are always like. They've been used to to clean up all the dishes so far that day I just would want a style I don't know if it's not unsanitary or anything that the way those. But it's it's funny that he always he looks like he's been really work him. And then my wife had that and they deal with a side of credit Cheney all how could that be possibly be anything but once. And then mom. Let's see he had the lamb chops if you have the land office. Excel Data Domain I mean Hewitt looked like Obama are better everywhere and vote for. They called bitter and I won the next day. And then rot. Sausage and spaghetti with the rip off. Well that there you go again you know that's just one of those things it's. Are practically guaranteed to be fabulous yeah could that be bad. And then Sunday Tomlin went a lot upon another one they were you know or shorten and not. We went for lunch time and was Fiat had. You know they have new I thought he knew onerous yeah gin and Eric Connor and they've just done phenomenal things food there. Now they they won't they came to town mainly because they knew that the Rezko was up for sale right and they were hunt they lived in who the Texas Panhandle which is not a short drive from here. But they were coming in to New Orleans all the time because they liked the opera bunch so much. So he's he took it over and he's actually. Back here in the kitchen all the time doing all the work so. The nearest twice since he took over in I was pretty happy with yeah. Fine that's seared tuna with that Doubleday and no but it sounds good here too and as an appetizer. And green being patent. Cherry tomatoes and I had you know and then I have another happened out there for my main course was to smoked salmon. You talk about her. But you know and a with biscuits there have been met all right that's it yeah. Yet they always did make their own bread which is just to English. And then my wife she. He's. The grill. Goldfish which was a mine mine I guess it is. And it is something really interesting what almost a creole saw what awkward and it. And smokey. And a little bit but he's not a lot. And then they had out. Was a collared greens approximate and art a pride. Green and fried green tomatoes yeah you can keep those for BI agent I never could figure out what anybody saw in that fish. Now well lighted fifth it is going to be good anywhere that would be the place. We're going to let you were talking about how Chris in and and Salant all those guys. A hot tight they Wear with each other. And flop of the guy who brand La Riviera in Metairie he was part of a two I have this great. Go up yet gulf radio for Carl and and anyway that you remember the lady who used to write the poems for everybody. At opera wants. And shot on our yeah. Well I'm yeah I'm gonna tell you in just a minute. If I. Joyce justice Joyce via that's actually went by. Anyway she weighs. Just a lovely person I got to know her very very well. And she one day she handed me a photograph. That she said she had found while she was cleaning up the bar or something like that. And she says I thought you might win him this it's a photograph. Of Chris. Love Chris McCarron George you. From a lot pro violence with T he oil here of course he was we're doing it that at that point. Then. There was a guy we were just talking about a second go go go Frito. And Phil Johnson who used to do the the prize I double dog channel four. And let's see. Who are not near to being finished it was say wine purveyor there who have wholesale wine dealer. Who told the funniest jokes all the time and a couple of other people and be kind of tucked in the corner. This potent photograph was taken in about 1976. Or thereabouts. And to see all of us that young yes this really. An amazing thing. Yeah now I'm the United States sure it's hit me that way. Do you limit the one guy was the Max ran there. No mag Zander idea I know very very well this was a guy his name will come to be in a minute but he was very funny. In a way that we could not relate hero on the radio a few comedy club I will tell you some of the things I heard him say. But the hit it was. It was. A great photograph of all a bunch of people who really were the best of friends I pulled almost left at the most important one. Warren Le Ruth. Odds are that picture. And also the two guys from. From trade him they were in the picture I mean just sit ever everybody who was somebody on the North Shore in that time he was in that picture. How wide guided and I don't really know. I've been lucky Tommy Tommy. Tommy and frank right. Yeah yeah when they stalking you an extra step in and honor you bet it's the food show on top it's more us. Katyusha could've sworn that there was some money on hold here well. We could sure use you stop in Kabul and in wind it's the food show on. One. One yeah. 105 point three. FM HD two. Let me repeat that yeah okay is this is one of five point three FM HD two the HD two is. The next stage. In radio. It's. Digital radio. HT. What does that stand for I've heard. A whole bunch of theories as to what it stands for instance Selma any of them are right hybrid digital set which you say. Okay. It sounds good. Our number is 260. 6368. Caller right now you get right in. We've had a few interest in callers and last couple of minutes and I knew they were in there somewhere but. Oh it kind of slowed again in that you know beginning of the week and stuff. What is your soup du sure I have a card cute it's asking me that what's sure super duty tour. Souped insurer is first time I ever saw that my life that phrase. I did yeah obviously I I never took French or else I know what it meant. Was when I was from. Eating in a restaurant that was destined. To be the very first to rest and I ever reviewed. It was on the campus of you know. And it was a sit down restaurant with table cloths and was managed by you a real pro in the business of Peter's funny. And the chef there was a guy who had. Shift all around town that most notably at Brennan's. And here they were. It in the university senator that you know and I'm writing an article about it. The first review I ever wrote. And I brought that up because 10 yeah yes so be sure right side on the menu and I said what is this souped insure. And the waitress came over and said I don't know they change it on me every damn day. And IA that's really my cup. And that's it kinda how it did go. But today it's it's. Who turned out to be a very good rest and used to eat there for awhile mainly just about every day. Mainly because it. You could go in there and that's what I'm about to tell you you're not gonna believe but it's true. They had and a lunch that you could get where you would have either a super salad to begin. The soup was the soup too sure. And then you would have something along the lines of what she can punt to help which is roasted chicken. With pollen days saw us actually bare knees sauces I think more accurate. And some ham underneath it all great dish it was invented Brennan's and it I don't know if they ever do it anymore. In fact I don't see it too much anymore but we fix it. Whenever my son is in town or I'm in his over in his town Los Angeles. We always make some of those because everybody seems to like. Anyhow we. I bring all that up just to tell you about the soup to juror so what's what's your favorite soup too sure we go to a restaurant. Other than gumbo. And let's see what is also really really obvious. A gumbo is the biggie and turtle soup let's let's leave that out to other than those two. Cool makes what you would say is the best soup Hoosier. Call us and tell us that we'd love to know our number here is 2606368. We. Don't have to talk about that though the rule in our program. Is as follows. You can call me and ask or tell me anything you want about the food scene around town. And even if what you're saying has nothing to do with what do guide before you were saying. That doesn't matter a bit who we happy to have you here. And to listen to what you have found in Europe dining around the city as well as the cooking that you do at home that's that's with the program is all about. And that's how we somehow or another have managed to chug into the station. I'd down every day just about. Since 1988. I'm not bragging except I'm bragging on our city our city is such a magnificent. Culinary capital. And it cannot be denied a media if you if you don't believe me next time you travel. Even if you are not traveling very far on a New Orleans and certainly if you if you ever find yourself in Europe. Tell everybody you meet that you are from New Orleans. And wait until you see the reactions they won't give youth day. Are always very much impressed by they've meaning anybody else in the days. And this is news time we aren't all done with only one hour of our program we give you four of them every day. So stay tuned more of the food show here on 101 point 510 (%expletive) out let me do they go 105 point three FM HD two.