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Me. Okay. I. Know. On them thump thump thump of a pop up this is the sunny voice of your local announcer Tom that's Morris. And it's time now for the full show every afternoon. It might seem like a trivial thing to bring up on in the world like we live in today. Two. Go from that and two. Get into just casual conversation but one of the basic things that you need to live and that's food. And we don't just needed to forum physical point of view we need it from a mental point of view too because. When you're eating well you're happy about most of the time anyway. And it's that that we are in search of on this program every day we talk about restaurants. We talk about recipes that you can do at home in fact though rah speech you might already be doing probably are. Yeah I just let everybody has a recipe for something. That's so unusual and good in fact you know what. That would be a bad thing to bring up today what is the what is your house specialty. Wherever you why even if you don't cook very often you probably have something that you do. That with it that when you have girlfriends over just don't have something they nibble on and eat with the with the wine in the beer and all the rest that. I would not mind at all hearing about that from you. And though we talk about just about anything else that has to do with the eating scene in the not so eating scene in the eating unseen which is a whole different sort of the deal with says that's. Food that you and it turns invisible the shadow has something to I don't know exactly. Anyway our number is 26063. Six. Zero to six women that's 2606368. Almost 2606368. You are always welcome to call us. And even if though what you wanna escort tell about. Is something that is a little off the beaten track and maybe even a little silly or even a little stupid you might think. Police call it's anyway because. Really most people. Field to go on the radio to say anything. It is kind of a sign of up the the that night nests and we don't I don't subscribe to that at all what we. Like to hear from law is anything out there that's that's delicious that's worth talking about. And though will be the judge on whether it. These were talking about it not I can tell you this after thirty years that we've been doing this show every day thirty years. I can think of only. Who locations where someone. Called in with something really stupid. And and and and that one time. He thought when he was saying was brilliant. But it looks pretty dome pretty lame that's a there was one other occasion. Where the guy just got nervous in the middle of it in and said you know I don't have anything more to say that makes any sense but and he was gone and that was. The only other time every other call we've ever had in all these years. No matter what the originators thought about it. It wouldn't want to be in something really good. So call us with you 2606368. It's our telephone number it was Leo when those funny weekends again. The rain just from out of nowhere highways really hoping cut the grass. It really needs it because we've been getting so much warm weather that he was supposed to be called it's not called there are a little bit. In the sixties. Look good news this is gonna go all. This week we have a beautiful sunny days all this week I probably won't blow off enough. Grass for me to cut the grass but though well into everything. It is also a national radio always it's race race on in a. Magazine somewhere it's. American nap. Day. When something like that and it's based on the fact that we had to change our clocks yesterday. And you know I I think of myself. As a fairly intelligent person. Even though it's clear that. Any legitimate claims I have to that are fading away day by day. From standard time to daylight saving time. They used to have a clock radio in fact I still have its way up there on the top of that shelf can you see way up there all the way over. And it there was a Sony and it had great sound and Henry Alterman who has the the audio store of the same name I walked in there one day and I said look I wanna I want him on a radio for. My nightstand. But I want one that's actually got good sound and he said okay people ask me for that all the time he sold me this this Sony job. And again I tell you still have it still works but it had one. Nice little. Item on it in in and that was this when you got to. The time for changing the blues the clock over from. Central standard time to central daylight time all you did was nudge over a little sliding. Button because that's not what what would would you call it a sliding. Gizmo well all right anyway. And that way there was no way you can make a mistake on. Because if whichever way it would move him. That was the right way in a few phone as you're trying to push it down that it doesn't move anymore. That means you because you're trying to push it in the wrong direction so you push in the other direction. And being that gives you the exact time that you need well I thought I had done all that I'd gone around the house changed all the clocks over. And then it was getting to be about a quarter to a 10 o'clock. By my reckoning. And that it's time for me to to go sing at masks every the do since I was in third grade anyway. And they did. And they were playing the songs from the previous service. Which I coast puzzling so I went up in the choir loft. And I stayed there and waited for an hour for anybody else the com. At once again proving. To me that I'm not anywhere near as Smart as I thought. Because I completely screwed that up I don't I don't know how did that went. We all have these problems too sick and their many worse problems to have captured 260. 6368. Call right now you'll get Reagan we'd love to talk with you but that you what's eating I mean what's delicious what is out there. You know what I had today. Two it to bring back. A job. On a program we did upon a week ago there was a lady who called in and she wanted to know. All bought on. Club sandwiches. And I don't think we have to explain this too much. Except that clubs in which is what it would have been there Turkey you have bacon units she's. And I've seen some versions of that have him as well often have seen that called a and its executive club so you had an extra meat in there this came from. A restaurant called Lola. In Covington and you'll part of Covington. My wife really loved it they do basically just two things they do on soups they do usually two soups every day they're always really good the one that they had today. Actually one of the ones they had today. Was a little soup made with what I would call red lentils although there were also some tomatoes in the air so that might of in the reasoned that. And that was just delicious and we were sitting out on the town though it was a little on the chilly side let's just say it's the kind of kinda day when you won a nice and warm. Or you it's keeping hot. On soup to have so we have the anyway we had the soup and then my wife had a ginger and some other vegetable soup that she felt was really great. And then I got a job. I I ordered a club sandwich. That these people make their own bread. In the house from focaccia god bless you I said it's focaccia complexion. Kazaa and anyway the that those who Wear it in a couple of the selections on the on the menu it's mostly. Honest sandwiches and soups and a couple of plate things. As they were reason for existence is that they moralists across the street from the saint Tammany courthouse building and when they break for a break over the of this all the sudden lots of people looking for things like sandwiches and soups and stuff. So anyway went over there head that it was delicious and then I went into. This. This sandwich this club sandwich and it was very careful about the talking about it because and I'm being very careful right now because. The last time this came up something woods said. That I didn't mean to say it just came out that way and unlike any given a chance to happen again and so. Anyhow. It was it was it was funny let's say that. And so what is it what is it clubs in which anyway would this one. Had all the things I mentioned just a second ago but that. That focaccia bread. I won't do it that's. What is really. Good they bake it in house and almost positive that it has that home baked with two it. And my wife and I sat there and we enjoyed that neither good start of the day it's a really nice. Lunch with no heart. Hot sandwich and also on a nice hot soup yum yum I don't know if you love it that way but I do. Call me and tell me where you go to get such a thing. My my first pick. And I would never have thought these guys as they make so many much more exotic sandwiches and that that I was kind of surprised to see it although I think it was the best sandwich I've ever had there. So I'll move away from that. I think the best the best when it's 00 and in the in the markets. Is the one over at Morton wine cellar that's one of the places that has what they call. A an executive club that's a club sandwich with the Turkey in the game make bacon and cheese but also hate him in. And that's always been equipment and Stein's deli they also do an X went through so. Anyway that's my report on that have got a bunch of things that talk but 260. 6368. And if you call right now you'll get right in we'd love to hear from you but anything. On that you are enjoying. Glitzy and that was one of the things over the weekend. That was. Kind of a nice nice deal where did week. Funny day run round. Got you got units in the back in my mind you know more from the front in my mind. We'll get to it in a minute while this I am positive. We haven't eat clogs that are coming up on the 21 that is next week. That's next Wednesday a week from this Wednesday obviously. And it's a five course dinner we're starting off. With some growth blocks this is of will remind you may be right up the topic your head it will remind you smoked salmon but it is not smoked. And it is actually marinated it's more like a gras well it's grub blocks is what they call it. Since each day is more like what it is it's marinated. It is other than that raw but when you marinate something that has a lot of acidity and that it may as well be cooked I mean that's you could call it cooked. And that's part of that course and then they are following it with some Louisiana caviar which is wonderful if you've never had a four. It really is from the blue they are in the swamps of round here usually next to the river somewhere. So that's the part that duchess the first course the second chorus. They are doing a scallop dish. That will feature. They saw its debt is Maine out of pure aid potatoes. The texture is very very fine and much more so than just regular mashed potatoes no lumps. And though also in the air is. Why eight child. Now now that I'm scratching my head a little bit and wondering how those two things are going to be brought together. But in my mind's. Eye or in my mind Pallet against. Pop and something tells me that that is going to be delicious page I just have a feeling about it. Let's see one all I skipped over one we're doing. And this is the club menu that we're doing it next week next Wednesday. We are going to have. The dish that is basically a a salad in done in Sicily. With tomatoes and that these tomatoes by the way are grown there in Sicily. And so does the milk used to make this special mozzarella cheese that they accompany this with that's the that's the second course. And then the third course is. Short ribs of beef which is kind of like roast beef but Mitt and a nice gravy and there's some bones in it to be felt all that will be out of your way. And that's just if you like. Those kind of ribs short ribs my wife for example it's just crazy about my likable okay. That is the entree and then for desert because the company that. Owns this rest of the name of the restaurant. He is. If it saw long sought or sole line if you wish and it is operated by an outfit. Colts who Cray. Its meaning sweet sugary. And that's mainly what they've been doing for years but they've kind of expanded and this is though on the corner of exchange Alley and con tie streak. And I'm expecting that would be really good because they're there into that does that sweet stuff as well as all the other things. The price is 75 dollars and includes tax tip wines and everything. We will sit down and begin an around 0630 years so come early and have a cocktail. Although that's on your check. And will help winds throughout the evening. And as always. You're gonna meet a lot of regulars who come to our dinners pretty often in you'll you'll walk out with a friend and I just I guarantee that may be several of them. And I will be there and I will be at your table for a while until you throw me off and we have a great time these that's the only way I can put it the heat club. And if you want to know more about it go to no menu dot com. A look around on them on the front page that comes up which would probably be full of other in accuracy at the moment something goofy going on with my computer although nothing that will guarantee yours. As I've watched that really care. So the that's that's the dinner and 75 dollars text of wind and everything he click on each club. They'll take you to the page that has the whole menu so he can look at over the few women get more than I just gave you. And then finally another button that where you can reserve your spot. We do not charge you. When you make the reservation and you only pay at the actual dinner itself so you don't have to worry about any anything like that. Hope to see who these are really a lot of fun and Munich no kidding you'll meet some very interest in people and you'll have a lot of really good food that's the we've been doing that for a but when he five years is so. Let's seize and it was somebody waiting there he wish he said wishful thinking somebody. I get all annoy your music but it will be back with more of the food show after first place that's du du du salute to the tune. Do you do Newton the pump pump pump pick itself up drop itself off and where energy dropped itself anyway. And how about a twenty dollar tip. 2601 point 260. 6368. Call we've we knew where to you will be our first call of the month if you call right now. Or within the next few minutes 2606362606368. Call right now. And don't tell me about where rated as you have ever eaten in your entire life that was good. And worth writing about. We are shortly I'm contacting. Some of the local bookstores I don't know if you heard aside barely heard about it. New addition of Mike Cook book has come out and it's cut photography which it didn't have before the old and it didn't have anything and just just drawings and we know drawings even. A disk good recipes will stand up for those. And they called me a few months ago. And they said oh we would do this book over again and really you know after all these years. Put some photographs of some of the dishes and send a mall for it when would you need when it's my deadline we did it and now it's out there. And and it has done pretty well I got a lesson in a lot of people like it as gifts. But I will that you know when we are doing some books Stewart turns those who are always a lot of fun. It to meet people that's what I like and that's what I like about doing this program especially with the club we go over their. And we get to talking with one another and we'll wind up learning about more. New dishes that are out there. New restaurants that have come along. No always does seem to be another few. 2606368. When you've been in my first call it won't cost you anything when Austin we have to talk about. Who who who. Who who who. Over the weekend. Was so much going on and there always is over my house's use them a jump around and everybody had just come off of a big waiting. And we still talking about that. 2606368. Here's something. Somebody told me this the other day and they didn't know what quite to make of it. And what's it like enough. All this over here. It was. Some at the QE. How. Then when a someone when when it's in no. What which table. To. Ask for if you go into a restaurant. And you see that they have on open tables. Me and you have your choice of them. In which ones would you the most likely go for one of them it is. And I'll tell you right off the bat this would be my number one is the table at which most of the people sitting are these are left. I don't know what they're laughing about but they are laughing. And those so that's one then you have the table where everybody at the table is talking about sports. Then you have the blue one in which everybody is talking about politics. And then finally. There is one more it's the table where. They are talking a lot. Anyway. It's the food show and though we'd love to talk with you though but that or anything else on your mind to 60. 6368. Call right now and get right in where is everybody today. Well will find you some some kind of way it's a at some point if it wish we had done so way detract our listeners down so and by the way Telus. My yesterday. Head kind of well for her not all that strange actually put and offbeat idea. Once I was finished with my morning no well we did have a good show yesterday. Two hours after that. We. Took off and she said she wanted to go to mid didn't sorts. Okay haven't been there and while. So we have packed up and we had a two mid endorse this is oh there. Bob just north double plots you know where it endorses if you don't one of these states you can find out younger and you're gonna go there and you gonna fine. They're house specialty which is very thinly cut fried catfish. And it's so fresh. As they do everything pretty much the order they are I think it is actually to order. And that comes out this literally a golden brown color I mean I've seen a lot of seafood that is really just brown brown this is actually golden brown if something were to work. Looking yet. And done most of my wife the head that strictly undermines or she got the seafood platter which came with the catfish also had a nice looking stuffed crab with the real crab shell on it now here's something you don't seal very much anymore the actual shell. And let's see that was one of the things on that. Bill oysters fried which. And before that a patriot salad one I had at my end. Chris we clearly didn't need another seafood platter you know nobody eats two seafood platter. So IE I ordered something on their menu. That you probably never had before. In most people who get it need to be warned about something. And infect our waitress did. Sheikh cheeky moment she said what which like and I said I wanna get. The barbecue. Oysters and she says well do you know what that's like. And I said yes I do it's made with the red one. And she said one and they said yeah I know horse Pfeiffer told. And it's not anything like geragos. So what we know we know better than that Drago is is fantastic but this is a different fish totally on the half shell. And the sauce is this dark. Maroon color. The oysters weren't just great I mean there were big they had allotted. Lotto I'll oyster water inside even though they've been fried first and then they put him on the in the in the sauce and then they put it under the oven and then and roast until it's simmering. And I ate that Britain become ten dollars for a 46 albums by it all six of them immediately my wife doesn't go for the country. And so. And it was just great wanted to dish that as I need to get that actual recipe it's really unique it's like no other oyster dish or any other kind dish for that matter. That have ever had but that was over at mid dorks. They were busy is could be as they always are this time a year. Everybody. Actually there are like that all the time the whole year. 2606368. Anybody. Volunteering to be our. Our first caller yet. Still nothing. Are we on the air. Where there are days like this where we just never seem to get anywhere. We'll call us what you 260. 63682606368. I also one other dish there. On the waitress. When they ask for their Italian salad that she said do you know what that is. And it's in the LA it's basically a bunch of different kinds of lettuce is tossed with among other things olives. And kind of like them. And a or olive oil about it you know olive oil dressing basically. Vinaigrette but do you know with that extra virgin olive oil kind of flavor and a few other things and I thought that was you know beyond reproach very good. We had a nice time there and then the show of course came out and shot the breeze with me I've known him for a long long time. And he said everything was going great and no floods lately they really got hit hard by all of the big ones. So. Always a good restaurant over there. The T today's Monday don't go there today there close on Monday to close on Tuesday to. The rest of the week they are there they're always busy specially on the weekend and you might well element. Okay stale and beg him to 6063682606368. Call right now it right in we'd love to hear from you. About whatever you've been eating. There. Cute cute cute cute cute cute pop pop pop up. To be peaked in let's see what else to meet him. And a few other little odds and ends here oh yeah somebody asked me this the other day and I I have to sit down and think about it. Which festival. Has the best food. And by festivals will just use a loose translation of that. Probably the biggest one would be the Jazz Fest all right the second when would be the French Quarter festival. And then you start getting some that some people though but some people don't for example. The chef soiree which is this weekend this Sunday that's in Covington. That's put on by a variety of all organist organizations. That work to help by children. And younger people. Salutes and teenagers and stuff. Whose lives have kind of gone off the rails and not their fault in a lot of cases. So they bring in pretty good bit of money for that it's been a very successful event for many years and it's done a lot of good things. And that a lot of people don't know about its chef soiree SOY or ZE in Covington. They all that you org are. Very close to being sold out I know they do selling out every year and they don't even sell out the door that's how routinely successful they are they don't. Even evident the door then you have the French Quarter festival. And I'm told that last year. They brought him. Something like. Now. Well it was it was a 145. Dollars a ticket. And oh wait wait skis and confusing two things here the jazz festival. It is one thing and then the French Quarter festival last year. 600000. People went through. The general vicinity. Of Jackson square mile that. When. Jeremy has a blessed us with that a call at less Jeremy welcome to the food show. I am trying to get it which if you prepare people. Or. Are are published at today in my newsletter. He if you go to no menu dot com you'll find it it's. I'd just go up to the top of the page and click on recipes and you'll you'll find it in there and if you don't to a call me back you know what you know but I news that. No menu no menu dot com. Who. It's my recipe. It's based on the one that Gerard Maris who used to be. The ship that mr. dees wealthy when he was the shift that mr. peace he. Says that he liked the one that Minnelli sets the original a met right alleys invented the ditch. And he liked it but he felt like it was a little bit too much of what he called that clear. Melted butter kind of a look he says that you read it just didn't look right in that he didn't think it had a good flavor release either. So what he did was. To get the things started off in opinion with the shrimp in there heads on. And cooking it down and letting its steam a little bits of some of the essence of the that shrimp particularly the fact from the head would kind of get into the paint him. And at that point they would add the butter and kind of whiskey in using the B shrimps and actual. And 10 AM feet and everything through to wit this all up so that it became kind of shall opaque. And then a couple of the little odds and it's a lot of black pepper very not a lot of garlic. A lot of club butter. And they are you the pod it's. If you do it all in the pan on top of the stove that the deaths of at least my favorite ways to. They're. Yet thanks for policy. It's the food show. This is Tom that's Boris while the top review but we're human dining. 26 so. 6368. Or you can tell me about a recipe you're looking for or one you have already you'd like to share with somebody please do if you do. Because. On recipes. A lot of people believe when they go on to eat the restaurant. That if it's at one of their favorite restaurants they assume. That everybody else thinks it's one of the best restaurants around to. And when that happens. Sometimes you find that neither one of them is all that good but usually they are both good. And neither one of them would've had the other if it hadn't been for somebody standing up and saying well here here's the way we do it. And we'd love to hear that kind of stuff. And even if you think it's well everybody knows about this already. That they don't they really don't in if you if you have a some ideas you know specific restaurants specific issues. Ingredients Colin Telus would you that's when our program is we've been doing this as a mentioned early for a 50 whoops excuse me thirty years. And the reason we do in new reason we get away with this is that we have. So many people living in our talent who consider the food scene around you to be one of the main draw is of being here. So while I think that's true and lately we've been getting a lot of good press from other publications in magazines around country singing it. There is no better place to visit the new wallets Nokia. Jeffrey is here Jeffrey welcome to the food Cho thank you very much for call. I like the quality. Or which are being oh my god there. And I actually wrote to be an option she worked for millionaires. And care via. And she called me about it remote when. Could a it's simple I mean it's really its its black bought a black a pepper it's butter and shrimp. And that's really about it I mean there a couple of minor ingredients but the that it's really just are careful we have the watch. Are you okay so that we can that are five great. It shouldn't world that shouldn't be in the chilly. No wait wait are we run run this by me again I did I'm not sure I quite caught it. We want. Our. Or. You're gonna become a great name you know oh yeah yeah. There are a green now that when you look at them they shouldn't be great but there. All old one love the concept. Let's hear a subpar is that the chilly at central city or which. Brisket Chile yet you what you would you or somebody called me in the last week or so I want to mention how good atlas. That was okay. That close enough in. Our home. Can chicken sandwich at New Orleans Britain beer. Shouldn't be here as good that it actually. Orleans foods you know they. They have achieved condition they feature it. Supposedly on Wednesday's as their daily specials. I know for a fact as I go they're fairly often. That they have that pretty much all the time but the one I was sick and it was not the blackened and although I'm I know about that. They do one where they pond made the chicken. And then they serve it with two sauces one out of a white sauce and the other ones are Red Sox and that is killer. Delicious. You all know. I'd say that a chicken which. Jacket on and on for. I'm game. Wind OK I got here. Okay her saying shouldn't be. The surgery. Of China and there have ever had that there addictive food is so good across the board I think that that wouldn't be basics of what would specialize. Shouldn't people. YouTube app or screw you all of coral room which I mean it's it's the talk more. And it. Melt. The army on Libya trap is that it may or so. Ago. Well you can pick a lot worse things that you know that that place is in that it is not only a good kitchen but there at their prices. Are really. Lol I mean who have said it it almost doesn't seem right you're afraid to get it because it's too cheap. But their food their food they really are good cooks. Are you. But that. All. You know. All right I'd love to hear this like the concept. Thank you Puccio. That's interesting is that 260636. Chlorine you know and you get Reagan. We'd like to hear from you put food about investments about cooking about wine. Over the weekend though one of the places we went to was. Hello there you are listening to the food Cho. On 105 point three FM HD two. We have bomb. It says here Bubba. We have had a bubble lately hello there welcome to the food you know. What I'm doing fine thanks for calling. Well I really. Early related. In order would be one. It's a huge blow out quarter outlook. People are experience and on HD two. But yeah they need it and now if you'll go all at a huge sec later. All the people was beached freighter to match. I know it's about on interest to keep patent in. On I. And I don't I don't think that sickness I might I have four of these radios myself and I'd listen to Omar pretty often to check for this kind of stuff. And really every kind of radio as blank outs every now and then FM's do. And you go underneath any kind of overpass and AM just disappears it's it's just the nature of the beast and it especially when. That's a lot of rain in the air at the media. What happens is it signals from much farther away that would ordinarily come here. The rain actually helps them to get here and so they they fight one another but what he can do but that. Yeah but I there are outlined by a few jabs. At. At your belt object in and out on interest group all eighteen. That Jordan you know with thanks a lot. Well that well today. Thanks I appreciate it CEO it's the food show. 26063682606360. All right now you get right in let's see other stuff that to leave power eating schedule was was pretty interesting. Last Friday. My daughter who is working on a special project up and central Mississippi. She she works there all week with a bunch of her colleagues. And and then at the end of the week they'll come back to town because they all live here instead of in the middle Mississippi. And so my daughter whenever she comes back to town or whenever she goes to a town that she's been to before and feels like she knows her way around. On she eats Mexican food almost always and is very predictable even though. She comes in the calendar hanging out as even spending the night with us. What's the her house to and it always we wind up going to a Mexican place well we did that again and my wife said let's go. To console or rake up. It's is in Center City tonal rhetoric cancel Haley. Brain around what's the cross street well it's dry ads is what it is the old drug ads on and anyhow. We we went there for dinner this is a unique rest it. It has a a very unusual. Design and it but it's so old that it has kind of lost. A lot of what it used to be. But the people who run it now have re injected all of the life into it and they have a tremendous menu of very very well worked out Mexican food is that the people that though opponent particularly one of the owners. Is from Mexico and he he knows what he's doing. And what caught my attention is that they have boldly pull blog know my favorites loss certainly among Mexican dishes but I would put it up there against even the greatest French sauces I love this stuff. It's made with of all things chili peppers. And of sesame and then shock bitter chocolate not sweet. And it comes out with a very dark dark brown color. And usually serve with either chicken or. Cheese enchilada is one of the other I got the chicken at the war at the behest. Of the waitress. What you say. Oh Doug is on the phone okay. And anyway we had him a terrific you know there. And I would strongly recommended to you I'll tell you more about it than a minute but we'll have just been told that though that Doug is here. Doug. You there out here hit it at yes I can thanks for calling. Yesterday. This hardship but talk about could still aunt and uncle fish. Or. You. And yet this case it was not like at all. Yeah. Yeah. Okay and what the story. To check out has let it out chances as topics also point out. Go again it was talk about it out of her yeah yeah yeah okay. So so be it will be able to see it yet. Bobbie it. Suit would okay it didn't this'll wary. Actual. Like he hit it. K as opposed to the UK. But we decided to go could be what do not see here. Till he. Wait so much so. Actually I see if mild rhythmic if my memory serves me right at that point he was not talking about the tamales he was talking about doing this with spam. The first time he called he was talking about doing exactly what you just described but it wasn't. It wasn't the the hot at the tamales yet he was talking about doing with spam. And then we we do we did talk about doing it with. With the us with the I. The hot a hot tamales but it I don't think we ever finished that off. It's it's not something that caught my attention a whole lot Butler who knows you who you can make some of the best dishes from the strangest agree it. Well what I frequency Michael was it was articles that came up again it was a our Ali king and he's getting the suspect at. Whether he was the I guarantee you that we we were taught when we started talking about this he was talking about spam. That we we may have moved on to the next thing. One thing that I think needs to be said about this is if I were punching holes in the canyon and then putting the whole can of something into a pot with something else. I would not the only take an ice pick or something to the side of the canned because there's just too much tree arrived. Of a problem that you'll you'll punch a hole in your hand. This is not something you want to do if you wanna do that the pet missing you do is get an old style can opener of the kind that you would you know turned a little knob on one side. And just set the top of the can go pitch you know just cut that little slip in there and do it all the way around on both sides in that we do. Without endangering yourself. 00. No you don't have to take it off you just punch a hole in it when you take one of those those. Can openers. You know you just squeeze the two handles down in the end it will put through you know a little slipped. And we've run out of time. For this hour will be back with more of the food show after recheck with the news. Here on 105 point three FM HD two can our New Orleans state too and they keep.