The “disruption of disaster” in 2 major economic centers

Newell Normand
Wednesday, September 13th

Will the “disruption of disaster” in 2 major economic centers - Miami and Houston – actually benefit us?  We’ll talk to Stephen Perry with the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

This segments guest:
Stephen Perry - President & CEO, New Orleans Visitors & Convention Bureau (NOVCB)


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We're back in words Stephen Perry president and CEO of the New Orleans visitors and convention bureau and stay you know wanted to pick it up a read an article about the cruise ship industry and some of the concerns that the folks in South Florida haven't. In the facts are that there are about twenty cruise lines said that run on a Miami. And in light of the damage that was done to so many popular ports of call in the eastern Caribbean leeward Saint John saint Thomas the bombers. And we've just recently seen almost a complete annihilation of the keys. That there's some concern that to cruise industry at least in the short term. Is gonna move more to the western Caribbean and obviously the eastern Mexican shore Cancun because of Mel. Possibly Panama and android two and off the coast of Honduras. That what are your thoughts as it relates to that issue. You know it's rarely rarely enforcing issues that people have quite sorted out yet but caused the damage report when when you look at the damage court trucks echoes and the lesser Antilles it is so called ground. Do war especially its work in you know starting in what these peaks season program fault when they're. They don't know what this is going to to work and there's no question. That market forces and kept them all what I'm. Tomorrow I'm having a discussion with brandy Christian news and he in your body you know CEO court. Dale courts deal with all of a cruise ship docking and other relationships. My senior vice president Kim Korea has. Is she going to be well we're we're in right now trying to give them we two breweries. And then worked worked so at some discussions has put them they have so much Paul. Down here because obviously mine supply. Location you know the actual cruise time there and it covers hold their island. But noble there's no question. Comparable region all the decline. Are gonna have Royal Caribbean are going to have to look at some alternatives from him right now. Our New Orleans and then and of course you know were being used it. So. I'm sure they're four rooms that are operational marketing EG. A true crisis management situation our problem here. This year knocking. Look we we are. At capacity on being able and the corn chips. And there's a little bit of lead time obviously takes quite squared constant discussions about expansion. So what now corresponds. As an industry in America or in probably the most serious. Crisis management mode better prepare and. And understand the the port in Tampa. Faired. Fairly well. It albeit not 100%. And they may ultimately be one of the beneficiaries of moving. To that side of the peninsula and ordered to serve the the Eastern Shore of Mexico and in all of those on the areas but when you look at the amount of devastation as you talk about through the Antilles in the Virgin Islands. You know I don't I don't believe that it's gonna be short term I think it's real long time before. Those particular. Point to destination released in themselves up. Well bill I think you're absolutely right because as we know. We've we've watched what happened. And we saw that that would be really difficult to come back from a part of that was what the condition while. And it issued. Outside investment. In the other islands that there is tremendous. They raised the capital were term. But in some of the the destruction it's only now currently being being able to be I mean you look at our peace and mayor you look at what happened. Spent a lot of time in the Virgin Islands and job and urgent court. And I didn't want any. That infrastructure. Can sometimes take years to come. And even if they get these past get capital which they will. That will calm the problem is that the board and damage to squarely is going to Willie Mac and on the cities like Tampa and believers and non mobile. In other cities like Danica be looking at captured some of that mark this year and it's not about being. Credits or use the right word it's from sheer market necessity about it but records alliance you have access that he couldn't support. We're back with Stephen Perry presidency annual visitors and convention bureau were talking about the economic impact tourism it's even we've got to put your collars and we'll go to line one girl. Earlier there yeah. So what's going down our guests were which you Darryl. Rated you read about caller. To come majors stated that. Deterrent breakdance and be in. It is. And the and I kind of acceptable then moderate. I'd just like to know why and where it is funny because of the city's broke. I mean they'd been granted broke he had no money. It's a good question what do you think Steve. Well here's the thing here is the city would be a total. For. I mean back where we counted like most people don't realize we're the highest taxed hotel taxes are passed in the country. About seventeen and so. The great thing he has and it's worth the money you know court where. The money in people's band. Goes in every business paying every employee's salary. He goes include the taxes go back for the stated that he has a 41% of the whole collections com. So when you come on tour so what you look at. Yeah tourism industry puts more back. Into the pockets of people on every street in every neighborhood of every educational level. What every small business medium size business than any other industry. United Annette and I understand girls frustration you know we talked earlier and I talked about walking around in the Kohlberg and and then around there's so many of my favorite places and completely amazed by how many people there and how many folks are spending money. And in yet. It it's seems like were always in this struggle and I know Jefferson Parish I believe. May stand corrected we actually collect more tax dollars and they do in the city. But yet we don't have those little micro economics Sanders. Like they have in the city. That just brings so many different people we don't have these huge fairs and festivals. And we don't have that lore. That they have so I'll often times. Ask myself. Where where resolve this go or you know what what you know issue. Yeah it's it's certainly of course and so here were dancing. And while companies like you know he. Are working so hard or we don't count is the general business community we have a small one. And it doesn't rip job really conscious way which way we're doing great economic development work. Well what we have it's a full size full blown tourism industry but are currently under populated. Corporate community here. And it's gotten smaller and small little gas. Companies have relocated. Duties and consolidated operations. And as a result now well out that this evening where it's a city like our land Houston. What do. 50%. Plots that are. Hospitality business a bit Strobl. We only do any person. Pursuant. To its. It's what the difference is unbelievable because we are out. The corporate inventory and what that means is we don't have the businesses with the employees. And the creation more tax wealth to bill in the city like these big cities like Atlanta. And they in Houston and Dallas happened so. Absolutely at least we would. I where were Stephen Perry from the New Orleans visitors and convention bureau of Stephen with the huge numbers that we talked about the economic impact that the tourism industry has in the city of New Orleans and the surrounding area. Obviously we need to grow this so what's on the land what's funny you know on the horizon what is landscape going to be for Russ ten years from today. So we think it's going to be even more pot that the dark growth trajectory really well but it's gonna depend on a couple here at the ping your. Big projects under way. Early nineteen you're gonna have one of the great airport should not stage opened it would be great business tourism our local service. If it's going to be spectacular out there and summer. The next you got your fourth quarter billion dollar development upper and pensions. And our output new convention center hotel. Where. We're spending tens of millions. All self generating all over. From the convention turned up from the city not being on the from the state redo conventions of ball forward and make it competitive we're working on a magnificent work object on the moon walk in conjunction city. It is tremendous we probably got 3000. May be close to what we open thousand hotel and cheer you gotta and other. Three out to them like on all of this is going to be contingent on one thing you'll work. 20000. New jobs in the city. For people on every street every neighborhood every educational level but only we're able well these next few years politically to maintain all taxed. Occasion that support the convention senator of them marketing. There's frankly we're so competitive right. Where we are the thirty major destinations in the country and we don't still keep growing and building. And we don't keep our indications plate there's been a lot of political talk about that. The problem is that if you take those dedication to weigh here's what happens thousands of construction jobs goal hotels. Thousands of jobs created all across the economy whether it's retail service agent channel these are jobs full benefit. Those go way. The tax base of the sitting. We lose tens upon tens of millions so. Unfortunately we got a huge the festival world and and and the worst in some ways in the sense that we got a world class competitive tourism industry. We're working hard to build a world class competitive business community and those things can artwork can sing it's not a choice to do one over the other. You know we know that he used together and so are dealing but the future is incredibly bright. And for us right now you know the next big frontier. He's workforce development and workforce training for access and opportunity for people to get good paying jobs. All across this Indian. I love your optimism. I wanna stand shoulder to shoulder with he has a cheerleader and thank you so much for spending this hour with this we really appreciated.