Paul LaGrange-Paid Programming

Sa 10am-noon

Homeowners dream about a contractor they can trust. Paul’s that guy. He’s trustworthy & honest, and Paul will guide you through the fix if you’re a “do it yourselfer,” and help you find the right help or answers if he can’t. Paul LaGrange is a Certified Energy Star Rater and an independent energy consultant. For more than a decade, Paul’s built energy-efficient homes and retains his contractor’s license. So, Paul not only speaks the language of homeowners, but builders & sub-contractors too. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded home, leaking roof or questions about generators, consult Paul, host of “The Home Improvement Show”...a staple on WWL since Katrina flooded 80% of New Orleans back in August 2005. Need help finding that perfect professional contractor and supplier for your home repair needs? Visit Paul's House For more information about LaGrange Consulting, click HERE.