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Wednesday, January 3rd

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When a five point three. FM HD to the magic letters and number Kaka. And WWL dot com this is Tom Fitzmorris with the second course of the food show it's our program of eating. Restaurants cooking in wine would love to hear from you buy it. Where you've been dining lately. And I said great before we left for the break that I would. Dig out the location. This cookbook that New Orleans public service put out for a long time. And I have indeed found it. Almost. Police chief I can give you the exact. Thing here and it's. It's almost here. Here am I have to the look a little bit or almost have it but it's it is still on line that I know. Maybe just said he might be able find it just might do and Google's. Yet could go what you're looking for. NO PSI. Cookbook that's not the name of it. It's from its real name is from. Would fire is to. Microwave governments or something like that I mean that's that's kind of with the cost. Entergy. Entergy that might be it. Let's see. ER GYREREMT. Let's start over. TER. Right. She why she why. And cookbook okay to cook. Bu look. And here she goes that's it here. Being being Entergy cooking with Entergy. Entergy. Dot com ha ha I think we're there but he energy dot com. Slash cook books slash. Let's see if that actually brings it. We're waiting we're waiting. In the name political play here it is I found that. From wood stoves to microwave ovens. Tim from wood stoves to microwaves. Cooking with Entergy. Yet here it is yet yeah yeah yeah I indicate this is it. You can that off from the page that I am on. You could print the whole thing out very easily if you wanna to wait could just you know bookmark this page. And anytime you want to have some bullets picks up mount here. Pickled Collie flower what do you think Doug should keep look at. Anything else pickled and Alex what is quite a few actually this pickle Lilly. This is made out of red bell peppers green bell peppers and mustard salt cider vinegar celery. That's pretty normal and belly called Miller time and what not want. Ultimately all of hit a Mela tonne pickles this summer I never thought of pickled poker. Pickled onions sweet icicle pickles. When they got some pickles here. Watermelon rind vehicles that had those before chicken wings sticks. I didn't know they came in stakes. Are here's something interesting people ask me about this all the time. Rule Mikey do you know what a room hockey news. Haven't a clue you know it say what they have that listed here as Polynesian appetizer. There is no such thing really as Polynesian cuisine these people lived on tiny. Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and they cook with they head there but it wasn't which you could call cuisine. It was picked up by a trader vick's. And turned into the restaurant that ultimately at least was copied. And became the belly high restaurant at typical Polynesian restaurant analyst I've doubt pick something up build a fire and eat anything yet that's about right. And but you see this in Chinese restaurants to. And here is with this rest because for one can eight ounces of water chestnuts. Cut in half each 13 of a pound of chicken livers. Cut into thirds or halves. One quarter of a teaspoon of ginger I mention it talking but ground ginger. Eight bacon slices cut crosswise into halves. Two halves and also to have not. And one half cup soy sauce. Wow that's a lot of soy sauce I would use the low sodium version personally I would do that. And then 14 of a teaspoon of curry powder. And then you you wrapped the chestnuts with the and a piece of chicken liver you wrapped the bacon around it. And then you secure with a toothpick and then you take all the other stuff and you marinated. Here's a little to pick the Rooney in the for about an hour in the and you put it on a broiler and your broil until it gets crispy about a fifteen minutes and you turn it once. And this gives you sixteen appetizers. I've been getting lots of calls. Over the last couple years from people who wanna know a restaurant where they could get these rule Mikey. Chinese restaurants do not serve it. Do not serve those things very much anymore I haven't seen him in a long time but here they are right in the middle of this cookbook. So anyway says that's the name of it the Entergy dot com slash content. Know that don't don't do that. It just go with that Entergy dot com. And though what what was the one week you came up with their dog it was cookbook I think. Easy enough to find and again I tell you you can get in here and just from and print out the whole thing. Not bad 12606368. Sorry you have to listen. 2606368. This is Tom the Taurus we would love to hear from you about oh what's been eating over at your house. I ran into love Noual Norman who is our new. Mid day. Radio talk show host also formerly the the sheriff of Jefferson Parish he's known for and our team. And I was on his show last week for a little while. And I bumped into him in the hallway just a couple of minutes ago and everybody wants to know. Where we went for a New Year's Eve and I told them where we didn't ago. And he said that where he went was to on. Two. It. The place on the corner right across street from our nose. It's. GW fins GW Finn is the best seafood restaurant. In America that's for sure is certainly the best around here and he said I think the best restaurant. Overall that's what he told me of the hallway he didn't tell me not to tell. That's not a stupid thing to say anyway here it really is a great restaurant GW fins. If you like seafood and although they have a little bit of other stuff too but does seafood is which mainly noted for. 260636. Date anybody I got anything. On his or her mind. We share eyewitness that we you know you have all these great recipes. That was that was I think the appeal of this. Entergy cookbook. Is that people had been seeing these little brochure is a Nazi for all those years. And wondering you know. Well what happened at that because of the people would keep them religiously and never he'll let him get away they would be stuffed away in a little drawer somewhere. When I can just go get you one put into a book get pitcher you know fourteen. Year old daughter to take care for their she'll do a better job than you will anyway. 260 yeah oh wait a minute Tom who's to say that everybody listening to your show is an old who Peru. If maybe it's just because I'm sensitive about being you know criminal who grew to 606368. Caller right now you'll get Reagan we'd love to hear from you but where you've been eating lately. Which go over the weekend. Or access company but it's in it's it today is Wednesday and we keep on moving right along. Boo boos of the pop pop up. So what what's broken over Tor house 2606368. I have. A recipe in my cookbook today and actually a Mecca to give you the some of safe till tomorrow because. This a little issue on my website right now the cleanup. Just one of those stupid little things that happens over there to 606368. When else do we have our program is sponsored by the maple street cafe. The maple street has a lot of windows. It has a couple of sort of like chandeliers. Not quite but close enough. It's on a split level. Meaning that when you walk right in the first a couple of tables UC will have been about that the same position and height off the ground. That the porch. Had add when this building was. They've residents. And if you head towards the back of the dining room you'll find that that level gets up I think to a different levels. And it just feels good to feel spacious. It's bright but not glaring. It very rarely is noisy this is one of the things I like about it and their menu covers all kind of ground they. They always. Are thinking of new ways. To present old in some cases a lot of old ideas and here's one of my favorite examples over there I get this. Let's say about every other visit I'd make to the maple street cafe. Eight it's a pasta dish it's made with. Very thinly pounded. If pasta that has been rolled out very very thinly which is something that I I really love. And they toss it with a sauce that has a little bit of beef stock in it it's of very light brown color and it's also not real thick. And you you toss and well they do in the kitchen tossed that around beacon evidence an appetizer or is an entree. If you're if you're a vegetarian or V Guinea denies that would be a good thing they eat. If you're not. And you just a normal person. You'll really love that it's it's a very simple dish but but that wonderfully delicious and very inexpensive. That's just a couple of things that I like about the maple street cafe which remember is open they are all the time. Including on all the holidays were done with the holidays for a little while anyway we have. Martin Luther King knows. Reference in shortly Justin a couple of weeks. So. Well it's it it's always there waiting for yeah. And it gives you the feeling of going to a nice but not really fancy restaurant it's not that it all in his neighborhood restaurant qualities and it has. Grip make qualities to the maple street cafe 7623. Maple street about midway between Broadway and Carrollton. The maple street cafe. Bob Bob Bob Bob. 2606368. I wish you would call me right now. Even if you don't have anything to tell me. Because between the two of us we will learn something that neither one of us knew. Until right now hop but that. Take my bet on that. Call me to six so 6368. The only problem with this HD radio thing is that we are still introducing people to it. Here's a way that you can find the the cure for this is actually sometimes more useful than the problem. If you were to buy get the WWL. App. And if you know about apps you know what they do and all it but if you where to get the WWL. App. Right on the cover is a button you can push that will immediately. Give view this station that you're listening to right now with the food show on it and NBC sports. And a whole bunch of other things and as time goes on we're gonna have more and more other shows some pretty convinced that this and this one with the food. Has been doing better than anybody thought so. You we have a lot coming your way. And you will be able to stay well heck I was the first person I know who knew about this and I listened to at all well once in awhile. You know. So law Corliss and we'd love to talk with Cuba what's cooking. You probably have a few ideas things that you seen in the store or that you had in a restaurant. And knew we'd love do you share that with us. 2606368. Michael joins us over here on the yellow fallen Michael. Good evening I'm happy new year happy new year Kabul and it. Good talk via. Just drivers all what was I gonna knowledgeable last couple days and we capture. On the record two hours. The ball during those. Oh yeah yeah well that's the way it goes you know. Well we're working on making a second clone of me by but it. They've. Why no idea it was the first thing my wife said. You really area. So I want to tell you about this. That Greece was. Thing that you cook like lake gave like a Turkey right yeah yeah. That's what ought. Actually and gave us numbers let's tease. Used it for Thanksgiving in years. Well welcome Albert mark I would roast Turkey in the Alvin and I would bribe jerky because my mother are or does support the so. She get what you want to give abroad Turkey at world. Well such a strain. I really is secure it. Org gallon. You have oil Aaron Aaron the mask and everything else that. Subtly or I I just can't understand why white people. Get a big kick out of that but they are. Well would you like funeral mine marinade or what. Injected we're about art is made up my own. So and they love it but it was always a train and what I am doing people green. There's all surgeries overnight Roger you are wary and oh yeah fair enough there an area. But it really well get old and I've been here about this all we got one it's incredible are really really like law. And the Turkey comes out rage. You don't have to buy all of the oil. Art got the short program I believe is what is it's just found out. You know there are. Nearest I can tell this thing is kind of kind of like a rooster on a stick. No doubt it's sort of more like you for a rent convection. Convection Obama. Usually does it rotate or anything or do you get in the know. All of you put it down and there. No. No Greece YouTube wrote these jerky all the oil are used. Argues. Would use. No via an art. Out. Those Q entry about very Berry Christie. All you it was perfectly. Very very juicy. Of course all she's none of them are rarely. Been. Accused of a little. On and a and a that's to prevent from burning your house down. Well it's really so yeah and more. Not that it that it. The cold yeah. Really sort of people to chart there about your power. There was portrait or art books on. On the cards over. These are. What is the arm below are. I'd die I understand that's the funny thing that's the scary thing I understood everywhere you said. That and I also understood the words you didn't say. Yep Basil Basil say hardware yeah. Our reply well I'm sure they do too but does that interesting I guess at some point no wind to get one but people just love them. But listen thank you for calling Mary really appreciate the call art proper reply I have I have John over here and I know he's gonna wait and no Mike is here and I hope Mike. Will also wait and we'll be back in just a moment after first please this. Hi it's the food show and John is over here. John come on in yeah I might let me apologists bouncing along off the walls. I gotta you gotta abort abort all which ago. We wanted to do and he. A meter or get it right that truck. Farms averaging street were all yeah IE on none on river road via an act. Was it oh that's good to know Agassi the original guys who ran that gone. Yeah but I'm hearing nothing but good things about the new. I'll always so what is over the I in the urban bullies or trap you know we've. Roasted corn gluten and Collard greens. I start dial M it was. You know what what facility are they using to do this. I got the impression at first that it was. Almost outdoor dining but I doubt it's that. Zaza they have an outward actions which I yeah nobody is using it share my wife and I am a mother and lomb about a lot this. You know I nice springer fall day be great beat out there you know this has been in the regular and irregular. Inside. The location and Google obviously out. But why it was everybody was stolen material on that's the burning place warm up. I think that's for me at least you know just perfect sounds good yeah absolutely I got regularly. Yeah you'd UAW like. Yep my wife is crazy about it she thinks it's quite alienated. I'll. Give you will be. Well and after I get that hook out of me attractive at a at a if you found out something okay tell me what that. You know people ask you and I am pleased that the goes. Where you. Harold and I think they audience Saturday night. Dinner and made its line should do that. But on the did. Yeah what they'll wait ANSYS is this still place on on river road. Yeah yeah. If they're only open I think if you don't it is readers so it really nice weight please explain all the artwork in the air ambulance. My story really what's what's the official name of it after all the truck. But it trucks. Tarnished and learn. For and it was just a bit differently in Asia and I I don't know but I think Friday and Saturday night of the we'll have a primary. Yeah indoor air. In order to have prime rib prime rib is something you cannot cooked to order. It has to be cook mostly in advance and then at the last minute you add to what it's whether it's going to be medium rare or medium. By and and so that's why you see so few respite Stewart because that's a big investment of a lot of meat that's gonna go down the tour will be field salad in name and then. Sure well one thing unity among smokers in the an agent previous college seven. And there's so much and I did that went outside to see the outside this it and did you and me outside. We executed gigantic smoke grenade outside. And then I mean and it looks like I'd get him at a barbecue championship. It was it was fantastic welcome a a tournament. While they know that it. That's enough what nice hearing from you. Think it's. The food show. How are you handling your pipes they are you all your pipes still. Still strong so far so good for me. And that's good. Not that's not something you wanna go south Sonia and had that happen to me once a long time ago and one of mass. Cost a fortune to fix to. So don't don't let that happen to a 606368. Looks like another two or three days of this really cold weather in and it's gonna. Go up into the forties maybe even in the fifties. I think may be even in the sixties by the weekend that's what I've heard I don't know if that's true. 2606368. It was called talk to us about anything you want to bring up. No matter what it is did you get anything yet any gifts for. Christmas gifts or other kinds of gifts during the holidays. And if so that it's stuff that do you we use in your kitchen if so would call me and tell me what somebody gave. Because you know I've been saying for a long time. I've been telling you for a long time if you love. If you don't know exactly what to give a friend to yours especially if that friend is in to cooking. His into. Design. I do all of this. Keep them in the back your mind and then give them no really good knife real good cutting board this so many so many items out there. A good little skillet that you'll use bushy. And it's always use it this myself like I'm working up to a commercial bottomed out. It's a good idea it's. Another. Another version of this is that if you give someone a bottle of wine. During the holidays that's practically foolproof unless the person you're giving it to is a group may. Wind person who really into wine in email file as they call them. Don't give wind to those people because they know twenty times as much as you know probably. And you won't be able give them something that they will be happy with. For the average person you can pick something up at random and feared that sure and you wanna make sure buy him a bottle of champagne everybody loves champagne. All right now here is Mack Matt welcome to the food show. I'm doing swell thank you for calling today. You're. Oh I heard some conversation the last few days about. Cooking Courtney and cabbage in our future rests in your wife and you know and I was debating about that process so during the course and he and I thought you know produce like four hours yeah. I've also looking at a crock pot rest. Well I don't have a crock pot. Have I've never bought one in them that putting them down in any way people I know who really enjoy using them and find him very practical. They they've you know they've they've got a great. To recent to be couscous they they do well exactly what they're set up to do in they too could jump but I've never used one myself. Probably. Six one and you're maybe maybe not I mean the idea of having. A pot that cooks everything at a very low temperature or. I that's how a lot of classic recipes begin anyway you know you put him in the pot with just a bubble coming up every now and then and then. Four hours later you've got nice tender meat in Israel who can knock that. Yeah I really get what got you there are but what wrote you know reality really tender and yeah I can believe that yeah sure you know. Okay good would you ever seen what you share courier are aliens about the jets failed lately some kind of up. Yeah or so ago it was people she says well I don't I'll hang up and let's. Okay or am I don't I don't exactly know. What this is called bullet. A company that makes. Kitchen where. Sent me this little skillet it's about. I'm gonna say about seven or eight inches across in diameter. It's entirely made out of collapsed thick glass. The glass is made in such a way that you can take this thing out of a freezer and put it directly on a hot burner on your stove. And it will not break in will not cause any problems at least the one I have is never had a problem. I don't know what happens if you were to drop it in it hit concrete I would wanna try that but it seems to be pretty tough so. Here's what went on in case you missed the first part of this. I don't my microwave oven is is off the list right now because it's this wiring thing it needs to happen. So in the meantime my wife said want to just pour the coffee into like a skillet or something into a saucepan. And net add the add the the bill also and start a little bit and put it on top of the stove until it gets warmed up. And then then you go away so I tried that they didn't like it has no matter what skillet it was it's still had some green residual grease on the inside so you know that. Coffee is a little more delicate than that so. What I did instead was like I got out this little red. It's not red it's gonna brown actually. This little skillet. It's about two inches. Deep maybe three. And a port in the mail poured in the coffee that had already been brood of put it on top of the burner. I have an electric burner this is because we have no I gas coming into our neighborhood. And I let its sit there for about no I guess it takes about. Five minutes. And by that time the the milk and coffee have really merged together and just. A real thickly flavored. This is what I've been drinking you know I drink coffee every day for all all my adult life I've never headed as good as this. And so it it worked out great we hate you we get one of these little glass skillet I don't know I've had this when since about 1975. It came in the mail from whoever made it they said this is something that's gonna sweep over the kitchen world that didn't. But it up but I've used that a lot. And that's the end of that story I hope that says that answered his question where you gonna get one of those I don't know but you could probably get a skillet. And and only use it for that purpose. So point that. Anybody net has anyone ever seen something like I I'm disquiet pie Rex well I know there's high wrecks that you can put on the stove but more often than not they tell you not to do that. Not to put it not to take it off of room tip tourist how good heaven help us. Cold position and then put it right on top of the burner. Usually that's gonna break the the last I don't know what this thing is made out of but it it is. In all the years I've added it is never changed even a little bit. Also cleans release week 2260. 6368. The food show keeps on rolling we've had a you know reasonably good show today considering it's. Wednesday in we didn't have anything planned. So we just you know walked him I its seafood show this is Tom the Taurus it's great to be here with the you're talking about. The food picture around our city as we enter another year. The other exciting year eating around New Orleans you know what I think is gonna happen this year is this is cystic yes. I have a feeling. That the emphasis. On chefs. Is going to go down. And Heidi. All although I I like shouts. I have very many ship friends I very much respect. What they do. And at a particularly the part that has them working. Like crazy all the time is just hardly anybody who works harder than ash that is a fact I've seen it too often. People ask me when you open up your own restaurant if you're so damn Smart and I always say 'cause I've seen how much work it is in chefs really really really do work a lot. Soul. But anyway. Why did I bring that up there was some reason I brought that up. 26063. Tell you what. It is because that you said that the issue yes are going to be all yes you mean nutria yeah I think during the next year. We're going to see less emphasis on chefs. On there daily specials. And and everything like that that is kind of like spur of the moment kind of thing. Ot that has been revered. As a a way to. Put out the best possible food but I think I've seen enough of it to tell me that it while it sounds like it might be. A really great improvement in most cases. It would be better to go back to the old way. All the time I'm not trying to you know be you know. But this award fitness so what you're trying to kill me that that the emphasis will be more on the food shelter what ya they wrapped but the emphasis will be more on the food. And more on the good ideas that have been around for a long time meanwhile there are a lot of dishes out there. That art should just fantastic and nobody makes him anymore. I give me an example so I mean you know we can't expect anymore start very big surprise cut off. Let's hope. Yeah I think that's gone a little bit over the edge. So all but we'll see I've been raw usually have been wrong. Of abolished. Four years ago I've made a prediction. That. The top end of the group may restaurant. Things. Would be in the in that respite over on magazine street and also they have that one in the warehouse district it's who was. The square root and just plain old route I I think it still think that the chef there is say to real thick. Talent to a tremendous talent but what he puts out his soul. Off beat that. It you kind of have to think about it a while before he can even start eating it and make sure you've got a good. Mental picture of it because she might know and understand it while you're eating it. And the hits. And I said this is going to become. What gourmet dining notice is going to be for the foreseeable future I was totally wrong about that. It is did it did nothing of the kind and now it's gone. I don't know if you heard about that but the route could square root both have closed. And I'm sorry but that aside I I think that what they were doing was very admirable and really brilliant. But that's not enough people who eat like that. And I if if I had a solution and I tell you solution right here but I don't know I don't even know fits a big problem. Let alone need a solution so does that. Answer your your question there done well I actually well it I think the problem is that we have only have 500 people or all in all reality I was so we depend on those from out of county community eat our food year ice and if they find something that is our food a year ago. Home oddly for the city. You know I I I think Q you're you've got a hook goodness. I think. Well let banks we share notebooks I did know hawks okay. 2606368. We only have about two minutes left to go. This has been. I don't know maybe I'm humor myself but I thought this was a pretty good show Regis finished joint. Did you think so. I always say that yes in my it's my job I got a play unless it's a good show a couple of well I guess forgot about that. Well we will will will. Keep working at it. Let's see what else do we have coming up my wife and I were talking about some some guests that she wants to bring on in the next a couple of weeks. There was one that sounded pretty good to me and I can't wait to it to see what it's like I haven't been there yet. But it's a place and extorted two jags. And the food they are putting out is let's just say really than usual so will be this might be a test of what we just. Posited here. Bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop blue opal well. Girding myself about so I can fight off all of this cold. I don't have a cold but you know it's cold outside. You know I didn't have to tell you that you knew that already. State tune we have far more of the food show we had the parts that you missed. About the start. Right to you know in in just a few minutes and enter posing all that. The news from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. And then will be back tomorrow with another edition of the food show so thank you. For hanging out with loose and then have a good dinner tonight good night.