How to stay prepared during this cold spell

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, January 3rd

Tommy talks to Paul Lagrange, host of the Home Improvement Show and owner of Lagrange Consulting, about tips for making sure your house stays undamaged during this cold snap.


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We got a call yesterday from some money it's NY is a water off camera RO. And I thought about that personal last night because. What that meant was his pipes sit frozen that the water was not off in Marrero yes and I'm sure a lot of people had that. Surprise which is. Definitely not a good surprise him Paul ordering joy is for joins is right now a friend who knows the home improvement show here. On WWL every Saturday morning from ten until noon hey Paul. Good morning happy new year Tommy Sany Serran thanks to taken the time with a so hard freezes predicted that. Four bomb. All guests tonight tomorrow night even nine after that if you skated by. Is it news you know clear now IDF did not worry about later could you've just been lucky and it is something you still have ten team. I think it's something you need to be tending to shuttle thing we need to be thinking oh this must get a bye last night I'll have to worry about it tonight. Class the last I Wii has some clouds in certain areas particularly on the social work. In Dingell as cold as they thought it was advocate. But those plows to clear air or maybe could clear to milk the night you never know if you want to be proactive and protect those pipes from freezing. Arm a lot of times people think it is just a pipe outside the vents on the cases. Notice that to me there's pipes in your attic their their pipes if you were a race house its pipes underneath. Sometimes people have been close crawl space so what got a short basement and I think I don't have to worry about it let that's not necessarily true. But it gives this really cold. Any pipe that's exposed to those conditions certainly at risk. Of freezing and bursting. So when it comes insulation that's the first thing that. It seems like the home improvement stores hardware stores run out of is that foam insulation and you can buy input along the pipes that if you can't get that. What other options do you have it when it comes insulating the pipes ball what is overkill I mean yet. You have to insulate these things from nuclear attack did. And no you don't put. You would like to have about an inch into half of that foam insulation around and so if you leave though home improvement store brought out like you said. Well into an ethnic. Inched into a fit around the outside the pipe yeah is that how much is and I'll take that. Films of his that you buy yes that's that's about it means that cherries. And it will be those are. If you can't find that product. Go to a another big box store. Like the pool noodles hopefully they have some without payment that's a great idea would display idea Palin and Barack yet maybe got an initiator of the pool house it would area. It can't foreign pulled totals and raping it would newspaper and duct tape actually works believe it or not you know you you you could be magazine to could be newspaper. He can be howls. Yeah anything you get around that pipe and give it some separation from the outdoor climate the better. I what if you didn't do that and you wake up this is form ended through every text me from Guerrero saying what is. Why is water often moral and I don't mean alas but I knew right away that the water Marrero was fine it was his home that was having issue. Yeah so. At well also ports with things like that happens so here's the thing you don't know if the expansion the guys decide that pipe expanded enough to break the pipes to burst of you're not good note that until the depth pipe becomes followed. And water starts running through it so. If you suspect it's broken. Then I would call lately it licensing sure plumber get on there waiting list but they can't do anything either into the water free flow into their plight meaning it's fully. Defrost it in order to identify where all the leaks far. So you know I can get it fixed right away that you get the wait till late on that day until the waters move increasing can notify where the leaks. And if it didn't. If it didn't leak but it breaks. Did burst then obviously your first priority is to get an insulated so does that against and I. In if you can give him insulated your next option. Would be to an ego thing or insulating you would be extra cautious Tommy. You can actually drip the water a little bit in and there's there's I think there's assert my technique on how to do this and where to do it. When he's kind of explain but I do my home. Is the water com small water meter interest my house right inside my house. I have a path from on the far left it's out of my home. At night like last night I was tripping in my pipes are or are protected with insulation and the slap house however raced home. How we strip and small model water in my bathtub on the far left inside the ops it's out of my home from where the water interest house. In its not a real. Running nemesis it's it's like a steady drip it's nothing more than this editor. Just keep the water multi. Just keep portable prevent it from trees and causes the waters boot to the pipes or trees blown about like hot water in cool water and only kind of stuff. I normally do hot water in and let me tell you the reason why. If you're if you're. In it it's a waste of of energy and active that on the energy guy I I believe saving energy this is Tom what you I'm willing to spend it and so I've run the hot sun through very simple reason. That is if you'd look at studies and you quell the houses like off crawled under after freezes like this the pipes that break first show hot water pipes. And the very simple reason why the hot water pipes burst before the whole water pipes. Is because the cold water pipes when the when ice. Starts expanding it has a place to push that water is there's a valve and our house in every twelve that we held. Right that releases pressure so it's the the pipes Orton didn't restricted. And as the ice is expanding in the burst pipes. How what do site you don't have that goes on the hot water piping. All your faucet closed with handles or barrels. So there's no way that no place for the water to expand in move because of Al was off. Unlike the bullet that allows the actual go to the politics. So how are from my hot water. I'm sorry Paul howdy do you then nature chimp hot water when you get up. To shower if you don't have one of these instant hot water heaters or whatever it is thankless yet. So. It doesn't use that much hot water where you'd you could have a completely empty tackles local water when you're accompanied brushed teeth the shape protects all war. So you're still gonna have tomorrow what leftist not to be as much as he had no water calm about it on all. Would you Water Cube will keep up with this and that's the that wets the waste of energy. But I'm willing to listen I'll I'll spend an extra through four box overnight to keep mile water last night to prevent. You know follow all over the broken pipes. Hum when it comes to water pressure and those sometimes and they. They don't like you to do that because so many people do it can lower the pressure which creates a fire hazard setter if they shifted to fight a fire but you're not talking about. A stream of water UC drip you come on just like a little drop drop crept up for a exactly yes sir to prevent a decrease of more pressure so that the firefighters would have supported the need to fight the fires. And we're not burning up if you want a water well here you can rule where you know what will you refer to vote either social suits us. This a slight. You know like it's intricate portrait. On the if you have any questions about any it is C 60187. U ball can help yet on Bobby good morning on DeVon WL what's up. Are you a question I don't war on every. It's a kitchen saying it is just the steady drip stricter. I want miles well usually. I gave up since clr the clean the box. They should just say yeah this cleaned it up. We have good basic look for. By the you don't have any water at all I think it's sick it's completely blocked it's turned out there have been. So it's. I. And I turned it two nights ago. So for. That sponsor out and only a lot. In my house that still. It'll. That explode in the wilds of 1920. Hope to develop additional duke of signals that lit up at an open galvanize galvanize fight is what you meant yeah. Disarray but nobody Wheatley Saturday you'd unit a serious health concern of who was led. I'd definitely go ahead Paul. And I gadget. So but it is without you know open up your cabinet doors beneath the kitchen sink. And I would give it a little high ceiling fan in blows some warm air from your house today at cabinet or take a small heater. Like electric heater and puts in some warm air into that cabinet it's of it's a slow process as a slow warm. You know look at the change that temperature very quickly it's a slow process and an a on saying that. Abundantly but because I don't watch the warmer too quick she could crack pipes which was little he. Warm up those pipes leave that possible one would address because as the waters dripping through that piped in through that Fossett. You will continue to frost and in the ice it's in that piping. We now like yes sit in on me but. Basically sums in the first Turbo walk all because it will not going to be a war so yeah that's what it kind of goes out. You know what apple working on it who came out for now. I well in certain. You know life. Yes so that there's millions. That's Ian Saudi units that the particulates that built up inside that galvanized pipe eve brightens in in packs and copper pipe. And I guess as the I start to form an installer to defrost it in it broke up some those particulates and that's why it was brown and caller. Right now. I have ice formed in the bottle it's so they came out the fire that you know Arnaud got in better. Nausea or how long it would. Basically take that like ball out from underneath sort what it is any problems like you said. Yeah I mean with with some heated it may it may take thirty to 45 minutes the folk believe they let me ask this but BP do you have a hose bib. Or what some people call hose pipe on the outside wall ripen they kitchen sink. You know during. Coca soul would I would do tonight is I would insulate that height I don't know or. And it. So you may you may be getting some outside cold air coming through to. Where that goes it goes through them on the show whisperer or Saudi Arabia and the outside in its two fronts the plumbing directly on the kitchen sink. There's definite connection that's happening at that those do. Where the plumbing pipes beneath the kitchen sink and that's why that once spots it's freeze in the rest as well. Out. Here. Nine bloody good luck I'll figure out there much. Currently we're talking Apollo would range dose of their home improvement shows Saturday morning from ten. Until noon right here on WWL and owner of LaGrange consulting primarily about. Pipes and a cold weather. Paula question comes in via text do you insulate PVC pipes. And in some money L six about pecs piping NORAD and know the differences there. Sorry so PVC pipes if there are. It's used to be supply water if meaning of its water supply. And not a drain the answers yes but if it's for drain only. Then you don't have to insulate those pipes. But if there's water running through those pipes for supplies in hotter cold. And you wanna enslave those pipes and he is efficiencies for people unserved all led to a bought a house in May not know. Today it's plastic piping ranked. That's the plastic divest the white plastic piping you CSR and now the pecs piping. It comes in that translucent whites or or blue or red it's got a different text her indifference I was then the PVC. I know what's nice about packs piping. Is he does have the ability that when it freezes and you'll have mentally he can explain end a little bit without bursting. Now I can't define how much can and expand and and and contract when the water you know the frost and he goes back to watch they guys defrost so. You know I. It's it's of meego from the standpoint that. If I have pecs piping in of course in Tom uniter and a show long enough that I like to be extra cautious because. I don't wanna be crawling my house repair pipes when it's you know twenty degrees outside no or outcome could insulate those Tex pipes at the smiles. Now can they take more cold weather than TPC in the copper. And the galvanized yes 610. But how much more I can say that element. In terms of of some areas of people forget Paul he mentioned addicts and somebody takes it in instead we could you. Cut away don't want your attic area be as simple as leaving the attic opening open it could allows some warmer air to rise to hadn't. And ended Tomas physics it doesn't matter if it's 33 year. It matters if he gets a 32 and below ranked. That's correct and in most times you're addict is warm and off in in our region. Because we don't get so cold but even this cold is a guy at least last night make it tonight. You're Atticus typically warm enough because there's enough communication between your house in your attic through the ceiling leaks. That it's getting warm enough work prevent it from keeping too you know freezing temperatures were those pipes are gonna freeze. Can you would give back to the text actual taxes question can you leave that attic door open what warm air and you can. I don't think. That's a good thing to do but if you want it to me it's physically as possible and yes it would warmup erratic but. Uga had a lot of money for that because that cold air is coming into euros as the warm here is leaving me notes he had. Yeah you know I want to ask you about that on and off I'm gum in this up the second law of thermodynamics. Is that we're Nicole wearing cold air rushes and hear homer and a yeah so that could you repeat got a great memory well you talk things Paul like trying to. So second law Thurman and I'm aces is hot go to go to calls are you your warm and hot and such Roscoe you're running your eater. Erratic as calls that woman or go into that attic. Plus she got there at the other affect the stock effect where that warm air rises so as we hang out at the ceiling anyway. So when you pulled out that attic stairwell or open up that. That's got to hold its good and actual rise in the attic anyway but that they know part of that too is as that warm air is being. Removed from your house and go to Q erratic you're drawing in more cold air inside your house so you can heat that air again. It it's it's it I don't think it's a great idea but it can be done. Paul Tony seconds it before really the update if for whatever reason you do have a pipe leaking you waiting for a plumber would you do. Make sure you waters off the name waterfowl and start identify where the leak source for the paparazzi Potomac that when he beat them maybe you payment the hour probably Douglas thank you so much we appreciated weakened here Paul or you can hear him. We can all hear him at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. Ten until noon with a home improvement show and he is also the owner of LaGrange. Consulting.