Are Falcons fans born that way?

Thursday, December 7th

Will the Saints push the Falcons further down in the division- or will the Falcons be inspired by pride to beat the Saints on national tv?  PLUS:  Al Franken announced he is stepping down from his Senate seat.  Are you glad to see him go?  Is he doing the honorable thing or should he have stayed to serve out his term?  If you think he should go…is there anyone else you think should go?  OR is it only good when it’s someone from the opposing political side? 


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It's game day and coming up at 3 o'clock we have an abbreviated show today because our pregame coverage begins at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Right here. On WL. I'm scoots it's a chilly Thursday. December 7 Tony is also Pearl Harbor day. And I'd I got a lot of jokes are growing up discern the secretary a lot of people made sodomy. Because they said world. You know Pearl Harbor Davis today America respond to a bond game when you were born in us are kind of grow paternal thing. If you're just tuning in I don't be too serious except about one thing. And that is. Since we live in a world that is so quick to judge. Why I think at a day like today when we get ready to watch this game tonight. If we understand that falcons fans. That didn't choose to be that way. They were born that way. That's my believe I'm innocent scientific research that proves that but there there's a lot of spur of research indicates that your your born a certain way. And you know we're also talking about it you know so many aspects of this on the case of the baker. In the Atlanta area that refused to bake a cake for two soccer fans that's gonna be headed for the Supreme Court. You know sometimes and sometimes parents are surprised because. They didn't realize they're their kid was a Pakistan. Deeper side and and you know sometimes get tied that. And the kid ties it and then no one day. He comes out she comes out name they admit their proper stance and I mean it hurts is apparent that is so harmful. But a lot of people don't have a certain opinion if falcons fans until their child came out. And then they were just. In general more accepting. Mean how would you feel if your daughter brought on the soccer stand. Mr. date. Do people choose to be falcons fans or are they born that way that's a pretty general opinion poll 56% say it's a choice 44% say now. And they were born that way. If you were to join us for the comedy gives your opinion to WW dot com. And you could join us for your comment or 260187. ER Texas 878 cent received heard the forecast snow. Not for the city but snow for the river parishes that's just to the west of New Orleans. And snow for the North Shore probably the Mississippi Gulf Coast and as big swath of area from from Baton Rouge. Are through. The seeds in North Shore area over to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and you even toward Alabama. Now it it has in the cold enough for this to really stick and mean there could be a slight accumulation in in in some of these serious. I was watching the of the new news on channel four and our meteorologist Chris Franklin. I said there's a 90% chance of snow. And I haven't heard that since I was on the air Denver. Is it a long times are good in the other thing is on a lot of people are talking about how the last time a Saudi New Orleans. 2009. That was the year. Saints. And in accordance Super Bowl that season of 20092010. So. Do you think it's possible. That this is a an omen that this is their hunger a great sign. I feel really good about the saints I feel good about the saints tonight he gets a topics. I just a few really positive about this. Saints team and the way they're playing in the one thing that Sean Pate has talked about recently is something that that I really didn't think about actually mentioned it. And I would know this because I'm not in the locker room the guys. But Sean Payton talked about how there's this camaraderie. In this saints locker room. And the players. Are not in it just for themselves. Their arena for the team. And debt is. It's a cohesive element that. The at least championship teams. So I do feel good about the saints. Here is. A text that says is pace cute I'm a certified falcon knowledge missed. It has been scientifically proven that most hawkish stance if fault from the don't oberg. And job I can provide proof. Off from a study Kevin Ph.D. falcon fans studies and you know. From gentility Tommy RW WL. Thank you particular Michaels good to be positive in my call to reference the falcons and drug administration's accomplishments also with the latter. I'd like to compliment to drop administration's biggest accomplishment of this partnership and there's. And that would be getting investigated by special. Council. In its first year. Support. The administration's claim that you'd accomplishment. Are written about guns. I think it's a matter bunker mentality law docket as the lobby each other because their football team demonstrated to him. Dated him. About the or the city Atlanta I'm getting comparisons probable source so abort command out. I I guess so atomic and again I don't wanna be too serious today because it's it's game day. He you know the only reason I didn't see a lot of saints jerseys market to workers on gun game day or on Friday when the saints are gonna play that weekend I see a lot of jerseys downtown. I'm I didn't see a lot of jerseys today because. Well people had to Wear coats I'm assuming they were wearing the jerseys underneath what they were wearing. Up from home Jimmie welcome to the show. Afterward they issued a thank you. And my grandma was born on this day -- maneuvers Rita pearl knows and dog got older that you know she was actually born before before Pearl Harbor day on Monday in honor tombstone says Rita pearl. Bill happy birthday connection go with the saints. I think you're born that way if you're in Atlanta but I grew up here would say hands opposing Springsteen's specially divisional columnists and an eighty's it was more out. 49ers fans when they were hot. And then 91 when you had MC hammer and as you here. Jerry Glanville an Atlanta got hot in this started seeing a manager he's around here and those guys are born that way I think they're born change haters. Just locally. But that's my opinion on its feet you're born I'm anxious and when. We in bomb throws came round and he's able I was getting old and a tour to start paying attention and and the coincided with them. Not winning but can getting better and I say I'm born that way elm saint yeah who'd actually. Jimmy I get a bad guys and bum Phillips was always an interesting character study for for me. I'm Archie Manning told me something about the locker room once in a bum Phillips is giving the team a pep talk he said. The the and I area artistic team you know that in the rams are gonna come out here trying to resist the rams are gonna do this to you on defense surrendered. And the end and Archie said a coach replaying the falcons today so. It was an English from the team we were playing and I also thought it was so interesting about it on bum Phillips. His etiquette. He never wore his cowboy hat in the don't. Because his mother told him never Wear a hat inside but yet he chew tobacco and he would spit on the carpet us from mid city Brian you're on WWL. Is to go. Deeper thanks. Few years ago law what can at this dinner with a bunch of friends and you know wanna wanna friends. Now. Just say it's shortened. Operate on the man. We started talking to me he says while. Jamar and we stop it is at this bar global one. You know by age range so sure that you know action could do and then enter narcotic or you rules were. Armed not a lot of people in the area in place. No one you know goes never been sworn in your comments you. Don't chill any one state close to me pretend you're with me. And notes and when you should stay. Because its own in the bar him you know you're. An arm trouble I've done. So this was a this was a place where. A falcons fans go inmate they drink and they dance and hang out together and they they share that income. Yeah exactly exactly so chuck some OK I'm a boat and cost you will go to U mobile which ranks. So it sit relax and Ashley called this out became more interest in gear and teacher. And of course I'm a little one comparable. You might relax and everything and and it just in the realized that. These constraints nation enjoying what are you going you know pursuing what it stands and that's reached. So what we judge right. Are great it's great so your. Arm you know we. Know him and then. Kind of disturbing moment in a bucket accordance as I like to do things. They were some friends. And Brian you've been such a good and what do you sort of important to keep you might stoke investor. While he's trying to convert you. Own so he's trying to bring you over to their side. You tell him. Hillary got just disconnected here. Meant I understand violet eyed look. There are cases where you know some people try to you know convert people bring them over there to their side. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy or text is a seventeen. A seventy and a birdie just about to you pulled me aside do people choose to be falcons fans or are they born that way give a sure opinion we're going to WWL. Dot com also I wrote on an op Ed blog about this for our website WWL dot com and it's a posted there were falcons fans saw born that way. And it's all doubts. It's all about this idea that you know did you choose it or. And did you just basically realize that you were soccer stand from. From from birds. And then you know turn right I mean I mentioned earlier we would love a shutout but chances are it. The choppers are gonna score. And so if you're a parent and you might be home with your kids tonight watching the game. And they're gonna show this on national television. They bushel falcons fans. Hugging. Celebrating together. Dancing together. Yeah in public on national television. And they're make comment moment when you see it right there on the television. To talk and stands kissing each other. And then your kid wants to know mommy daddy why are those to focus hands kissing each other at seem so nasty I don't get it you know that. I'm Stuart's brother right tackle and every zero. Yeah I mean if you don't wanna say you hate the falcons so talk and standing just they are really really really. Don't like you. And by the way I wanna address very briefly there's some very controversial conversion therapy. There are some. Religious leaders and some psychologist and therapist. That believes that they can take a falcons fan. And convert them. Into being a fan of another NFL team. And personally I think it's bogus from New Orleans Joshua you're on WWL. They go to. Byrd pitched thank you much. They've I think totally unnatural. To be a problem if our act act and I mean you know about being my son were black career out on the figure all because that outright. It's all right I. Believe that the base that whip. On birth of an old school because nobody see that but this is an air. I you do you know what happened I mean you know they're gonna do it because falcons fans are there's that's flamboyant they want to shove it in your face. Bad bad bad man and I do think that rather bad at being prepared just that we're of people that they Opel and electronic yeah but I do think there have been other big big Bert Tibet. You know I think they've debated bowl match up in the mine at these are not being out to do that but he is come out Japan. I'm Joshua I you know and and sometimes it's because they didn't have a strong frontal figure in their life to lead him in the right direction and they just they they you know they met somebody was a falcons fan and then suddenly there you know there weren't. Black and red in the their 5%. And I think they've really out of fought battle and I don't think that they are so bad that it had a bad. But they have an event don't try to force that lied about anybody you know it could be to keep that in L community. By higher I agree especially when it comes to when it constitutes. I'm Josh appreciate it. Here's a Texas says what happens in their dome stays in their dome is their business but I don't have to like. I mean that's true I mean you can look at these caucus and so I'm on television you don't have to like it. But I mean this is America they. Well they have a right to be falcons fans. And end it if they don't have a right to be falcon stands then you know that takes away some of our rights. Context here from. Each procedures to bring your station longtime friend of mine. Pieces I grew up in new York and I was not a saints fan until I moved here so I have to say. You're not born this way. And I think that's a really good. I think that's a really good point for me. You see I wasn't not a saints fan. Until the saints moved here. Until they were. More are are arching. So in the case of eve in the case of me in the case of many he a few that you didn't realize you are thought I sing stand when you were born. What happened was. I figure predispose to that. And so when the right situation comes along you you know you really wait a minute this is for me we'd this is who I am inside. This fits my life so this fits who I think I am. Rosanna you're on Demi WL. Hey. Oh thanks thanks. And I think itself can see falcons they can honorable. Men agree. As a matter. I used to be guilty of prejudice. Corn belt is what what chance she is and what changed. Actually took. Lectured at Opel. One bit so badly and I sell their duty. And off. So now on twelve. Well it. You know there certainly have been they've certainly been persecuted over the years. Saint Vincent Ngo and I have to learn. That. You know it's all about tolerance and that we shouldn't judge falcon fans just because they were there. Red and black. And I know and and you know some pumpkins fans don't Wear red and like I mean you can't look at somebody and automatically assume all you falcons fan blow it up there for hypocrisy if you don't sometimes Eudora. I have because then there's the falcons fan and I'm not and we won't talk to all but I'm. You know I had an epiphany and now I see them what they truly. Resented that time that warms my heart I've got to move on a good news coming up here. I love this audience by the way I love you guys I was spending every afternoon with you you are part of a great audience. I'm scoot hang on we'll be right back on debit zero. Al Franken. He's done. It may mean Politico is ten and may not be fair but it is a reality in the world in which religious if you let life where does that worst part of your life. I'm in my comeback to. To auction. So I'll Franken now will be will be resigning and I want to mention this is the only of the seriously and they're mention other Tamil we're talking about which. This is serious about cherishing falcons fans are not not charging them. But a lot of people wondering why a president trumpet this point. Is talking about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel moving to aid the embassy's hair. He could be doing this to satisfy his evangelical base yes president trump has an evangelical base. Those are the people that are proposed for Roy Moore in Alabama not all of them but many of them. And the president really wants to hang onto that that's that seat. And I think or mortars is going to win but a President Obama are once recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel so that's not that new. What is new is the president's promise which he made during the campaign to appease two to appeal to an OTC evangelicals. That he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem. And it's a big controversy about this let's remember this. The president might just be saying this so he can end the year saying that he feels another campaign promise. Or he fulfilled a campaign prompts. And he's not really gonna move the embassy physically moving the embassy there is different than saying you're gonna do. And so this is something that has been proposed in the past. And it just never happened. So the fact is being proposed now let's wait and see whether or not it really happens. To get a text year. And we're talking about with the falcons fans were born that way or. They choose that lifestyle. Says I'm a lifelong saints fan and I've never told this to anybody. But in college I experimented with being a falcons fan it was just a face. I've heard the stories. People try. It was a it was a normal. You know there are there are fans believe it or not there are fans that like the falcons. And other teams. The supply threats. And then there's the transcendence. The fans that are transitioning into becoming Atlanta Falcons fans. And again I. Where we choose to do that I mean it starts with a very wearing a red and black line earlier on WWL. Or you don't I'm good. Well Merry Christmas to you well thanks a little bit and that Bieber that you appreciate. But let me say I don't hate belt and they. I hate Atlanta. And why loudly. Because I remember when the city's plan into lane stadium on them brought that at this stage down 62 this happened. With ten seconds left in the game he called calm out and sent in this field goal out of you remember that. I don't remember that specific play but I remember we can we get trounced by the falcons. OK how much hated well. Outlet gauntlet to win three times just to watch Atlanta Bert. That hate runs deep Lional I appreciate the call. I mentioned this earlier this is also rename the blog and I it might be indeed the FaceBook video. On our FaceBook page. Bites on the falcons are actually mention in the Bible. And there are people who use the Bible to. Say that being a falcons fan is an abomination. And falcons to appear in the Bible for example in their in in joke. 27. The past no bird of prey knows. Nor has the falcons I caught sight of it. But the reference is to falcons in the Bible don't even compare. To the honor of the references to the saints. In the Bible. And I think that's. An obvious sign that. Being a soccer strand can be seen as an abomination. From Jefferson. Larry you're into the W well. Hello who played into that I'm gonna. Under own own thank you could do an actual subject you know. And it's tough fear and you know it's the holidays are difficult they are. And there are a difficult time because you know people hiding the fact they're falcons fans and they don't feel like they can. Openly talk about it. And then maybe you don't see relatives battle and lead somebody at a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and MO maybe slightly generally well it's obvious social people in the rule what they wanted to him. You know I want the falcons and you know yeah but about. A brother just leaving the party early to go watch welcomed yeah. And then you you wonder who they're going to be with. Exactly are her. I appreciate the call. And I mean imagine that's what what is the falcons won the Super Bowl. I mean obviously an image of what what's the talk is when the Super Bowl you with they would have a falcons pride parade in Atlanta. And it would be falcons Friday in Atlanta and they all get together and they would be flamboyant and they waited. Hold hands and hug and kiss and everything in public as it marched down the street. I mean there are those very flamboyant. Arkansas fans. I'm scoots. Coming back on Demi if you held. You know and there's a lot of talk about. How the lord will ultimately judge. Talking Santos. Mean when you go to happen do you do you see a falcon at the pearly gates now you see is saint. Half from the North Shore Brian here in WW oil. I rescued I know you're trying to take is light today bit. I'd like to party at second about a serious issue. Excuse this column falcon I don't mean. Took it you have yet to mrs. And debilitating disease cute mental disease. He it has side effects. Depression. Anger. Trust issues. The worst of all skewed is this this disease is incurable. And so. It is is is there something that I can be done to treated to to treat the symptoms suffered. News as far as done so I don't know why that is it's incurable. And it's a nice ski. I believe that symptoms are really going to be evident. And the people and is devastating disease. But I would decide they skewed appreciate you have initiative today that week ago. That we get brings to light. I don't believe we can now I'm maybe find a cure for this. You know an injury you know maybe one day they'll be a telethon to. You know maybe they'll be from our commercials on. You know there may be the be commercials from lawyers when they're saying that it is he if you suffer from us talk and I just on the they're Saddam. There's been a fund set up. If you have found become a falcons fan for the wrong reason as somebody may issue this way. On perhaps there could be a lawsuit dear Brian I appreciate the call Andy I really love decide. Well this audience I know when it comes to talk tonight as soon and the trust issue I mean all you have to do is look back to 23. 28 to three Super Bowl the soccer source that I mentioned earlier that. I I saw on the news that some guy it is hiring a plane to two total banner. Over the stadium tonight before the game. It reads something like 28 to three. Never forget. Here's a Texas says being a fan of a bird is unnatural. The Bible says. I joined the saints. Here is a text. Thanks. It says so. While I don't agree or condone. The falcons fans lifestyle. I have noticed that they generally. Dress neither and have slightly higher IQ's. With sun. With Denton who get what idea I didn't notice that. I've also heard the falcons fans Avalon disposable income and a lot of thought a lot of advertisers actually target focus stance. I mean not everybody wants to. To do that because of the statement that goes along with. You know trying to piece it appeals to topics fans. Do you have the same feeling I do. Tonight's going to be good night. I'm skirts. We'll be back. All right coming out snacks it is the beginning of our pregame coverage share it all starts next at 3 o'clock with the a fans first take show with former saints offensive lineman Steve court and say sideline reporter Kristian garic. And then at 530 join Bobby and Deke for the bond like countdown to kickoff game time at 725. With a voice of the saints Jim Henderson. Deuce McAllister and sideline reporter Kristian garic and then the point after with a cajun cannon and the big chief hopefully that's going to be a big celebration. Live from flamingo a go go. At a 69 magazine street formally the warehouse grill. And those guys are gonna be going till 1 o'clock in the morning here's a final update on our party chair of opinion polls to people choose to be suckered sands or. Are they born that way. 57% majority say it's a choice. A bad one but it's a choice and a 43% say they're born that way. And parenthetically we have here and unfortunately. And I tell you you know the big they expect debate it will will cover on the show a lot to next are big debate is gonna come up as whether or not. I mean I didn't bring this up. Whether or not falcons fans. Should have the right to legal marriage. Should they be allowed. To marry each other. And then so many people wonder about. The influence. But what about the children. I mean if you're raised by two falcons fans. Are you going to be a falcon fan. And what about the institution of marriage. One thank Dianne Newman a program director hammer O'Leary our show producer John with our studio producer. Go saints I scoots plug in Orleans.