WHO DAT!!!! Saints vs Faclons!!!!

Thursday, December 7th

Will the Saints push the Falcons further down in the division- or will the Falcons be inspired by pride to beat the Saints on national tv?


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You know I did not ask John to play that's. But thank you John appreciated. There. And thank you very much. You are issuing a prepared talk about just under attack and get to take just a moment not hot minute take a moment talk about this because it's. Because of wearing in my life now. Yup I'm getting more mature. And I don't have a problem with today being a person. I didn't blessed I've been through some really really tough times. Through ups and downs. To a relationship I lost everything. Gave up radio for her and she left me. I came back to New Orleans literally. With nothing. No money. No car. In a place to live. Had a friend. And a sister. They held leaving a place to live. I say this. Because. I am so excited where I am in my life right now. And I feel so great and I think about the rockers that are older than me Rod Stewart. Steven Tyler Mick Jagger. Sir Paul McCartney sir Elton John I think about how these guys many of them just look really really great. And they're having a blast. So for all of you normally O'Neal's back in particular look I've had not always taken great great care myself but I also didn't really of these things. And I here's an air evidence of that sum and take care of yourself. And you have so much to look forward to. And every aspect of your life can continue I mean I'm still doing the same things I did when I was much much younger. It was on beat any seven and in the mid eighties people might think that that's blistered the best part of my life. It was a great part of my life. I have to tell you that I'm still doing much of the same stuff. Then. That I'm doing now. And I look I I love myself in my life better now. Than in the past. And so. I hope you don't regret burst its. Because. If it leads to where you could go man just it's so celebrate moving on I I love what I know about life. I love what I know about people. I love what I know about myself. And I just feel like come on top of the world that there were times. In my life when I had more. In terms of material things. But I've never been happier than I am now. And I hope that many you can relate to us today feeling. We have let's talk about I I really don't wanna be too serious today because it's it's game day I mean the saints in the falcons tonight. But we are gonna talk about a few serious things up front here. Senator Al Franken announced that he is resigning the senate and this really isn't a big surprise here's what he had to say. Earlier today. Today I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. And he said that he has some been part of the way he has served. Serving in the United States senate has been a great honor of my life. I know my heart that. Nothing I have done as a senator. Nothing. Has brought dishonor on. On this institution. You know politics are at play here. And he was probably. Forced out in part because their criticism of Roy Moore. And this is just part of the political landscape. It's a tough business. And let's remember that people like Al Franken. People like Matt Lauer these guys who resigned. These guys who were fired. They'll will never have the problems that you and I half. They've got it may. Financially they haven't made. Their set for life. And they won't go away. Maybe they'll write books. That they're not gonna go away. Yeah I think about locally and and nationally date there is a famous people who have been brought down. Bite sexual harassment charges. They're only brought down in terms of their immediate positions because they happen and brought down. Financially. I mean I guess in some ways you can say they took a hit. To these guys are set. So what's the real punishment. Also. I want to mention that there's going to be so much talk about a president trump. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And then saying that he plans to move. The embassy. 22 from Jerusalem not Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Al weren't make. Appoint. The embassy hasn't moved yet. President Obama recognized Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel. That's not that unique what is unique is plans to move the embassy. To Jerusalem tennis of protesting on. In Israel today. As a result possessed. President truckers are two things here. He could be doing toothpicks. He could be fulfilling a campaign promise we're getting close to the end of the year. I mean honestly this is not bashing trump this is a fact. He hasn't really fulfilled a lot of campaign promises. So I think they're looking for ways to do stuff where they are going to say look what we did in the first. You're an office or even a subtext of a year in office but it through the first. The first basically essentially the first year. Look at regent and mourn Obama's going to be. Not the wall one of them is going to be on moving the embassy in recognizing Jerusalem as a capital visitor. He also is doing this at a time when evangelicals will probably decide the race in Alabama. And so this is a political move the point is. The embassy has not yet moved. And there has been talk in the past about moving the embassy to. To Jerusalem. But he didn't happen. And president's put it off and put it off the fact that truckers bringing this up now does not necessarily mean the embassy is going to move. So. Maybe it will. But at this point I don't think that's a guarantee. Also. And already heard this and I think again tell us on the air. Did you hear the one about the president's on. Invoking attorney client privileges. Here's the punch line. Neither Donald or junior or returning his score it's like what in the heck is that. You know get. As I have said all along. There's enough evidence here. For there to do an investigation so let's just find out what they'll happen aren't. Real dedicate a song to Al Franken. Our falcons stand is born falcon stands. Or do they choose to be falcons fans. We'll talk about that's when we come back on Demi or you don't. The practice of judging each other has reached the level of becoming a recreational sport in America. We're so quick to judge with no apparent interest Geneva trying to understand each other. We judge conservatives. Liberals. Whites blacks. Hispanics. Asians. Christians Jews Muslims atheists. We judge straight gay. What we can judge those who take camps compared to those who used to work. And the list goes on and on. Every year we face a time when there's harsh judgment for failing. And that time of year for 2017. Is now. Tonight the saints played their rival Atlanta Falcons and embassies in stadium in Atlanta Georgia. This sports match up always. Inspires a relentless condemnation. A falcons fans. Yes we hate them. But should we be so quick to judge. One of the big controversies about falcons fans is whether they choose to be falcons fans. Or were they born that way. The police have falcons fans choose. To be have ways for popular. But there's no conclusive medical research that proves that. And there's a lot of research that has been done on this subject but there's also no medical research proving that Pakistan's were born that way. And so the controversy rages on. Many parents. Struggle with the reality that tonight. During the broadcast of the State's toughest game. We will see falcons fans. Together. Openly. In public. And many parents fear the idea of having to explain to their children. Why two falcons fans are holding hands. While they hockey. And he's the falcons score. There's always a possibility that your kids. And you and I are gonna see two falcons fans kissing on camera on national television. There's great resentment on behalf of parents who think that it's unfair to my children to expose them to falcons fans kissing in public. I should have to explain this to dinner early age. I mean imagine the question mommy weren't most of Pakistan's kissing each other. I mean that's a tough question for any parent. As much as saints fans would would love shut out tonight it it's expected that the falcons will at least score. In fact knowing that we don't want the falcons even if they take the lead that doesn't mean that they're gonna win the game. But it just happens to score adults and their children will be exposed to falcons fans coming together and celebrating and dancing. In public on national television as if it is a normal thing. Many strictly believe that. Being a falcons fan is an abomination. Falcons do appear in the Bible. For example a show 27. The past no bird of prey knows. Nor has the falcons I caught sight of it. But references to the falcons in the Bible are. Less complimentary than the numerous numerous biblical references to the states. And that is justification for using the Bible to condemn all falcons fans. I know it's difficult to accept falcons fans as normal. When their behavior contradicts everything we hold sacred. And so I think. It's important. If we accept the idea. But falcons fans were born that way. I can't imagine that they chose. That life. From Atlanta windy here and every W don't good afternoon. Hi happy birthday people are all in the toilet. And bring up just. That would be really nice. I don't how cool right you know and that didn't Moreland Catholic girl that did it here in Atlanta. I try to find it. In mine are have a little compassion and empathy for any new falcon and I think you might know Warner do a couple of a couple but I know who are truly Alcan and but I won't say it. A majority. The majority of there and our panel. And I think we all know that. Arm you know I'm. One at that game tonight if I didn't go. I noted and being more and more lenient in our aunt and they're all. In that they'll Cho. You know I think we got to try to find that little bit of empathy and they're important. Well and Willie and I believe they are no it's controversial for me to save on the radio because a lot of people think well let's ask choice I mean you know it's it's it's their fault they choose to be that way I think they were born that way. Yeah a lot of people are upset because because of their display of affection for. The falcons in public people feel like they're shoving it our faces. He had you know hey I mean look I don't like it but it is right and you know are protected under the First Amendment that's true originally. What I did all CO. I mean I. Sure I especially in Atlanta I'm sure there are special clubs. That Atlanta Falcons fans go to a would you go to that falcons club. While the U musty a falcons and. Oh yeah and you know you know. But not make more out to where this beautiful black and call your city. On and I like and I end it is going to be good acting is going to be. Like a playoff. Gear down now so what the important thing that you don't bank. Enjoy I'd I'd I do six area. I I do expect it to thank you thank you very much. I got a text here from doing man U I he's with one of my on a sponsor senator you you see you know generations of please tell everybody to turn their lights on driving in the rain. Yeah I mean that's just a basic com a basic thing that you should do and it kind of scares me that. So many people don't do it and it's not because you need to see as much as it's because people need to see you. Here's are pretty general opinion poll this hour. To people choose to be soccer stands or are they born that way. I know it's controversy we give your opinion are going to our website. WW well dot com. Here's a Texas says son did you hear about two the choke that Matt Ryan told his. Receivers. He went over their heads. I like that oh by the way it and John workers are your Prius to a lot of this some guy. Is paying for a plane to fly a banner over the stadium tonight before the game this says 28 and three. Don't ever forget. Or something like that idea it just it. It is just it is just relentless isn't it your whole stay with us I'm skewed to 601 ace every text he Seve Seve we are coming back. What a big game denied its. Saints lead the NFC south. They can really make a major step toward securing a spot in the playoffs. There's Iran to darts and forced a falcons. Further down I think the saints are gonna win. By the saints can go into the game thinking that they're gonna win after going to a game thinking that they're gonna have to fight here's a pretty general opinion poll and an update. Do people choose to be falcons fans or are they born that way. 56%. Say it's a choice. And then parenthetically we have choice a bad when I'm 44% say they're born that way parenthetically. Unfortunately. I give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com I'll so I'll put up a video post on FaceBook WB real radio and the soda. FaceBook page scoots on the air. And it's a doubts whether or not falcons fans time choose to be falcons fans or are they born that way and you can check that out to be WLR radio and scoot on here. A little half an honest about why am I Tony you know Tony yearned to have failed to Tony RW WL. It's Hatteberg who I you don't. Good and I wonder. He is. Equal about. It at all. You noted and so called negative but Clinton and I. In the colonial. Obama walked. What is really. All right Tony. You know there are those kind of fans are they just say go while we're at where the saints are going to be. These are the people who after the pre season if it's a good pre season say regardless of Preval. And content. I don't know if I mean I guess you could describe that type of person as a fan. But it's not a very informed fan. Drew Brees is not going into this game tonight taking a we're diploma. If it is Drew Brees thought the way some saints fans feel. The saints would not win another game. Are from New Orleans valid here on WWL. Enjoy group had. I the current market partners in and just orbiting at that it is in the middle between win. Cheer and auditing and authorities feel well you know you know you can that would that. But. Under the script it would go secular that so that the current that would Alfred has moved way. Well I think on the banquet allegations. And then that in the bankroll lucrative if to a crowd of people would or could at least. When that happened you know what he had these things about. 1015 years analysts thought like now it was communion I don't know let's take a religious. If you don't vote and a plan is one. All the time it's rich people. You know that the involvement in vote these banks and I think you know I was. You know and also make it that. Trail. And they are actually harassment if you want to use this thing conflict that they do lately. Out in any automatic and what wouldn't say what women do to him. You know in and the wooden market and that liquid that is really patient ticket probably attest to that. And it. Oh ballot I've I've talked about to talked about that also there are women who are used their bodies and there are. There's specific power in order to on gain strength or two to get racist mean they're 200 that there are used. And I just began college at our school I just think their destinies of the lending. They are you know out of your people and. But we're not talking about those people there there there are different kinds of men they're different kinds of women that precedent that's one type and I really doesn't but then there are that there are the women who didn't ask for a and they were sexually harassed by a man. And I agree oh what a plane is why would nearly all of the reviews. I don't understand it. Well it's sometimes it's hard to understand it's on my understanding that where it properly well aren't it's panic it's been explained many times. Did these are powerful man and and people feel like. They taught it. No well yeah I mean I just a less power while you EB white they come forward I I don't sometime learned that an assembly that do you juvenile law center are usually listen up. Of course. Women who have been victims of sexual assault sexual harassment. Quite often say they did not come forward. Because the person that they would accuse were so powerful that they would they would be insecure they wouldn't feel like they would get any attention. And so when somebody shorts to investigate something or something comes out. And the first Rockies is is thrown. Than other women feel emboldened enough to go wait a minute I'm not the only one so yes people will believe me and that's why more people come forward. We are bigger than I would think I think indyk August 15 and the saint. For some people yet absolutely. Tell I have to leave it there are got to get to break Tennessee's gonna win tonight. Yeah that's that's it's it's a good honest answer I mean I I don't know immediately you can't go into this game essays can't go into this game thinking. What we're going to be the stoppage is because what we want to or just because we're in first place and they're not so we're going to be we're gonna win. Luck Matt Ryan Julio Jones and the running back Freeman is it a mean look these guys are good players. They have won some games this year. I think the saints are gonna win tonight and it could even be. A blowout. But there's no guarantee. And that's why you and I gonna watch if we knew the saints were gonna win the support of even watch it. If you're Arnold stay where this time scoots we'll be right back under visual. No they don't know I mean Hopkins fans don't know any better they they they can't help that they were born that way. That's my belief. Do you think falcons fans choose to be falcons fans or are they born that way that's our party general opinion poll. 60% say they they choose to be falcons fans. Which I disagree with 40% say they were born that way give your opinion we're going to cover WL dot com. On Al Franken now announced this earlier today and this was not a real big surprise to anybody today. I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate and listened to Franken also addressed some of the allegations. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently. Carrying so some work some more. What do you think this is fair or not and it may be very unfair but this is the climate in in which we live. I don't wanna get too serious on the show today because it is game day and our pregame coverage under every WL begins at 3 o'clock this afternoon from shell Matt Lewis you're under the WL. Yeah. Yeah figured it. Well I try to I'm tired and I'm I'm trying to be trying to be understanding in that they're born that they can't help it. We've had years ago where. Did you did you choose and Ernie thank you were born that way. Now more. Toward. Really solid work so it was there an incident in your life what was the moment in your life when you decided to become a soccer game. Oh of their team and we learned. So high so you were you or your influenced by others who were so falcons fans. Kind of insular issue into becoming part of their life. There is a picture show. And you know GO. We hate it we are deeply. War. You know you'd like neighbor. But. People they ought. Eight were in them. That we regain that the board room. Yeah I'm just to Louis I'm really on a distraught I'm trying to spread. Understanding of falcon stands because you know you you you became one by choice but I think a lot of them were just born that way and they they can't help it. We can't topic you can ornery. He's well or don't clean and loose arm. Yeah I know I I I appreciate I appreciate the call. You know I often hear that often hear that on a falcons fans are due to make a choice because they weren't born that way and somebody. Somebody expose them to that kind of lifestyle. And they got caught a pennant. And before they knew it. They were wearing certain clothes. They look different they act differently. And they were soccer cents. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about the case. Involving a baker in Atlanta. They refused to make a cake for two falcons fans. If you're Arnold stay with a sort of missed 2601 K seventy. Text a seven VA seventy I'm skilled labor coming back under review well. You know we shouldn't be judging how people's or every two. On the falcons fans included I mean we're just all. We're all every day people. Yeah our next hour also going to our to talk about how loan. You know let's say your son. You never saw it coming and suddenly your son becomes a soccer track. Sometimes he says reduced to that from a relative. Or family friend. Somebody that she never expected them to be exposed to this sort of thing. Across from homer George you're on WWL yeah. Yes I want to say that. What is absolutely you are gradual change your we have a debt. I've enjoyed down this radio all pumped up urge. I think now is Sox question you've got. Torture question. That there on mobile. Now do you think they're born that way or do you think people choose to be soccer cents. I mean we got would you choose that life. If it. It. We'll send it that you did you say you were born that way because that's where you were born and you were born of Hoffman Sammy nobody. You know you you wouldn't go to Atlanta and then suddenly become a falcons fan because you know what you falcons fans around you. Well probably it I was with Atlanta. Time. Georgia has to leave it there I got news coming out you know and I guess there are weak minded people who can be so influenced. You know I. It was a bar once. And I tell you. I had no idea. That the guy the other and a bar was a soccer fan I mean my falcons radar must've just not good work and at all because I had no idea. And I you know I mean I didn't even know who was polite or not but I asked the guys who you focus MM. He was open about it. I mean my god what we'll talk about this also in the next hour what happens if you're. What happens if you really just I mean you lol if you think being a falcons stand is an abomination. And one day you discover your son or daughter are falcons fans. What you should accept them.