The Dirty Birds are favored by 1 point over the Saints. Do you agree or disagree?

Newell Normand
Thursday, December 7th

The Dirty Birds are favored by 1 point over the Saints. Do you agree or disagree? How do you think the Saints will do? We'll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses going into the game?

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Mike Detillier - WWL's NFL and College analayst


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We're back and I know it's been hard to focus on just about any thing else today a big Thursday night game has been a discussion about whether or not elect Thursday night football or not mean it really doesn't matter at this point we just like the saints are we want them to win. And joining us on line is Mike to Julia AW W. l.'s NFL analyst welcome that show might. Well populated. You don't think deal. You know I had all this argument about Thursday night football I'm just glad that we're getting to watch this game it is a big game in fact this game I think Mike can you tell me if I'm wrong. It changes the play of flavor of the last three games if we're able come out of Atlanta with a win tonight. Yeah I and it's all on the they've all put Atlanta. You know liable for us that work with Bobby in in the regular. Were but he people on. And underwear as money would be tonight it would be old Atlanta. Desperate mean holes everything on the Atlanta tonight basically. There are chances that goes to the play all of them it is dramatic. And put its sights he you know knew what would show. Is this football team is loaded with a lot of firsts second year guys. Public sure this team is on a short week. All in the row against the team that got there we shipped they can and ultimately enable. Giggled and the so it that interesting game. Last year that game was no indication of how dominant the options were against them that they that we had we against wallets. It's. This same combination. In. Because more accurately and it did it with a dual back. With Kevin Coleman. And that ought if it meant to rip like against the thank you we'll talk about adult later. Necessarily. Jones it was handled as a runner or receiver that's Roddy B ones and beat them pretty. Now it's now now it Ingram come hours ago. And ignoble awards season we spoke about so many times. Could. Sean Payton become more patient. With his winning game one of football more now put everything on that throwing Obama Drew Brees. And yet that's exactly would happen as as turn. From what nesting. In New Orleans to be very physical ball team run in the bow and we've stated there tonight. Because I think that they huge can do that except. But many. Occasions here and. They come off a loss right and yet they come up 149 what was the Minnesota announced that it. Because it's legit copy. We saw that team won just how good they are. And you don't locate key Keno cool you know I remember it out and you know we came out of high school Whitney Houston. Made Kevin's Dublin a lot of money as a coach. He's bounced around this legal replaced now all of a sudden. He's got the vikings plan at a higher rate he reminds me a lot of Jake the world. Very similar. It seems to me though we we have to shut Julio Jones down and if we shot Julio Jones down or at least. Managing. It we just increase the likelihood that we can win this game does cam Jordan a defensive line they have and a great a year and Atlanta's been beat up on the offensive line a little bit. My thing is that he has the agreement. It and it does not that against Julio. That big shut down noodles in the falcons offensive coordinator. Keeps looking. It and pop in the ball enough. Economy you've got that type player out targeting him in eleven times in the game. And sucking it in you know this is the difference between college and pro football. Steven Bennett College coaching comes into the end of now there are times that it's not about slaves it's about player. Pope that football the best on the field that it did compliment thing. Has been been on the Freeman the last six games against your wallets. He totaled 751. Yards of two law. Six touchdown. He's averaging six point seven like they carried eleven yard reception. Jails in the last six games he's got 37 passes which is averaging six. Kept in the game was it is pretty strong only one touchdown. So I mean. If that rocket scientist to figure out. Lehman has been guide that is common in this audit turned to drink. For the falcons ant outlook Peyton will lebed did this. But I think when he traded. A second round pick next year in the seventh round pick a year ago. For Alvin tomorrow. He would infusion was. Just like that on the freemen. Because I'd seen what he's done against me and I'd like that and he's got one. While they get at this point everyone in NFL football wants a guy like Alvin Tamara. Well but everybody. Like. So I think what that is and that's it should be me a couple of I want that type guy to. All my football team and I think he's got a guy that. Kevin Freeman on very similar type football players. So Michael let's talk saints' defense where a week injury wise and I knew we had a lot of uncertainties so true. Where are required now gone into tonight's game. I think Lattimore plays well he's expected to play they'll work this out. During the pregame and I expect that you'll play in this football game. You know well you'll local four's loss for the year and I you've done some reshuffling upfront. But other than that he too pretty healthy no Marcus Williams has had an injury but. For this late new year. You pretty well on the defense aside the football the big question markets on offense. Not Mark Ingram is expected to play. All or instead get the interest piqued Al. So would be peace. That takes away the movement of a guy that idea on that would go down you can move people with a left tackle. What happens live arms did something happens with you know. How you do swing guy's not there because he's now element he would political art position. Ul which you move right. Harassed into that spot whenever a bright Harris would play. No Atlanta can maneuver personnel around that's where I would argue if on the falcons. As a football game objects. A trying to find a weak link so you the report is much more concerning for me. Along the offensive line in debt or instead as has been nicked up the last couple weeks. And now Pete's not gonna play. That that would use some shuffling its own stead can't answer the bell tonight. So that's the case we would expect gone and number two back sets. Trying to pull in another blocker in the backfield to give time for for drew you think whom. Yeah you'd trot out somebody help chip. And maybe you would use will be more full back. How to hide in try to chip bullet. Whoever they can put on that side of the field goes. You know if your Atlanta you know aging Claiborne at a unbelievable game against the cowboys went tyrants smitten one of them flip tackles in the game yes. Any at six quarterback sack in that game. And they also that big Beasley who's pretty good too so. You've got some shuffling there and it would. You know culture is that they eat that way out of the weak link they think he has they're gonna attack that dislike wallets. Atlanta's gold card is now full of its gain sole mopping he has not what Sheldon reckons on his replacement. Because I think and its imports. Right up the middle. I don't want to get this started out the second guy isn't nearly as you might think next man up but that depends who it necked man. So everybody's playing a chance tonight. All in front of one to weekly and I'm sure early gains. No matter what their tests wild animal as good years. They're gonna test I'll help the years are on the football field and they're gonna go. Animal will be just as they are as Albert you all are coming up the injury now he mis step. Into that role but at the right. Op again ladies it's a player and this has got to be about the agreement and legal Jill. It's got to be go to guy as the focal point of their offense tonight. If you have any chance to beat wallets. Well Mike if he could stay with this through the break we'll continue this conversation we're gonna talk about what. What are the weaknesses that we want to exploit on the falcons defense when we return. We're with Mike to tell you a debit every Els NFL analyst talked in saints' big game tonight this renewal Norman on Demi don't you know we'll be right back. We're back we're talking New Orleans Saints big game tonight would like to tell your debit every Els NFL and college analysts. So we're talking about the weaknesses. Four Atlanta it looks like they have a couple of folks out on offense and they get two quarterbacks that had limited and full participation this week in games status is unknown. What Desmond who will play in this game in concussion protocol. But he's back in the end he will play in this game. Unbelievably they made it away if you without crumbled sport has secretly. And two LP is one of the best in the business is really really good so you got him back on the football field. Look. Wind pool is going to be game time decision oh with him and you know he's played a lot in nickel and dime sets. So he's an important piece of wood they have been able. And do right on the defense outside the football but the thirteen still suffering. From. Suitable angle. And we see it every year that one of the paintings. And huge problem with this. But not able outlaws. You know a game in the fourth quarter when he will be 28 that Hillary so it'd. We've been in goal for them and emotional pitch we have not been able to jail. And it it again that two coordinator losing they certainly. Plays supporter and advocate Shanahan now. They're open to coordinated in San Francisco as the new head coach but. You can see ovals this football game and not play well a lot of far in intensity. Like he played last year and the portables sport. Competence. Mean when you win. That it is not a thing of momentum it's a big enough company. And it's lacking with the Atlanta today and you look at wallets and is still legal for they are playing with a lot of confidence. But out. Is a crucial capable teams. And again I know partly and it may. Be in the worst way because it keeps that port beatle why put them. Now that is being Green Day. Which the book could be had been sort of eliminated swap. One a couple games and the possibility in two weeks and rock is back on the field. Now the one thing I think every and it's the person would agree with the one quarterback you do not feel that he'll come playoff time. Is not Portland which. Is not to gain them is there. Aaron Rodgers absolutely. So Michael ware. You know where are we with a playoff picture do we signature we win tonight. Well you've got a couple of things come all fall into place it's kind of a lot of common goals but boy it puts you in a spot here and now. You look at but seeing that night you got a whole other teams to help you with Philadelphia in Minnesota. Because remember you lost them and so the product of about it last week in Atlanta. You know. The union that well with the vikings but you know some people there were multiple redundancies so you mean that this could be. Especially. But the thing about it is that help you. You got economical that route it's certainly would put you in the privacy. But in its C south title. And industry leading sport you know you gonna get some help. Off from other teams down the line but you know the way I look at this schedule. I think tonight may heated up this game you played down the stretch. With the jets that falcons and it and it Tampa Bay downs stretch Tampa Bay has now been. Atlantic could conceivably be audited by the time you played them in the jets he probably a pretty good team but you know rejects on the offensive side. I think tonight. It'll play about the triple teams they know what's. And I think now stretch this will be a couple of football game but it's late tonight they went tonight tells you a lot of what the maturity of these young football team. We know is funny and and end. And I think you know the maturity of the team it is directly related to what are called credible leadership and I think that room. Has has stepped up yet again has been a lot of distractions this season you know when you're talking about the National Anthem in this and Roger Goodell fighting with some of the owners and just things going back and forth all the time in and they seem to be able to. To insulate themselves from inning and keep their focus. And I said it before and I'll say it again they just look like there haven't fallen. Well you know win in Europe war. And things that go on goods and you have influence. It's you know it's seems ovals he's even though it's not. I think you know in doing a couple of touchdown club meetings. Saints players coming and telling you that again in London. And comical bonding issue where you know what manic a lot of distractions here with this new yielding an eldest son step without you know that this break of support. We got to come together as a peer digital I think it was a distraction but some things. It. I think it continues to be well. Continues maybe for you but I think he'll I had that moment it was such a red hot issue. The way I think Sean Payton Drew Brees cam Jordan. Some of the leaders in this team sort of sitting listen you know how ever you feel we all come from different backgrounds. You know old let's not let the issue of the act does pat work. Let's not let it back this year we've got to work as a team together and I am great credit I think from that Miami game ball. You saw a whole different football team in a lot of different ways it's our bonding issue. And that happens the team Aetna has a moment in time. That that all come together or you. You think about this thing doubled walked down that plea deal out before. As a group. And Patrice right yeah you've been out one thing. So it's some may think this means that Roland and we seeing it out most. With programs as other thing. Well Mike we got to take a break I don't know I used can you stay with this little longer now. A guy will come out of the break and we'll talk more we wanna hear premiered 260187. We're back and we're talking saints football in the big game tonight we wanna hear from you 260187. Near Texas 8787. He we got might detailing ready to take your questions WW l.'s NFL and college analyst. So we do we need a little bit of help from some of the teams is as it relates to. You know the these wins and losses in the saints' next week to choose New York is our calls are correct. And play at home that's right I'm sorry. But it is against New York. Yet against the jets it's an AFC team and they've struggled at all events. Not a pretty good will be goods inside the football but but you know it's attributable you know this is a really good New York team and not plant anything. In what I'm saying an app that tonight. And let the falcons win. None totals three teams not playing for anything. Not think that that's going to be eliminated the falcons. Could be eliminated. Up a base basically eliminated so that aren't the big Pia. Really brilliant you would need some help on the scene in port. To get Philadelphia and Minnesota odd angles spots where you would have ever regain. Indigo. If you get the number one seed. It was that that means a lot non. On that means a lot when they got to come here to play. Well Mike I don't know about you but at UN I don't know if you go into the game. If not we may be the only ones still back home that are in Atlantic is almost everybody I talked to says they're gonna land. Element with its old and you know so it is it is what it is it's. Crazy week. I think we're gonna have a lot of saints fans at the game tonight new stadium in Atlanta and. It was half empty lot out on the if you saw. The picture of it last week against the vikings the one thing with Atlanta fans. It's hot and cold issue falcons like that you know a lot of people know you'd realize it is. But as an about a lot of people that live in Atlanta opera they got from there. They're from you are it's been yeah the Caro line. Illinois Michigan people because of work. And so. I got an interest in the south and but. Man I'm really it's. Really of steel it's made it. Sold every day you'd feel a lot of things people travel that does Sunday game. You would see a tremendous amount but we are blue collar comments city and neighborhood and saw a lot of people can't take all. Millen the week sort of speak to go. You're gonna see a lot of things in there tonight a lot. Well you know it seemed dead they'll make a good weekend out of it on a pretty jaguar opinion poll 86% of the respondents assigned they think the saints are going to be the falcons this evening which is a they you know it seems like there's a lot of folks that that are positive about this game and positive about the momentum of the team. Yeah it is I think nationwide it's Mon night through today. And I would say it's. Good 70% feel the feeling to win dole a lot of high rollers in Vegas. Feel as though that the falcons got one shot left and go on and tonight the shot. On attacks on I'm waiting for the game but I'm drawn already who. Not one not out on but it is what it is some years that's we will weather and everything you know yet to got a good line. And then Carlos from gentility says that he's talking dirty bird gum vote tonight. Well I hope it goes down good. There and wiggle down. Absolutely. Well we gotta get to a break in Mike thanks so much for joining us and knew we really appreciate your insight name let's hope that we can bring home the big victory tonight for the saints over the falcons at. Signature win this season to do it. Knowing what's on the line for the falcons. But I didn't thank you Mike we wanna hear from you 2601870. Give us or Collins know your thoughts are but the big game tonight will be right back after the break. This is new rule on debit audio. It was called 260187. He let us know how old company you are about a saints win aren't there are if you don't have any confidence that they're gonna win today and on attacks line. Should call the running backs for the saints by you boys because they run by you. Who'd had bird feeder swings. And I got another text from someone I'm not drowned or gone nowhere. Well there you go hopefully gonna be able to be in a position to watch the game because it sounds like you're not. But under per ready jaguar opinion poll 81% of the folks feel confident about. The saints this evening one of the writers was sector had five point city made about. The keys to success. For tonight's game one obviously Alvin Tamara. Whether or not he you know can continue. This week that he's been on through this season ending meaning incredible play a call and responds in a manner hi you bending or otherwise he just cut comes back to his original form. Number two is Julio Jones did not have a good game last weekend against Minnesota. And you know whether or not and he's been up and down all season long and end. You know we need to make sure that he does not have a good game and they said number three was the play of Kim Jordan and depression that we put on the Atlanta quarterback. And in heaven a lot of rushes are hurries. As a relates to him. Number four the play of true font to you heard Mike to tell you they say is one of the best quarterbacks out there and you know it whether or not he is going to be effective in this game. And then number five the last comment that might made. Was along the same lines is that the Atlanta fans just haven't really shown up. This year and knew who dat nation obviously hasn't been historically does game inning game out. So give us a call at 260187. Me and let us know which you're thinking about me you know whether you're feeling confident about. This big game in his big rivalry wit the Atlanta Falcons that that we have. Go on all the time every year year in and year out you know they have a pretty good presence that comes here. We have a pretty good presence that goes. Two to Atlanta as well and and I was saying earlier on a show that we had any number of people you know talking about that and we'll go to the talk lines available on one talk to Michael in new loans what's gone on Michael. I ain't getting any guide of these yet he would. And I would note he we intro at the apple and if you really think about it where all that matter. He is though. And we actually want to. They were going to be. Up their demeanor. And really. Which you guys thank. Well Michael let me ask you over the Mike to tell you say is is not with this any longer but let me ask you this question. You know the saints have overcome a lot of different things this year and they've been pretty flexible and what they've done and what they've been able to accomplish. I think it's going to be the offensive scheme in what they do to to try and in. Have these folks not at that especially on the outside not releases quick. And it'll be interesting to see what Sean patent game plan is gonna be if that is in fact the case so you're not you don't feel that confident about it. You know I've added sector great lag received these guys and it was coming on TV. 626 street. And get your own idea and and we got Crowley who has Plaistow loading up he played that sweet Biggio used to our. I love it not in the arm and now you have taught the only yup that long. It didn't play because indeed. And I'll watch. We want to LP fit don't have too much back yet I think you know turnovers by a big part. But he does say that Atlanta and all that there's not in his stadium initiatives you like that when you have to. Yeah I don't. We settle a lot of things about that last game as well and there was some doubt about you know beating the Panthers in that that was a big game and they came through. I mean they they real they really played one heck of a game anyway look Poland often. And I thought they did a great job. They did it did but Carolina is no Atlanta right. Well enough that true I I I agree with you there and I'm not I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Can recognize the fact that. That is Atlanta is is a better team and of course the quarterback has been more consistent with the Atlanta than than Cam Newton has been. Over this past year as well. And I was probably a big part of the game it that ma'am I'm but now I'm abundant food. I don't get out there. I'm like I similar to a line three talked to Derek inherent there was going under. And follow on Ali G spot is we. Who knows knows that aren't going to be it's probably yeah yeah and so. Oh all of it is and that's what those people out there be. Some more. More. Out all. Over the quarterback. And I'll arts is is going to be incorporated. Offered a lot what does not going to be. It's the same room when the alms alms where the quote at least there and point. I hope you're right Derek we're gonna have a lot ward talked ablaze thanks so much what's gone on blaze. I don't know I've met her before her up off the other job. This once saved my condolences go out that it really is and say wanna whether it's. No no I said he wasn't on the show any law not all. He was with this earlier on the show in India at all. Pulled off interstate in the Conway an active and and. Bad choice awards on my part I've file at all knowledge. All. Are Sunnis thing about today. Off I think today they're gonna they they don't lose that they did Atlanta's gonna be up there. They're I think they have problems. Tackle. And I think we don't consider it says the global and not think the saints probably used by about. Seven to ten point I think we got to go out flat. Well thank you blaze appreciated him might tell Obama like to tell you is alive and well and I think the saints are going to be alive and well tonight as well at that we're gonna win that's that Jesus a gut feeling I have. Got to get to a break we'll come back to the lines when we come back this is annual Norman and David area. We're vacuuming guts to new studio so what's up skewed but we'll talk about this. Ain't some it is just this is a big big day and you know one thing that I wanna get into renewal and this is very can draw with much of what I talk about. I wanna talk about whether an individual is. Is born a falcons fan or did they choose to be a falcons fans because there's a big debate about it. I like saints fans for that's true I mean you know we we some of a search users and some of us I guess we're going that way. Well and you gotta as some interesting topics coming up but one of the most interesting topic said of the day happy birthday to you scoot. Thank you very much a great day for you and it's and it's been great you know shared an office and I've appreciated all that you guys advice and stuff that you've given to be a oh my short period of time here and you're great office mate when you're getting very quickly so I enjoy hanging out in the office good deal stay tuned scoots up next thank cal we'll be back tomorrow morning. CNN.