Will the Saints beat the Dirty Birds?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, December 7th

Tommy talks with WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints/Falcons game.


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Like to tell UAW LN FL. Analysts did one bad was it. And or I haven't either I know I can do it. I ought to try some other new things so listen somebody text in here and there is every time. It's knows. The saints won one right after it says it and so less I'm saints won the Super Bowl. But then somebody else's keep in mind that it's snowed before Christmas or snowed before Betsy and it's known before Katrina so anyway. Of somebody else called talked about the Mercedes-Benz home field factor. Because it's also called the Mercedes-Benz superdome but. In terms of of home field advantage. And summer and through vikings tweeted out a picture last week and stadiums at full. Or half empty depending on you know whether you're optimistic or pessimistic. Yeah one and would falcons fans. You know as good as that team that it was a year ago mythical laugh and because it's a pity you fool. As sole you know. Obama and his a lot of people that. That live in Atlanta. Two days it is principally. Commuters city dating grew up be in falcons science. You know big group and offensively yes the world they went there because more so that does not appliances. Like it is. Celebrates baseball. It's totally different. Totally different different atmosphere. Than say it is war Alan's values in doubt that's the sure. Also saw an article. That they they were against thinking rather opposing the theory that maybe Atlanta price themselves out of a home field crowd because. If people are remains tennis scream lesson with a personal seat licenses and everything else they sold at the other people lingered a health centers around. If you win it and you put people in the stands and that that's bottom line and this year there have been major disappointment. This is was he young football team a year ago that really played well. Came with and one quarter. Winning everything. And distant you know fumbled football team's standpoint have never gotten over that fourth quarter collapse. Debra. It it's more movement pollution and anything else. Violated the has really not been to do was force players I do think the possible dip coordinators. All all the offense the defense has been they've majors it. To the falcons I have no idea would Steve sorties instantly on offense but also the falcons Libya. Part that Julio Jones. I'm Dorgan the football did twelve times a game. And at least targeted for five anyway no regular receive is the best in the decade. Yeah. Get in the fought well but. Again. It's that's very issues that you you've got to take care of business tonight. We do wanna mention this today the 76. Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and we're not ignoring no we will talk to somebody from the World War II museum. Later on this morning right now we're talking saints falcons big game tonight Mike of course from now on they really are all playoff games are they not pretty much. Yeah and channel but they do do it. The very very careful blow home teams that desperate. And that's what you got a new handsets like the falcons. Falcons lewis' gains. Better chance of getting into the playoffs basically Nolan ball and so be careful tonight. It's a football team they know what. Our practice will double what happens Sunday night Philadelphia. Well in nine games wintry. Compliment to Seattle Seattle's desperate. They know Korea and so pulling pulling away. More bored each week from. And they smoked equals. So there's been terrible but I'd say it's going to be very game. Because you just making it to team that has been and public stock market team all you'll been down open now an open now you may cast their best punch. So it's big game what you woman's. Because I think you make kids the best the falcons up at pearl. So it's just that probably was always idling along game in awe from my point laws. As the point it was real money. That was real quality and so you know I think it's an interesting game that the tests assure we Pro Bowl teams that you know. That the additional weeks certainly helps the home team but. The fact that you play in a desperate team is some it is to be careful. Talk about legal children that I don't wanna take anything away from I think he's the best receiver in the game today it lands is that in the Bob Bork. But the last six games the guy who was in the pain in the debate for the sites has not been legal channels as much as has been on peace agreement. In the last six games Dovonte Freeman has told. 750. When you saw parts of losses against you wallets and scored six themselves. Don't get a rocket scientist to figure out that that guy is he got to stop. A bad day big talent out of view and that is the guy. That's got a little bit and cheer or would you please you. And convinced. Solely in terms ago paerson comparing running backs do you think he's he's IO. Easy he's better in these. None other the better we got a two dimension of running backs running backs. Well it just saying the Kevin Coleman them on peace agreement. Back field you'd go was 21 very recently to mocking. And come to a today. I am convinced he could bottle nose shall I say it that. Tahoe in watching would Freeman had done against moments I think depleted B port you know drafting now and tomorrow. I think his deal was I'd just like jail and he won it. Very reasonable. A similar type player not the biggest back around a guy we is cat quick. They're wrong with power between attack of intention of full. That's very similar to what happened to Murray is greeted a lot of ways so. It's it's it's come down to fourth quarter played the best. Drew Brees. Back Roy. So. Be they good. Pretty durable. Body is. As the team has been wildly. Erratic. All season long. So I think who can set the pace and promising to run in the global. I think that's been the big part. Of this football team of seasonal. And don't get away from don't become impatient. Wrote in the football that's it doesn't work early. I think he got a problem awaited this defense. They're not a team that is just pulled away from of those as we saw Europe motive they really smoke in teams. A couple of the the books. And in the case this year and it sensibly and haven't played nearly as good. Despite the fact that it took so a lot of talent. On their defense inside the football. Micro quick idea the falcons suffering from PT SBD which is of course posttraumatic Super Bowl disorder. It does you do is that goes there is a demon there where agreement if they have a little bit of belief in the saints start to come back even a big lead I would suggest don't turn the TV or the radio off because. In my camera on back with on L here we go again becomes self fulfilling prophecy your thoughts. Yeah I agree. It is wrong on this football team is in talks in the of people is as John indicated but bowl. Who cover this team blow all daily basis and when. They able stayed the same day it's doubles but look at that arise. They have never recovered. From that. Fourth quarter collapse of that that some that. You know it's easier that they it's just another game you know when you that schools and be in the world champ. And what you had to do what. Is just plea conserve. Roy on the clock you would have walked out with the trophy instead you wanted to crush. The patriot. And it came back to crush you. Everything you do is gonna come back tier that was sunk in the ceremonies on an amber did it bottom line Mike who wins. This this is the race to close game is gonna come out of Hugo eagle will look to Matt Bryant went to let the rebellion with sprint. Two and a half saints it's stored in Atlanta at one but I think part of that had to do with the fact of how well the saints played Sunday. And it's one very very quickly and it really hasn't moved much. Cents I think a lot of people out there watching how well the saints have played through you know what I'm gonna take team or a Thursday night but again be real careful. If you got a little bit old bowl wager here. Because of that home team desperate football team everything on the line. It would really show how mature this year on saints team is. What a victory tonight they've really would because that would be a focal point in the season. Did go and Atlanta with everything they have on the line on the table and come out with a W. Mike I appreciate your time bomb. So did they get a prediction here that. Well you did again last minute field nobody depends on who has a bowl kicks. Oh. I was thinking of which Michael be on the pregame show this evening I'm glad you said that might almost forgot. I'm most into the silver slipper tonight known in the wrong place a world. I know it. You'd rather be where everybody else's right. Eyed Mexican pregame shoot yeah revealed details on that and then we will talk to you tomorrow morning thank you Mike. I'd go to saint.