What is wrong with people?!?! a lady lights up in parking lot

A lady was arrested smoking pot while parked in the police chief's parking spot.


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What is wrong with people archer got thirty cent a woman arriving in a Long Island ct. To answer a marijuana possession summons. Was caught smoking pot. In the parking I'll come law and the court house at all in this spot reserved for the police chief really good I just touched. I. He's got a card for pot possession as is they're good and she should into a six year old lump him. Parks in the police chiefs while big sign up big Zion police chief parking only discuss plus one up here right here. She's got a cease lighting up the smoke and one in Steve's stocked. While awaiting her court of its what is wrong with being alone a word to the judges is as of those Stacy was this cited. Again from lawful possession of marijuana. Also ticketed for using your cell phone while driving closer that's. Does that throw that in. Passing police saw smoke billowing out the windows of the car in the police chief's spot. And then knew that wasn't him and not come under children. But either way I used a Los Angeles voters have approved a recreational marijuana starting next year so problem the biggest city in the nation man. With legalized pot. So that's folks that's going to be Baghdad that's a big swing in the public gas. Now kind of opinion way things go got about thirteen million people in the general southern calorie of them will be driving distance of the pop store. I'm in Los Angeles punish where you will. The legal.