What is wrong with people?!?! a Florida Mayor arrested

Sorry Mayor you can't use someone else's handicap pass. 


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The mayor of a small Florida city has been arrested an allegation she was using a dead person's disabled parking permit the target city off. So he was relieved she. Thought he had the volcanic sheriff's offices Davenport mayor Darlene Bradley faces felony charges. Abusing a deceased person's identification. For allegedly using a counterfeit the gal that belonged to had belonged to a dead person. And a person who was alive at one time and had a he had disabled parking permit but apparently Ebbers and then died in she took their parking karma. You know I guess it expired when they died right. Technically I guess it should but she continues the didn't put that paperwork through maybe she should just ask her own parking spot or over that. You wouldn't ago this sneaking out without would you expect the forward. Yeah eases in Davenport Florida where apparently the mayor doesn't get her own spot Jesse's a dead person's disabled parking tag to park it's that he thought. What. Has three fall back for the mayor mark inspire me come on. While does that does that justify doing partisan heat well they but at least give them airport. You know around that you showed that one now at the jail.