Outdoor Show Hour One With Ducks

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, November 11th

Don and Martha Spencer take you to the fish and the duck blinds with Robbie Campo in Shell Beach, Cat. Theophile in Lafette, Jeff Bruhl in that fresh water and Capt. Daryl out on Grand Isle.


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And good Saturday morning in welcoming in Martha Spencer who rejoins us is co host this morning glad to have you living on good morning to on this opening day of ducks these let's take a day began. I was say last night is almost be as as they holiday. How many on as you know going out this morning more than I can now say unit and are excited probably didn't sleep a lot of them on oil lovely young guys managers did so fired up they wait all year for this big day in fun and excess that is in and questioned the dogs will be out there are some of whom well trained and others not so well trained but it's always a lot of fun and Wigan and you've got everything you need we gonna be run down your Fisher shooting times if you headed out this morning we're also gonna have. From the blind dot reports and I'll love this Martha this is one a month. David days because I can't be out there I'm here on the radio every opening day for the last 18 years. But if I can't be there in person this is the next best thing we can live vicariously through the books at this will hopefully you know they'll call us at look at some duck blind console give the number a little bit later on also we have a text message board open if you go on duck Conning or whatever you do we love to hear from you and 87870. How will take you Tex Cobb a messages there also logged oaxley gonna duck stamps and duck hunting party wanna take a look at next year's duck stamp that you'll need. Welcome our website had done the outdoors guy dot com is the radio photo a fellow by the name of Tim Taylor won the competition hold a competition. Among artist in a beautiful depiction of us to canvas backs and that will be gracing your hunting license. One next year's we also have a poll question. Participation. And if you wanna cast your vote on that website look on the outdoor opinion poll of Martha we're asking I want to ask you this right what is the name of that women prefer to be called if they fished. Is it fishermen like a nondescript. You know engenders non specific term. Or do I like to be called off issue women official ladies anglers angler that's what do you prefer he decided. You this is a tricky question for me because I never really thought about it but. Lady anglers are Fisher women I guess works I think some of them are a little hokey Fisher girls there angler that's not that my speed but. Right now. Fisherman and anglers we wanna be equal equal opportunities so that 25% for both of those those are in the lead. Uncle with those how many want to be called hookers I had one texted me last night she liked it's he said I'm sure there's a few of their like Clinton but them. And all which meaning of the words you so. I need to meet more efficient when Clinton knows the answer to this myself but you know allegedly cast your vote both boys and girls can president die on the alta rose guy dot com and if you wanna text issue. You preference we'd love to hear from you at age 787 also moth I got a story to tell a parent bank fisherman. They found a really good spot it was so good they got out of control pass a little bad best player is the president right. Also some fishing and hunting event reminders to pass along Colson marine forecast very important. Also important for the dot com is and you being a meteorologist. WG you know among on many other things you do. What did tells about the forecast that I. Well it's not terrible that's good I mean everyone's gonna be out there regardless of what it is 88 may not be the 45 and rainy that we they wanna see get things not everybody wants portage my bedroom and I'm not that thick skin enough that but it's pretty chilly but not. To the point where you gonna need to layer up I think it'll be comfortable on the long sleeved. If you're. On the eastern side fairly local little breezy probably in the upper fifty's so not bad you can move around a little bit and stay warm just get a hot thermos with you is going to be clear. Clear skies this morning. Light winds east wins so. Overall not terrible let. Much ideal not not that posed all right for offshore fashion and you cancel a trip early and kind of different forecasts inland and offshore absolutely yet you know I. It's funny the last two times ago sitting here I was supposed to get their T again I don't know that's bad action. The week naked women yes I'm I'm that much this year but I'll sure is very finicky this time you're you get these little impulses that moves through and they pick up the seas offshore ratings story don't have a problem. So I thought today would be great data about chip because everyone gonna be duck hunting while there's little we've. Probably narrowing a bit and plus energy that's taken the seas at east of the rivers and the rough rap rap. Pretty much everybody's cancel their trips including myself snappy go out of grand out there might be a little hope for you pick on west it's not going to be quite destruct but I think everyone once again off the wired this afternoon. Is any real windy. Offshore that is. In shark fishing let's get now you know the database and yet lakes will be okay if you get out early now violator in the afternoon I think the wind and pick up pretty much everywhere but overall it's no rain forecast today tomorrow few showers but looking at ports. And like a true meteorologist thank you must be right back after this somebody must of taken purchase of doc lawyer answer that text messaging right after this timeout. He'll also talk there Robby can upload and it Shelby cell last week he described fishing there as. Fund nominal see if there's still that way we'll be right back you're listening to the outdoors with Don W radio network I'd maasai can imagine what's gone on out the highways and a ball launches right now probable -- of the -- up with all the -- on is getting and so if you go on fish and I would suggest you a little while maybe delay you tripled been let them let them from the masses get out let's talk about their imminent sale of that description -- last minute -- -- if there's someone is not fully. Licensed in the end the drama and on the way this happens every season all like to remind people you have to have a basic license. Stay wanna file stamp of federal stamp and an eight jive he and a lot of people forget that. If you're running on Wallace management there you also need a WMA permit if you don't have any of those things. You trip does not ruling you can call by telephone on goal on line and purchase it. At the wildlife and fisheries website or call this number it's 888. 7652002. And I'll give that out again if you drop an annual and you realize I don't have the stamp. I don't have the HIP. Needed you can call in get it before you get out there into the blind. Also got the shooting times Martha diss the official thirty minute before sunrise shooting times it's open in the coal school in west zones of Louisiana if you north and south of these cities. He you start times New Orleans you can get started at 552. Baton Rouge is 557. Lafayette is straight up 6 o'clock. Lake Charles 605 and whipped in Shreveport. 610 nosy official thirty minute fourth. Sunrise shooting times Martha got Robby Campo joining us now hey rob me I you don't down a shell beach this morning got a few dot. And is going out early all Woodman. Important up on over all clock smaller. Our backcourt are you going out today. Books are marching vehicle a lot of birds that this collapse on that came down. Not that long birds. Guys don't yesterday's. They spot their spots would they need a lot of urged I think approaching eight. Kind of took some and he. Some of the pond. But. Upon that landlocked and blondes on ponds and you know so Ford still has some speed and got a lot of Burge. I think these guys you gonna do mall Smart. You know. Yeah you guys it's got there on releases like you know what will pocket point and so forth he knows talks dude wants it that. They are just on the verge of death so did everybody on the ought to be very well today by. There were ten maybe twelve mono. Nor naught the swing blown today true. I think these guys got some blame on it and you know fishermen out to keep those. Well just one of the things about that Biloxi marsh she needs someone asked in those ducks soldiers sit in between all Hondas and Iran and politician and gonna have a lot. No. That's. So yeah I mean. You know Thursday you know it came compares it to people urged Thursday that you know braved it one out and it non. I would say via. You know 75% of people that now on that on that Thursday. Did well nobody caught it caught dilemma written you know with no problem and the other guy's in trouble but. Yesterday's. Same thing but it was probably if he bit yesterday. But tell you. They call a lot vision and has to go to Asia and right channel you know from them from Marino couple miles. All the way to the wall actually. And shall that they did did yesterday you know guys that went by. Some people some of the people would fish won an open book in more trouble on the guys that you know. Outside the damn struggled with that they managed to put box mr. you know point one. About thirty you know it was sufficient vote. Arm I think today you did probably the same thing. I don't see why can't. You know that aren't allowed for upon and that could be charged as what they Al so. If you come on down yeah. What a leopard that bridge components and on Israel would get. It whatever you want with you know information. Evian more. As a you do have a muscles stored attitude and is really good Kazaa and a lot of people won't come down at a shop but boy if you forget some Illinois union misplaced and a lot of times you got just what they need down. Well not like that help them out to get them you know legitimate right direction and so. But it says. You know. I think today if you gotta go did you know our electric eagle but it books demolishing finish. Boss stumpel golden. You know all the way up to obsolete you know and if you want official Panetta interior mall. It's safe from Burkle going from going. Culpable and you know come back coming back to muscle days stumpel malaria. I don't see why you can't entry should be good music good tied movement you know having a target date so. You know we're good good cut rate now just out of Nazi one ticket Christian it's not a good day. So they're going to be selling things that I think they ought to turn a little Sal DiMarco it was votes it's a boring not. I think you will tomorrow showers tomorrow but I don't think it's gonna be enough to do it to her anybody from again we are perhaps on our. Yeah. So. You know and you know you know I'm so happy life. Yeah I think they're gonna I think that the catch of fish in a really probably going to be good. Animals bring the gun Enron. You have to look at them via oil plant in. As the birds as did you say might be wrapping up with them pretty yearly get the ride in the water. Yeah you know Robby that brings back memories you grandpa he'd love the gray duct Disney. All Lackey. I did treasurer of Bahrain duck. Landmark golf ball gluten and he was a kick when McCain goes and blah blah I'm like the black youths. And I. Am Motley. I don't believe it is indeed on. You didn't get too much to go out and kill on the boy you could go committees on. Yeah yes our minds in this text messages Cayman someone say can I heard just adopt from some. No yeah. All done absolutely they'll end up on the bad laws we can't be behind dock you can provide domestic Doug go to Grotrian in the count and anyone knows a Long Island dumplings but I got to make some friends that that's a great duck though not for sale Robby thanks for the report as always we appreciate your boyfriend was only a week. It the Iowa. Coming up next we got to Louisiana man no Delaware is sometimes he's a Mississippi man he's don't know that it would dump talk on this Bowen a little bit navy's. No no she shot anything yet this up I'm honored that she might have some some idea of an innocent fun out we'll do that right after we come back from his three minute pause you're listening to the outdoors Madonna view radio network assays are Louisiana man Sophia bush lies reports abroad to each week left Lambeau Al door Zale the exclusive makers of zeros tackle boxes got an anti rust protection have got one of almost every size where this for a camera equipment cell phones. And of course you valuables and fishing equipment to thinking outside the boxes 1947. Remain in the USA when they built to fish. They are built to last an altogether also make is a little storm front to decoy is great Tom idea to get that those realism ducks get results trust me. Double to Omar dispenses the question for you the morning are really for ginger right. Daddy and up about Umar legendary. As she cited eerie this year. No no act. He's got a camera and. He's the act beginning gently edit wind blew out that can't from a flight that we may and now we asked us again. That generally it was you and your accident. The wind got it that we we. On actually more and so it's made a big part Munich copycat he would yet that goes on C. Arrows that earning. You know yes and see. Geez Florida. Seat dedicated striking fear and heart of the biggest bucket a woman and wish him I can't always say your prayers. As she passed anything up this year than any common range and just chose not to the to go looked hour ago. Yet we lead managing men and earning right now but yet he had about that a lot of. He's in good done denied it and you know come on she's not a midnight to get issue and I know that. He's there yeah. I think you should sit out there on having you have. Odd that yet either leave it the XM radio that. Again a bike is a bit further by Judith bishop. Around 11 o'clock I can act well before eleven because and I didn't drop about Mike one time and look Padilla to demand a weekend. You think she has time to get away from you little bits of field. He loves you this year I had an energetic men. Yeah and that was she's yes you bet I'll date so way out Robert is that Michael kind of walk around midday maybe put its payments map back. I was gonna may need to bring island maybe you could do you drive may be put something towards our you know both. It. Well let's let me tell me about this decision this week and let's see what went on. Well that you node when came through them and got a lot of really really well so I mean I kidnap. By the league is that when this has two grown direction too much yet. That camp well it's a Monday right now in the unit testing caught up medal in that. So put out that vision anyway coming can't you report to building efficient and they expect that. Bought it about he and is been really low again on the inaudible off pollen and every day or so below. But as you know as transitional time so we'll go up and get them limit and then at that stage. In me is still on the condition that really bad yet you at any moment and able for. It would then it was a pretty good in them by. They've right now and the I would. Well anyone motivate anyone that means. Three athletic cat. Well if she. Is that out yet when she and I try to. Yeah we've waited that I'll get visit and the water really they're everywhere so we reports that this betting now. In the bidding don't have two years ago. And put oil and wants some come do it big let alone an element and has. You know. No audit there a tree and and marched up and an account though thank change ala and yet change with that. That thing is that the B protect these guys just keep moving around but there that it will disappear this condition there really out. And now that you would add that even though no on two be on any out. We don't go anywhere in earmarks in that seat and because and we that. And we do that Italy recommended. They'll open the net again. And again and aren't cheap debt. Bob. Yeah yeah. And Tampa. Monday Tuesday meeting with Koppel. And we went to Asian amnesia that in the bird. And bill would delay an update when black when it was. But you know we now and Tampa and now we can so that you buried there. About it lecture that it is very great guy great appeal of that and an arm. That be cool I mean as efficient. New new waters Wednesday. You gonna do a better but so cute and yet where it doesn't fit that it is well. That's all it away or access and content seems to be the best two million. Oh you. Know earnings I. That when he is Beverly Goodman at that impress me in local Dublin there were probably those mid afternoon aren't. This season so. I just haven't been due out combined that so many look good aren't so. Pumping him about that emit that into the community coffee in the into the combed out make up its audit the degree right now. The house like fun of me in the meantime is somebody wants to try to get one it'll fly outs and on the big reds move into a new style you know ought to have the islands of the wanna get a trip in you keep commodity way of duck honest Alomar would do. Yeah I bet spamming you do accomplish and you know forgiveness right out car you do we go attack on the did it the blockage in the than and you want to do it. But remained. In the economic and sick and they photos and video on that they that amendment in the big. They and he is so it's in the bill that's critical of bush on the that. And dole and no vote and telephone math Bible or critical ones are excellent blog at Joe's like that you'd India flag and they'll think about it you know it. And then I'm sorry about the flight seen feeling this frustration at the weather's well. And one last question what do you referred to your lady customers as when they finish with Tom and determine what's the best Sofia if what. You call a special ladies the issue women angler apps as you know well some of like to be called fisherman it's just a description like mankind means winning them. Yet by topic yeah you know women had a pretty good and it can do. And and yet sufficient man well that I can giggle it would do would and it does say they area and and and what they've fishermen in the league is that the fishermen. I listen in on the pole not all right now is 5050. 25% says fishermen and between Iverson says anglers close second would be. Fisher women's nobody likes angler ads and nobody likes Fisher ladies now honesty during this guy has announced. Isn't women's issue women's traditional Indian and and how many hookers and many happy yet the that actually got at least one vote can ethnic that's twelve point 5% and I had already. All she texted last week you see that's what she likes to be called the hope no one who sets the book is with the meaning is of course. Yet Ayatollah got to cut you loose body taking a Boca honest at that plane go and willow and we'll see you next week. It's in there. It. I. Right after this we come back I've got the official fly over account of the ducks that were noted in Louisiana's coastal. Zone as well a scandal lake we'll also got a lot of text message thank you for you taxable REIT some of those and share with you at 87870. Right after this pause on the outdoors with Don Dubuque. Radio network I must have we get text messages coming in on we need to catch up on him. That quite a bit of folks awake this morning. Our guy reading we got a kayak you're out there is an active duty marine and happy belated marine birthday TS. Kidnap and dealt Croat or shell beach any advice farm. I'll we will have it coming up very shortly when Brendon de on gives us a panel report. Our red and also it's veterans day all of forget that I'm very happy veterans day to everybody out there. Right. It's he will we get the Lafayette yak and he was way back there again first ones in and he says he knew by your arm Donna is out of the selling everybody how. Well William lot of rustling announced a lot of action on these and they won't let me go duck on this weekend's zone but there won't be long I'll be back decision on again somebody here wants to know either any speckled chat shown up at the costly yet we'll check would you give him an is that he can't just finger on the pulse. Rags told me to represent. Got some hunters sniper going to get some mammy and holding and with the primitive weapon. Good luck TS and got some. Bass fishing red fish specs on the mobile ten saw river delta good lefty Irish could mask he's a regular in here. Let's see. Told me is going to be hunt and Angie was is 457. Indiscriminate weapons season is open up and a lot of the areas this morning on not only do we know a lot of ducked down is up for the opening. A lot of Dion is going to be on the stands to. There's a shoot a tournament like Brad yeah I caught one of those ones may and they are creep you send me a picture that they aren't is the most weird looking things and they're out. Prehistoric. OK so we got somebody out here in homeless says that the boat launches the most Qaeda they've seen that's that's pretty accurate but that's pretty much most lines today. They're cook in a room in the blind you know how people actually do this because I know there's a lot of them that really. Look it up they got it really what they got gourmet breakfast in the middle of otter. Out of some of the duck blinds us scenes though extravagant they've actually got little side kitchens and amending go and cynical okay eggs and bacon and sausage and stuff from them reckless drivable. And we got a couple Louisiana and over in Eagle Lake Texas they have a 612 shooting time of their for the amount they're getting rest and ready. They're listening on big 870 good morning to you in Texas I don't know. And so but it took exception to hookers for a name slow movements. Fan that I said Joseph. I and now we gonna get some more the sticks in the second but first we got to take as a business. And coming up right after that 102 break we will be back you're listening to Donna and DP. Not I do we have the always count upon Wallace and fishery semi there reports to do a fly over all waterfowl population estimate each year than before the season and it's not really great news saw and they estimated one point 54 million ducks that is half of what they counted. This time last November looked. It's 23%. Below the most recent five year and a long term average which is that two million. The distribution was skewed toward southwest Louisiana 63% of the ducks went in that region. There all saw in Dan Walz most notable concentrations in Wesco with cal issue Lakewood gonna be talked into it. Act very rod and gun they'll be out Doug come in that area this morning. Interestingly they counted more ducks in the marsh in fewer in agriculture habitats a southwest Louisiana and that is quite a change. And they do say that is best in November when they do these counts. Sometimes people are seeing different things some people have great cause this morning looking at them concentrated. In May not be an area of the transacted they flew over so they didn't count those but generally they give you a pretty good inaccurate rough idea of what's out there. I think there is going to be a lot of variety in that because the weather's been very. Challenging this year and and and with that storm pushing into the east you know affecting the grass and didn't really effect the last of me that's weather out there. Now in the brackets marshes particulate. Are we come back after this you'll get to answer for that text question about the young crowd at the causeway Jeff rule keeps on tabs on after the US mission in Venice this week. He's got a full freshwater fish and report from the state coming up right after this timeout you listening to the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. Now when you get that big boss amassing an means it's time to talk to Jeff rule and get a fresh water and bass Fisher reported brought to you by Berkeley division of pure of missing distributors of that Abu Garcia re able real. Also flew the products in many many others. Just good morning thanks for joining us so what's gone on fresh war allies understand you and Thomas on what worked or was some fist down in Venice this week. Oh yeah totally negated. Are set to better that it. It it was this week we spoke we still have a great town citizens which we talked. About forty on Thursday and opted genome Prague yesterday that windy conditions. Hard earned the it was written with a win. Made it to was. And limits kind of where we do we didn't go down river but we stayed around Dennis and these the river was would border from the northeast win. And a river brown will put it in his muddy it is dying says that that kind of put a hurting on the system but we talked most of his. Punch in template and so that's what we did visit you you don't prevent a detective McCain did well protected from the land and yeah you've faced would go to the bank Kadish director you'd put satellite thinkers in the front you get a bite and need to evacuated. But ethnic content you don't want have bounce way in parts and ethnic government. You don't get it is doubly so. It was is still been a still pond and put those two up and tablet on the week marked man that I'll have a video of the whole event. I believe he put something up on face the good day and it did look very windy down there. Yes it was brutal it was brutal going to that you put. But there's there's a lot of there's apparent Dennis Green area that part of your brain and now that. It's just that they're not in their restriction that you can't just stop and did you have to kind of figure out. When did you know we figured out what to do you had a the canal at maybe a couple cuts coming out of a upon. And one section that court panel that they do that part David because the next section and they've been protected by the Carter Pope. Just visit patently it was cool and it was not a lot of cars against that bank that's for the fiscal kind of stacked and it took a lot of the amount that we thought might it. Just probably a good time to remind people efficient down an area about delta billion off limits to on the waterfowl season to. Anywhere like even Asia and the others management there that can't go to that too much. And you wanna give he'd done a better chance we thought. Just is it made it out on a variety. But we they're the W between the wood duck and I'll that that he talked to Cain until the other but felt like ducks to me. Now I know you know wood ducks to someone and I'm with you and you can identify those that from Marianne marsh ducks are quite a bit different. What about some other areas of Montana fly basin what's going on there. Abbate and you want slowed slowed roll by that public Spinner baits and under viewed things like that it slowed down and counted as bees and along from the Wharton which is characters get a little colder. And you're just slowed debate now over the united and this summer that we just ripped it around the stopped in the woods so well off to drop also argue because this doing that. Doesn't that it's kind of common a lot of there's no bailout parliament say the F bodies from the ground like great don't that but the base is Khatami years slowdown you wanna. Deport them get done it could be the canals embodies. Until it's in order to forge stable areas and I get out of way. It has been abated somewhat work opportunities that the best arm in against slowly presentation you should because it is. Just the people fission around the New Orleans area and a show affairs become. I must say it's consistent now for cantonment house. Yeah Leo. I think you put basically down the pearl river all the way around to borrow a dollar stretcher. Land inside the when he was born in the inner coastal in the mr. it was does lot of bad ideas. It's not like everywhere you go which you look forward to the port clean water cup and out of pot into the main canal mix of war. You wanna do it's been debate maybe appreciation happens in Texas troops around restraints and he's gotta gotta keep up along two it went last Sunday in that first frame pulled out in public twelve to do bats like that. And Jeff you're now like a plastic man junior Kyle like market price calamity. But I know a lot of people who efficient as chefs for bass use a line shrimp mentally very successful there's nothing wrong when does not illegal and it's very effective. Yes billion that's sort of been you know he has an art by the that it gets passed to it that that's what's funny we because of the economic it and it's still. That for the Libyan of these bodies it's. But it probably about another month in good up but it beat by using the the student adjourned debate about the little jig with a plastic bought them meddling had a lot of problems that they wanted to putt of about eight Trout overnight keepers. 'cause the size then on the bass at a guy get the numbers but has the size. They're not all that he would I putted great effort and some Aries is that twelve inches and you might get another canal might be tuning into but that they're growing and just. If you go to Q did you like it did in that position. That's the place to because he can go to law that is trying to this community narco war. And the best thing about passed for kids is used to get a six inch fish and hits like at 100 kids just love it they hit so hard. Also we had somebody ask enough not talking about bonus issue Xu ping tournament may be just got submitted by just how would you I don't normally try to avoid yeah right would you target machine ever heard of it if you make tournament. But you have that reward you agents in the back pocket that you see that's where they are. You know the funny thing is there's they're everywhere it's a lot of the we moved debate few platforms like the bill it has been a beta out some monster whom pearl but. Type retreat at target that and that targets some. Over the stagnant or you do right now towards them pockets. Well you know photographer Gary krall season external and you pick and he can sign when they signed him that the Jeff thanks report as always we appreciate that no we don't tonight. Back to work and from. Mr. Antonio in part to. I tell him hello to unload can't wait and gumbo cook off. You can hear him before you know it an album probably give them the ship more open client win of that. Well Martha cooked a first Gumbel yesterday and now so that qualifies I was a judge for this year is competition sewing and invited to Columbia Joseph I'm a better taste and I asked. So you enjoyed your get a variety on the day. Hi Jeff we'll see you next somebody and we do read them out. Time we come back though hit the ground I'll talk to captain Darryl commitment to have fun on and on that edge Martha that the weather situation that they had a little better effort something nine let's check it out we'll do that coming back if you wanna shoot its attacks we got plenty of room cumin and hard to keep up with 870870. Comes in right here in the studio. We're back with a mask to this timeout on the outdoors would Don Dubuque radio network. And welcome back this is Martha Spencer here we got so many text messages this morning on I think everyone is aware. And I send in your beautiful snapshots and going at sunrise in the marshals duck commas and drink too much orange at all it's so beautiful has got a great son I shot my friend Dennis thanks to senator and he says the deaths I tick. I know let me state Dick Dick Dick PL a but what about the fishing ground you think they'd Dick. I think so I think it's gonna be a little better out there than maybe up to the east. Let's add let's say good morning to doubt our American morning tea. Yeah it bought an apartment. The you do. John good amount of the slayings finally. I'll buy the law blob that you you feel like you is that want to let spaghetti. They have us still Galloway is ago they did not turn and lose yet but it's come in this comment on this week. What they do great on on the negative you know other. It's actually didn't say what happened you know or be it goes a lot act collective act in the day. But other than that I mean you'd much you know figured out you know it's it's been great week that we could promote war. It would you know what what you're Tocqueville award an exceptionally low. But it you've just been patient. You know like yesterday board of things we do we yet more having real trouble would agree that this could be it couldn't quite reach of but we set right now we've watched them play in the on board now but so well all are all. BO which are not right in it are indelibly left without regard to you know. That's a good day out. So they real orange right now I've seen some pictures they look real colorful. If it didn't know yet if you do get them out of upon what it Shalit clean water that then the oyster pond where where it really cleaned in the Balkans. But it viewed you know we got it it would work that the beeper canal in the eco channel in the other kind of reached out. But you know it's been it's been mostly it is. And go for what let go what we had kind of put the water real low it got rid of a lot of our true. So we haven't been a whole lot of bird those of looper that war. You know here here's outlook be between up and beat the Trout are doing really well especially on the birds. But we don't we're not have a whole lot of it would thicken up but there are so. You know. They're not racist trips photos those folks are what brought them to look upon an ability outlook look at it up Trout here and there but it's mostly been outraged Jewish. And and I looked at the weather's been so rock on you finance the weather overall. Most people I know most of the folks here and had decided. You know take this opportunity dooming its own about just up like they're really has been no law shall report on the him what's up. Now I think a lot of folks are wrapping up early this year I've seen out of Venice I was supposed to be out there today thinking you begin daily everyone got cunning but it's been so windy offshore and everyone. You know I'm my friends and lighter saying why didn't cancel his beautiful day out here but offshore in the eyes in the fall it's so finicky at their contains on a dime. Right and you know when we when we sit underneath and now on new market but certainly goes low pressures you know we can we can get appeared more and debate and winds. But yet but you're listed that are on the beach and it's like re trying to be in a. I think people are packing an antenna in. I'm glad the red fish out some in. Well it's it's been just amazing I mean like yesterday we've you know. Yesterday's the press is one in my memory but it has won apathy but ultimately we actually get. We had one really here and yesterday and it did not and then they kill the men and knocked in a local. And that the tides bring in the mental outlook not sport about what we're really now when he unity startup mode everywhere not came up and make it Pittman and war. A Darryl would trying to determine now what is the proper term to refer to women who fish your customers your lady customers who come in and how do you refer to them. And Graham but but. It but quipped you know never went into that it would call. I'll do a little of the column remote and. Stand out constantly. A additionally official women fishermen I think most most that we had just got a text message in a from. Lewis a senior official lady on her way to look feet so I guess that's got one vote there this year. It could all band through a lot of that whatever what do you do run into kind of a cop you know what about I'm a lot of that we and our business depends on what our country. Absolutely his son and says listen this Fisher ladies don't on the hook fish issue women can debate on the books fisherman. Doesn't all even handles got books known as the difference between official woman an official lady corn to a one about text news. What what what what OK so of them. That extra lead mob life. But what would all of the which you reputed to put it nightfall keep them away legacy well. I don't know if I have always good to talk with you real screamer is dot com give us a phone number. Written by our theory that strict through eight and hasn't funded they would. I got a feeling it's happened we've got one boatload it would want to tenure olds and and when it was still wake known in my battle right. Now matter how plummet thanks again down. I'm out some we come back up bad boys in the outdoors reports from captain Mike Gallo panel's report Brendan bay on Ryan Lambert more text messages and we gotta talk about the tri valley eaten the birds and that's cool yes that is wild. But all that is coming up and our number two on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio networks stay Willis.