The National WWII Museum honors our Vets

Newell Normand
Friday, November 10th

National WWII Museum is #1 destination in New Orleans.  Lots of great events happening there this weekend in support of our Veterans for Veterans Day.  How will you be honoring our veterans?


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We're back in and joining us on line is bill dealt Wyler whose the past national commander The American Legion and a consultant for military and veterans affairs. For the national World War II museum welcome to the show bill. Milieu and I've been friends for a long time hadn't seen in awhile though so it's good to hear your voice. And it'll only take time that thank you for all you've done with the veterans particularly those chip this parish veterans and senior organizations. Always seen it when they American legion bands those guys needed opportunity to get around them be brought to a museum or to an event. Yet people always. Thank you very much what your department contributed to help these people. Well there are a lot of men and women of the GPS that word incredible. In many of whom served. And were always willing to give back and you know was always the beneficiary of their effort quite frankly well I diapers appreciate the kudos. So anyway the World War II museum. And and you know I just wanna throw this out as most people probably don't know this. The number one destination. In a city in New Orleans yes day in and day out. Talked about across. The world not just the United States the world the meanest thing is almost up there with the shoreline and quite frankly. Yeah it it really and it's unbelievable yell always growing and always giving. Fresh things for people to visit over there. Well thank you very much now this is and not me it's been a passion and I got involved with the museum. Back in nineteen any I guess it was somewhere 1996. And when it became a member of the board and then over those years it's been real passion for many. And that we we have we have a great product with great story itself. Well number two in the world museum launch and trip advisor and number two music with a number abusing him and a nation. Well according to trip advisor. And. Did not know that but I'm not surprised. And this this week. The historic drop in piling isn't get the site ready quality. Something that'll be really spectacular and that's going to be the Indians go to L. With building now hotel. And it's going to be spectacular on the corner opinions in magazines can be really actually so I was got something new going on and today. This weekend's big weekend for us veterans day. When we honor those two or serving and those who have served. And then punish we should have a great time tonight we have a we have an Banco victory ball way we've we honor the men and women oh and service and those who have served. We have a special guest and I backed special guest. Colonel. And then medal of honor for the listening audiences the highest award for valor in action against than any we've. Force correct. Yes and yes it is and if you would. Listen to the side station that was read. Present it was President Nixon when he was awarded the Olympic Medal mean it's so it. He was engaged in a battle over three days and there was wounded at least three times. And continue to rally is me and check this man and two or sort of victory. In that battle is how do you pronounce said to villages Dido. Dido yes. And so he'll be witnessed an eye you'll be with mister Maurice guest speaker more at the at the veterans day ceremony or grim remembrance that will be at 11 o'clock tomorrow. In the United States Britain the billion rubles or what. Yeah have rock concert by The American Legion Metairie host banned Gregory went 75. A big shift PP span now and will be a great program. And everybody's welcome public welcome will have members. Of the USS all intent that is amphibious carrier that's in town. Dot that think injuries street. They'll be in town for the weekend and we hope to have meant members of that crew it witnessed a bar and I haven't seen at times but understand that ship is going to be open over the weekend. Sometime today tomorrow and I'm not sure about Serbia. Bill we got to take a break if you could just stop right there would come right actually out of the break stay with us if you want to share a story with us give us a call at 260187. Or Texas 87870. A C folks on line police hole will get to you. When we return would build out Waller from the World War II museum this is Noual Norman and every Dario.