Grateful for their Service

Newell Normand
Friday, November 10th

Newell talks to callers about the military service of their loved ones and thanks those vets who call for their service.  How do you plan to honor our vets spend this Veteran's day?


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We're back in while we're trying to get our guest Ron tocchet political analyst and president Claris research group on line I'm gonna continue with reading. And the folks that are sending in the text urban do friend served in World War II thank you urban so much for your service. Albert S Hodge junior united states Coast Guard 21 years. Please honor my dad general Thomas Bonner silver star and bronze star recipient and combat infantry badge served under general George Patton. In the third army in the battle of the ball which. If you would like to have your family members recognized please. Text in McCauley into six 187 Ian. Will continue this conversation. In the hopes of getting our. Our guest on. Remember that tonight the victory ball it the World War II museum and so many other activities that are going on. Tomorrow out that way. As well as the parade. Tomorrow in late view. That is going to occur at 11 o'clock I think this is the third gear that they are gonna have. The parade. Out there and they've had great crowds in the past I've been out there before. Myself but the the world disposed to be done I mean it's great today in the sixties and tonight at Deutsche house they have. A fund raiser for their organizations. That will go on from seven to eleven. If you care Q to go out there as well. Warren Roddick US army European. And North African theater eleven miss you thanks for your service Graham Paul love Lou. Lou we love you and we love Graham applause thank you for. Sharon. That with this as well. My far third Justin Lamotte tree. US navy World War II my son Matthew Loma tree United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan. Thanks my debt to my dad for being an American more or 2 or Guadalcanal and Pacific he was our hero yes he was and we commend all our heroes. On this veterans day. In an opera Eddie Connie. Opinion poll you know are you gonna participate in any activities for. Veterans day and 81% of the folks said that they wore one little on wanna talk to Sherry and Amy what say you sharing. My name's Kerry kink in my that was Cherie are articulate peaking and he lives in the Korean War at street purple heart bronze star silver star and is a great guy. Absolutely and god bless you and you we Jenkins to think I'm sorry I already. They're expected in infantry. It six millimeter of mortar operators. And he lit. Temperature then on the ground. And this was your father you said all right you're dead there. Is he still alive. He passed a little. Who would keep him in our memories for shore. And I know that you have some very fond memories as well and and the these this is always a good day there were two route to remember not only those family moments but that those moments. Of them in their service to our country. Sharry thank you so much we appreciate the call we wanna hear from you 260187. Air attacks say it's seventy. 87. My husband. Urban Tim and those served in the army and in the Marines thanks to Irvin for his service Floyd keen United States Marine Corps first division World War II Guadalcanal. Played cape Gloucester excuse me and he would you anywhere. Sergeant first class retired Willie Laurent twenty years stationed. Everywhere they go nor sure like to thank all of my Conrad it's calmer ads for their service. Got to do a little spell check there folks that we wanna hear from you give us attacks they give us a call Texas generates 7870. Our calls had 2601878. We wanna hear about the stories about your loved ones in their service in the military as we honor all of our vets today. On veterans day. And I think you in you know we really would like you to share these heartfelt stories with us and and you see a vet today tomorrow you know let's go up and thank them for their service so let's total on wanna talk to Justin in late view what say you just and. Yeah. That. A real war and therefore that war you. As well as my problem. Is in an actual dollar in honor what first a Hillary and I I'm very thankful on their stated. Absolutely and thank you so much Justin for Colin and and share now where at this and I guess sect I should thank my dad Nathan Norman's served in the Korean War or lost him last year missing missing a lot. And his brother Lamar Norman sixteen. Went into the navy in World War II. And and you know he had a bunch of the islands. Okinawa are remembers one album and thank him finish his surface. To our country little on to a talk to Michael going to be to springs what say you Michael. They don't let you do what you do honored there Mario it was but he also magnetic locks now. And he also served in Korea. And was active duty in Vietnam. And can't. Eat it treatment. Here. Here's brother. But the pilot who flew. Public it was. Within the GB eight users beach company will report be 27 the bomber was shot down or your. Period over Belgian. Michael did juror. You're dead in and you're locals and and and family members did they talk about this service much. Never never I'm beyond having children and I'm the only one who. Ultimately. It is. It just went in forewarned. One huge and when I came back from them that cruise. Half my father. Except yen to pay much older. And did you ever go to maple that are here they're open up about. Liberty you know that you never. Beat real about. About anything but welcome out horrible you know landed here they started to get of the ships had to pull out so they were armed. App fresh. Absolutely. It. Know that with that. That panel was. Horrible event and it was your huge setback at the time in World War II as well and I ago. Douglas MacArthur has our calls. You know toiled over that. That for quite appeared at times but Michael thanks so much love guys and. A lot last. This. Area a presidential unit citation. Awesome. Well thanks to all of your family members that served we really appreciate it and go to line three talked to sandy in New Orleans let's say you sandy. I my daily. Freddie boon to my own goal in. Our abilities they're the navy. And my other uncle Joseph Booth and then I had a brother that was Caroline Vietnam earned. Brat mean perhaps that he was eighteen you'd be real. Yes that's right and com and analysts said that tan nickname among the 101000 dollars in America. And now orchestra that was in in the army rob it and they all gone and we of the game we play in the. Not at all into the entire booze family that that made the sacrifice and served in the military god bless you and thank you so much for you for the your service we really appreciate it. And I can't remember Whitney we lean and mean mount on cancer and listening met mount. Corporate people it was a Manila's streets that can't remember that I mean infinity that now but. There was so many people and how we just found me got them. Absolutely totally worth thanks so much for sharing that with this we really appreciate it as thank you thank you on attacks on my father in law and dead fought twenty years in the army and navy Ronnie stereo and in my dad. Harry he Mellon in National Guard also. Tim via arid sure Rick Jerome. Jeremy Kelsey Sydney Wilson in Justin. Alexi thank you for your service and Joseph grass navy World War II Pacific theater we thank you so very much. We'll continue our conversation and our talk and end. Our memory. Of our veterans both. Living in those who have made the ultimate sacrifice stay with us this is new alarm and Debbie Debbie L. Folks I cannot think of a better way then to. And this week. Doing what we're doing. Recognizing some many of those that have gone before us in their service to our. Community. To my dad John Boe day United States Marine Corps Korean wartime commander thank you dead you are loved. And missed yes you mark. I really nice note about my dad. Missed innate passed away oh my god love spending time with him that the wellness center thank you so much for for it for sending that in. Joseph Grady window more or to vet served in a church patton's third army France and Germany passed away December 17 2016 at 91. Never. Talked about his service we're gonna talk landline to talk to Brennan Hammond what say you Brent. I guess you do a bank in orbit where it that Michael thank you are Burke at all. Disabled one year retired. I'd like to give thanks to my wife. In my children in our Bentley and verse. Opera people that are poor on being a strong hold and he couldn't vote now on board. Who brought a very nice Soviet thank you so much for Colin and we truly appreciate it. Milan wanna talk to win in Bay Saint Louis Schwartz say Ewing. I doubt it carefully don't do well. I'd like this topic or one minute did that bike you Wear your orbit but that you'd did all the community. And it. We'll thank you and it's so kind of you. Bob Bogle the app for and it was attic. And he blew a point that he wore on and Eddie. It would work one day ought to appoint people won't be people. And that landing gear collapse because Blake knew everything about that but you know it's Europe that they not like the point out that it and that era. Honor. The audit that you had to be in the military which it. On people who he could think about how did the day. Yeah you know the the outlook in the perspective is different and in a package and I never served in. Beside that the draft stopped on December 31 and I made eighteen on January 11 of course it you know it didn't stop me from from Golan involuntarily. At that time there was did the draft and and as I look back though he's kind of I felt cheated in many ways and in we're near I have few regrets in my life and I have to honestly say that's one album that I I don't put that in. Our Aaron that we would be at dale. It was reported code you know right on. That was when where and when mall it all. Up a look at the depth. What do you what do WO. Absolutely. Have. A way thanks so much for Colin and mutt. My dad jail I wag aspects senior served in World War II on the USS Tennessee. Post must Jefferies US navy World War II Pacific and John Jefferies US air force Noual. All of this is what the National Anthem is all about thank you back I couldn't agree more and I and I mean I can't they were a better way to end the week folks. You know this is on believe all of this is what I'm sorry uncles retired major Robert Ernst and retired major general Karl. Urged thank you for your service Alfred leave Marine Corps deceased combat the south Pacific islands. Missed by his daughter Kathy and family his two Brothers John leap deceased think Carl leave deceased thank you to the leaf family from the sacrifices that you made and obviously the service my father Al fielding was a marine who served here in World War II. In the Solomon Islands in my husband Roy Blunt Blaine who also served four years in the Marine Corps. Samper five thank you for your service as well. You know. It's just is it's showed so refreshing. You think about. Which is the gratitude of so many people for the service and and to go folks to their country and the sacrifices they've made in. In and you know in thinking about veterans day in and day in in of people getting involved in. And are ready jaguar opinion poll were over 80% of the folks at that they're gonna try and in involve themselves in something tomorrow in memory. Of the veterans. Which I think speaks volumes about our community. That. We love our community got a parade tomorrow in lake view folks I would love to see a record breaking crowd out there. You know and when the band plays that. That everyone salutes the flag and then we come together. In spirit and in heart. In memory in and sell. Ration of those that are still with this today is as soon as it relates to their service. In them in the military and will come back in just a few seconds and we'll continue this let's get some calls in 260187. In this is Noual Norman under every Devale. We're back door honoring our vets Albert monastery earned two purple heart bronze star silver star many more awards for his bravery defending his country in World War II rejoined at seventeen and fought and patton's third army rest in peace steady we will always be proud of you yes we will. To Darren Turk we gulf war vet match. That Marines can. Thank you for your service. Charles white World War II vet JoAnne Louisiana. Celebrating veterans day tomorrow with a ride on a PT 3050. Lucky you frank true Dakota's senior and junior both veterans. Good morning sheriff I'm a marine veteran 1989 and 1995. Buick United States Marine Corps birthday today happy veterans day Samper five to my grandfather Herman cartels who served on a submarines in world war. One in my father Herman W Barr tells who went from playing. On an all American state championship football team that warning east and to serve on the carrier USS Casablanca. In the Pacific in World War II thank you so much missed a part tells. And Daniel warmer senior deceased Korean War army will go on wanna talk to Brandon Algiers what say you Brenda. Yeah good morning Harry you do in the morning. I love hearing all of these stories about the veterans in the he grows and the people who gave their lives to save our country keep this story. But it kind of makes me feel like a fraud. I did during Marine Corps. And I went to perish because that's the only place they treat the female. Herb recruiters to defeat memory. And we respect in the very back of the camps and that's where they trying. And when we went in a time when we were going indeed trying to take over and shops so he could go far. Okay long ago oil prices. And can't say what is it like weirdly didn't like me. But that's where these stations me yeah so I spent my whole time and within two years. Issuing uniforms to defeat maverick or. And the biggest thing that happened to that's fair. Was 1 morning an accomplice count for an inspection in the gym and nobody knew what was going on. And when they got too as they ask mr. hold our hands now. They hurt someone was wearing black fingernail polish was. What was it known now and against the rules and they were trying to find out who was doing. And today women goes under the age get my health care at all. I'd go out of my way to thank the doctors in L issues students coming in training. And the vector considered fair and when I do crap I always. Try to make sure that dare red white and blue worse didn't think there and I pass and mounted that BA. And I hate saying killing god bless them because they're helping the spectrum to helping out. So I tried thanking them but I get embarrassed when someone tries to pay me because I didn't go to war. Well Brenda you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Everybody gives an in a different way and we always don't always have the opportunity to give. Or be in the position whether we. In have made the ultimate sacrifice or not but the fact that you went you with there new experience that you played a role. I thank you for that role and I know all the collars and all of the techsters were thank you for your role as well. I get up. And obviously what you're reaching out when you go to the the day and you take time out of your busy day. To share with them. You're still giving. Well I don't many respects you are a hero to. Well I know what maggert to do via a I mean the thing that could Soviets. Are. And in front right there that's important to it and they're playing a role as well Brennan thanks so much for Colin and we really appreciate you sharing that story were at this will go to line two and talk to Charlie. What say you Charlie. Eric how are you and in Charlie. But that was. A veteran or or chain. And actually an average score sheet around the state trooper. And I'm and gateway act in my appetite forty years so when I was eight or. I expire at a biker I armed body art. But at the gates. I'm sure he had some stories. It. And or are they static. They troopers. And at least people you know. Grandmother her car and cheap please let your age you are at stake sharper. Oh well it actually that are. You know in any or chain and the Korean K which I'm. In the state treat Kate. We get to. And at. The end. Was instrumental. Unquote an enemy and creating meet. Today. In a state trooper. Thing. Right primary. Charlie thanks so much for colony we gotta get to a break and we'll and we wanted to to continue to take these calls them and keep texting in I'm gonna try get to these names. Throughout the rest of the show stay with us this is you'll norm during veterans today are great getting great American Maurice means US army staff sergeant World War II Pacific theater always loved and now. Miss Sargent Thaddeus bourgeois dad retired army surged 27 years master sergeant World War II Korean War and Vietnam War decease 82 years old. Sons of private as well thank cal for your service. My dad yelling CUNY sir in the Pacific theater on the USS Maryland from December 1941. Through October 1945. Very proud of my dad as well as you should be as a vet Vietnam vet. I truly appreciate what you're doing you'll thanks so much Harold. Thank you missed it stereo and your family for your service as well. It rest in peace US air force colonel James Wheeler shut down five times between the Korean war in the Vietnam War. He never gave up the fight no we did not it's unbelievable Lance corporal Justin Mick police. United States Marine Corps killed in action and battle of Fallujah. 11904. Thank you to Lance corporal nick leases family and made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and security and sanctity of our country. We'll go to talk lines and talk to roll in from Metairie what say you Roland. Archer and radio service. Job at the Irish. Really appreciate. It and congress remember mark. She's so wage curtain. Closer to World War I in Houston table and world and yet he came back. The job social life. And retired at sixty and let it be almost every level. And people disarm local Cecil. Serbian. World War II. Or in New York. His deceased now. And my OK are there Serb North Korean conflict. Is not the city to India for us. And I and all local and local video chips and goes there the war in Vietnam a bully and out for us. I have to boost insert. In between Korean conflict. And Libya. Arab. Conflict and do not conduct but it still in the service. But I have to remember well yes and that's a reason and it's for pictured gentlemen. Grew out for the family. That was very patriotic and are responding in a remember. All my relatives when it was still live. That we're not tolerate the things that's going on today. And I'd like to mention one of the real collective yeah. But there particularly to the very first thing in 1960. Is not are remembered to deal him catching that ball monitored back. And that the name that you wanted to pre season games this year. We're cheap tickets we yeah hasn't. You know we will die or ransom my deck caught the football still to stay important where at least ship but in the goal. So it's a special memories at all. They were we were and down actually kicked the 630 I feel logo and all watching managed or sheared engine so members. But I don't know long pro football for air I'm no longer saints for air and it's. So disrespectful. With did do. Take it and me and nonsense. Song downloads for that's so true on the news but that's true taken me. They rolling tonight in Iraq once I can. Or. And I can interrupt you 12. I really liked it thank you so much for your call I really just wanna keep this positive folks in I wanna keep that in the memory in the sacrifice of all those families that are out there stay with this. Got to get to a break we'll be right back this is Noelle Norman. We're back you're celebrating veterans today my uncle bud Joseph John Neifi junior. Was killed a division battle of Tarawa. With this first wave of Marines at the beaches remains never made it home his mother my maternal grandmother kept a porch light on until she died hoping. But would somehow return. They're both New Orleans natives thank you. No truly thank you for the ultimate sacrifice in and in his memory. For his service we really appreciate it. When we come back we will have Mike Dee chilly day and will be talked in the saints. And stay with us.