Stolen Maserati goes to the movies

What is wrong with people? A guy steals a Maserati to go to the movies. 


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Here this guy in Georgia who police say stole miles or righty. All you have 41 year old Keith Rick Williams is accused of stealing the mas a variety. Now I may steal mas a ride I have a feeling I'm gonna and a very far away going very fast and waves far away yet but not this guy. He apparently stole our laws are riding in die you know what I need to do. And it to go see a movie. So he drove to the local movie theatre park plaza rowdy it. In the parking lot and went inside to see the movie wants a deputy prime duty at the movie theaters spotted the stolen mas a righty and they waited for. The thief to come out and when he did they nabbed. The fifth but at least a it is still Mazda Roddy what do I get mail. Not getting the governor I'm not gonna have a live far away from here in this an amazing piece of sports machinery you know targeted negotiate a mover and want war. It's T ball.