What will be number 1 in the movies?

Will Thor be able to hold the number 1 spot?


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Tired at them cookies this week at its currently number one in store rag Iraq followed by a bad mom's Christmas jigsaw Tyler Perry's boot to a Medea Halloween. And Geo Storm opening and new to theaters. Today murder on the orient express. All high stars on. Penelope Cruz William Dafoe. The classic returns. Daddy's home to rule with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg dad in Mel Gibson and John list gal. In this sequel to daddy's home this one's a Christmas based movie. Since a lot of Christmas stuff is creeping in right now. So those are the two and a big he's opening in theaters do you think either of them topples floor. All right I'd probably not and I tell you what I've really wanted to see the orient express but dice our reviews you know that the costumes and it's very stylish. But not quite entertaining. What is happening now I know why is it safe and OK guys. So it Allred I think slower at one on one have a problem. Right Doris Day is number one says David blight speaking of movies it.