New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) warms up before his game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

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Zach Strief: Saints vs Jets, the journey begins as proven faces unproven

Zach Strief
August 24, 2019 - 5:53 pm

The Big Apple is a long way from the Big Easy. I’m not talking about miles, although they are not neighbors, I’m talking about culture.  New York is the financial capital of the world.  A city that is home to nearly twice as many citizens as our entire state.  It’s a place where pizza reigns supreme, and real estate is far more likely to move up, than out.  It’s also home to two separate NFL organizations.  Saints fans would have a hard time imagining another team to share their focus.  The Saints, likely already consuming them.  

The truth is, the Saints and the Jets couldn’t be more different either.  One with a new head coach, the other a resident for 13 seasons.  One team with a young, unproven leader from the glamour of the west coast versus a sure fire 1st ballot Hall of Famer who spent his college years in West Lafayette, Indiana.

There is one great thing about the preseason, though.  Every team feels like this year, may be the year.  The Jets spent freely this offseason acquiring one of the top RB’s in football with Le'veon Bell, and then turned to perennial Pro Bowler C.J. Mosley to bring even more star power to the biggest city in America.  Expectations are high and patience thin.  The Saints meanwhile have seen two promising seasons end in drama, their chance to ascend to the Super Bowl thwarted by both failure, then circumstance.  With their legendary QB reaching the twilight of his career… the Saints are desperate to find their way back to Miami for Super Bowl 54.  

With just two weeks till the opener, today will be our best look into the future of these two teams before the real journey begins.  It’s preseason football live from East Rutherford New Jersey, Saints, Jets right here on the New Orleans Saints Radio Network.

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