Saints vs Steelers is a playoff atmosphere & stakes couldn’t be higher 

Zach Strief
December 23, 2018 - 3:25 pm

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the excitement floating in the air here in New Orleans?  For the past 15 weeks, the New Orleans Saints have put on a show for all of us.  It’s come in different forms.  An offense that at times has reached historical levels of production.  A defense that has skyrocketed in nearly every defensive category, most importantly, points allowed.  Even a special teams unit featuring two of the league top kickers.  Yes, Saints fans, the New Orleans Saints have assembled a winner.  Yet none of it really matters without the ultimate prize.  At least that’s how the players see it.  

Well, few factors play larger when it comes to winning a championship than the seeding used to get there.  Tonight, the Saints have an opportunity to secure a one seed in the NFC for just the second time in team history.  The last time they did that, pigs flew, hell froze over, and we partied with the Lombardi.  

Now, before anybody gets upset with me, I’m not predicting that is going to happen.  Like Bobby Hebert always says, “this isn’t opinion jack… this is fact.”  The Steelers stand in our way.  It’s an unfortunate place for them to be.  They are in a must win game today.  Must win games mean playoffs, and that is the atmosphere that we are in today… the playoff atmosphere.  It’s Saints, Steelers and the stakes couldn’t be higher.  In the words of another New Orleans legend… It’s not gonna be easy, but it’s gonna be awesome.  

Today we need the energy of every Saints fan in the Who Dat Nation.  Let’s keep up the tradition...turn down the TV & turn up the Saints Radio Network. Join me & my partner, former Ole Miss Rebel Deuce McAllister for an exciting day in Black & Gold football. 

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