Brees: Saints aren't scratching the surface of what they're capable of yet

Zach Strief
November 11, 2019 - 8:04 am

The 7-1 New Orleans Saints lost a stunner to the 1-7 Atlanta Falcons 26-9.  It was the second time this season the Saints have failed to score a touchdown.  The New Orleans offense had chances but could never quite finish drives in the endzone.

“When you have scoring opportunities against a team like this, you’ve got to score touchdowns,” Drew Brees told Zach Strief.  “To walk away with 9 points, 3 field goals, 0-3 in the redzone, [is] unacceptable.  We’re better than that.  We’ve got to find a way to score touchdowns.”

Part of the problem was a suddenly ferocious Falcon pass rush.  Atlanta entered the game with 7 sacks, and they almost doubled that total, bringing Brees down 6 times.  Additionally, the Falcons notched 11 QB hits.

“They got to us, at times, a little quicker than was anticipated,” Brees admitted.  “They did a good job rushing the passer…they’ve got a bunch of good pass-rushers.  Listen, you’re going to have those games where, man, [you’ve] got to find a way to still execute, still find completions, still find a way to convert third downs.”

Brees wasn’t placing the blame just on that, however.

“We have to understand complementary football,” Brees said.  “We have to understand that it’s always about execution.  It is.  Just because you’ve got a bunch of good players on the field doesn’t mean you snap your fingers and it happens. 

Brees had a final message that Saints fans should like to hear.

“I know what we’re capable of, and I don’t think we’re scratching the surface.”

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