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WWL's Top QBs of all time

Bobby, Deuce & the crew give their top 10

June 05, 2018 - 6:52 pm

The great debate of Best QB of All Time rages on.  Everybody has an opinion, and so do our sports talk hosts.  Here are their lists.  Which one do you like the best?  Leave your comments below.


Bobby Hebert

1 - Tom Brady

2 - Joe Montana

3 - Peyton Manning

4 - Otto Graham

5 - Drew Brees

6 - Dan Marino

7 - Sammy Baugh

8 - Brett Favre

9 - Johnny Unitas

10 - John Elway

Honorable mention:  Dan Fouts, Warren Moon


Deuce McAllister

1 - Tom Brady

2 - Joe Montana

3 - Drew Brees

4 - Peyton Manning

5 - Brett Favre

6 - John Elway

7 - Aaron Rogers

8 - Dan Marino

9 - Fran Tarkington

10 - Steve Young


Kristian Garic

1 - Tom Brady:  Like em or hate em, it's hard to argue with his resume

2 - Joe Montana:  Was the G.O.A.T until Brady was drafted in the 6th round

3 - John Elway:  This one's for John! Grew up watching him throw darts

4 - Payton Manning:  His late career Super Bowl win leapfrogs Brees

5 - Drew Brees:  BREESUS! Look at the insane numbers. 

6 - Brett Favre:  He's a gunslinger, and the toughest guy I've seen play the position

7 - Aaron Rodgers:  Discount Double Check

8 - Dan Marino:  Don't care that he didn't win the big one. 

9 - Johny Unitas:  Just on the high tops and flat top alone. 

10 - Roger Staubach:  Captain Comeback!

QBs I wanted to put in but just didn't, but are deserving:  Warren Moon, goodness he could spin it; Terry Bradshaw, cause he won a few Super Bowls; Steve Young, for playing in the shadow of Montana and winning a Super Bowl. This is very much generational conversations. I didn't see Otto Graham play although his numbers are incredible for that era, same goes for Sammy Baugh, and Bart Starr.  I didn't see them play, and to be honest I didn't see Johny Unitas or Staubach play but through studying and ultimately going back and watching old footage that's how I arrived with those two guys in my top 10. 


Seth Dunlap

1 - Tom Brady:  5 time Super Bowl winner and 3 time MVP.  There should be no debate anymore, he's the GOAT.

2 - Peyton Manning:  If he had won a couple of more Super Bowls we would have a legitimate conversation about the top spot.

3 - Johnny Unitas:  Those who watched him play said he was the best football player who ever lived, before this current generation of stars.   He helped reinvent the quarterback position.

4 - Joe Montana:  The most clutch quarterback of all-time, Montana modernized not only the quarterback position but, alongside Bill Walsh, helped modernize entire NFL offenses. 

5 - Drew Brees:  He's the most accurate passer in the history of the game, who will gobble up most of the records before he is finished.  If Brees wins another Super Bowl or two it will be hard to keep him out of the top three.

6 -  Bart Starr:  The heart and soul of the Lombardi Packers, Starr amassed a ridiculous seven championships.  That's right, Brady isn't the king of titles, it's Starr.  He should be in everybody's top 10. 

7 - Otto Graham:  Another oft-forgotten legend, Graham helped invent the passing quarterback.  Most who played the position before him were glorified fullbacks.  He still holds the NFL record for yards per attempt at 9.

8 - Aaron Rodgers:  I'm not sure if there's been a more physically gifted quarterback in the history of the world.  A cannon arm, pinpoint accuracy, along with great mobility.  Most people thought he'd have more than one title by now.

9 - Warren Moon:  You notice the title of this if "Greatest QBs" not "Greatest NFL QBs".  If Moon had played his entire career in the NFL he would have had nearly all the records upon retiring.  Ask Bobby just how great Moon was.

10 - Dan Marino:  "The greatest quarterback to never win a Super Bowl" was much more than that.  He possessed perhaps the biggest arm in the history of the game, was a nine time Pro Bowler, and seven time All-Pro.

Honorable Mention:  John Elway, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre


Steve Geller

1 - Tom Brady 

2 - Joe Montana

3 - Peyton Manning 

4 - Johnny Unitas 

5 - Brett Favre

6 - Aaron Rodgers 

7 - Steve Young 

8 - Dan Marino 

9 - John Elway

​10 - Drew Brees 


Mark Menard

DISCLAIMER: I don’t believe you can judge all quarterbacks across all eras equally, so I’m ranking the top 10 quarterbacks by modern quarterback passing standards, taking into account passing statistics alongside titles.

1 - Joe Montana

2 - Tom Brady

3 - Peyton Manning

4 - Warren Moon

5 - Drew Brees

6 - Brett Favre

7 - Ben Roethlisberger

8 - Troy Aikman

9 - Dan Marino

10 - Jim Kelly


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