Saints coach Sean Payton emphasizes fixing penalty problem

WWL Newsroom
October 01, 2019 - 4:40 pm

Tim Zimmer reporting

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton talked to the Voice of the Saints, Zach Strief and the Cajun Cannon, Bobby Hebert on Monday night’s Saints Coaches Show following the Saints 12-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

He mentioned limiting penalties are key to winning while playing in tight games, and that’s something they’ll need to fix going forward this season.

“Penalties have come early in the last three games. All of a sudden there’s a holding call or a false start. We’re playing at home this week, and I think we can improve in that area. We do have a new quarterback and a new center, so the snap count is different. We have to get those things corrected.  We’re still early enough in the season where there’s still a lot of things that we’re coaching on that we need to clean up. That’s definitely an area where we’re going to work on.”

In addition, Payton emphasized but turnovers.

“You have to understand the type of game you’re in and still understand the importance of ball security, the importance of winning the line scrimmage. Coming away from last night, the two things that stood out were the line of scrimmage and the turnover differential.

Those two things really led us to winning the game. If we win the rushing battle and the turnover battle, there’s a good chance we’re going to win that game.”

The defense played their best game of the season, and one player Coach Payton highlighted during the show was safety Vonn Bell.

“He played outstanding, and he’s been playing well. He’s active and he’s comfortable with what we’re doing defensively, and you can see that in his play. Both teams defensively played well, and Dallas was a tough team to run the ball against.”

Saints running back Alvin Kamara saw his most rushing attempts of the season on Sunday night with a total of 17 carries. Coach Payton was asked about the number of carries he would like to get #41 each game.

“We try to have some balance and a rotation there. One thing that could imbalance that is total play snaps. We still have to get a handle on these penalties because that reduces snaps when you’re first and 20 and limits your chances of getting a first down.  It’s not a concrete number, and we feel like we have another good back in Latavius. When we’re in games when our play count total goes up you see more touches for everyone.”

Finally, the Saints will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday in their first noon game of the season. Coach Payton talked about the opponent this week and the early start time.

“There first four games have been anything but noon. We have to get our clocks set; the fans have to get their clocks set.

"When you go against a team with a new head coach (Bruce Arians) they’ll give you a ton of new looks. They’re first in the NFL in defending the run so we know we’re going to play a team that’s confident with a new staff that’s playing well."

The 3-1 Saints host a Tampa Bay team that comes in at 2-2 on the season. Last season, the Bucs came into New Orleans in Week 1 and defeated the Saints 48-40. Still, New Orleans has won six of the last eight meetings in the Superdome.

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