Deuce: No reason for the cluster that the refs created in Saints game

WWL Newsroom
September 10, 2019 - 11:38 am

By: Jordan Fiegel

The New Orleans Saints opened the season with a bang, hitting a field goal as time expired to beat the Houston Texans 30-28.  None of the 58 combined points came in the first quarter, as both teams were still feeling each other out.

The Saints were pass-heavy early, and WWL Saints color analyst Deuce McAllister said that was due to a strong Texans front seven.

"Last year, the Texans were the No. 3 ranked run defense; so we took the approach of passing the ball early and then getting back to the run," McAllister explained.  "If you had to do one thing over, it would be to have a little more balance in that first half. They got back to running the football in the second half, and it really helped them."

One area McAllister zeroed in on was the Saints pass-rush.  New Orleans sacked Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson six times, with six different players recording at least half a sack.

"You do have a legitimate pass-rush, and I think they had even more opportunities.  They were able to hit Deshaun Watson 11 overall times," McAllister said.  "The crowd in the Superdome was a factor as well.  So hats off to the fans for making it tough for those Houston offensive linemen to be able to hear."

While talking about the Saints pass-rush, McAllister brought up one player in particular, disagreeing somewhat with WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier’s take.

"He’s a work in progress.  He still has to improve.  Overall, he had some positive plays.  A lot of times, people ask what his sack numbers are or say he’s not getting consistent pressure; and I would agree with a lot of that," McAllister admitted.  "But go and look at some of the positive things, too, like being involved in the run game, helping out with keeping the quarterback contained."

McAllister, a former running back himself, also discussed Latavius Murray’s debut in the Black and Gold. 

"It was okay.  He probably could have gotten in a little better rhythm early in the game if they had committed to running the football a little more," McAllister said.  "But I thought he did a pretty good job.  You saw him be a receiver out of the backfield and catch some passes.  As he gets more comfortable in this system, I think he’ll continue to grow."

Finally, McAllister addressed some of the officiating issues that came up Monday night.

"There is no reason for them to blow another call like that, particularly in the first Monday night game, a fired up McAllister pointed out.  "There are probably two other groups, not only locally, up in the booth, but also in New York that could should have caught the cluster they made right at the end of the half."

Listen to McAllister’s entire conversation with WWL’s Tommy Tucker below.

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