Detillier: Wins like these build your football team

"It might not be picture perfect, but you find a way to win."

WWL Newsroom
September 10, 2019 - 9:28 am

By: Jordan Fiegel

The first Monday Night Football game of the 2019 season turned out to be a nail-biter.  WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier, appearing on WWL First News with Tommy Tucker, thought it lived up to the billing

"It was as advertised.  I had a feeling this would be a razor-close game, come down to the field goal," Detillier said.  "The offense had the advantage early on. Neither defense could stop the other team running the football."

As others have noted, Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt did not record any stats; and Detillier could not have been more impressed.

"It’s the first time in his career as an NFL player he has not had anything on the stat total.  That’s unbelievable," gushed Detillier.  I give [Ryan] Ramcyzk a lot of credit.  That’s tough going up against that guy and sort of pitched a shutout.  It was a big part of keeping Drew [Brees] clean."

And Brees was largely kept clean.  Houston notched only three quarterback hits and didn’t get their lone sack until almost midway through the fourth quarter.

It wasn’t all good for the Saints, though.  Detillier brought up a player on the other side of the ball: defensive end Marcus Davenport, whom New Orleans traded up for in the first round and paid a premium to do so.

"He has just lost his confidence as a player.  You can see it.  He has not confidence that he’s going to get out there and make some big plays," Detillier said matter-of-factly.  He went on to praise a different defensive end, however.

"What I saw was Trey Hendrickson got in there.  Trey’s hungry now after not having a good sophomore season last year, Detillier explained.  He’s put some weight back on and physically gotten stronger.  One thing with him is that his motor’s always running."

Hendrickson, a third round pick in 2017, finished with two sacks, doubling his career total in just one game.

The bottom line from Detillier?

"Man, it was an exciting football game to start the season. You finally broke the streak that you had not won an opener since 2013, Detillier said.  You understand you have a tough four game stretch.  When games are so close, it’s so important to win those types of games no matter how you do it.  It might not be picture perfect, but you find a way to win. It builds your football team."

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