Detillier: Saints loss to Falcons was humbling, but time to move on

WWL Newsroom
November 13, 2019 - 11:11 am

By: Jordan Fiegel

The New Orleans Saints are turning the page and moving on to their next opponent.

WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier knows that may be a tough task for Saints fans since losing to the Atlanta Falcons was such a tough pill to swallow, but he said sometimes teams just have that clunker.

“Everybody’s looking for excuses.  Come on.  The Saints got beat.  Accept it, and move on.  Turn the page and move on.  You can’t get too down about the losses, and you can’t get too up about the wins.  You have to be mentally prepared for the next game.”

That next game is on the road against the 3-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Saints will need to do a better job protecting quarterback Drew Brees.

“The Falcons had 7 sacks all season long; Sunday, they got 6 in one game,” Detillier said.  “When you lose up front, you ain’t winning a lot of games.  That’s how the Falcons won.”

Atlanta didn’t just win up front on defense; they did it on offense as well.

“Everybody watches the ball, but where you got beat Sunday was in the trenches,” Detillier continued.  “The Falcons hadn’t run the football well all season long, and then they went off on the Saints for 143 yards.”

Atlanta racked up those 143 rushing yards on 34 carries, good for 4.2 yards per carry.  The Falcons offensive line also did a solid job protecting Matt Ryan, allowing just one sack. 

In addition to getting beaten along the line, the Saints were called for 12 penalties, half of which gave the Falcons a first down.

“Losses like this happen sometimes.  Pro sports is humbling,” Detillier said.  “With how good this Saints team has been and then how bad they were against Atlanta, it’s just humbling.  You got beat by a bad football team.”

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