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What is the role of TSA?

Tommy: TSA, Diana Ross, and security theater

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
May 06, 2019 - 12:38 pm

One of Diana Ross’ many hits is a song entitled “Reach Out and Touch.”  Ironic when you consider the response to the former lead singer for the Supremes being singled out and patted down at Louis Armstrong Airport after her Jazz Fest appearance.  

In case you haven’t heard by now, the boarding process for the 75 year old pop icon was far from pleasant. 

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I don’t know of many people who feel good after going through the TSA process.   As for me, I think it’s just security theater, and I don’t respond well to overacting on the part of the players.  I always feel as if I’m in North Korea.  If I say the wrong thing or look the wrong way, I may not be arrested by the blue shirted battalion; but I sure as hell could miss my flight.  So we all go through the charade until we get to the terminal and either shrug it off or complain.

Diana Ross did some complaining, and I don’t blame her.  The whole idea of security is to prevent a plane from being hijacked, right?  I don’t want to get into profiling, but has there been a spate of 75-year-old female super stars high jacking planes?  Some listeners texted in this morning saying that they’ve gone through the same thing, and it should be no different for her.  If you’re talking about fairness for everyone, I guess that point is valid.  But is that what the TSA is there for?  Or are they there to do everything they can to keep everyone safe?

I think the objective is to keep everyone safe.  So, if we can all agree, there was ZERO risk of Ms. Ross being a danger to ANYONE, why waste the time and resources to pat her down or, as it seemed to her, feel her up? 

TSA needs to keep their eye on the ball. They need to be vigilant.  They need to stop putting their hands all over people who obviously pose no threat simply because they can.

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