Tommy: I get the feeling this is the Saints year

Do you believe?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
January 07, 2019 - 1:56 pm

First it was the "Immaculate Reception." Then it was the “Hail Mary." Who could ever forget the “Minneapolis Miracle"? And now the “Double Doink” becomes part of the football lexicon. What are the odds? An NFL kicker hitting the upright of the goal post SIX TIMES during the season, FOUR TIMES in one game? Astronomical? I would say so. I guess, sometimes, it’s just not your time.

On the other hand, that missed kick sent the Eagles to the Dome for this Sunday’s game and the Cowboys to La La Land to play the Rams? Do you think that’s a GOOD or BAD thing? I think it’s good, and I’m rooting for the Rams. Here’s why. To me, it makes sense that you would want to meet the same teams in the playoffs that you’ve already beaten in the season as opposed to one of the few teams that beat you.

So, as a result of the “Double Doink,” we take on the Eagles, a team that we slaughtered back in Week 11, instead of the Cowboys, who beat us 13-10. Way back when the Saints avoided an overtime game with the Ravens, I said to myself before the kick "if he misses the extra point, we’re going to the Super Bowl."

If you look at the importance of how missed kicks have helped the Saints so far this season, the first thing I thought of yesterday was, "I know it comes down to game planning, matchups, blocking and tackling; but you gotta believe this is OUR year." I hope to high heaven I’m right.

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