Tommy: Things got emotional in drunk driving discussion

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
March 02, 2017 - 6:38 am
People are still passionate about what happened at Endymion, when alleged drunk driver Neilson Rizzuto crashed into a crowd of parade-goers.  22 new charges were added on for Rizzuto, and we spent a good chunk of the show discussing what justice would look like in this case.

Listen here for Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino.

In addition to the legal aspect and what the punishment should be if Rizzuto is found guilty, listeners shared stories; and things got a little emotional.  One caller, Debbie, told us how lost her 31 year old son after he was killed by a drunk driver.

Listen here for Tommy's conversation with Debbie.

No one was killed on Saturday, by the grace of God (and I firmly believe we didn't have any fatalities because of that); but people were hurt.  And it could've been different. 

If Rizzuto is convicted, what should happen?  What's a fair sentence?  What would justice be?
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